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PMG Chapter 305: The Cultivators in the Coffins!

Here is part 1 of the last 3 remaining sponsored chapters from Robert B.
Edited by: Ziltch
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He had died. Bing He Teng had never thought that he would die in Celestial River. Besides, it hadn’t happened when trying to steal the ancient cauldron, instead, Lin Feng had lured him into a trap.

Four strong cultivators had attacked at the same time. Even if Bing He Teng was extremely strong, it was easy to kill him with a group. Besides, they hadn’t randomly attacked Bing He Teng, they had carefully planned the ambush.

Lin Feng looked at Bing He Teng’s corpse and grabbed his Na ring. He immediately stored it in his own Na stone. Considering he had the amazing status of Great Elder at the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, he probably had accumulated an incredible amount of resources during his long life, including some family heirlooms. Besides, Ba Dao had picked up a lot of rings containing Na stones from the other battles and gave them to Lin Feng, they all belonged to cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer in the past. Lin Feng had become quite wealthy already.

“Let’s go.” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he moved towards the Celestial River city gate. A short time after, he was in position again.

Lin Feng jumped onto the gigantic wall, his back was leaning against a pillar. Lin Feng then slightly closed his eyes and had the feeling of becoming one with the night.

In his mind, a few silhouettes suddenly appeared, they were absolutely silent and were not giving off any presence. They couldn’t escape from Lin Feng’s vision when he was in fusion with the earth itself. Unless they managed to thoroughly hide their Qi, Lin Feng could always detect them without being seen at all.

Many strong cultivators had already arrived, besides, they remained in dark places and didn’t show themselves.

In the east, a streak of light signalled that dawn was approaching, gradually breaking through the darkness of the night. The dark blue sky was starting to reveal itself.

At that moment, Lin Feng frowned. A brutal Qi appeared and pressed against his body. How cold!

A group of black coffins silently appeared in the sky. Their evil and demonic Qi streaked through the sky as they moved. They were both silent and terrifying.

These coffins were already flying low in the sky so the crowd could see them. People in the crowd felt extremely cold.

“Thirteen coffins!” Many people in Celestial River could see the coffins. They were stupefied. Were these thirteen coffins the representatives of the powerful evil cultivators?

Behind the thirteen coffins, many silhouettes were flickering and closely following the thirteen coffins. All of these people’s Qi seemed extremely strong. These people belonged to the strongest spheres of influence. They were obviously not going to let the people in coffins, who had also managed to obtain the heavenly dragon cauldron, leave peacefully.

Outside of Celestial River, on the yellow sand, many cultivators were already waiting, they looked cold and detached. These people were all extremely strong and intended to block the people with the coffins.

Amongst these coffins, which streaked through the sky, there was one to the side which directly moved near Lin Feng. Lin Feng could thus feel even more distinctly the terrifying Qi.

Lin Feng was wondering what kind of person practiced such evil skills.

“Crrrr, crrrr…….”

Silently, the coffins opened themselves. Two black chains appeared and immediately moved towards Lin Feng, they moved extremely quickly.

Lin Feng was stupefied. When the chains appeared, Lin Feng had a strange feeling as if he was being sucked towards the chains, but he resisted.

“Ah!” A strange sound emerged from the coffin. The black chains seemed to have found their target. They transformed into two dark lights which appeared in front of Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was in fusion with the earth, at that moment, Lin Feng was gracefully moving back and forth while carefully avoiding the attacks of the chains. The dark lights from the chains suddenly passed in front of him, so close that they almost crashed into his body. Even though he hadn’t been touched by the dark lights, Lin Feng could still feel the evil Qi that created the light, penetrate into his body.


An evil voice emerged from the coffin. The black chains changed direction but Lin Feng, high up in the air, even though he couldn’t fully use his earth fusion, he released a huge amount of purple energy. His body suddenly rushed through the sky like a meteor. He wasn’t retreating, in fact, he had just thrown himself towards the coffin. He was monstrously quick and the black chains failed to block his path.

“What amazing agility!” Thought many people when they saw Lin Feng rushing through the sky. Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Xuan Qi layer but he had been able to dodge the black chains consecutively which already showed that he was extremely skilled.

Besides, at the crucial moment, he hadn’t tried to escape, on the contrary, he had chosen to attack.

A light flashed and a spiritual weapon materialized in Lin Feng’s hand, it was a long sword, it looked swift and fierce.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng. His sword slashed through the sky towards the coffin.

“Cling cling cling…..”

An endless amount of chains rushed forth from the coffin and collided with Lin Feng’s sword Qi. People’s hearts were pounding. The light from the sword Qi lasted for a moment and then the sword Qi vanished without a trace.

That cultivator in the coffin was much stronger than Lin Feng.

It seemed like there was an endless ocean of black chains, and they were all now rushing towards Lin Feng at full speed. Besides, the sky seemed to turn black from the endless black chains that appeared.

The other companions of the cultivator in the coffin were already in the distance. They thought that fighting against a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer and not being able to defeat him was a disgrace. They were furious.

Lin Feng’s face was filled with killing intent. He was still safe even though the opponent had immediately attacked him without warning. It was clear to Lin Feng that if the chains touched him, he would have probably died. They were trying to kill him for no obvious reason. How could Lin Feng not be furious?

An incredible quantity of purple energy started filling the atmosphere. A myriad of purple snakes appeared and threw themselves towards the person in the coffin. These purple snakes looked like the opponent’s black chains, it seemed like there was an endless amount of snakes to match the endless black chains.

The myriad of purple snakes surrounded the black coffin and started to wrap around it.

The crowd was astonished. The cultivator in the coffin had failed to catch Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had managed to capture him inside the coffin. Even though the crowd couldn’t determine who would win or lose the battle, they at least had the proof that Lin Feng was extremely strong.

“The Purple Spirit! It’s Lin Feng!”

People in the crowd raised their heads and looked at the person wearing a black chang pao. They were astonished. Almost everybody knew that Lin Feng was in Celestial River. Even though a certain time had passed since people had last seen him, his accomplishments and spirit made him very famous in Celestial River, in which he was at the core of all rumors. That person was a monstrous genius. His natural talent was terrifying. They hadn’t thought that he would also be here at this moment.

Had Lin Feng come to take back the ancient cauldron as well?

Even though he was the first person to own the ancient cauldron, getting it back would be very difficult for him. A myriad of extremely strong cultivators were all staring at him, they were all there because they wanted the ancient cauldron for themselves.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng originally wanted to remain anonymous and just wait for his prey like a fisherman but he hadn’t thought that this cultivator would attack him for no obvious reason, which had led to Lin Feng’s identity being unveiled.

The myriad of purple snakes which had tied up the coffin were shaking as they dragged it down from the sky. At the same time, the myriad of chains kept moving in an attempt to attack Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He moved higher into the air. At the same time, a snowy-white silhouette flashed through the air and immediately arrived beside the coffin.

A punch containing an incredible quantity of ice Qi crashed into the coffin.

The coffin was completely frozen solid.

As if that hadn’t been enough, another silhouette appeared in front of the coffin in a flash. Two fireballs emerged from the person’s hands, it was Mister Huo.


His two hands shook and the fireballs from Mister Huo’s hands crashed into the coffin. In a flash, the coffin started burning. Just after the powerful ice attack, Mister Huo carried out another powerful fire attack.

That black coffin suddenly looked magnificent. The fire was burning on one side and the ice on the other side was reflecting the brilliance of the fire.

“Ahhhh…….” A scream came from the coffin. The myriad of chains rushed back to the coffin and emitted loud sounds when the collided with the coffin. The coffin exploded and a silhouette appeared before the eyes of the crowd.

The hideous silhouette of a man who looked like a skeleton appeared. He was hanging in the air thanks to the chains, he looked like a monster.

However, he was severely suffering from the effects of the ice Qi and fire Qi corroding his body.

Ice and fire had mixed together, ice Qi and fire Qi together made a terrifyingly deadly power.

“I will kill you.” Shouted the monster evilly. He raised his head to look at Lin Feng, but then, immediately after, a cold light plummeted from the heavens and pierced through his head. The atmosphere became deadly silent.

Amongst the cultivators inside the coffins, the first one had died!

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