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PMG Chapter 311: The Request

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Yangzhou City was growing. At the gate, the guards looked majestic and ice cold. Outside of the city, in front of the gate, there were two Chi Xie armored horses looking at the sky and neighing.

Beside these two horses, there were two bronze statues, they looked alive. One of them was the creator of the Chi Xie armored horses, Liu Cang Lan.

Liu Cang Lan looked a bit strict with a soft touch. There was also a similar Qi around the statue. Surprisingly, on that statue, there was a Qi similar to Liu Cang Lan’s Qi which made the statue even more lifelike.

The other statue was the representation of a young man. That young man looked calm, serene and handsome. That statue looked alive. His eyes were closed and he had a meaningful expression. Some arrogance was also emanating from the statue. That young man looked heroic, natural and unrestrained. That young man was the officer of the Chi Xie army, the Marquis of Yangzhou City, also known as the Chi Xie Marquis.

These two statues were commemorative monuments. They were monuments to the powerful commanders, as if Yangzhou City would always be protected by them.

Outside of the city, many people were paying homage to these statues. Liu Cang Lan the Divine Arrow was considered as a hero by many people. He was a hero who had nearly been killed by the Imperial Family. Life had been truly cruel to him.

This was not a good time to be a hero. Only those who had an incredible strength could scare their enemies away, especially if the enemy was the Imperial Family.

People in Yangzhou City were chatting and laughing. It seemed like they were all in a good mood.

After Lin Feng had become the Marquis of Yangzhou City, the city had dramatically increased in size. Majestic cultivation buildings had been erected across the city. For example, the entrance into the city also looked imposing, especially since all the guards were Chi Xie troops. Their watchful eyes like gods looking down on mortals.

At that moment, Yangzhou City had indubitably become an adequate place for a marquis to live, it had become a place of growing influence.

After the army of Chi Xie troops came to Yangzhou City, cultivation had become one of the core principles of the city. Therefore, people’s cultivation level was also becoming better each day. They had all persistently started practicing cultivation. They also hoped that someday, they would be able to reach the sky, become a marquis and command people around them. That sort of culture and atmosphere attracted people from all the neighbouring regions, many people were moving to Yangzhou City each day.

“Eeee….” A gigantic eagle shrieked in the distance which made all the people, who had gathered in front of the city gate, gaze into the distance.

They only saw a black dot on the horizon. It was coming towards them at full speed. It looked clearer and clearer with each second.

“It’s a ferocious beast!”

When the crowd saw the shape in the sky, their bodies went rigid. It was a ferocious beast and it was crying out. Sharp murderous lights were flashing though its eyes. It was releasing a bestial Qi. Its huge wings were moving in the air and each time they moved, they created a hurricane like wind. At the same time, in one breath, that beast could cross a distance of a thousand meters. It was a bird of prey.

Besides, what astonished people the most was that two silhouettes were standing on the back of that ferocious beast. An extremely strong wind was blowing around them which made their clothes and long hair flutter in the wind. They looked calm and unrestrained.

There was a young woman and a young man. The young man was handsome, his figure seemed slender and ladylike. His arrogant looking eyes also contained a cold indifference. He had a strange expression in his eyes.

Concerning that girl, she was also very beautiful. She also looked insufferably arrogant as if she was a princess. She looked like she had an incredibly high social status.

“Brother, this is Yangzhou City!” Said that girl indifferently. Her soft voice contained some arrogance as well.

“Indeed, it is Yangzhou City.” Nodded the young man.

“My teacher told me that recently, a young prodigy has appeared in Xue Yue. His name is Lin Feng, he is younger than you. Nowadays, he has already become the marquis of Yangzhou City and the entire city worships him. You see these two statues, the one that represents a young man must be Lin Feng!” Said the young girl while pointing at Lin Feng’s statue. She sounded cold and indifferent. The young man seemed surprised and a sharp and bestial light flashed in his eyes.

“Hmph, marquis… it’s just a trivial title, even if Xue Yue wanted to give me that title, I would refuse it with disdain. Besides, concerning the genius your teacher told you about, he has only broken through too the seventh Ling Qi layer. In my eyes, he is a nobody, I can kill him in one strike.” The young man was insufferably arrogant and megalomaniac.

When the young woman heard him, she laughed. People all reacted differently.

“Of course, it is unlikely that he can compete with you. You just have to understand that our teacher is over 150 years old. However, he has only accepted us as his students, which means that your strength and natural talent is higher than that of the lower ranked high officials. Concerning those at the top of the rankings, you will soon be stronger than even them.”

“Obviously.” Replied the young man sounding indifferent, as if fate was completely under his control: “The Great Competition of Xue Yu will start soon. The best cultivators of Xue Yue are all going to the Imperial City to practice and get prepared, with the intention to fully display their abilities. They want to show that they have the required potential to gain a place in the competition. That is precisely why our teacher has made us come to gain some experience. He obviously trusts us. This time, the ranking of the eight high officials will definitely undergo some changes.” While talking, arrogance was flashing in the young man’s eyes. In his opinion, no matter how strong the high official at the bottom of the rankings was, he was going to replace them.

“This is obvious. Even though Xue Yue cannot compete with the empires, it still counts as a vast country where a myriad of strong cultivators are hiding. Thus, in the past years, many strong cultivators must have been practicing hard. All these geniuses will probably want to join the Xue Yu Great Competition and try to claim first place.” Said the young woman while nodding. At that moment, they had already arrived outside of Yangzhou City and were still in the air, they were looking down at the ground.

“Could that Lin Feng be strong enough to become one of the eight high officials?”

“Why are you mentioning him and me in the same breath!” Said the young man with a harsh look on his face. He looked annoyed. The young woman had compared him to Lin Feng a few times and that made him feel uncomfortable.

“Black Eagle, go down!” Said the young man in an ice cold tone. Immediately after, the eagle started swooping down which made a smile appear on the girl’s face. She liked how arrogant the young man was. It aroused her enthusiasm.

When the people outside of Yangzhou City saw that ferocious beast swoop towards them, their hearts twitched. How scary!

While the eagle was still in the sky, they hadn’t noticed much about it but now that it was diving, they realized how gigantic it was. It’s two gigantic wings were creating such a strong wind that the crowd was being blown backwards.

When the Chi Xie troops, who were standing on the city gate, saw that eagle swoop in the direction of the statue, their facial expressions drastically changed, even though it was scary, they couldn’t tolerate such blasphemy.

“Stop!” Shouted the Chi Xie troops at the city gate with furious roars, they immediately threw themselves in the direction of the eagle, which made the crowd hold their breath. The Chi Xie troops definitely deserved their reputation as being elite troops of Xue Yue, they were absolutely fearless.

“Die!” Shouted the young man. A sharp light streaked through the sky like a meteor towards the Chi Xie troops who were in the air, which made them start shaking. An explosion sound spread in the atmosphere and blood appeared. Their bodies had been cut into two pieces and filled the atmosphere with blood. People in the crowd started screeching. That young man was extremely dangerous!

“BOOM! BOOM!” Two more explosion sounds spread in the atmosphere. Liu Cang Lan and Lin Feng’s statues exploded into a thousand pieces.

A whistling sound spread in the air. Another strong wind started blowing on the crowd which made them lose balance and fall down. That eagle was flying into the air again. It was flying away from the countless Chi Xie troops who were unceasingly rushing out of the city to do battle.

“My name is Ling Tian! Tell Lin Feng that if he wants to get his revenge, he can come and find me in the Imperial City.” Said Ling Tian, whose insufferably arrogant voice fell down from the heavens, it made people’s hearts race. The eagle flapped its wings even faster and the black dot in the sky vanished.

“How powerful! That eagle must be a Xuan level beast!” The crowd was looking at the gradually disappearing silhouette, their hearts were trembling. His name was… Ling Tian.

At the same time, when the Chi Xie troops who had rushed over saw the corpses on the ground and the wrecked statue, hideous expressions appeared on their faces which were filled with hatred. It seemed like Ling Tian had just created thousands of new enemies.

At that moment, in the distance on an ancient road, a few horses could be seen, they were galloping at full speed raising a cloud of dust behind them.

However, all the people riding these horses looked tense. These people were Lin Feng and the others. Besides, a moment before, they had heard the young man’s arrogant words. But, they didn’t know what was going on in Yangzhou City.

Their horses started galloping even faster towards the city.

“Lin Feng, a moment ago, that beast was a Xuan level beast.” Said Mister Huo. The eagle had flown above their heads so they had obviously seen it too.

Lin Feng remained silent. A short time after, they were almost at the gate of Yangzhou City.

“It’s our officer, Officer Lin Feng is back!”

Outside of Yangzhou City, some people had noticed Lin Feng in the distance, they were surprised.

In a flash, Lin Feng had arrived at the gate, when he saw dozens of Chi Xie corpses on the ground, his facial expression drastically changed.

“Lin Tian!”

Lin Feng raised his head to look at the sky where the eagle had disappeared, and his face was filled with killing intent!

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