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PMG Chapter 320: Death of a Noble!

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In a flash, millions of people had dispersed and were running away in panic which made Duan Lie’s eye twitch.

“It’s over… It’s really over…” said Duan Lie. Lin Feng was extremely strong. What he had feared most had finally come to pass, what everybody had feared. People were astonished, dumbstruck, stupefied.

That spirit surprisingly could turn into thousands of purple snakes which swallowed people. How terrifying! When Lin Feng used that ability, who could fight against him? Even if there were millions of people, they still couldn’t kill him.

Lin Feng was a death god, a spirit of death.

All these people weren’t the only ones who were stupefied, Lin Feng, was stupefied at his new power as well. He could now understand why the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer had first given him the surplus souls technique, it was monstrously powerful!

That technique had been excruciatingly painful to learn but at that moment, Lin Feng could make a thousand surplus souls appear with his soul strength. These thousand surplus souls could use the power of his purple dragon spirit and then turn into a thousand purple snakes. He could control them individually without a problem. In an instant, he could kill a thousand people.

Therefore, Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of fighting against an army of people any longer. No matter how many people came to attack him, he could kill them.

Besides, he hadn’t practiced the technique for a long time but if there was a day where he could create ten thousand surplus souls, that would make him even more terrifying. If he could make ten thousand purple snakes appear, he would be able to kill ten thousand people in the blink of an eye. Who would be able to stop him?

The crowd had the impression that they were caught in a nightmare, Lin Feng was too frightening.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Duan Lie which made Duan Lie’s heart start pounding. Lin Feng looked calm and serene but in Duan Lie eyes, he looked like a demon.

“You want to kill me?” Asked Lin Feng coldly, which made Duan Lie’s heart jump.

This time, Lin Feng would really kill him.

A moment before, Lin Feng had warned him that before he acted, he should think carefully about the consequences, but he still gave the order to kill Lin Feng.

At that moment, the millions of people had dispersed themselves. They were all unable to compete with Lin Feng so now Lin Feng was probably going to settle his issue with Duan Lie.

“I am a noble of Xue Yue and part of the Duan Clan.” Said Duan Lie sounding cold and detached as if he was trying to convince Lin Feng that he could not kill him.

“I am a Marquis of Xue Yue, the Chi Xie Marquis, Marquis of Yangzhou.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and indifferent. He then continued: “But you, a noble, when you wanted to kill me, it seemed like you forgot about my status!โ€

Duan Lie was shaking. What Lin Feng meant was that even though Duan Lie was part of the imperial family, if a noble tried to kill a marquis, why would the marquis spare him?

Lin Feng still wanted to kill him.

“All in all, the status of marquis is something that was given to you whereas the title of a noble is something that flows in my veins and blood. If you want to kill me, it is a severe offense against the Imperial Family.” Said Duan Lie using his connection to the Imperial Family which would make other people shiver at the mere mention of it. He was afraid, he was afraid that Lin Feng would really kill him.

He was afraid of Lin Feng. Duan Lie couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

“The blood of the Imperial Family?” Said Lin Feng while laughing.

He then calmly smiled and said: “Duan Han also had the blood of the Imperial Family flowing through his veins, but he tried to kill me, so I killed him. I am still standing here alive and well.”

Duan Lie’s pupils were trembling. Indeed, Lin Feng had killed Duan Tian Lang’s son, he had dared to kill a member of the Imperial Family. Duan Tian Lang was also a noble, but his status had much more value than that of Duan Lie. Lin Feng looked down on Duan Tian Lang so he wasn’t going to care about the insignificant Duan Lie.

A light flashed in Duan Lie’s eyes, he was looking at Yu Tian Xing. He could only rely on him.

Yu Tian Xing didn’t even spare a glance at Duan Lie. He slowly moved away from Duan Lie which made Duan Lie’s heart start to pound.

Yu Tian Xing, a moment before, had promised Duan Lie that he would help him but in the end, nobody could stop Lin Feng, so Yu Tian Xing was moving away and leaving Duan Lie to fight Lin Feng alone.

At that moment, Yu Tian Xing was making fun of Duan Lie in his heart. โ€œHow ignorant! Kill Lin Feng? If Duan Tian Lang couldnโ€™t kill Lin Feng, could Duan Lie kill him?โ€

Lin Feng had killed Duan Lie’s future son-in-law, but he had also killed Duan Tian Lang’s son. Who hated Lin Feng the most? It was clear at a glance that it was Duan Tian Lang, but Duan Tian Lang wasn’t trying to get his revenge on Lin Feng.

The first reason was because Lin Feng had extremely strong companions at the Xuan Qi layer. Duan Tian Lang was not their match.

The second reason was that the second prince of Xue Yue had made it clear that Lin Feng was part of his faction. If anyone dared to provoke Lin Feng, wouldn’t it have been the same as provoking the second prince?

If Yu Tian Xing tried to kill Lin Feng, he would at least try to do it secretly but at that moment he wasn’t thinking about killing Lin Feng anymore. Becoming one of Duan Wu Ya’s enemies wouldn’t be wise.

Concerning the promise that Yu Tian Xing made to Duan Lie, there were two reasons, the first one was that a stroke of luck could have happened and Duan Lie could have killed Lin Feng, and the second was that even if he didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng, it didn’t matter because Lin Feng would be infuriated and would kill Duan Lie.

If Lin Feng killed Duan Lie, another member of the Imperial Clan, everybody would be furious, the Imperial Clan would not be able to take it. Everybody would see Lin Feng as an enemy. For Yu Tian Xing who had always wanted Lin Feng dead, that was a great opportunity.

Only a moron like Duan Lie would have believed Yu Tian Xing. He really thought that they were going to kill Lin Feng if he failed, how stupid!

At that moment, he only had to stay back and patiently watch the situation progress. No matter who died, for Yu Tian Xing, the result would always be the same and it would lead to his true goal.

On that day, Lin Feng had come to the wedding and was really aggressive. Yu Tian Xing was overjoyed because Lin Feng had, once again, offended people who belonged to an important sphere of influence.

Yu Tian Xing wasn’t the only one thinking this, Yu Tian Chen’s eyes were twinkling as well. Lin Feng was way too monstrous, if there was an opportunity, they definitely had to kill him.

If they waited too long and Lin Feng broke through to the Xuan Qi layer, it would be way too dangerous for them to act against him. They had to kill him before that. Lin Feng had already broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer and was only one step away from the Xuan Qi layer.

Therefore, Yu Tian Xing, Yue Tian Chen and other people’s sinister plan was to use Duan Lie, because he was a fool.

Lin Feng obviously didn’t care about these people’s sinister motives. The only thing he knew was that Duan Lie was a dead man.

He took a step forward while releasing a deadly Qi. He was slowly moving towards Duan Lie.

“Lin Feng!” Shouted Duan Lie, whose face had twisted, he looked extremely hideous. He had already understood that Yu Tian Xing wouldn’t help him, he was set up.

“I warned you a few times and told you to think carefully before you act, but you still gave the order to kill me. Since it cannot be taken back, you will die for giving the order to kill me.” Said Lin Feng indifferently, while releasing sword Qi which invaded the entire atmosphere. The sword Qi enveloped Duan Lie’s body, it was extremely painful.

He finally understood something, the focus of the ceremony was Lin Feng. Nobody could stop Lin Feng.

Amongst cultivators under the Xuan Qi layer, nobody was able to defeat Lin Feng.ย But, Duan Lie didn’t know that at all, the crowd didn’t know that either. Were cultivators who had just reached the Xuan Qi layer the ones who could defeat Lin Feng?

In Celestial River, Lin Feng had killed a several cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Besides, that was already some time ago. Lin Feng, at that moment, could already make a thousand surplus souls appear compared to his previous one hundred. If he used all of his terrifying techniques and coupled them with the power of his purple spirit, how terrifying would that be?

Nobody knew because Lin Feng had not come across a reason to use it.

“No need to run, the situation is hopeless now. From the moment when you gave the order to kill me, you were already a dead man. Duan Lie, I already gave you enough chances.”

Lin Feng was looking Duan Lie in the eye. His voice was cold and indifferent. Immediately after, his legs moved and he jumped through the air straight towards Duan Lie.

“Would you dare?” Shouted Duan Lie furiously. He was franticly moving backwards. However, at that moment, a storm of purple snakes moved towards him, it seemed like there were countless purple snakes surrounding him and attacking from every single direction. Immediately, Duan Lie was completely consumed by the snakes.

That move made people’s hearts stop. It was over. They were looking at the purple light where Duan Lie was. The crowd understood that Duan Lie had already died.

As expected, when the purple snakes dispersed, Duan Lie’s body wasn’t there anymore. It had vanished without trace.

Duan Lie had died.

People’s hearts were pounding. Yu Tian Xing and Yue Tian Chen had a cold smile. Their hearts were rotten and pumped venom instead of blood. They definitely wanted to set a trap for Lin Feng to get rid of him once and for all.

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