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PMG Chapter 299: Powerful Energy Filling the Atmosphere

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“Elders, you must all stop immediately.” Said Yun Xi while looking at the elders surrounding Lin Feng. She looked nervous and yelled: “This really has nothing to do with Lin Feng. How can you all be so unfair?!”


“Shut up!”

Yun Xi’s body flew away and crashed into the ground. She raised her head and saw that she was struck by her own master. She felt extremely cold in her heart, cold to the extent that it was piercing to the bones.

She devoted her life to the sect, rarely leaving it to the extent that it had almost become her permanent home.

She had little experience in the real world, therefore, there were many things which she didn’t understand. In her heart, she had always had the feeling that the sect was a place where she would always be safe.

But at that moment, her heart had been invaded with bitter feelings. She had just seen the true face of her sect. She had seen the coldness and cruelty of these people. That coldness was enough to make her feel hopeless. At that moment, Yun Xi’s world had been crushed. The sect was no longer the same in her heart. She wasn’t seeing any of the warmth, only desolate coldness.

When she saw her master’s cold and indifferent expression, she finally realized that that world wasn’t as simple and pure as she thought. The people of the Luo Xia Sect weren’t as kind and caring as she thought.

A single teardrop slowly ran down her cheek. It was a tear of hopelessness. She had also realized that no matter what she said, no matter how loud she shouted, nobody would pay attention to her.

When Lin Feng saw Yun Xi’s teardrop, he sighed. Yun Xi was way too naive. She had never understood that there were evil people running her sect. That was the hypocrisy of the world.

It wasn’t about who was in the right or wrong, it was more about understanding the other party’s real objective.

“Sister, because of a stranger you’re now suffering, and you surprisingly dared humiliate an elder in front of everybody.” Said Wu Gang indifferently.

Yun Xi looked at him in an ice-cold way. Everything was happening because of Wu Gang. He was such a disgusting person but Wu Gang didn’t care about her opinion. Wu Gang was just thinking that it would be a pity if he didn’t have the opportunity to play with such a beautiful girl.

“Elders, Lin Feng is a shameless enemy. Not only did he attack me by surprise but he has also killed two of our disciples and fooled Yun Xi. He is a worthless and disgusting animal! He must die!”

Wu Gang turned around and smiled coldly, his face was filled with murderous intentions.

“Indeed. That disgusting person must die! We must avenge our disciples!” said another elder immediately.

“Kill him! We’ll definitely kill him!” Said all the elders consecutively as if they were judges giving Lin Feng the death sentence. In their eyes, Lin Feng’s life was already in their hands, if they wanted to kill him, they could kill him.

Amongst these elders of the Luo Xia Sect, three of them were at the first Xuan Qi layer, two at the second Xuan Qi layer and one at the third Xuan Qi layer. In such circumstances, Lin Feng was unable to escape even if he grew wings.

Extremely swift and fierce sword Qi emerged and bombarded the atmosphere.

At that moment, a purple light shot high into the sky above Lin Feng’s head  making him look like a ferocious warrior.

“What? He wants to fight?” The members of the Luo Xia Sect laughed coldly and joked: “He is a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer. Even if he relies on external factors to increase his cultivation abilities, how could he resist our elders?”

“Yes, he just wants to die.”

A gigantic Qi emerged in the atmosphere. The cultivators of the Ling Qi layer all moved back and only those of the Xuan Qi layer continued surrounding Lin Feng.

They had all heard about that day when Lin Feng had fought against the Dream Pavilion and that he had killed four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Even though they had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, they had probably been careless when dealing with him. At that moment, all the elders were surrounding Lin Feng, how could he resist?

“You still want to kill him, does that mean that you don’t believe me?” Said Yun Xi in a quiet voice. Was it that they didn’t believe her or that they chose to ignore her? They all knew the truth perfectly but it was much easier for them to just kill Lin Feng and settle the matter.

Yun Xi stood up and said to the elders: “Elders, I swear that my two fellow disciples were killed by an evil man whom we met when we went into the hut. He also wanted to kill me but at that moment, someone, whose name apparently was Bing He Teng, appeared, and then the man stopped paying attention to me. Then they both left.”

“Wu Gang perfectly knows what happened but he doesn’t want to lose face. He wanted to find a scapegoat. He was planning to rape me and kill me then blame the one in the bronze mask. Fortunately, Lin Feng appeared but Wu Gang shamelessly captured me as a hostage and threatened Lin Feng which is why Lin Feng didn’t kill him. After that, all of you arrived. I would prefer death over living a lie.”

“What a naive little girl.”

“How foolish.” All these people of the Luo Xia Sect were coldly staring at Yun Xi.

“Get lost!” Shouted a powerful voice that filled everyone’s ears. It made Yun Xi’s entire body shake.

“If you try to prevent us from avenging our sect members, we will bury you here with them!” Shouted an incredibly aggressive voice which made Yun Xi’s heart pound faster. She had lost all hope.

It seemed like everything she had done had been useless.

“No problem, kill me too.” Said Yun Xi. At that moment, a smile appeared on her face, a smile of agony. Suddenly, a deadly Qi emerged from her body. Everybody was surprised.

“It doesn’t look good.” Cried Lin Feng in alarm. His body flickered and he appeared behind Yun Xi’s body. It was already too late though. Yun Xi groaned, she slammed the deadly Qi into her chest and blood gushed from her mouth. A flower, which had yet to blossom, had already withered.

Lin Feng caught Yun Xi’s body and his face turned deathly pale.

Yun Xi killed herself, surprisingly, she took her own life.

How foolish, what a naive young girl.

She was so young, she was only seventeen years old. She was supposed to be experiencing the most beautiful years of her life. However, because she had discovered how bitter reality really was, she couldn’t stand it and killed herself. It shouldn’t have ended that way.

The members of the Luo Xia Sect were astonished. Yun Xi’s suicide was unexpected. However, they were only surprised for a few seconds  and cold expressions quickly reappeared on their faces again. In their opinion, her death was insignificant. She had died, so what?

Yun Xi’s body softly collapsed into Lin Feng’s chest. Her head was raised. Blood was flowing out of her little mouth. Her naïve young eyes were looking at Lin Feng and she was still smiling.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t have the chance to fight for you. All of this happened because of me.” Lin Feng was wiping the blood from her mouth with the greatest care. He was unceasingly shaking his head.

When Lin Feng looked at her deathly pale smile, he could see that she was very beautiful and soft hearted. Unfortunately, the flower had chosen to wither over blossoming into a cruel world.

“I know that it is not because they don’t believe me, it is that they disdain my words. I couldn’t convince them. Therefore…Death was the only solution.”

Yun Xi’s voice gradually lost in intensity. Lin Feng raised his head and felt like he was going to cry.

He wasn’t like Yun Xi, he wasn’t naive. He was convinced that his efforts would bring him good luck. However, he had already experienced the bitterness of the cruelty of people in his past life.

“Lin Feng, I’m already a young woman and I have no one to love. Please grant me my first kiss.” Said. Yun Xi suddenly with a shy smile. Immediately after, she added: “Just consider this as the last wish of a fellow cultivator.”

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while solemnly nodding. How could he refuse the last request of such a young and naive girl?

He slightly lowered his head and wiped away the blood as he softly kissed her warm lips. She looked beautiful and resplendent.

“So that’s what it feels like to kiss someone.” Yun Xi’s face slightly turned red. Immediately after, her beautiful naive eyes slowly closed.

When Lin Feng saw her close her eyes, he raised his head while looking to the sky to stop his tears and took a deep agonizing breath.



Lin Feng was shouting these words, his voice was extremely loud and filled with fury.

In the air, three silhouettes appeared and rushed towards him. An incredibly strong and powerful ice-cold Qi suddenly emerged in the atmosphere enveloping everybody. The powerful Qi made the ground vibrate.

That purple light was Lin Feng’s signal for Mister Huo, Mister Chi, as well as Meng Qing. They had all seen the purple light and rushed to that location, it was just that they hadn’t shown themselves until now.

When the people of the Luo Xia Sect sensed the terrifying energies, their hearts started pounding!

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