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PMG Chapter 326: The Death God

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Lin Feng was calmly standing in the rain, surrounded by those people.

There were two strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who belonged to a dark league. These people even dared disrespect Yu Ji and the Imperial City Guards. It seemed like someone of extraordinary status was ordering them.

That person wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was trying to analyze the situation. Apart from the Yu and Yue clans, the Du Gu Clan also wanted to kill him.

Of course, it could also be some of Duan Tian Lang’s people.

“Who gave you the order?” Said Yu Ji in a cold tone. These people were imposing and aggressive, if they were there, they would take Lin Feng.

Yu Ji didn’t wait for them to reply and said: “I heard that the Yu Clan had close connections with leagues. You must be a dark league sent by the Yu Clan.”

“What about you? Why are you here?” Said Yu Ji to Du Bi. Yu Ji was wondering what Du Bi was doing there because according to the latest news, Du Bi was supposed to be practicing his cultivation.

“My goal is very simple, if he can grant me a duel, I will leave.” Said Du Bi indifferently which made the crowd stupefied. Du Bi had come because he wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was, he wanted a duel against Lin Feng?

Yu Ji looked at Lin Feng and saw that Lin Feng was looking at Du Bi, as if he had noticed something. Lin Feng slightly nodded and said in a low voice: “Alright, you start!”

The crowd was a bit surprised. Lin Feng surprisingly agreed to Du Bi’s request.

Du Bi suddenly released a terrifying blade energy, sharp, brutal and ice-cold. Pure Qi was unceasingly being absorbed into his body. A bright light was glowing around Du Bi. The only arm which Du Bi had wasn’t an arm anymore, it looked like a blade. His arm was his blade.

“Energy attack!”

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. What a monstrously sharp energy. Du Bi’s blade abilities had already reached the energy dimensions. He could condense all his blade energy into his arm and transform it into a sharp blade.

Coupled with his strength of the Xuan Qi layer, his blade was terrifying.

When Yu Ji sensed the sword energy, a light flashed in his eyes. Du Bi definitely deserved to be called the top disciple of the Celestial Academy. His force and Qi were terrifying. Yu Ji was wondering if the situation would become dangerous for Lin Feng.

A white light started shining around Lin Feng’s body. Pure Qi was revolving around his body. At that moment, Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Xuan Qi layer yet but could already condense pure Qi. Besides, some terrifyingly sharp sword energy had also invaded the atmosphere.

His powerful sword energy was extremely sharp and vast but seemed calm. The crowd had the feeling that Lin Feng, at that moment, wasn’t Lin Feng anymore but had become his sword, as if he had fused with his sword.

It was still raining but there were no raindrops around Du Bi and Lin Feng’s bodies. The rain couldn’t get near them because they were already surrounded by the pure Qi which was emitting a dazzling light.

Du Bi slowly raised his arm. It was like he was slowly raising a blade. At the same, Lin Feng stretched his hand and an incredible amount of Qi filled the atmosphere. It transformed into a terrifying amount of pure Qi. Suddenly, his hand was filled with a sword made entirely of pure Qi, filled with a mixture of battle energy, deadly Qi and Sword Qi.

“I’m ready. After breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, I have used my blade eighteen times, eighteen people died. I hope that you will be the first to survive.” Said Du Bi arrogantly.

But Lin Feng ignored him. The atmosphere was dark and rainy. Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and used his consciousness to sense the surrounding area.

At the same time, in Lin Feng’s mind appeared a sword. It was a black sword. It was the fatal sword of a Death God.

Each time Lin Feng saw that sword, his heart started pounding. It was filled with an endless quantity of pure battle Qi and pure deadly Qi which could slowly be absorbed into his sword.

The stronger Lin Feng became, the more he could control the black sword and the more terrifying his sword made of pure Qi became.

“Huh?” When Du Bi saw that Lin Feng was closing his eyes, releasing an even more powerful Qi, but that incredible battle energy was terrifying. It seemed like it would never stop growing stronger and more powerful as it burned through the atmosphere.

Du Bi was curious to see the final stage of that sword. How powerful could Lin Feng’s sword get? But at the same time, he had the feeling that the power of that sword wouldn’t stop increasing and would always become more powerful.

“Lacerate!” Shouted Du Bi. He didn’t continue to wait. His arm turned into a powerful blade which illuminated the atmosphere. In the air, a gigantic blade illusion appeared. Immediately after, Du Bi attacked. That gigantic blade descended from the sky and seemed like it could lacerate the atmosphere. The pure Qi that it contained was monstrously powerful.

Lin Feng suddenly started to move. His sword made of pure Qi rose into the air and his sword energy turned into an illusionary sword which started unceasingly attacking the gigantic blade. Metallic sounds were uninterruptedly spreading through the atmosphere. These sounds were loud and distinct as if they were real.

“My sword can annihilate everything.”

Lin Feng’s body started to absorb an incredible amount of battle energy. His body slowly rose into the air but his move didn’t look flashy at all. Actually, the energy was just moving towards that blade. The sword was fighting against the gigantic blade.

At that moment, people raised their head and saw that gigantic blade as well as the sword collide with each other. A monstrously oppressive Qi flooded the area.

It was very difficult to imagine the gigantic blade and the sword doing battle. There weren’t any terrifying explosions, there wasn’t any flashing lights. There was only energy fighting against energy, each unable to defeat the other.

“How terrifying! These people are really geniuses.” Thought people in the crowd. Du Bi’s blade skills were obvious but Lin Feng, with his strength of the Ling Qi layer, was able to resist Du Bi’s attacks. Lin Feng was slightly being pushed back. He was absorbing battle energy which kept burning around him. The crowd was gasping with astonishment.

At that moment, lights flashed and Du Bi’s blade disappeared. At the same time, Lin Feng’s sword made of pure Qi also disappeared. These two people had stopped fighting at the same time.

“You can compete with me to a certain extent. Unfortunately, I have to fight against Qiong Bi Luo tomorrow. Let’s stop for today. I hope that you will still be alive come tomorrow.”

When Du Bi finished talking, he turned around and left through the curtain of rain. Du Bi’s lonely and solitary silhouette looked as lonely and solitary as his single arm, his heart was filled with killing intent.

Just as he had said, if Lin Feng accepted to have a duel with him, he would leave.

On the day after, he would fight against Qiong Bi Luo and he could not refuse.

“I can only compete with you to a certain extent, that’s what you think?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and opening his eyes. Immediately after, he closed his eyes again. His sword made of pure Qi appeared in the sky and battle energy started burning around his body again.

“Huh?” People in the crowd frowned. What did Lin Feng want to do?


At that moment, Lin Feng said only one word, which sounded ice-cold. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He didn’t even need his eyes to see, everything around him was appearing clearly and distinctly in his mind.

The sword descended from the sky. Immediately after, a deadly light illuminated the area. Two silhouettes were struck down by that sword without even having the time to give a horrible shriek.

Lin Feng was extremely ruthless!

He surprisingly hadn’t said much the whole time, but he immediately killed his opponents, two cultivators of the Xuan Qi Layer who were hidden in the shadows were instantly killed.

The people of the dark league had come to take Lin Feng, but it wasn’t to invite Lin Feng for dinner. Instead, they wanted to kill him. Therefore, as always when somebody threatened Lin Feng’s life, he killed them without restraint.

Kill or be killed was Lin Feng’s philosophy.

In a cruel world, such as the cultivation world, when someone wanted to kill him, he would not be merciful and benevolent, his enemies would eventually kill him when they had the chance. If he was aggressive and ruthless when killing the people who wanted to kill him, he would live much longer. Why would he chose the first option? If someone wanted to kill him, he would just kill them first.

It was an easy principle and Lin Feng was determined to stick to it.

The other people’s facial expressions drastically changed. Before arriving, they hadn’t thought that Lin Feng’s power was so terrifying. Everyone there would die if attacked by Lin Feng’s sword. Lin Feng was like a death god.

“Try if you dare!” Said another cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer in the crowd, whose facial expression drastically changed. An endless amount of pure Qi started spinning around his arm. That arm full of pure Qi was bombarding the atmosphere towards Lin Feng but Lin Feng’s sword pierced straight through the pure Qi and into his opponents heart.

Back in Celestial River, Lin Feng was able to kill cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. Since then, a good deal of time had passed and Lin Feng had reached the peak of the Ling Qi layer. Coupled with his terrifying sword made from pure Qi, how could Lin Feng be scared of cultivators at the first Xuan Qi layer?

Even if Lin Feng didn’t use his purple spirit, he could still defeat a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer.

Every time his sword descended from the sky, it could instantly end several lives!

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