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PMG Chapter 303: The End of the Conflict

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In the middle of the room dedicated to concocting pills, there was a rich medicinal smell floating in the atmosphere. There was a cloud of smoke which was filled with a rich and pleasant fragrance that filled the air.

Above the gigantic cauldron, the concoction was unceasingly foaming and bubbling. In the cauldron, there was an incredible quantity of pills.

“Finished!” Said Lin Feng firmly. An incredible number of small lights immediately rose up in the air followed by an explosive sound. The atmosphere of that laboratory had once again exploded.

Rumbling noises spread in the air. Mister Chi stopped the fire and wryly smiled at Lin Feng.

That guy……. He was a monster.

Mister Chi wasn’t the only one, Mister Huo was also fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng, who had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer, had surprisingly been able to concoct, almost a thousand Ling level pills of medium quality at the same time.

In the previous days, Lin Feng had been sticking with the two old men. Through his earth fusion, he had learnt a lot from them. They had never given him any instruction but by being in the room and observing the concoction process, Lin Feng had learnt how to concoct pills and was currently able to concoct Ling level pills of medium quality on his own. Besides, Lin Feng’s concoction speed had also surpassed that of the two old men.

At that moment, Lin Feng only lacked one thing: fire. He still required Mister Chi’s inner fire to be able to concoct pills.

If Lin Feng had been able to control his own form of inner fire, concocting pills would have been even easier for him, and he would also have been quicker. The only thing was preventing Lin Feng from progressing at that moment: fire.

Once Lin Feng reached the Xuan Qi layer, even if he didn’t use inner fire, he would at least still be able to condense pure Qi into fire, which was also suitable to concoct pills.

However, fire made of  pure Qi would not be as strong as Mister Huo’s inner fire, but would still increase his ability.

Lin Feng opened his mouth, he looked satisfied. He finally put these last pills into his Na stone on his ring.

They had already finished concocting the one hundred and twenty thousand pills. They only needed to go back to Yangzhou City and they could give them to the soldiers to increase their strength. They would be able to break through to the next layer which was a monstrous move.

A group of cultivators of the fifth Ling Qi layer couldn’t compete with a group of cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer. The difference was huge. A cultivator of the sixth Ling Qi layer could kill a cultivator of the fifth Ling Qi layer with a single full power strike.

These pills would enable thirty thousand troops of the fifth Ling Qi layer to break through to the sixth Ling Qi layer. Hearing this would have made many people go insane with fright.

Of course, Lin Feng had only been able to achieve this because he had met the two old alchemists. In Xue Yue, there were few people above the third Xuan Qi layer, besides, cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer who were alchemists as well were so rare that it was a miracle to find even one.

“Mister Huo, Mister Chi, thank you very much.” Said Lin Feng while nodding at the two old men in a very sincere way. There were ninety thousand Ling level pills of medium quality and thirty thousand Ling level pills of high quality. Exchanging them for purity stones would have enabled the seller to earn a monumental amount of purity stones.

Besides, in the laboratory while concocting the pills, Mister Huo and Mister Chi had also taught Lin Feng the art of concocting pills and they had also become able to concoct pills together which was an extremely rare experience.

Experience and knowledge were the most precious things for an alchemist.

Mister Huo shook his head, smiled wryly and said: “Lin Feng, if you could control fire, even though the pills you refined are not high level ones, considering the speed and the quality of the pills, you are much more skilled than both of us, old men. I am ashamed.”

Lin Feng was indeed really gifted at concocting pills. He hadn’t never seen anyone concoct pills before. Besides, the strength of his soul was also incredible. It seemed like he could do anything he wished. His soul control was extremely advanced even if he couldn’t rival with the two old men yet in terms of strength. In terms of control, he was better than them.

For example, with the way they controlled their souls, they could concoct a hundred pills but there were always some incidents which prevented them from advancing further.

But such things couldn’t happen to Lin Feng, he could control the entire concoction process very accurately without mistakes, that was amazing.

They could almost guess how monstrous Lin Feng’s soul control was.

“You taught me everything.” Said Lin Feng modestly.

“Alright. You two can stop exchanging compliments, we still have a long way before being able to concoct Divine Waters pills. None of us is able to concoct them.” Said Mister Chi interrupting Mister Huo and Lin Feng. He pulled them back to reality when he said that. Indeed, they still had to progress a lot to make Divine Waters pills. Even with three cultivators in harmony, they still had a long way before being able to concoct them.

“In the coming weeks, we should  stay here and concoct pills. We should also be discreet, we don’t know what’s happening out there.” said Mister Chi in a low voice. Immediately after, the three of them left the concoction room and arrived in a huge living room.

At that moment, in the distance, a silhouette flickered. When Lin Feng saw the person, lights flashed in his eyes. Lin Feng had finally left the concoction room. During that short time, everything had turned upside down but Lin Feng and the two old men knew nothing about it.

“Ba Dao, you arrived at the perfect moment.”” Said Lin Feng.

“How is it outside?”

Ba Dao remained silent for a moment and then said only one word: “Chaos.”

“These days, in Celestial River, there are many strong cultivators. They all belong to the greatest influence spheres of the country. There are also some absolutely unknown people who, when they heard the news, immediately came to Celestial River. They are alone between two influential groups.”

“What two influential groups?” Asked Lin Feng.

“One of these groups, you know it, it’s the Dream Pavilion. The Dream Pavilion seems to be a small part of a larger organisation. The cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, last time, was only in charge in Celestial River.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. A small part?

Lin Feng suddenly remembered what Lan Jiao had told him on that night. She belonged to a very influential group but back then, Lin Feng hadn’t paid attention to that. It seemed like Lan Jiao hadn’t lied.

“What is the other one?”

“The other one is evil. They don’t ride horses, they fly through the air in coffins. Even though they are not mounted, they are extremely strong. Besides, their skills resemble those of Mo Cang Lan. They can consume other people’s pure Qi and flesh. They probably are the same kind of cultivators as Mo Cang Lan. In Celestial River, a myriad of people have already been killed because of them.” Said Ba Dao.

“Like Mo Cang Lan!” Lin Feng frowned. He was feeling a bit annoyed. Aunt Yun belonged to one of these influential forces. Besides, the other sphere of influence works with Mo Cang Lan. They all hated Lin Feng from the bottom of their heart.

If both these groups attacked Lin Feng, the situation would be troublesome.

“Apart from these two spheres of influence, there are many other strong cultivators from Xue Yue. For example, every single person belonging to the Luo Xia Sect has come, even their patriarch Gu Chun Qiu. Besides, there are also people from the Hao Yue Sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, the Wan Shou Sect, the Yu Clan and even some people from the Imperial Clan. They are all here in Celestial River, it is encircled by strong cultivators.”

“That heavenly dragon cauldron has led to such an unstable situation. It seems like while we were concocting pills, it became chaotic outside.” Said Mister Chi indifferently. Everybody wanted to steal the treasure.

“Yes. Because of the ancient cauldron, many horrible things happened. Many strong cultivators even died. They want to end the conflict in three days.” Said Ba Dao.

“End the conflict? What does that mean?” Asked Lin Feng perplexed.

“I don’t know who decided it. There is a rumor in Celestial River that everybody gathered outside of Celestial River to solve the issue and decide to whom the ancient cauldron would belong. That suggestion, according to the rumors, also received the approval of the majority.”

“How will they agree on a specific person?” Asked Lin Feng.

“They still haven’t chosen yet. The rumors spread quickly and it is that the treasure is already in the hands of the people with the coffins. If they don’t understand that, everybody in Celestial River will kill them and then go with the plan everybody agreed upon. Everybody agreed on this course of action.”

“How smart is the person at the origin of all of this!” Thought Lin Feng. Those who hadn’t received the treasure would of course agree. Before everybody just had malicious intentions and would have never thought of such a thing but that move, even though it seemed simple, was actually very smart. The person who had spread the rumor had managed to make everybody agree on a solution.

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