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PMG Chapter 328: He Hasn’t Died!

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“Who sent you to kill me?” Asked Lin Feng with an ice-cold tone. He was oppressing his interlocutor.

It was such a precise and accurate plan. So many cultivators of the Ling Qi layer had come to kill Lin Feng. One cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had attacked him directly while another one, an assassin, was trying to kill Lin Feng from the back, with such a precise attack, it could have been fatal. Besides, it clearly proved that they wanted to kill Lin Feng. However, it wasn’t easy to capture or kill Lin Feng.

That group of strong cultivators, didn’t want Lin Feng alive, on that day, he definitely had to die.

Fortunately, Lin Feng had more than one card up his sleeve. Even though that group of people was extremely strong, it was the same result, they hadn’t been able to kill Lin Feng. The ones who thought of that plot probably would have never thought that things would happen the way they did.

After all the monstrous planning and powerful traps. Lin Feng, against all expectations, was still alive. He was severely injured because of all the crescent moon sickles. The blades had injured him, none of them were illusions and all contained incredible attack power. The attack had sliced through Lin Feng’s flesh and muscles. If he hadn’t used his spirit to slow the attack and if he didn’t have a quick reaction, the injury would have been even more serious. At that moment, he didn’t know if he could still fight.

That cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer was narrowing his eyes, which were twinkling, as if he was thinking about something.


When Lin Feng saw his interlocutor’s eyes, a monstrous amount of deadly Qi rose into the air. A distinct sword light appeared and he immediately rushed forward.

At that moment, he had become a sword, a sword which could annihilate anything in its path.

“It seems like my sword skills have become much more powerful.” Thought Lin Feng. Even though he had already reached the sword fusion dimension, Lin Feng was still able to improve his visualizations. He could also try to understand his Celestial Book in greater detail. Lin Feng’s cultivation level was much too weak for him to understand the sword that was in suspension. He still had much to learn.

What it meant was that he could explore sword force, energy attacks, sword fusion, and swords in general to gain a deeper understanding, which would enable him to become stronger. He still didn’t have a very high cultivation level, therefore, he still had to put a great deal of work into his understanding. He could use this to increase the power of his sword energy and attacks.

After having fought with so many opponents in the battle from a moment before, Lin Feng had the impression that his sword fusion had become more powerful, as if he had broken through to another layer in his sword dimension.

The assassin at the Xuan Qi layer could sense Lin Feng’s terrifying sword energy. His heart was shaking. At the moment when Lin Feng had killed his partner at the Xuan Qi layer, his heart had already lost hope. Deep in his heart, he had the feeling that he wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng. His vitality, ardour and battle energy had weakened a lot. Even if Lin Feng’s strength was about the same as his, defeat was already in sight.

“Yu Clan, Yue Clan or Du Gu Clan?”

Lin Feng took a step forwards while releasing more of his sword energy which whistled as it pierced through the air.

“If I told you, would you let me go?” Asked that cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer who couldn’t stand the pressure any longer. He had surprisingly voiced his thoughts, It was clear that he thought that Lin Feng was stronger than him, so he surprisingly asked if Lin Feng would let him go.

On the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth appeared a mocking smile. He said, sounding cold and detached: “A moment ago, you tried to kill me, for that, I will require an arm, then, after you tell me you can leave with your life.”

While he was talking, his sword energy didn’t disperse. It was still as piercingly-cold as before as it pressed against the cultivator.

That cultivator’s heartbeat slightly accelerated. He needed to pay the price of an arm?

“You only have three second to make up your mind!” Said Lin Feng still sounding cold and detached.



Lin Feng counted up to two and took a step forward, as if he was about to attack.

“I will tell you!” Yelled that person who couldn’t bear the terrifying pressure. Immediately after, he gave a horrible shriek, the sound of cracking bones spread in the air while he forcefully crushed all the bones in his arm into dust, his arm started hanging loosely. He had destroyed the use of that arm.

Sometimes, the stronger a cultivator was, the more he was afraid of death. Even if they couldn’t advance their cultivation anymore, they could at least enjoy the pleasures of a long life.

“The other people from the dark league are sent by a few high ranking officials. I don’t know who sent them though. This time, I just came to help, my task was to kill you. If I knew that they couldn’t defeat you, I wouldn’t have come.” said the man very reluctantly. While gnashing his teeth, he added: “The person who hired me belongs to the Yu Clan, he’s the fifth master, and he ordered your death.”

“Who’s the fifth master?” Asked Lin Feng.

“Yu Tian Xing!” Replied Lin Feng’s interlocutor and immediately after added: “I answered to all of your questions. Now,  can I leave?”

“Get lost!” Said Lin Feng.

The cultivator was happy, he quickly turned around and his silhouette flickered into the distance.

But at that moment, a deadly energy suddenly emerged and made his heart vibrate.

He abruptly turned around and wanted to move his right hand, but at that moment, he realized that he had crushed his right arm and couldn’t use it, he could no longer absorb pure Qi.

“Crrr…. Crr….”

A silver spear penetrated into and pierced through his chest. Suddenly, someone, who looked extremely calm and cold appeared, it was the officer of the Imperial City Guards, Yu Ji. He had just killed him.

“Are you also an assassin from the Celestial Academy?” Asked that person while staring at Yu Ji, blood was flowing from his body.

“People who come from the Celestial Academy, obey His Highness’ orders but you, instead, obey the orders of the Yu Clan, why would we let you off?”

That voice pierced through his ears and immediately after, the silver long spear moved and destroyed his internal organs. The internal organs of the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer were crushed. He died a miserable death. Besides, Yu Ji still looked calm, he then calmly pulled his spear out from the corpse. He turned around and immediately looked at Lin Feng.

“If the Chi Xie Marquis cannot kill his enemies, I am willing to do it for you.” Said Yu Ji calmly but his eyes looked like that of a venomous snake. That venomous side rarely appeared but Lin Feng had seen him twice. He had also only seen the spear twice.

The first time he had seen that spear was when he killed Meng Han.

The second time was a moment ago when he had killed the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.

“Thank you.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. Immediately after, he turned around and started walking away, slowly because of his exhaustion.

“Cough cough!”

Coughing sounds filled the air. Blood dripped from Lin Feng’s wounds and his blood mixed with the rainwater.

When Yu Ji saw Lin Feng walk slowly because of exhaustion, a light flashed in his eyes. He was still wondering if, a moment before, Lin Feng had purposely given everything to scare away his last opponent. At that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t capable of battling against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, however, an assassin of the Xuan Qi layer was just so scared of Lin Feng that he destroyed the use of his own arm. In the end, he ended up as a corpse on the ground.

Someone whose greatest fear was sent to his next life.


At that moment, in the Lovesick Forest, some young people were calmly sitting under the pavilion on the lake. Once in a while, they were drinking some Lovesick alcohol.

“Now is the right time, I think.” said Yun Tian Xing while throwing a rock into the water, which created small waves which moved in all four directions.

“Don’t worry, with all the troops that you sent, Lin Feng will definitely die.” Said Yue Tian Cheng with a detached attitude. He was the one who had had the idea to assassinate Lin Feng and Yu Tian Xing was the one to create the plan. At the same time, they had used their influence to recruit some people from the dark leagues to kill Lin Feng for them.

After Lin Feng had met Liu Cang Lan and because Meng Qing wasn’t by Lin Feng’s side, they had decided it was the right time to assassinate Lin Feng.

“You’re right, Lin Feng is already dead.” Said Yu Tian Xing while nodding. He sounded like he was convincing himself of Lin Feng’s death from the trap.

At that moment, in the distance, they heard some steps approaching which made Yue Tian Chen’s heartbeat accelerate. He turned around and saw someone moving towards them at full speed.

“Is Lin Feng already dead!” Asked Yue Tian Chen while standing up.

That person raised their head, looked at Yue Tian Chen, who looked so impatient, and the persons facial expression rigidified itself. They were afraid to speak out.

“Huh?” When Yu Tian Chen saw his interlocutor’s silence, he had an ominous prediction and shouted: “I asked you a question!”

“Master Yu, Lin Feng hasn’t died yet. He escaped alive but he was severely injured.” Said that person trembling with fear which stupefied Yu Tian Xing who said: “He’s only injured?! How come he’s not dead? What are you guys doing, damn?! Surprisingly, not one of you bothered to chase and kill him!”

“Everybody is dead, they were all slaughtered……..!” Said that person in a low voice while lowering their head. Yu Tian Xing’s heart started pounding. They had died…. and Lin Feng was only injured!

He had just assumed that Lin Feng had only managed to escape while injured, but then…

A terrifying feeling invaded his heart. Lin Feng wasn’t dead.

Considering Lin Feng’s temperament, if Lin Feng learnt that the one who had had sent people to kill him was Yu Tian Xing, he would never let him off!

From that moment on, he had to be extremely careful.

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