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PMG Chapter 319: The Terrifying Lin Feng

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At that moment, the sight of Wen Ren Yan’s corpse, everyone felt like they could not breathe.

Wen Ren Yan had died, killed by Lin Feng, on the day of his wedding.

Lin Feng was proud and aloof, the crowd at the bottom of the stage were looking at him while breathing quietly with fear and trepidation. They had only heard about the fact that Lin Feng had set a city on fire and had crossed into another country to save the princess. At that moment, they could witness with their own eyes how uniquely proud and daring Lin Feng was, as well as how unconventional and unrestrained he was. Their hearts and feelings had really been stirred.

People as bold and daring as Lin Feng were rare. He was very courageous and daring. All these things made him seem extremely aggressive.

For having said that he was the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and that he was the future patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng simply showed his ring which proved that he was the patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect and then killed Wen Ren Yan. As the patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng had to punish him for his lies.

If he was the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect, why was he killed in one hit?

If he was kind and was the future patriarch, why would did he betray the Yun Hai Sect? Why was the ring of the patriarch on Lin Feng’s finger?

All the lies that Wen Ren Yan said would have been true if he was speaking about Lin Feng. Lin Feng used to be the most talented disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. The future of the Yun Hai Sect had been put in Lin Feng’s hands. Even though the enemies were extremely strong, Lin Feng hadn’t betrayed his sect.

Lin Feng killed anyone who would prevent him from moving forwards, even if those people were Duan Tian Lang’s relatives, because his heart was filled with endless hatred for these people.

The crowd was convinced that if there was one day where Lin Feng was powerful enough, Duan Tian Lang would be punished as well.

Duan Yu was wearing her wedding dress and she was looking at the corpse with her eyes wide open. She was in complete shock.

He had died. Her soul mate had been killed by Lin Feng with a single strike. Besides, Lin Feng revealed all of their lies which trampled the pride of the thought to be extinct, Yun Hai Sect. What kind of person was Duan Yu?

Duan Lie stood up, he was breathing heavily. His eyes were filled with fury and wrath. A moment before, he was still flattering Wen Ren Yan by calling him a genius, an outstanding disciple, but at that moment, the only thing left of Wen Ren Yan the two halves of his body. Lin Feng had easily dealt with him.

The students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue also stood up and glared at Lin Feng.

Wen Ren Yan was from the Holy Courtyard but Lin Feng , to their surprise, still killed him. It was making the students of the Holy Courtyard lose face.

They were also releasing a deadly Qi which enveloped Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at the crowd. He looked calm and serene yet also strangely fierce. The crowd started shaking when looking at him. That guy gave the feeling of infinite coldness. He looked extremely proud and majestic.

The crowd started to move, the sounds of their steps filled the atmosphere, one after the other. At that moment, the crowd was still looking at the stage, but if looking from above, the stage was now surrounded on every side.

The crowd was still moving. Lin Feng had killed Wen Ren Yan, how could Duan Lie just give up? The crowd was convinced that Duan Lie would try to kill Lin Feng.

Very quickly, the gigantic area was surrounded by people.

On one side, there was a marquis, who had his own army at his disposal, while the other was Duan Lie, who was a noble of the Imperial Family. His social status was higher than that of marquis. Besides, the district outside of the Imperial City was under Duan Lie’s jurisdiction. Within his territory of jurisdiction, he obviously had his own large army. Besides, he was also involved in slave trading, which gave him powerful slaves.

At that moment, everybody in the crowd wanted to attack and kill Lin Feng. Lin Feng could see that he was surrounded by millions of people yet he still looked calm and serene. There weren’t many people in Xue Yue who weren’t scared of his purple spirit.

Besides, Lin Feng would even dare to kill everyone here.

Duan Lie was standing on the stage. He coldly glanced at Lin Feng and said: “You will pay the price for what you have done.”

“Duan Lie, I will offer you a piece of advice. You should be very careful and think about the consequences before taking unnecessary action. Those who try to kill me usually end up dead.” Replied Lin Feng.

Lin Feng made himself clear and was completely honest, if Duan Lie tried to kill Lin Feng, Lin Feng would kill him.

The corner of Duan Lie’s mouth was trembling. He looked glum. He wanted to kill Lin Feng more than anything else.

“Today, you will die.” Said Duan Lie coldly. If Lin Feng didn’t die, he would lose face.

His future son-in-law had been killed on the day of the wedding. If Lin Feng, was allowed to walk away, word would spread that Duan Lie and Wen Ren Yan were lying. In a short time, everybody would learn about it. How could he let Lin Feng leave without punishment?

“Arrows!” Duan Lie raised his hand and in a flash, his personal troops started to grab their bows and arrows and got ready to attack Lin Feng.

Arrows were practical because they were a long-range weapon, so many people could attack at once. There were ten thousand personal troops at the front of the crowd, they looked absolutely majestic. These troops were ready to attack at any moment. They had all readied their bows.

The sound of stretching bow strings filled the atmosphere. They were releasing a sharp Qi which covered the stage. The sight of ten thousand people, ready to shoot arrows with such a sharp Qi, was enough to scare anyone away.

But Lin Feng looked as calm and serene in this situation. He was indifferently looking at Duan Lie.

Duan Lie just had to give the order and the ten thousand troops would release their arrows and Lin Feng would die.

Life and Death would be decided in an instant.

When Duan Lie looked into Lin Feng’s eyes, he understood. That calm and serene facial expression was a sign of Lin Feng’s confidence in his own ability. At the same time, it was also the indication that Lin Feng was daring Duan Lie to act. The best action was for him was to think carefully before giving the troops the next order.

However, his daughter’s future husband had just been killed on the day of their wedding, could Duan Lie lower his head and tell the troops to stand down? Did he have the choice?

He was looking into Lin Feng’s eyes which were filled with confidence and started hesitating. He was a bit scared. Lin Feng had become so strong that he wasn’t even scared of an army of people anymore.

What should he do? Duan Lie was puzzled.

Would Lin Feng let him off?

“Duan Lie, if Lin Feng doesn’t die, you will be humiliated for your entire life.”

At that moment, Yu Tian Xing whispered these words to Duan Lie which made Duan Lie shake. Immediately after, he heard something else.

“Don’t worry, Duan Lie, no matter how strong Lin Feng is, there are so many people here, we will all protect you.”

Duan Lie’s pupils started to shrink. He glanced at Yu Tian Xing and immediately after looked more determined than ever.

He slowly waved his hand.

Everybody was staring at Duan Lie’s hand. He waved his hand, Lin Feng would die.

“Die!” Said Duan Lie in a low voice. Deadly Qi invaded the entire atmosphere, the bowstrings emitted a buzzing noise and arrows whistled as they pierced through the air.

A sea of arrows was flying through the sky and moving straight towards Lin Feng.

Besides, at the moment when all these people released their arrows, in the air above Lin Feng, a purple light suddenly invaded the atmosphere.

The gigantic sea of arrows dissolved when they encountered the purple light, that purple lake floating through the air was incredibly corrosive.

“What a scary spirit!” The crowd was astonished. The arrows had been absolutely useless, not a single one even touched Lin Feng’s shadow.

When Duan Lie saw that, his eye started twitching violently but now, the arrows had already been released, he had no choice anymore.

“Kill him! Everybody kill him!” Shouted Duan Lie. In a flash, thousands of troops were attacking Lin Feng. They were all the troops that served his palace. Weak ones were at the Qi layer while the strongest ones were in the early Ling Qi layer. Duan Lie wanted to defeat Lin Feng by using his overwhelming numbers.

But the sea of people didn’t get near Lin Feng yet that the purple lake turned into what seemed to be an endless number of purple snakes which all moved straight towards the troops.

In a flash, a thousand people were instantly tied by the snakes. A thousand snakes had already rushed forwards and tied up a thousand people, how incredible was that!

“Those who want to die will die.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. The snakes suddenly opened their mouths and swallowed the troops they were constricting. In the blink of an eye, a thousand people had been swallowed.

A thousand people had disappeared in an instant.

They had all died!

People’s hearts were violently pounding. How terrifying! Lin Feng’s spirit was truly terrifying!

He did not even need to move and could easily kill a thousand people, who could stop him?!

Within the troops who farther back, everybody was panic-stricken. They were just blankly staring at the place where there was just a thousand troops who were swallowed in an instant. They all started feeling dizzy. They couldn’t stop shaking. They wanted to kill Lin Feng but… Could they?

Lin Feng was a monster, a god of death.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Shouted Duan Lie furiously, he had no choice anymore. In a flash, more people started to rush forward but just when they started to moved forwards, another thousand purple snakes curled around them and swallowing them. Another thousand people had just died.

How hard was it to kill him? Even ten thousand people wasn’t enough to kill Lin Feng.

“I can’t kill him.” Said a scared voice. Some of the army started to run away. Trying to kill Lin Feng was courting death. Even though they were soldiers, why would they die for nothing?

When the crowd saw the soldiers running away, the crowd also started to run away. None of them wanted to die for Duan Lie.

Lin Feng was too terrifying. They couldn’t kill him. Trying to kill him was just courting one’s own death. There would be no benefit at all. Besides, Duan Lie clearly knew it was impossible but was still trying to convince them to go and fight Lin Feng. Why the hell would they give their lives for Duan Lie!

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