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PMG Chapter 304: Kill Him!

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Editor: Fluphy

Note: I have translated another 7 chapters over the slave weekend to be released which I will type up on Monday/Tuesday after work. I can’t manage an all nighter tonight (like I planned) as my eyes are trying to close without permission.

Enjoy xoxo

Celestial River suddenly became extremely calm but that calmness was oppressive. It was clear to everybody it was an indication of the coming storm.

At that moment, everybody was calmly staring at the mystical and extremely strong cultivators in their coffins. If they didn’t accept the offer, the crowd would definitely attack them.

Even though these people were extremely strong, in the middle of all these influential groups, nobody dared make a strange move.

Two days later, at night, that situation reached its breaking point. In the vast ancient city, in the middle of that night, the main street was almost completely depopulated. Extremely few people were to be seen.

At the city, there were many people calmly waiting.

In the middle of that crowd, there was one silhouette. That person was wearing a black chang pao. That person was covered from head to toe in black to the extent that their face was also covered.

That person’s eyes were firmly closed as if they were sound asleep, but that person already knew that every single thing around them, including the slightest grain of sand, was under their control.

In the earth fusion state, he could perceive everything clearly. It even seemed like the atmosphere around the city gate belonged to his world.

That black silhouette was precisely Lin Feng, he had meticulously disguised himself.

In Lin Feng’s mind appeared many silhouettes. They were coming towards the city gate and there were more and more people joining them. There were a few very strong cultivators. Who, when they arrived near the city gate, started walking softly and lightly, almost completely silently. It was difficult to notice them but nothing could escape from Lin Feng’s earth fusion. If someone came, Lin Feng was already well aware of their every movement.

At that moment, in the horizon, a silhouette wearing a snowy-white chang pao appeared in Lin Feng’s vision which made him frown. A sword appeared and it seemed like a powerful energy was being released.

“He’s finally here.” Thought Lin Feng with a cold expression on the corner of his mouth. Immediately after, he slowly opened his eyes which revealed an endless fierceness.

Bing He Teng’s mood was bad these days. As a great elder of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, he had brought many people from the sect to Celestial River with the objective to kill Lin Feng and in the end, apart from him, everybody was killed.

After that, the heavenly dragon cauldron had appeared and everybody had started fighting for it, including Bing He Teng. He hadn’t notified anyone at his sect because he wanted to keep the cauldron for himself.

Bing He Teng had been closely following Mo Cang Lan and had almost obtained the ancient cauldron but in the end, he had lost each time. Then, the group of mysterious and extremely strong cultivators had come and Mo Cang Lan gave the ancient cauldron to them. Bing He Teng’s heart was becoming colder and colder, filled with evilness. He couldn’t go back to the sect, he had no choice but to continue hoping for an opportunity to steal the ancient cauldron. Therefore, he had made his move early.

As expected, Bing He Teng’s instincts were correct. Many people had already gathered there and besides, there were lots of cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

Before, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were all considered as extremely powerful but at that moment, there were so many gathered in one place. They were all there for the ancient cauldron.

“A bunch of crappy cultivators, they also want the ancient cauldron…” Thought Bing He Teng while smiling coldly. That place was filled with extremely strong cultivators. Even cultivators of the first and second Xuan Qi layers could only watch, if they tried to get involved, they would certainly lose their life.

In the continent, each time a treasure appeared, a large number of people died but each time, there were people who courted death.

At that moment, a cold energy caressed Bing He Teng’s body but there was a flash of sword Qi as well, which made his face turn rigid.

“Who’s that…?” He said in a small voice. Immediately after, Bing He Teng saw a black silhouette flicker, the silhouette left the area of the city gate at full speed and started to rush towards the distance.

“Huh?” Bing He Teng frowned. What a strong presence. He was surprised.

That was Lin Feng, that bastard.

“There is only one person who wants to die that much.”

Bing He Teng rushed towards Lin Feng. He wasn’t worried about attacking Lin Feng, with his cultivation level, even if there was Meng Qing and Mister Huo, it didn’t matter. Even though he couldn’t defeat them, retreating wouldn’t be a problem either.

“Stay there!” Shouted Bing He Teng coldly. He then threw himself in the air towards Lin Feng at an incredible speed.

However, Lin Feng was escaping at full speed as well. In a flash, he had already crossed a distance of a few kilometers. He had flown through the air like a gust of wind.

But the gap between a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer and a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer was gigantic. In a very short time, he had caught up with Lin Feng. Ice Qi shot towards Lin Feng which made him shiver and slightly move back. He remained silent but his eyes were still ice cold.

Bing He Teng, as expected, was chasing him.

“BOOM!” A punch emerged from Bing He Teng’s side and bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. A heavy frozen air invaded the atmosphere. A snowy-white layer of ice had invaded the darkness of the night.

However, Lin Feng suddenly changed direction, looked behind him at the attack, and in a flash dodged the attack. His back could feel the cold energy contained within that attack.

Lin Feng finally came to a stop and landed steadily on the ground. Bing He Teng was coldly staring at him.

At that moment, Lin Feng opened his chang pao, raised his head and looked at Bing He Teng. There was a cold smile on the corner of his lips.

“Bing He Teng, today is your day of judgement.” Said Lin Feng. At that moment, two silhouettes appeared in the air. One was following behind the other. In a flash, the two silhouettes blocked Bing He Ten’s path of retreat. These two silhouettes were, of course, Mister Huo and Mister Chi.

At the same time, another silhouette appeared by Lin Feng’s side, Meng Qing.

Initially, he had come to the Celestial River city gate with the purpose of neutralizing Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng.

“Day of judgement? Unlikely!” Said Bing He Teng while making a motion of retreat. He released a punch made of pure Qi which directly moved towards Mister Chi. Surprisingly, he was considering Mister Chi as the weak link.

Lin Feng and the others smiled coldly and immediately after, they saw Mister Chi raise his hand, out of which, an incredibly gigantic bright red light emerged. Mister Chi’s hand was filled with a violent and brutal Qi


A monstrously powerful energy spread in the atmosphere. At the moment when Mister Chi’s attack reached Bing He Teng and with an explosive collision, blood started to flow from Bing He Teng’s mouth.

Using all of his power, Bing He Teng quickly moved back. His facial expression had changed drastically. That red-haired old man, who was not there last time, was at the fourth Xuan Qi layer. He had chosen him because Mister Chi was blocking the path in the encirclement which was the best choice for escape, but in the end, the person blocking him turned out to be at the fourth Xuan Qi layer. When had Lin Feng got to know such a strong cultivator?

“Kill him.” Said Lin Feng coldly which made Bing He Teng’s heart start pounding. Immediately after, Mister Chi’s silhouette flickered and he rushed through the air. A monstrously terrifying oppressive energy crashed onto Bing He Teng’s body.

His silhouette flickered, he wanted to dodge but at the same time, a burning energy was rushing towards his back.

“Frozen World!” Shouted Bing He Teng furiously. The level of his technique was extremely advanced. It was already heavily snowing in the area.


A small hand appeared and smashed into Bing He Teng’s body. It was Meng Qing. she wasn’t scared of the cold. In a flash, she had broken through Bing He Teng’s technique, immediately punching him.

“Die.” Shouted Mister Huo. Fireballs rushed towards Bing He Teng like meteors falling from the sky. Bing He Teng gnashed his teeth and tried to dodge the incoming attack. However, another punch crashed into his body again, this punch contained fire which made Bing He Teng groan and fall from the air and land heavily onto the ground.

The atmosphere was shaking. Bing He Teng’s internal organs had been damaged by the punch. He lowered his head and lightly coughed. His chest was extremely painful.

At that moment, a sword had pierced straight through his chest. The sword was stabbed through his back and the tip was sticking out the front of his chest.

Bing He Teng turned his head and looked at Lin Feng. He had the impression that it must be an illusion.

He was going to die. He had a great status within his sect, he was a Great Elder. He was both extremely strong and influential. However, at that moment, he had been killed by Lin Feng’s sword.

“If you want to kill me or any of my people, you will die!” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. His long sword flashed with an intense sword Qi  and in a flash, Bing He Teng’s internal organs were destroyed. A powerful cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer was defeated!

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