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PMG Chapter 309: The Sealed Doors!

Regular chapter number 2 for the week. Been a little busy working overtime, tomorrow I will be working a 1/2 day so will finish dumping chapters on you all ๐Ÿ™‚
Liky came along from sleeping.
Enjoy xoxo

“How impudent. I would have never thought that in a tiny little country such as Xue Yue, someone would ever dare talk to me like that.” Said the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. He was drifting in the air and was releasing some evil Qi.

“However, I would like to know who you are.” Said the King Class Evil Ectoplasm and at that moment, an endless amount of chains moved towards the man in the black chang pao as well as the eight cultivators with their spears.

However, at that moment, pure Qi was emerging out of these eight cultivators’ spears and bombarded the atmosphere.

“Die!” They shouted furiously. The long spears started crossing the sky at the same time. Eight dragons made of pure Qi were crossing the atmosphere. Their protruding teeth were terrifying. Rumbling sounds spread in the atmosphere and the chains started shaking violently, to the extent that a certain number of them even broke into a thousand pieces.

Besides, at the same time, the mystical cultivator in the black chang pao jumped into the air. He moved his hands and suddenly, a terrifying vortex appeared in the air.

Behind the King Class Evil Ectoplasm appeared a gigantic door. It was gigantic. It looked like a black hole made of deadly Qi. It was releasing a terrifying Qi.

Sharp lights were flashing in Lin Feng’s eyes. That was a blood spirit! It was the Sealed Doors!

“That person belongs to the Imperial Clan.” Thought Lin Feng while his heartbeat started accelerating. He had already seen that deadly black Qi. Duan Feng had already used it but Duan Feng’s Qi was far from being as frightening and monstrous.

“Duan Clan!” Shouted the king, whose facial expression drastically changed.

It seemed like he wanted to say something else but the sealed door was moving towards quicker and quicker.

“New Body Reincarnation is just a lower demonic skill, that’s all. It relies on the strength of the soul, it is no match when facing the sealed doors of my blood spirit.” Shouted the man in the black clothes. Each sound in the atmosphere was followed by the appearance of a sealed door. In a flash, the King Class Evil Ectoplasm was surrounded by five sealed doors, he was confined in the middle of all the sealed doors.

A terrifying Qi was emerging from these sealed doors. That cultivator in black clothes looked as cold and detached as before. He then said, sounding ice-cold: “Sealed Soul!”

When he finished talking, the five sealed doors all transformed into the same character: “Seal” and immediately crashed into the king’s body.

“BOOM!!” A gigantic rumbling noise spread in the air. The king’s muscles were ripped apart. A black illusion appeared, however, each “seal” would further seal his soul.

“How terrifying.” Lin Feng’s eyes were flashing. These sealed doors were extremely strong.

Besides, it seemed like the sealed doors had extremely strong effects on the King Class Evil Ectoplasm, it was restricting his New Body Reincarnation skill, otherwise, the cultivator in the black chang pao wouldn’t have been his opponent.

As expected, it was all under control. It was planned already on how to kill the King Class Evil Ectoplasm. Maybe the one who made the plan for everybody to meet outside of Celestial River was the cultivator in the black chang pao.

A light flashed and a huge umbrella emerged from the mystical cultivator’s hands. The umbrella opened itself but in the middle of it, there was an incredible golden light and some terrifying Qi.

“Go!” Shouted the mystical cultivator coldly. The golden umbrella left his hands and rushed towards the king’s soul at full speed. It immediately crashed into his soul.

“Close!” Shouted the cultivator. The umbrella then slowly closed itself. A moment later, the terrifying Qi disappeared without trace and the seals vanished from the atmosphere as well.

In the atmosphere, there was an endless stream of powerless chains falling from the sky. The king’s soul had disappeared.

When Lin Feng saw the umbrella go back into the cultivator’s hands, he felt a bit agitated. The soul had disappeared. That cultivator in black clothes had managed to deal with the kingโ€™s soul.

A light flashed and the umbrella disappeared, the cultivator put it back into the Na stone of his ring.

He slowly descended from the sky onto the ground and said, sounding cold and detached: “If you see other spies from other countries, you know what to do.”

When he finished talking, the eight cultivators’ silhouettes flickered. In a flash, they disappeared and started searching the outskirts.

Besides, at the same time, the cultivator ย in the black chang pao slowly turned around, his head was still a bit low, he then said to Lin Feng: “Initially, I was going to follow you to get it back, but you didn’t leave, take it out now.”

When he said that, Lin Feng was stupefied.

Lin Feng remained silent and that cultivator in black spoke again: “Should I remind you that you have the heavenly dragon cauldron in your possession?”

“As expected.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. What an acute perception! Lin Feng thought that nobody knew about it. He hadn’t thought that his interlocutor would find it out.

The Thirteen Evil Ectoplasms had stolen the heavenly dragon cauldron, however, at the moment when the king absorbed them, the ancient cauldron hadn’t appeared, even when the king died, the cauldron hadn’t appeared either. That was only because the evil ectoplasm who attacked Lin Feng was the one with the cauldron and when Lin Feng had killed him, he immediately put the cauldron into the Na stone of his ring.

However, the entire crowd had only seen the brilliance of Lin Feng’s sword. They hadn’t seen the small movement of taking the cauldron. That was also the reason why the King Class Evil Ectoplasm, a moment before, had said that Lin Feng was audacious.

Lin Feng smiled and took out a cauldron and left it on the ground. It was the heavenly dragon cauldron.

“You can leave.” Said the cultivator in black while giving a warm smile and picking up the cauldron. Lin Feng nodded indifferently, turned around and immediately started leaving.

At that moment, the eight cultivators with their spears returned to the cultivator in black. They had accomplished their mission.

Lin Feng entered Celestial River and looked at the ground filled with corpses. It was a river of blood. As before, blood was still flowing on the ground. Coldness invaded Lin Feng’s heart.

As expected, these eight cultivators with their spears had killed every single witness and spy that was hiding in the distance. Nobody knew what had happened apart from the cultivator in black and the eight cultivators themselves, as well as Lin Feng and his friends.

That bloodbath, however, was probably also a warning to Lin Feng and the others.

“Warm smile and easy to talk with?” Thought Lin Feng while smiling coldly. If it was the emotionless monarch or brutal and unruly prince, would that care about a few trivial lives of Lin Feng and his friends.

Some of the cultivators from the Duan Clan were warm and friendly though, they were easy to speak with.

“Your Highness, next time you want something, just tell me.” Said Lin Feng from the distance, which reached the ears of the other cultivators. The cultivator in the black chang pao was a bit surprised.

Immediately after, he slowly raised his head and looked at Lin Feng’s silhouette on the horizon. He didn’t look cold and detached anymore, on the contrary, he suddenly looked warm and friendly.

Considering how quick-witted Lin Feng was, he had guessed that Lin Feng would ย have an idea of his identity, but he didnโ€™t expect him to break the silence and admit it.

Duan Wu Ya smiled and didn’t think about it anymore. He then said: “Lin Feng, come back to the Imperial City soon. The Great Competition of Xue Yu will start soon. We have to select the nations young geniuses. Those who are going to join it are, for example, the eight high-officials. Lin Feng, with your natural talent, you could also participate in the competition. Besides, nowadays, the situation between the thirteen countries of Xue Yu is not so peaceful anymore.”

“Lin Feng will remember Your Highness’ words.” Replied a voice from far away on the horizon. Immediately after, Lin Feng’s silhouette gradually disappeared from Duan Wu Ya’s vision.

After Lin Feng left, Duan Wu Ya glanced at all the corpses and immediately smiled.

“We have gained so much this time.”

The Heavenly Dragon Cauldron was a great reward. Even though it was a damaged cauldron, it was still priceless. Besides, he had also trapped the king’s soul which was priceless as well.

When Duan Wu Ya thought about these things, he looked delighted.

Besides, many of his enemies and other countries’ spies had died as well.

“Let’s go!” Said Duan Wu Ya sounding cold and detached. He then started moving at full speed, followed by his companions. They went back to the Imperial City.

The nine silhouettes flickered and in a flash, they had almost safely left Celestial River. However, at that moment, Duan Wu Ya stopped.

He wasn’t the only one. The eight other cultivators stopped as well. They were all looking in one direction.

They were looking at the Celestial River city gate where Duan Wu Ya had been standing before. At that moment, there was a silhouette. That person’s back was facing Duan Wu Ya and the others. That person was carrying an ancient sword and his chang pao was fluttering in the wind.

His long hair was following the wind and shining in the sun. That person looked natural and unrestrained, but also a bit lonely!

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