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PMG Chapter 321: The General

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On the vast road outside of the Imperial City, three people on horses were galloping at full speed against the wind.

They were wearing bamboo hats, long chang paos and kept their heads low and their faces were hidden.

Besides, two of them seemed to be wearing bronze masks under their bamboo hats, making their faces completely hidden.

Then finally, these people arrived at the external part of the Imperial City and stopped in front of Qing Xin’s restaurant.

The Qing Xin restaurant’s staff took their horses to the stable and let the three people enter the restaurant.

The three people remained silent and immediately went to a table. They looked calm and serene.

“Hello, how may I help you?” the waiter asked. The one who seemed to be the leader raised his head. He looked clean and handsome, but on his clean and handsome face, one could see a mysterious and profound expression in his eyes. He also gave off the impression that he was very mature, that he had already experienced many things in this world. The expression in his eyes almost seemed like it was filled with the arrogance of a cultivator.

“We would like a pot of tea, two jars of alcohol and a plate of pickles.” the middle aged man said in a soft and friendly tone.

“Understood.” the staff member replied and immediately left.

“General, should I make some discreet inquiries?” the person next to the middle aged man asked. The middle aged man just slightly shook his head and said in a low voice: “Wait a while.”

The other person slightly nodded but didn’t add anything.

At that moment, the atmosphere in Qing Xin’s restaurant became very lively and noisy. Many people started talking unceasingly and sounded very excited.

“Your Excellency, what is so exciting?” At that moment, a voice spread in the restaurant. Someone replied: “Haha, you shouldn’t stay in the restaurant forever, otherwise you will miss out on all the spectacular events, like Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding ceremony.”

“Too many people went to see Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding. Even if I did go, what was there to see?” the other person said while shaking his head.

“What was there to see? Let me tell you something, the people who were there will not be able to stop talking about it! Such an event is amazing and unforgettable, don’t you think?”

“Amazing? Unforgettable? Are you not exaggerating too much!”

“Indeed, a wedding is a spectacular event, but after a few days, you will forget about it.”

“Spectacular, but you can quickly forget about it? Well, you guys should go there and you will see. Everybody is there. Everyone who went there is still in shock right now, today is Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding ceremony, but Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s father, Duan Lie both died. Someone killed them.”

Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie had been killed!

When people heard that, their hearts started to pound and their faces became rigid. In the restaurant, many people stopped talking. But immediately after, these people burst into an uproar.

“What happened? Speak more clearly, what really happened?

“Yes, how could Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie die? Who would dare to kill them? Who even has the strength to kill them?”

These questions were bursting forth from people’s mouths, but they were only wondering how they died and if the information was false. How could Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie die? Who had the courage and strength to kill them?

The three people with bamboo hats also seemed interested. When the two masked people heard that Wen Ren Yan had died, their hearts started to race. The man was speaking in riddles to make it sound more exciting.

But at that moment, the man was keeping his interlocutors in suspense and did not tell them the most interesting details. He was just smiling indifferently.

“Your Excellency, the pickles are on me today.” Said a voice breaking the silence. The one called “Your Excellency”, smiled and said: “Alright, since everyone wants to know, I will tell you.”

“You might remember that in the past, there was a person who set a city on fire, killing hundreds of thousands of enemy soldiers and also crossed into another country to save the princess.”

“Of course, I remember. It was Lin Feng. Who could forget his name?”

“Hehe.” That person smiled wholeheartedly and immediately said: “Lin Feng is back. He came back to the Imperial City.”

“Lin Feng is back.” The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng had disappeared for such a long time and had finally returned.

“Your Excellency, the fact that Lin Feng came back… Does it have anything to do with Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie?” another person asked.

“Of course it does! Don’t you all know? Lin Feng was a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect just like Wen Ren Yan, but when Duan Tian Lang exterminated the Yun Hai Sect, Wen Ren Yan chose to betray the sect while Lin Feng remained true. In the end, they surrounded him and tried to kill him, but he battled his way past the army. He was then made the new patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect. This is why Lin Feng hates Duan Tian Lang and went to kill his son as revenge. Besides, this time, he went and personally punished Wen Ren Yan for his betrayal of the sect. Duan Lie wanted to avenge Wen Ren Yan’s death but Lin Feng killed him in retaliation.

It sounded like that middle aged man was talking about a legendary hero which made everyone grow even more excited. They could imagine Duan Tian Lang surrounding the Yun Hai Sect with an army and Lin Feng, alone, brandishing his sword and carving a bloody path through his enemies, like a hero.

They could also imagine Lin Feng in Duan Lie’s palace, killing a traitor, like a hero of justice.

Their hearts were beating faster and faster. Surprisingly, on the day of Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding ceremony, Lin Feng had killed Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie. As expected, his actions were insane.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t gone to watch and they had missed the show, what a pity.

The man called “Your Excellency” by the others saw that the crowd seemed satisfied. However, at that moment, a few silhouettes appeared. Two ice cold and blood thirsty eyes were staring at him. That person was releasing an extremely dense and deadly Qi.

“When did that happen?” that person asked, sounding cold and detached which made the man surprised. He quickly replied: “Not long ago, now the news is spreading in the external part of the city. Very quickly, everybody will come to know about it. I did not lie about anything at all.”

The person’s silhouette flickered and they immediately moved back to where they were. He looked at the man with the bamboo hat and said: “General, it just happened recently.”

“Let’s go.” the middle aged man said while standing up and finishing his cup of tea. Immediately after, he left Qing Xin’s restaurant and walked towards Duan Lie’s palace, but when they arrived, there was nobody in sight. It seemed like the man was telling the truth. The news that Lin Feng had returned and killed Duan Lie and Wen Ren Yan was spreading quickly throughout the external part of the city and would soon reach the interior of the Imperial City.

Duan Lie was a Noble of Xue Yue. The death of a noble wasn’t a normal affair. It was a very serious thing which would draw the attention of the Xue Yue elites.

The storm could not be suppressed this time because Lin Feng had killed another member of the Duan Clan. He wouldn’t be able to remain unscathed for much longer. Lin Feng’s enemies wouldn’t let him have any peace.

For example, Yu Tian Xing and Yu Tian Chen had left Duan Lie’s palace and after that, they had already started spreading rumours about what had happened, trying to plot against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was incredibly gifted. They couldn’t let him continue to live.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought about the series of events and the people plotting against him. He had just followed his heart, he killed Wen Ren Yan because he had betrayed the Yun Hai Sect and then sullied its name, if he let him live, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to find peace in his heart.

Lin Feng didn’t regret killing Wen Ren Yan. Then, Duan Lie, in order to avenge Wen Ren Yan, tried to kill him, Lin Feng was, of course, not going to show mercy on anyone who tried to kill him.

It had caused trouble but Lin Feng had no regrets at all.

Lin Feng was entering the Celestial Academy for the first time in a while.

These days, Lin Feng was already famous, especially since he had also cruelly beaten the fourth ranked disciple of the academy, Du Gu Shang. He had forced Du Gu Shang to kneel down in front of him. That was a cruel and heartless humiliation.

It was said that Lin Feng had even cut off Du Gu Xiao’s arm in Yangzhou City.

Coupled with the fact that he had accomplished many great accomplishments, it was possible to say that everybody had already seen Lin Feng’s portrait. There were even many people who considered Lin Feng as the pride of the Celestial Academy. Even if, from the beginning to the end, Lin Feng had never considered himself as a student of the academy, he had only gone there to practice cultivation, nothing more.

“It’s Lin Feng.”

“Look, Lin Feng came back to the academy!”

Inside the Celestial Academy, voices were crying out, one after the other. They had seen Lin Feng! That incredible person who was already well known within Xue Yue had returned and was at the academy.

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