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PMG Chapter 306: The Empire’s Influence

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Edited by: Ziltch
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When the crowd saw that corpse, they sighed. Why had the strong cultivator in the coffin used his chains to attack Lin Feng? He hadn’t managed to immobilize Lin Feng. In the end, he had lost his life because of it. At the moment just before he died, his heart was probably filled with regrets. He had provoked Lin Feng and the punishment had been his life.

Besides, at the moment when Lin Feng used his sword, it seemed like he had become stronger once again and broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer. On the path of cultivation, he was advancing at lightning speed.

“He is a real genius, he’s really extraordinary.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng was monstrous. Within a few days, he had broken through to the next Ling Qi layer.

Besides, at the time when Lin Feng was still in the eighth Ling Qi layer, he was able to kill cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. So now that he became stronger, maybe that cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer would no longer be his equal.

But at the same time, a myriad of cold and deadly energies were surrounding Lin Feng, which made his heart grow cold. A huge number of people wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Concerning the twelve other coffins, they were all floating above the yellow sand. They were, as before, silent, which made the crowd feel horribly oppressed.

The unknown was the most frightening thing in the world.

Besides, the person whom Lin Feng had just killed was also terrifying. His body was entirely covered with black chains, which gave off the impression that he was a demon. He looked extremely evil.

At that moment, many people started walking forwards and arrived in front of the people in their coffins. Each and every single one of them looked cold and detached. In that group of people, there was the leader of the Dream Pavilion, Aunt Yun, who had fought against Mister Huo and Meng Qing.

At that moment, she was behind a middle-aged man. That man had an even higher status than her.

“The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms, you surprisingly rushed over to Celestial River, but this is Xue Yue. You shouldn’t be here.” Said the middle-aged man while looking at the twelve coffins in a cold and detached manner. At the same time, he had immediately revealed their social status as The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms.

However, many people looked puzzled. They had never heard that name “The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms.”

“Eeeee, eeee, eeee…….” some sharp whistling sounds spread through the atmosphere. The coffins were moving towards that middle-aged man at the speed of light.

But the man who had just talked looked calm and serene and remained motionless. Some silhouettes flickered behind him and bombarded the atmosphere with their punches. A monstrous exploding sound emerged in the atmosphere. The twelve coffins started to break.

Besides, coming from the interior of the coffins, deathly pale white hands were slowly appearing, grabbing both sides of the coffin. A demonically evil Qi had also enveloped the crowd.

“I know that you purposely like to make a mystery of simple things!” Shouted the middle-aged man. He started walking forward which made the ground vibrate. In a flash, an extremely violent pure Qi emerged from the ground. Yellow sand started rolling above the ground and was moving straight towards the coffins.


The twelve coffins were completely crushed. At the same time, the twelve silhouettes appeared floating in the air above the ground. Their bodies were completely tied up by black chains. Just like spiders, they were using their black chains as legs to keep their bodies hovering above the ground.

Besides, these twelve people had a common point. They were nothing but skin and bones, they looked like dried, mummified bodies. They looked terrifying.

When they saw these monsters, many people with a lacking determination let dread invade their hearts. They also didn’t feel like trying to steal the ancient cauldron anymore.

These people were terrifying. A simple glance at them was enough to be terrified.

But, as before, many people’s eyes were glowing with greed. Some opportunities couldn’t be missed, of course, they had to remain vigilant.

However, the middle-aged man of the Dream Pavilion glanced at the crowd and his mouth looked like he was holding back a joke. He then said, sounding cold and detached: “Everybody else, screw off. You cannot rival with the people of the Tian Sha Sect.”

“Tian Sha Sect?” Some people were puzzled. They had never heard of the Tian Sha Sect.

However, those who had an advanced cultivation level and a broad knowledge of the continent started shaking when they heard that name.

The Tian Sha Sect… Surprisingly, they were people of the Tian Sha Sect, how terrifying!

When the middle-aged man saw that many people didn’t understand what it meant, a mocking expression appeared in his eyes and he said coldly: “Oh my… You’ve never heard of the Tian Sha Sect? You’re just a bunch of tiny insects, such a group of nobodies…”

“What an arrogant man!” Lin Feng was exasperated when he heard the middle-aged man. Lin Feng had never heard of the Tian Sha Sect either. He didn’t know so many things concerning the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

As if the middle-aged man had sensed Lin Feng’s feelings, he looked at him and said, while smiling coldly: “You are Lin Feng, right? You dared to throw away the heavenly dragon cauldron instead of handing it over to us, the Cosmic Pavilion. How audacious. Since it’s that way, get prepared to stay buried here forever.”

“Stay buried here forever?” When Lin Feng could distinctly feel the killing intent. His heart was filled with endless coldness again.

“Oh my god! The Dream Pavilion is a branch of the Cosmic Pavilion!” Shouted a person in the crowd in surprise.

“You people are from the Dragon Mountain Empire!” Said the person again whose pupils shrank while staring at the middle-aged man.

“Surprisingly, you have some knowledge, you are not as moronic as him.” Said the man mockingly. Obviously, he was making fun of Lin Feng.

“The Cosmic Pavilion is one of the largest powers of the Dragon Mountain Empire. We have branches everywhere. The Dream Pavilion is just one of them, that’s all. You are just a bunch of nobodies compared to us. Even the Xue Yue Imperial Clan are just a bunch of nobodies to us. As far as the Tian Sha Sect is concerned, they are one of the biggest sects of the Black Feather Empire. You can’t afford to provoke them, therefore, everybody, get the hell out of here.” Said the middle-aged man sounding insufferably arrogant. He gave the impression that he thought that he was a god when in the Xue Yue country, considering everything and everyone beneath him.

Many people could feel his arrogance and thought that it was natural.

Amazingly, they were people from the Cosmic Pavilion from the Dragon Mountain Empire. In Xue Yu, there were thirteen powers, four of them were the empires while nine of them were normal countries. The Dragon Mountain Empire was one of the four empires. However, Xue Yue was just a small country, dependent on the Dragon Mountain Empire. The Cosmic Pavilion was one of the biggest spheres of influence in the empire. Everybody could imagine how strong they were. No wonder that the middle-aged man was so arrogant.

Besides, the Black Feather Empire was also one of the four great empires. They were as strong as the Dragon Mountain Empire. The people in the coffins surprisingly were extremely strong cultivators from the Black Feather Empire and belonged to the Tian Sha Sect.

Many people were starting to move back. These cultivators were from two of the four empires. They were way too strong. Nobody could afford provoking them.

“Weaklings!” Said a voice sounding cold and detached. Everybody was stupefied and then immediately looked at Lin Feng.

“Weaklings, because of one sentence, you are all scared to death and start moving back. Are the sects of all the imperial countries extremely strong, don’t they have weak sects as well? Besides, even if their sects are extremely strong, so what? This is not within their sect, this is Xue Yue. You people are scared of a sect which is in a far away corner of the continent. What’s the point in such weaklings being cultivators?” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. The crowd was shocked, Lin Feng was right. They were in Xue Yue, which is where their sects had power. If the people in front of them stole the treasure and left, who would be able to find it in the gigantic Continent of Nine Clouds?

But they were all terrified, what kind of cultivators were they against?

When Lin Feng thought about that, he looked at the middle-aged man of the Cosmic Pavilion. Lights were flashing in Lin Feng’s eyes. That middle-aged man was so sly. He surprisingly was trying to scare everybody away so that he would be able to get the cauldron for himself.

“Trash is trash.” Said the middle-aged man while smiling coldly. He stopped looking at the crowd and then looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. What a brilliant young man, he knew that the middle-aged man wanted to focus his energy on killing him which was why he wanted to scare the crowd away without a fight. If all those interested in the ancient cauldron had left, it would have been very dangerous for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had a different line of thought. If the crowd left, would he still be able to grab the ancient cauldron in the chaos? Of course it would have been impossible! He was facing the Cosmic Pavilion and the Tian Sha Sect.

“Stop your arguing.” Said an abyssal voice at that moment. It amazingly came from one of the people from the Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms.

“Today, all of you will die.” Said a sombre voice. The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms people started releasing their evil Qi.

In the air, the broken coffins turned into a gray Qi which started to gather around the cultivators, it was extremely cold and sinister.

The gray Qi was getting more and more dense and was vast above the yellow sand. People were suddenly breathless. They saw that the gray Qi which was condensing was gradually transforming into a silhouette, shaped like a person!

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