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PMG Chapter 314: Wen Ren Yan’s Wedding!

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To Lin Feng’s side, the young man’s eyes started to sparkle. How charismatic! He wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng, the hero he worshiped and adored, would be here!

“I’m sorry, I have made a mistake!” Said the man who had been humiliating Lin Feng. His lips were shaking. His facial expression was completely rigid. He only dared criticize Lin Feng behind his back, but in front of Lin Feng, who was the subject of so many bloody rumours, he didn’t dare act aggressively anymore. At that moment, his face was so pale that he looked like a ghost.

“Sorry?” Lin Feng had an evil smile on his mouth. That person had humiliated Lin Feng by saying that Lin Feng didn’t deserve to be with such beautiful women, then he insulted him and threatened him, but thought that saying “sorry” would be solve the problem?

“Your mouth is completely rotten!” Said Lin Feng. Immediately, he raised his hand and immediately bombarded the atmosphere with a punch.


The crowd was gasping in astonishment. That person’s body was blown away and heavily crashed onto the floor. Blood was gushing out of his mouth and his teeth were even unceasingly falling onto the floor.

That person violently coughed twice, his eyes were filled with hatred. After that, he lowered his head, he didn’t dare look at Lin Feng.

“Such a worthless person, you dare act that arrogantly, how miserable.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold while humiliating the man. Immediately after, he turned to the young man, slightly smiled and nodded, which made the young man’s eyes fill with excitement.

Lin Feng walked to the banister of the balcony and continued to look down at the crowd, the atmosphere was bustling with noise and excitement.

In Xue Yue, wedding ceremonies were very particular. People who had no influence could immediately become husband and wife. They didn’t even need to organize a ceremony. There were some cultivators who did it that way as well but, of course, people who had strength and influence wanted their wedding ceremonies to be spectacular and grandiose, to show how majestic they were.

This time, the genius young cultivator of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, Wen Ren Yan, was going to get married with Duan Yu, who part of the imperial family and possessed the blood spirit. Obviously, their wedding ceremony had to be spectacular. They were noble cultivators. High ranking officials, princes and marquises would all come to congratulate them. Of course, there would be a lot of people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue who would come as well.

It was said that at that moment, the vast army had already encircled the Imperial City. everybody was arriving outside of the city.

Concerning the inside of the Imperial City, Duan Lie’s family also wanted to make it a spectacular event and make it the talk of the city. In a few months, that wouldn’t be possible.

“Duan Yu, Wen Ren Yan!” Lin Feng remembered the first time he had met them both, Duan Yu attempted to make him slap his own face when he first went to the celestial academy and Wen Ren Yan was constantly trying to make a show of his strength in the Yun Hai Sect. He had repeatedly tried to kill Lin Feng in order to try and prove how strong and majestic he was. Lin Feng had a smile on the corner of his mouth, in the past, in his heart, he was swearing that Wen Ren Yan had to die. No matter where he was, no matter what, he would kill him.

Lin Feng didn’t have the same feeling anymore. All he was concerned with was getting stronger. If he managed to become extremely strong and reach the peak of the Xuan Qi layer, people like Wen Ren Yan would be unimportant and he could kill them anywhere. Even at the entrance of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

Back in the past, Duan Tian Lang had annihilated the Yun Hai Sect and Wen Ren Yan joined the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

“Let’s go.” Said Lin Feng in a low voice. His body flickered and he landed in the middle of the crowd outside.

Meng Qing and Lan Jiao were closely following him and also landed in the sea of people.

When the crowd saw Lin Feng and his friends leave, the silence was broken and the atmosphere became lively again. He had not been seen for half a year and now, he had come back.

After Lin Feng had been given the title of Marquis, he had gone back to Yangzhou City and now, he had returned to the Imperial City. This would definitely increase the excitement among the population.

Besides, in the Imperial City these days, many unknown or hidden geniuses were making themselves known. They were all particularly outstanding young cultivators. It suddenly seemed like Xue Yue was witnessing the rise of many geniuses. They were also all wondering what kind of spectacle Lin Feng would create this time.

After Lin Feng left the restaurant, a silhouette slowly appeared. That person looked calm and peaceful, just like a pure lotus flower. That was the owner of the restaurant, Qing Xin.

When she saw these three people leave, her eyes revealed relief. She had a strange facial expression. She remembered the last time Lin Feng had come to her restaurant. She remembered that she had found him immature but he was only a little boy of the Ling Qi layer. However, these days, she could feel that there was something profound, unfathomable and enigmatic about Lin Feng. She only felt admiration for him when she saw him now.

It was also a huge relief that they hadn’t destroyed her restaurant again!

Outside of the Imperial City, there was a huge palace. It covered a vast area. It was the most imposing palace outside of the Imperial City. It belonged to the Noble, Duan Lie who possessed the blood spirit of the Imperial Clan. Being a member of the Duan Clan, his palace obviously had to be majestic and grandiose.

At that moment, in the garden of the palace, a huge stage was erected. On that stage, there were many people. There were some old men, who belonged to the palace, as well as some wealthy and noble people who had extremely high social statuses.

Apart from these people, on the stage, there were also many young people. They all looked full of vigor and vitality. Considering they were young, they were all gifted cultivators and were all students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They were all Wen Ren Yan’s friends.

They hoped that they would be able to do the same as Wen Ren Yan and marry a beautiful woman who had a blood spirit of the Imperial Clan. After all, Duan Yu had quite high natural talent, coupled with her blood spirit and social status, she was definitely suited to marry Wen Ren Yan.

It was easy to predict that Wen Ren Yan’s reputation would become even more brilliant in the future. He wouldn’t stop moving forwards, one day, he would break through the Ling Qi layer into the Xuan Qi layer. He would become a pillar for Xue Yue.

“Look, Yue Tian Chen and Yu Tian Xing. They have also come. Besides, the Yue Clan and the Yu Clan came together.”

At that moment, in the distance, two handsome silhouettes were coming which made the crowd cry out in alarm.

The Yu Clan and the Yue Clan were symbols of strength and social status, they were extremely arrogant to the extent that Duan Tian Lang even had to give them face, Duan Lie even more so.

It was possible to say that if the Yu Clan and Yue Clan came, Duan Lie should really feel honoured.

Besides, these two people both had the character “Tian” in their names. How scary were their clans! They all had extraordinary social statuses and were expected to one day reach the Tian Qi Layer.

“Yu Tian Xing is a disciple of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and it could be that he is friends with Wen Ren Yan… But Yue Tian Chen, I don’t know why he came. It’s strange.” Thought people in the crowd as they had their doubts. At that moment, they saw Duan Lie take a large step forward. He wanted to greet the two young men and said: “Young Master Tian Chen, Young Master Tian Xing, please come my palace. Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling.”

“Don’t be so polite, Duan Lie.” Replied Yu Tian Xing while smiling indifferently and continued: “Wen Ren Yan and I, are brothers. Of course I would never miss his wedding. Besides, Tian Chen and Wen Ren Yan are very good friends as well.”

“Wow, Wen Ren Yan really has given Duan Lie a great deal of prestige.” Thought the crowd. It seemed like that time, Wen Ren Yan wasn’t making profit, the one making profit was Duan Lie.

At that moment, Duan Lie’s eyes were twinkling. As expected, he was going to have a fantastic son in low.

“Come Young Nobles, please sit down!” Said Duan Lie very politely while leading the way.

The two young men weren’t polite though. They immediately looked at the highest places on the stage. In the entire Xue Yue country, they were respected and revered. They were the overlords of the country. The young men of the Yu Clan and the Yue Clan had noble blood. Obviously, wherever they were, they expected people to look up at them. They thought that this was obvious.

“Those pieces of trash haven’t made any progress. They are still as arrogant as ever.” At that moment, in the audience beneath the stage, Lin Feng said as he looked at those two young nobles.

It had been a long time since he had seen them. These two people were still as arrogant as before. They were not strong enough because they didn’t train and they just relied on their social status and thought that they were powerful cultivators. If all the juniors of the Yue Clan and the Yu Clan were like that, their clan would disappear and nobody would talk about them anymore.

Of course, the Yu Clan and the Yue Clan were not as monstrous as the Imperial Clan, but they were still very powerful.

“Hypocritical scum.” At that moment, not far from Lin Feng, some people had heard what he said. Lin Feng was surprised, he turned around and immediately looked at the people laughing at him.

He only saw someone who was looking at him and smiling coldly. That person wasn’t far from Lin Feng. That person then joked again: “What do you intend to do? You only dare criticize people behind their back. When confronted, you are so scared that you can’t do anything.

“Meh….” Lin Feng was a bit surprised. It seemed like Yue Tian Chen and Yu Tian Xing had their own fans.

“Can’t I?” Said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. The expression in his eyes was majestic. An extremely sharp sword energy emerged from his eyes and crashed onto these people’s bodies, which made their hearts pound. It was so unbearable that it made them start to move backwards.

One glance had sufficed to make their hearts pound violently.

“Worthless scum.” Said Lin Feng indifferently while glancing at them. Immediately after, he stopped paying attention to them which made hideous expressions appear on their faces. They were all feeling humiliated.

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