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PMG Chapter 301: I don’t want to see you suffer!

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Wu Gang’s body was tied up by the purple snake. Lin Feng had just cut off both of his legs to stop him from running. Blood was unceasingly flowing. Wu Gang’s body was violently shaking. His eyes were filled with agony.

“That was for your shameless and cowardly actions.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold. His sword glowed again and another agonizing scream spread through the atmosphere. Wu Gang’s left arm was cut off.

The pain was so extreme for Wu Gang that he even started to cry. The endless pain made him hate himself, he regret so much. Why? Why? Why had he infuriated a monster? What he had done wasn’t much different from self-destruction. All that endless pain and agony was because he provoked Lin Feng.

“That was because you humiliated me.” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. He looked expressionless and emotionless.

“Then, the last one will be for Yun Xi.”

A light streaked through the air and Wu Gang’s last arm was cut off as well. Immediately after, the snake let go of Wu Gang’s body which immediately fell down onto the ground while wailing.

“You are shameless, cowardly and vicious. I will be even more vicious than you would be to your opponent, so I will not kill you. I will let you suffer a life not worth living.” Said Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, the purple snakes vanished and Lin Feng slowly turned around.

“Ahhhh,…..” Another horrible shriek emerged into the atmosphere. The last cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer had just been killed by Mister Chi and Mister Huo.

All the members of the Luo Xia Sect that were in Celestial River had died.

A group of strong cultivators with quite a few talents had come to Celestial River to steal the heavenly dragon cauldron, however, they hadn’t obtained the treasure and instead met an early death. The only one left was Wu Gang who would be better off dead than alive.

Besides, all of this had happened because of a small incident. This was all because Wu Gang was a malicious person who accused other people of false crimes. Two of his fellow disciples had been killed and he wasn’t able to avenge them so he had the evil idea to rape Yun Xi and use Ba Dao as a scapegoat, until Lin Feng appeared.

In an instant, a group of extremely strong cultivators had been killed. One cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, two of the second and three of the first. They were a monstrously strong force but in an instant, they all died. From that moment on, the Luo Xia Sect would no longer be considered as one of the powerful sects.

And this all happened because they chose to make enemies of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the ground covered with corpses. He was absolutely expressionless, it didn’t affect him at all.

He could still remember how cold and detached those people were when Yun Xi tried to commit suicide. Lin Feng’s heart was filled with coldness. Killing such scum didn’t affect him at all.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing who was still holding Yun Xi. He then looked at Mister Huo and asked: “Mister Huo, I want to save her. What pills do we need?”

“Her bloods vessels have been severely damaged. Apart from the Divine Waters pill, there is nothing that can save her.” Said Mister Huo slowly which made Mister Chi frown. Were Divine Waters pills the only solution to save her?

Lin Feng noticed that Mister Chi was puzzled. He then asked again: “Mister Huo, what kind of pills are the Divine Waters pills?”

“Xuan level pills of high quality, at least. They are Divine pills.”

“Divine pills!” Lin Feng’s heart started beating faster. These pills were at least Xuan level pills of higher quality. Lin Feng, even with the strength of his soul, was unable to concoct Xuan level pills of higher quality.

Besides, she only had seven days to live, which didn’t give him enough time to concoct the pills to save her. It seemed like Yun Xi was going to die in any case.

“Is there no other solution?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at that naive young girl. He couldn’t bear seeing Yun Xi die.

“Only if we could prevent her body from aging and the blood vessels from deteriorating, but in her current state, she will live seven days at maximum. In seven days, the blood vessels will weaken and she will die. I can’t think of any other pill which would have a better chance at saving her than the Divine Waters pill.” Said Mister Huo while shaking his head, which made Lin Feng remain silent. Wasn’t there any solution to save her?

“I have a solution.” Said a cold voice which surprised Lin Feng. It was Meng Qing.

When she saw that Lin Feng looked troubled, Meng Qing lowered her head and said: “I can freeze her which will slow the functions of her body but she will not die.”

“Huh?” Mister Huo was surprised. Meng Qing had that kind of ability.

“If you can do it then let’s give it a try. Then, if we manage to get the Divine Waters pill someday, we’ll give it to her and save her.”

“Meng Qing…” Said Lin Feng while looking at Meng Qing. He obviously understood what this would require.

“Let’s go back.” Said Meng Qing while carrying Yun Xi. She turned around and walked towards Mister Huo’s house. Lin Feng and the others followed her. Only Ba Dao stayed there and picked up the Na rings and precious items from the corpses. After that, he followed the others.

After they left, a crowd of people arrived at the battlefield. When they saw all the corpses, they were dumbstruck.

They were dead. Every single person had died.

All these corpses were strong cultivators of the Luo Xia Sect, and there were even extremely strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. They were all on the ground, lifeless.

“It’s Lin Feng again! How terrifying!” Thought the people in the crowd while shivering. Lin Feng was a death god. It was better to stay as far away from him as possible.

After that, the Luo Xia Sect would start to fall into decline. They had lost such a powerful and influential group of people. They had all perished in Celestial River.


Lin Feng and the two others were outside a secret room in Mister Huo’s house. Meng Qing was inside that secret room with Yun Xi. Lin Feng and the two others didn’t know what the situation looked like inside.

They waited for a while and then, the huge door of the secret room opened itself. Meng Qing’s silhouette appeared at the door. She looked at Lin Feng and said: “It’s alright now.”

After talking, Meng Qing immediately left and went to her own room.

Lin Feng entered the secret room and slightly shivered because of the temperature. It was freezing inside the secret room.

He only saw a bed and a frozen silhouette lying on it. It was precisely Yun Xi. At that moment, she was frozen in ice. She completely entombed in ice.

Lin Feng and the others couldn’t feel any Qi emerging from Yun Xi’s body.

“There shouldn’t be any problems.” Said Mister Chi in a low voice. Lin Feng nodded and said: “I trust Meng Qing.”

Mister Chi didn’t say anything. Even though Meng Qing didn’t say much, Mister Chi could see that Meng Qing and Lin Feng’s relationship was of an intimate nature.

“Alright, let’s let her rest here in peace. Maybe when she wakes up, she will just have the feeling that she was in a dream.” Said Mister Chi. Lin Feng slightly nodded. There was no other solution.

At that moment, Lin Feng had no way to obtain Divine Waters pills. What he needed to do was to improve his cultivation level.

“Let’s go.” Said Lin Feng while leaving the secret room, whose door then slowly closed itself.

Mister Chi and Mister Huo left and then Lin Feng walked to Meng Qing’s room and knocked.

“I’m resting.” Said a cold and detached voice inside the room. She sounded like she was talking to a stranger and was unwilling to let him enter.

Lin Feng ignored her cold and detached voice, and immediately entered her room.

Lin Feng entered the room and saw that Meng Qing’s body was curled up on the bed. She was shaking from head to toe because her entire body was covered by a layer of frost.

When Lin Feng saw that Meng Qing’s body was covered by a layer of frost, he felt a pain invade his heart.

“What are you doing?!” Said Meng Qing sounding cold and detached. Lin Feng was looking at her, his eyes were filled with compassion.

Lin Feng roughly pulled Meng Qing into his arms, he was firmly and tightly embracing her. He then said: “Meng Qing, why do you have to do this? You know perfectly well that you don’t need to go through such pain.”

Obviously, Meng Qing was in that situation because she had frozen Yun Xi’s body. Now, her body was in pain and freezing from the powerful ice Qi.

Meng Qing nibbled her lip. Even though Lin Feng’s embrace was rough, each time he embraced her, her heart would still melt.

“I don’t like seeing you suffer.” Said Meng Qing to Lin Feng, which made his heart twitch. She just didn’t want to see him suffer, nothing more. Because of that simple reason, Meng Qing preferred suffering in silence to protect Lin Feng.

Lin Feng softly yet firmly embraced Meng Qing and said slowly: “Meng Qing, I am even less willing to see you suffer. You have to understand clearly that, for me, you are the most important person in my life.”

“For me, you are the most important person in my life!” When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, her heart started pounding frantically. The incredible pain and her worrisome feelings seemed like they had completely vanished in an instant. She was the most important person for Lin Feng?!

For Lin Feng, nobody could replace Meng Qing, she had gone through so much with him.

“Then why are you not kissing me?” Said a Meng Qing with a voice which sounded like it was a dream. Lin Feng was stupefied. His face was filled with joy and delight. It was the first time that Meng Qing expressed her love for him.

Lin Feng, who was still holding Meng Qing, gazed into her eyes and then moved to passionately kissing her. It wasn’t a soft and gentle kiss. Rather, it was a wild and passionate kiss. It was filled with the passion of youth!

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