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PMG Chapter 324: Heaven and Earth Are Cruel!

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Two days had passed and the news of Qiong Bi Luo’s challenge to Du Bi, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng was already widespread.

Many people were discussing it, which meant that Lin Feng was included in their conversations. However, at that moment, he was calmly lying on a bench made from stone in a courtyard. On his side was Meng Qing who, as before, looked neither cold nor warm. She was gazing into the distance but it was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

At the same time, Lan Jiao, Jing Yun and Yi Xue were also in the courtyard. Lan Jiao was showing the two other girls what problems hindered the efficiency of their cultivation practice. Lin Feng was glancing at the girls once in a while, and he could see that they were getting along really well.

At that moment, someone, outside, was knocking at the door.

“Come in.” Said Lin Feng and immediately after the door opened and a silhouette with a bamboo hat appeared.

That person raised their head and looked at Lin Feng. A bronze mask appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. Under that mask were twinkling eyes.

“Lin Feng, brother!” Shouted the person. Lin Feng looked surprised and then stood up.

“Po Jun!”

“Lin Feng, brother, it’s me!” Said Po Jun while entering the courtyard. The door then slowly closed itself.

“Po Jun, when did you come to the Imperial City?” Lin Feng was surprised. He walked towards Po Jun. Liu Cang Lan had told the elite troops to stay with Lin Feng but Po Jun and Han Man left with Liu Cang Lan and not Lin Feng.

Po Jun should have been in Duan Ren and not in the Imperial City. How come he was in the imperial city?

“Lin Feng, brother, we came back to the Imperial City three days ago. It’s just that the Celestial Academy doesn’t allow other to enter. The last two days, I’ve been trying to find a solution.

“We?” Whispered Lin Feng. “Who else is in the Imperial City?”

“Han Man and the General are here as well. Lin Feng, the general wants to see you as well.” Said Po Jun sounding serious which worried Lin Feng. Liu Cang Lan had rushed from Duan Ren to the Imperial City because he wanted to see Lin Feng. It seemed like he had something important to tell him, otherwise, Liu Cang wouldn’t have taken such risks and personally come back to the Imperial City.

Lin Feng, of course, understood that the Imperial City was dangerous place for Liu Cang Lan.

“Let’s go.” Said Lin Feng. He didn’t feel like talking there anymore.

“Alright.” Said Po Jun while nodding and immediately turned around. Then they left at top speed.

In the middle of the courtyard, the girls were a bit surprised. Besides, Meng Qing calmly and peacefully stood up, and then followed Lin Feng.

“Meng Qing, you can stay here. If there’s no problem, I will be back quickly.” Said Lin Feng while turning around and looking at Meng Qing. Meng Qing looked surprised and then nodded.

Lin Feng and Po Jun left together. These days, Lin Feng was catching up with Meng Qing in terms of strength. If there was a great danger and he was unable to ensure his safety, maybe the situation would be dangerous for Meng Qing as well.

Po Jun brought Lin Feng to a restaurant. The decoration of that restaurant was very simple but it was very calm and peaceful. There were only a few clients.

At a table which was in the middle of the restaurant, two people wearing bamboo hats were calmly sitting and watching people entering the restaurant. They raised their heads.

“Lin Feng, brother!” Shouted Han Man while standing up!

“Han Man.” Lin Feng glanced at Han Man and then looked at the other person. Liu Cang Lan looked thinner and paler than before.

“Uncle Liu!” Shouted Lin Feng.

Liu Cang Lan slightly nodded and said: “Lin Feng, come here and sit down.”

Lin Feng slightly nodded and then immediately sat down facing Liu Cang Lan. He then asked: “Uncle Liu, why did you come to the Imperial City?”

“I came to talk to you.” Said Liu Cang Lan and continued: “Lin Feng, how are Qing Kuang and the others doing?”

“The three of them are fine. They are all in Yangzhou City.”

“That’s good. Too bad that the Chi Xie army is not here anymore.” Said Liu Cang Lan. He then sighed: “Maybe I should go and join Jiu Chi Xie.”

“Uncle Liu, you….” Lin Feng was smiling wryly. He didn’t know what to say. Last time, the consequences of the plot against Liu Cang Lan had been too serious. Even though he was wearing a bamboo hat, his hair was greying more and more each day. Liu Cang Lan looked much too old.

But Ren Qing Kuang’s experience when it came to military strategy etc. couldn’t compare with that of Liu Cang Lan. Liu Cang Lan’s friend, who was like a brother to him, had died and Liu Cang Lan’s cultivation had been sealed.

Besides, all the accusations against him were false. Liu Cang Lan had devoted his life to Xue Yue and this is how he was rewarded.

“Lin Feng, Mo Yue’s crown prince, Mo Jie, broke through to the Xuan Qi layer after the war. It is said that he has already broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. He’s much stronger than before. A short time ago, he also sent some troops to Duan Ren City. People there are old, weak and some are even wounded. Besides, the city was set on fire last time but we haven’t been able to repair it, so it’s in ruins. Besides, I am useless now. If Mo Jie is willing, he can easily attack the Duan Ren Border.”

When Lin Feng heard Liu Cang Lan, he was stupefied. Mo Jie had attacked Duan Ren again!

“Xue Yue didn’t send troops as reinforcement?”

Liu Cang Lan shook his head and said: “After what happened, I became a high ranking official but they still refused my requests to send me reinforcements. They even refused aid to help reconstruct Duan Ren City. In other words, Xue Yue has already given up Duan Ren City and the vast Duan Ren Border. Whether it be the people or the city, the country doesn’t care about any of them. Mo Yue could just dive straight in and slaughter everybody.”

Lin Feng was astonished. They had refused to send reinforcement troops and refused to repair the city. They had given up Duan Ren City and they were almost delivering it to Mo Yue.

“But I am afraid for the people of Xue Yue. If Mo Jie, on the other side of the Duan Ren Border, gave the order, the Mo Yue troops can cross the Duan Ren Border but they must pay attention to whom they kill and which cities they attack, it cannot be random slaughter.” Said Liu Cang Lan making Lin Feng grow surprised. Mo Jie could give the order to cross the Duan Ren Border but then the troops couldn’t destroy cities as they wished.

Everything sounded like a joke.

“Lin Feng, it must also sound like a joke for you as if the Imperial Family doesn’t care about its people. They are giving their people to Mo Yue, but Mo Yue is a person who gives the order not to randomly kill, it’s simply ridiculous.” Said Liu Cang Lan while laughing to himself, he then grabbed his glass of alcohol, raised it and drained it down in one gulp.

“Cough cough!”

Liu Cang Lan coughed. He was shaking and looked very weak. Lin Feng wanted to help him but Liu Cang Lan stopped him with his hand.

“Come Lin Feng, drink some alcohol. There is no other issue that I need to tell you about. I just wanted to tell you these things and drink some alcohol with you.” Said Liu Cang Lan. He felt lonely. During the war, he had lost over a hundred thousand of his soldiers and their bones littered the ground. The last remaining soldiers had followed Lin Feng and were in Yangzhou City. The only person left by Liu Cang Lan’s side was Liu Fei.

But there were some things which Liu Cang Lan wasn’t willing to talk about with Liu Fei so he didn’t have someone with whom he could share his burden.

That proud general, who had reached the clouds, ended up bitterly emotionless with no remaining brilliance or glory. An endless sadness had invaded his heart.

“Let’s drink!” Said Lin Feng while raising his glass and then downing it. Immediately after, he filled Liu Cang Lan’s glass back up. He didn’t what to advise to Liu Cang Lan, he also had nothing to advise Liu Cang Lan about.

They were just downing glasses one after the other. Liu Cang Lan’s face was becoming paler and paler but he wasn’t showing any signs that he wanted to stop drinking. He was still downing glasses.

“Lin Feng, when I die, I hope that you will take good care of Fei Fei. She’s never had parents since childhood. She has been through many hardships while growing up, because of me. She also has a bad temper… I hope that you can forgive her.”

Even though Liu Cang Lan had drunk a lot of alcohol, he was still conscious. He was looking Lin Feng in the eyes while talking.

“Uncle Liu, otherwise you could stay in the Imperial City, don’t go back.”

Liu Cang Lan shook his head. A deep and profound smile appeared on his face and he said: “There is something which must be done, besides, before leaving, there is something which I would like to help you with.”

“Help me with something?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what Liu Cang Lan meant.

“Someday, you will understand. I will just tell you one sentence.” Said Liu Cang Lan and then made a pause. Immediately after, he intensely and fixedly stared Lin Feng straight in the eyes and said slowly: “Heaven and Earth are cruel to treat its creatures like straw dogs!”

Lin Feng’s heart suddenly started shaking. He had, obviously, already heard these words. He had never thought that he would hear these words from Liu Cang Lan.

Such words coming from the general, who was a soft and friendly person, was astonishing!

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