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PMG Chapter 323: Bi Luo’s Insanity

Regular chapter number 2.
Edited by the bear.
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In the air, that proud silhouette was arrogantly smiling.

“Blue Void Spirit, appear!” Said the silhouette in the air. In a flash, his spirit appeared.

The Blue Void Spirit was blue and looked pure and clean like water. It was as clear as the sky. It transformed into a storm of raindrops but the raindrops weren’t falling towards the ground, these raindrops seemed like they were illusionary as well.

“What a marvellous spirit! I had never seen Qiong Bi Luo use his spirit before. I wonder how strong his Blue Void Spirit is?”

When the crowd saw that clear blue spirit which looked like water, they were thinking that it must be incredible. They were also very curious.

“Blue Void Spirit!” When Qiong Bi Luo sensed his spirit, he smiled arrogantly and said: “From today, I, Qiong Bi Luo, am the best disciple of the entire Celestial Academy. Du Bi or Wen Ao Xue are no match for me anymore. Besides, concerning Lin Feng, even if he breaks through to the Xuan Qi layer, in my eyes, he is just a nobody.”

Qiong Bi Luo was full of confidence but the arrogance contained in his voice rose to the heavens, it shocked many people.

Qiong Bi Luo was the second ranked disciple of the Celestial Academy. He was saying that Wen Ao Xue couldn’t compete with him, they could understand that, then he was saying that Lin Feng was a nobody in his eyes, they could also understand that, but Du Bi… He had been the top disciple of the Celestial Academy for such a long time. He was extremely gifted, but Qiong Bi Luo, who had just broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, dared say that Du Bi couldn’t compete with him anymore. The crowd didn’t know how Qiong Bi Luo suddenly became so arrogant.

At that moment, Qiong Bi Luo was looking down at the crowd with an arrogant smile on his face.

He, of course, knew what the crowd was thinking. These last couple of years, he had always been ranked second, oppressed by Du Bi.

“I, Qiong Bi Luo, will prove what I say. In three days, here, I will challenge Du Bi, Wen Ao Xue and Du Gu Shang… Oh and if the so called genius, Lin Feng, wants to come, I don’t mind either.

Qiong Bi Luo smiled coldly and said: “Tell everyone about it. In three days, I will respectfully await them all here.”

When he finished talking, Qiong Bi Luo started walking through the air. In a flash, he had disappeared and nobody knew where he had gone. The crowd was just standing there, dumbstruck.

Qiong Bi Luo surprisingly wanted, to challenge Du Bi, Wen Ao Xue, Du Gu Shang and Lin Feng, how arrogant! After having broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, Qiong Bi Luo had become overconfident, considering everything and everyone beneath his notice.

“Could it be that Qiong Bi Luo’s spirit has something special which enables him to become the first ranked student in the academy? Could he even rival the eight high officials?”

Many people had similar thoughts, because none of them had any idea what caused this. However, Qiong Bi Luo’s confidence was really giving them a feeling of power, it was shaking their soul.

At that moment, Lin Feng was also standing in the crowd and observing the vanishing silhouette. Lights were flashing in his eyes.

A moment before, Lin Feng, using his earth fusion, was able to investigate Qiong Bi Luo’s spirit. He found out that the raindrops of the Blue Void Spirit actually sealed the atmosphere. The air inside and outside of that blue matter was not entirely the same.

“That Blue Void is almost like another world. Could it be that Bi Luo had obtained his name because of his spirit?” thought Lin Feng but he immediately shook his head. Qiong Bi Luo seemed to be very interested in becoming the first ranked disciple of the academy. He is even trying to prove to everyone that he is the best, immediately after having broken through to the Xuan Qi layer.

*Note: Bi Luo = Blue Void*

Besides, what annoyed Lin Feng was that without any provocation, someone had involved him again. Qiong Bi Luo had said Lin Feng’s name. He despised Lin Feng’s rise to fame so much that he even called him a nobody…….

“How rude! When Young Master Lin Feng breaks through to the Xuan Qi layer, he would easily teach him a lesson on manners.” Said Yi Xue angrily. Qiong Bi Luo had said that Lin Feng was a nobody, how rude!

Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, but he was much younger than Qiong Bi Luo. Lin Feng, at the same age as Qiong Bi Luo, would be much stronger than him!

Lin Feng didn’t care and smiled. He glanced at Yi Xue to show her some support. She was really bright, intelligent and full of compassion.

She didn’t say that Lin Feng was weaker than Qiong Bi Luo, instead, she said that Lin Feng would eventually be stronger than Qiong Bi Luo. At the same time, she was advising Lin Feng not to be swayed away by personal feelings and to avoid the challenge. Yi Xue’s sentence, which sounding simple and innocent, actually contained many hidden meanings.

Yi Xue looked at Lin Feng with her head slightly lowered. Her face was slightly red as well. When looking at Lin Feng’s eyes, she had the feeling that she was a tiny and powerless person, she felt that she couldn’t escape from Lin Feng’s eyes.

“Let’s go.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. However, they hadn’t even started walking when Lin Feng stopped again. In front of him, a girl was standing and slightly lowering her head. Both her fists were firmly clenched.

“Yun…. Xi! Lin Feng vaguely remembered this young girl. Her name was similar to Yun Xi whom he had met in Celestial River but the second character wasn’t the same.

“You still remember me.” Said Yun Xi while raising her head, her face was completely red and she looked a bit shy.

Lin Feng surprisingly remembered her name.

“Yes.” Said Lin Feng while smiling and nodding.

When they met, a girl was trying to convince Yun Xi to have a one night stand with Du Gu Shang in exchange for a cultivation room, however Yun Xi said that she liked Lin Feng, but she didn’t have any perverted thoughts and was still pure. After that, Du Gu Shang threatened Yun Xi, he was extremely aggressive. Lin Feng wasn’t able to ignore it and humiliated Du Gu Shang, making him kneel down in front of him. After that, he accompanied Yun Xi to a room in the central cultivator tower.

Lin Feng could obviously remember these things.

“Lin Feng……” When Yun Xi saw that Lin Feng was nodding, excitement appeared on her face. She wanted to say something but her lips weren’t moving, she was just blankly staring at him.

“Are… you …alright?” After a moment, Yun Xi could only say three words.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Said Lin Feng with a warm smile on his face. Yun Xi felt a bit dizzy. She was usually very extraverted but now, she was quiet and introvert.

“I’m leaving. Keep practicing hard.” Said Lin Feng while nodding at Yun Xi. Immediately after, he left.

Yun Xi raised her head and saw the people leaving. She couldn’t help but feel hopeless.

She would try to leave the tower to walk around more in the future and see if she could meet Lin Feng again. She hadn’t expected to meet Lin Feng at that moment. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to say anything.

“There are such beautiful women by his side.” Thought Yun Xi with a strange feeling in her heart. All the girls around Lin Feng were very beautiful.

“Yu Xin, don’t think too much. They don’t belong to the same world as us.” Said a young girl next to Yun Xi trying to cheer her up. She was Yun Xi’s friend. In the past, she had also seen everything and it was clear to her that Yun Xi liked Lin Feng, especially after that day. She had become obsessed with Lin Feng.

But the gap between her and Lin Feng would always be monstrous. They didn’t belong to the same world.

Yu Xin looked at her friend and her friend noticed that she had tears in her eyes. They had a brief encounter but they lived in separate worlds, they would always be able to meet for a brief moment, but they would always be separated again. Yun Xi was sad. Lin Feng was the only one for her.

Lin Feng wasn’t keeping track of their meetings. That girl didn’t occupy any special place in Lin Feng’s heart. However, he had noticed the girl’s feelings.

“Lin Feng, it seems like she likes you.” Said Lan Jiao with a smile yet not a smile on her face.

“So what?” Said Lin Feng while looking at Lan Jiao.

“Do you think that it’s dull and uninteresting? Why wouldn’t you accept a girl who likes you? For people like you, having several women is normal.” Continued Lan Jiao with a teasing smile on her lips.

What she said surprised the few other girls who were there as well. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, cultivation was the most important thing but relationships were also important. There were some men who felt that three or four women still weren’t enough, it was the same for all cultivators, some extremely strong female cultivators also had multiple men. Of course, the first case was the most common, the second was more rare.

Lin Feng looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes and said: “So what are you are trying to say is that even if someone like you wanted to become my girlfriend, I should accept, right?”

When Lan Jiao heard Lin Feng, she was stupefied. She immediately glared at Lin Feng and swore in a low voice: “Who would want to become the girlfriend of a bastard? Stupid fool.”

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