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PMG Chapter 327: Startling and Shocking

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It was pouring with rain, with blood  dying the water red.

Lin Feng’s sword was unceasingly moving. It was dazzling and uninterruptedly killing the people who had come for him, after which they collapsed into a river of blood.

However, in the distance, Some ferocious looking men wearing gray clothes were unceasingly rushing towards Lin Feng. They were fearless and it seemed like they didn’t care about offering their lives to Lin Feng’s sword.

When they saw the countless corpses on the ground, they looked unaffected. The people of the dark league had died, the fact that such people had been killed was terrifying.

Even if a cultivator was stronger than them, a little slip of attention and some carelessness could give the dark league a good opportunity to attack by surprise and kill him.

Lin Feng looked expressionless and emotionless. It was as if he was alone with his sword. His sword was dazzling and welcomed death, it was unceasingly slaughtering people.

When Lin Feng was in fusion with the earth, it was impossible for him to be careless or get distracted. He could clearly and distinctly perceive every potentially fatal attack which was coming towards him as if it was in slow motion. Lin Feng’s mind was like a super computer as he controlled his sword, he looked extremely mysterious.

What scared Lin Feng was the occasional strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who were carrying out surprise attacks on Lin Feng. They were not getting close to him, they were just using the dark league’s human wave tactics to compete with Lin Feng, it was a diabolic plan.

Not so far in the distance, Yu Ji was watching the dead dark league people who Lin Feng had killed. Yu Ji looked absolutely unaffected but his heart was beating a bit faster than usual. According to the second prince, Lin Feng was extremely strong.

Besides, the second prince had also said that he didn’t know what would happen if Lin Feng used all his strength, but one thing was sure, defeating people of the first Xuan Qi layer wasn’t a problem at all for Lin Feng.

Therefore, Yu Ji wasn’t worried about Lin Feng. He had only come because he wanted to see how strong Lin Feng really was.

At the same time, he could also see how Lin Feng killed his opponents. Besides, Lin Feng and his attackers were diametrically opposed in terms of power and influence. They were from completely different backgrounds.


A purple light suddenly invaded the atmosphere. The dark league cultivators were not all strong cultivators at the peak of the Ling Qi layer, there were also many people in the lower Ling Qi layers. From the first to the ninth Ling Qi layer, every level was present amongst the attackers. They were unceasingly attacking Lin Feng and unceasingly being slaughtered.

The purple light was soaring through the air. In an instant, many people disappeared into the purple light and were melted into nothingness. They all vanished without leaving a trace.

A strong cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer narrowed his eyes. Lin Feng was stronger than they had expected. Fortunately, they had prepared a perfect plan, Lin Feng was definitely going to die.

In the vast area surrounding Lin Feng, the cultivators who were near him had all been swallowed by the purple light but enemies continued to charge at him from every direction.

It seemed like they wanted Lin Feng to run out of Qi in a prolonged battle.

“Die!” Shouted a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer in a deep voice. Immediately, the whole crowd threw themselves at Lin Feng and attacked him. A rumbling noise started to fill the atmosphere. An endless ocean of attacks was moving from the distance towards Lin Feng.

The purple lake was still surrounding Lin Feng. Lin Feng took a huge step forwards, his silhouette flickered and in a flash, two silhouettes were consumed by the purple light surrounding him.

Another group of people didn’t wait for Lin Feng to take the initiative and attack them, they were rushing towards him. They were rushing towards Lin Feng as if they didn’t care about dying. At the same time, a few silhouettes jumped into the air and unleashed a gigantic silver net. The threads of that net were extremely solid and extremely sharp, just like a multitude of sharp razors. If someone got captured in that net, their body would end up tragically torn apart.

“Rise!!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. The purple lake turned into a storm of purple snakes which blocked the net. At the same time, many snake silhouettes flickered and moved towards the people who were holding the net.

On the ground, there were many other people attacking Lin Feng.

At the same time, the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer attacked as well. A sickle illusion appeared behind his back while pure Qi was fluctuating in the atmosphere. His body transformed into an illusion and an incredible quantity of deadly sharp Qi emerged.

“Moonlight Hook!” Shouted the Xuan Qi layer cultivator while swiping his hand towards Lin Feng. In a flash, what seemed like countless crescent moons appeared in his hand and started moving towards Lin Feng as they sliced through the atmosphere.

Each of the crescent moons contained a terrifying Qi. If they came into contact with someone, they would easily slice that person’s body in half.



The sickle edges came into contact with the bodies of members of the dark league between the cultivator and Lin Feng. These crescent moons passed by two people, blood filled the air and they let out horrible shrieks. They had just been killed. These subtle yet terrifying sounds were piercing into people’s eardrums.

“A blade made of pure Qi. Besides, it’s a perfect match for his spirit. He’s extremely strong.” Thought Lin Feng while shivering. The terrifying purple spirit wouldn’t be able to block these sharp crescent moon attacks.

“Pierce!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword started emitted a dazzling light. The sword in Lin Feng’s hand seemed like it could pierce anything.


Many people in front of Lin Feng were being sliced by the crescent moon sickles but Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to that. At that moment, he was releasing an incredible quantity of deadly energy and it seemed like his body had gone rigid.

A poisonous snake was right behind him, it was moving towards him with the clear intention to kill.

“They are so good at hiding, they are really skilled assassins.”

Lin Feng could sense all these things distinctly. He could also feel that something sharp, like a dagger, was getting nearer and nearer to his back. The cultivator at the Xuan Qi layer behind him just required a few seconds and he would be able to pierce Lin Feng’s heart.

“Shadow!” Said Lin Feng silently to himself. His body transformed into a shadow and vanished from sight. He then started to move through the darkness.

“Come back!” Furiously shouted the Xuan Qi layer cultivator, who was in front of him as he started running. The light of his blade was still invading the atmosphere. He wanted Lin Feng to come back and continue fighting. At the same time, the dagger behind Lin Feng’s back was also getting nearer. Even though Lin Feng was using his shadow skills, he was unable to avoid their fatal attacks.

In such circumstances, he couldn’t run away, running away would also lead to his death.


A terrifying roar invaded the atmosphere. From Lin Feng’s back, purple snakes were moving around in a frenzy. They continued to rush through the air.

At the same time, Lin Feng was still rushing forwards. Even in front of him, the atmosphere was filled with countless crescent moon blades.

“Crrr… Crrrrr…..” His clothes were ripped apart. Under the terrifying crescent moon blades, blood started pouring from Lin Feng’s body. It was so shocking!

But at the same time, Lin Feng didn’t have time to pay attention to his injuries. His body transformed into an incredibly sharp sword and rushed towards the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer who was in front of him.

He moved extremely quick like a shadow. His body transformed into a sword.

“Die!” Said Lin Feng with a terrifying shout. The cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer suddenly started gasping with astonishment. Immediately after, Lin Feng’s body was about to crash into him. Lin Feng launched his body towards the cultivator of the Xuan Qi Layer and surprisingly Lin Feng’s body pierced straight through him! That cultivator was realizing that both his eyes were moving farther away from each other. His body was also gradually separating itself in two parts. Lin Feng had cut his body into two!

“Ahhhhh……” A terrifying shout emerged in the air. Blood burst out and immediately after, the body split into two pieces and collapsed. The crowd was astonished.

The cultivator at the Xuan Qi layer who was behind Lin Feng suddenly stopped and looked on in shock. He looked at the body that had been cut into two and his heart started pounding.

Lin Feng had cut that body into two, not using a limb, but by using his whole body as a sword.

Lin Feng, a moment before, wasn’t a human, instead, he became a sword, an extremely cruel sword!

“Sword Fusion!” Whispered the cultivator. His heart was violently shaking. A cultivator at the Ling Qi layer was in a frenzy of slaughter, constantly attacking and defending himself, and he was killing so many people, it had become a bloodbath, the ground was littered with corpses. Besides, he had used his entire body to cut another cultivator’s body in two, and that cultivator was at the Xuan Qi layer. That move had been way too amazing and shocking. The other person could hardly believe it.

He only saw Lin Feng who slowly turned around and whose body was covered with deep wounds. Blood was unceasingly flowing from his body but it seemed like Lin Feng didn’t even realize how severe his injuries were.

Lin Feng’s two piercingly cold eyes were staring at the other Xuan Qi Layer cultivator.

His heart was brutally shaking. It was the first time that he had ever felt terror when faced with a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer.

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