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PMG Chapter 310: The Emotionless Sword

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That natural and unrestrained yet lonely looking silhouette seemed like he had come from ancient times, no one could sense his movements, as if he had always been there.

Duan Wu Ya smiled and uncovered his face after which his warm and friendly looking face appeared, as well as his smile.

He slightly bowed and said, while looking at that person’s back: “Duan Wu Ya salutes Wu Qing!”

If other people had seen Duan Wu Ya bow in front of someone else, they would have been extraordinarily surprised.

Duan Wu Ya was a prince in Xue Yue. He was extremely strong and was the fourth ranked high-official. He rarely engaged in battles. Some people even conjectured that he was going to become the third ranked soon. People whom he respected to such a degree were extremely rare.

However, that lonely silhouette was one of them.

Zhuge Wu Qing could slice people into pieces with cruel sword skills. At fifteen years old, Wu Qing learnt how to control sword force, sword based energy attacks at eighteen, sword fusion at twenty one, and had become a true sword cultivator at twenty four.

However, even though the man didn’t need a sword, he was still carrying an ancient sword on his back. That person’s hands were much sharper than any sword could ever be. His sword attacks were expressionless, thus, people gave him the title, the Emotionless Sword.

Zhuge Wu Qing was the best sword cultivator of the entire Xue Yue Country.

Duan Wu Ya could still only see Zhuge Wu Qing’s back, his clothes were fluttering in the wind. Wu Qing then said, sounding indifferent: “Second prince, you should understand why I have come here.”

Duan Wu Ya smiled wryly. Wu Qing the Emotionless Sword, after obtaining his sword, hadn’t returned to the Imperial City and was not planning on going back, there was only one reason he was here.

In the entire universe, there was only one person who could make a request of him in the Imperial City.

Duan Wu Ya perfectly understood why Wu Qing had come.

“Senior Wu Qing, I have come all the from the Imperial City, it was a very long journey……”

“Stop!” Shouted Wu Qing interrupting Duan Wu Ya, he sounded ice-cold. There wasn’t the least bit of warmth in his voice.

Duan Wu Ya smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought that things would turn out this way.

“I understand.” Said Duan Wu Ya. A light flashed and the Heavenly Dragon Cauldron appeared. His long sleeves fluttered and immediately, the ancient cauldron flew through the air to Wu Qing.

“Duan Wu Ya has delivered the ancient cauldron!” Said Duan Wu Ya who understood Wu Qing. His emotionless sword could split apart anybody, including him, Duan Wu Ya.

The ancient cauldron flew towards Wu Qing, his sleeve fluttered and immediately, it disappeared. He had received it, looking absolutely cold and detached, it didn’t seem to affect him at all.

“Thank you second prince for having helped me achieve my aim.” When he finished talking, Wu Qing’s silhouette flickered and, just like a sword he pierced the atmosphere. In the air, there was just the glow of a sword as he disappeared into thin air.

Even though he had thanked Duan Wu Ya, he hadn’t sounded grateful at all. It was just a way to remain courteous, nothing more.

It was just like when Duan Wu Ya had wanted the cauldron, Lin Feng had no choice in the matter. If he didn’t want to give it, the cauldron would still belong to the other party.

Asking and thanking were just formalities.

Duan Wu Ya looked at that silhouette disappearing in the horizon and smiled wryly. If he had known earlier that things would happen that way, he wouldn’t have risked offending Lin Feng.

Wu Qing, extraordinarily, had left his mountain to obtain the cauldron!

“Let’s go back.” Said Duan Wu Ya. The wry smile on his face gradually switched back to a warm and tender facial expression. He had lost the ancient cauldron but it didn’t matter. Wasn’t it a good thing that Wu Qing had appeared? They were on the same side.


Lin Feng knew nothing about what happened after he left. He had gone back to Mister Huo’s residence. He looked at the two old men and said: “Mister Huo, Mister Chi, I have to go back to Yangzhou City. Mister Huo, Mister Chi, thank you for having taken care of me in Celestial River for this short period of time.”

Mister Huo and Mister Chi glanced at each other and immediately smiled, they then said to Lin Feng: “Lin Feng, Mister Chi and I have already made up our mind, we want to follow you.”

“Follow me!” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. Mister Huo and Mister Chi were cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. One of them was at the third Ling Qi layer while the other one was at the fourth Xuan Qi layer. They were much stronger than him. Surprisingly, they wanted to follow him.

“Indeed, follow you. Lin Feng, you’re not going to leave behind two old men like us, right?” Said Mister Chi while giving an honest smile.

Lin Feng was stupefied and then immediately smiled as well.

“Since Mister Chi and Mister Huo are willing to follow me, I will not refuse. Having you two on my side would make it much safer!” Said Lin Feng while smiling. He obviously knew what the two old men thought. Mister Chi and Mister Huo had faith in his potential and his character. Lin Feng was, of course, not going to refuse their help.

At least, in the previous days, the old men had helped him to an incredible degree. If he became extremely strong in the future, he would not leave them behind.

Lan Jiao, who was there as well, was surprised. She was looking at Lin Feng with twinkling eyes.

Lin Feng had extremely high natural talent, but in the end, he was still a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer. Even though he was far from being able to compete with Mister Chi or Mister Huo, these two old men were still willing to follow him.

Lin Feng’s position in the hearts of the two old men was obvious, it was very high. They were willing to follow him because they knew that he was going to become extremely strong someday and would return the favour.

Unfortunately, the people of the Dream Pavilion could have been friends with Lin Feng as well. Besides, at the beginning, Aunt Yun also wanted to match Lin Feng and Lan Jiao, but in the end, because of the ancient cauldron, they had made him their enemy.

Aunt Yun had threatened Lin Feng. She wanted him to hand over the ancient cauldron but Lin Feng refused. Aunt Yun thus wanted to kill him. But now, all the strong cultivators of the Cosmic Pavilion in Celestial River were killed. Lan Jiao was the only one left and this was only because Lin Feng had saved her.

She had the feeling that everything was a dream. She had been in the Dream Pavilion for a year and it had been completely destroyed.

“Who?” At that moment, Lin Feng was surprised. Immediately after, he immediately left.

At the same time, Mister Huo and Mister Chi also moved towards the exit, extremely quickly.

However, at the moment when they arrived outside, they saw a silhouette in the distance. That person had an ancient sword on his back. That person’s sword Qi disappeared and their silhouette vanished as well.

There was only a white sword Qi trail left in the atmosphere. It looked amazing.

“How strong.” Said Mister Huo when he saw the trail left in the air. He was astonished. How monstrously powerful! That silhouette had moved through the sky like a meteor. He was extremely quick and had left a trail through the sky as if it was cut by a sword.

“How strong. Maybe he’s a high level cultivator of Xuan Qi layer.” Whispered Mister Chi. He meant that the cultivator had possibly broken through to the seventh, eighth or ninth Xuan Qi layer.

That person surprisingly had silently appeared outside of Mister Huo’s residence and then in a flash, disappeared again.

“LOOK!” Shouted Mister Huo gasping with astonishment. Immediately, they looked at the ground. There was an ancient cauldron! It was peacefully lying on the ground.


Their hearts were pounding, surprisingly, the ancient cauldron was there!

Lin Feng had handed the Heavenly Dragon Cauldron over to Duan Wu Ya a moment before and now it was appearing in front of them once again.”

“He came to give us the cauldron!” They thought while looking at the vanishing silhouette in the distance. That strong cultivator had come to give them the cauldron?

Besides, the fact that the cauldron was suddenly appearing again, it meant that it had been taken back from Duan Wu Ya.

Lin Feng and the others were filled with doubts and suspicions. They didn’t understand why the strong cultivator would have seized the cauldron and gave it back to them.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and take the cauldron!” Said Mister Huo. Lin Feng slightly nodded, his silhouette flickered, he grabbed the cauldron and put it in the Na stone of his ring. Immediately after, he returned to his original position.

“Lin Feng, do you know that person?” Asked Mister Huo.

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed and he shook his head. Amongst the people he knew, the only one who could be that strong was Yan Yu Ping Sheng but that was definitely not him.

But, why had he given him the cauldron?

“This is way too strange.” Said Mister Huo while frowning. He didn’t understand. First, Lin Feng had the cauldron, then many groups stole it from him and were fighting over it, but in the end, it had returned to Lin Feng’s hands, that person had come to give it to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t know why.

“Lin Feng, could it be one of your parents’ friends?” Asked Mister Chi. He then saw Lin Feng’s eyes flash.

Immediately after, Lin Feng shook his head. His father, Lin Hai probably didn’t have such strong friends. Besides, he had never seen his mother.

“Impossible.” Said Lin Feng.

“What’s the point in thinking so much? If the other person wanted to be recognized, they wouldn’t have left in a flash. If that person doesn’t want to show themselves, what’s the point in trying to figure it out. You will find it out when they want you to know.” Said Lan Jiao. Lin Feng slightly nodded. Indeed, since the person had handed the cauldron over and left, it was because that person didn’t want them to know their identity. Was thinking so much over it really necessary?

Lin Feng had the cauldron, that was the most important thing.

“Maybe we will have the opportunity to find it out who that was in the future.” Thought Lin Feng.

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