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PMG Chapter 329: The Blue Void Underworld!

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Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged in a cultivation room of the central tower. Pure Qi was unceasingly filling the atmosphere and penetrating into Lin Feng’s body.

Cultivators could recover from injuries much faster with the help of Qi. Besides, the higher their cultivation level was, the less time they required to recover. After having broken through to a higher cultivation layer, even if a cultivator  had their arm cut off, they could recover it with enough time. There were even some rumors which said that even if the emperor wanted to die, unless every part of him was completely destroyed, he would come back to life.

Lin Feng was severely injured but since he had penetrated into the earth dimension, things had changed. His muscles were stronger and he could recover much faster. In just one day, the Qi of heaven and earth could heal his wounds, he was already healed from his wounds. Besides, he had consumed a lot of his Qi during the battle. After having been healed by the pure Qi, his body continued to absorb insane quantities of refined pure Qi which penetrated directly into his body through his blood vessels.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s body was enveloped, from head to toe by a bright and dazzling white light. That dazzling white light was the Qi which Lin Feng condensed into pure Qi.

Lin Feng had already finished the process of transforming his Qi into pure Qi which he could control. Once all the Qi inside his body was completely transformed into pure Qi, he would be able to learn a skill which he could use once he broke through the Ling Qi layer and entered the Xuan Qi layer.

The moment when Lin Feng would break through to the Xuan Qi layer was growing closer.

Besides, in the room above Lin Feng’s room, the Qi of heaven and earth was pouring into the atmosphere. The door of the room was slowly opening itself and a silhouette was emerging. That person was precisely Qiong Bi Luo.

Immediately after, he jumped up in the air and used pure Qi to propel his body forward. Qiong Bi Luo then glanced at the crowd with an arrogant expression in his eyes.

At that moment, in the square, a crowd had already gathered. Today was precisely the day of his challenge to Du Bi.

“Qiong Bi Luo is so confident. How come he is so certain that he is going to win?

People raised their heads and looked at the silhouette moving through the sky. The expression in Qiong Bi Luo’s eyes was sharp as if he was certain that he was going to become the top ranked disciple of the Celestial Academy.

“Du Bi, where are you?” Said Qiong Bi Luo. His voice was unceasingly rolling through the atmosphere in all directions. It resonated to every single corner of the academy so that everybody could hear it.

After a short moment, the atmosphere became silent again. In the distance, a terrifying blade energy burst forth. In the sky, there was a bright and gigantic blade illusion that was slicing through the sky.

Immediately after, the crowd noticed that in the middle of that blade illusion, there was a single silhouette, it was Du Bi. His facial expression looked extremely sharp, like a blade.

Du Bi soared through the air and eventually arrived at the public square where everybody had gathered. That gigantic blade illusion surrounded him as he moved, he had fused with his blade and was one with the gigantic blade.

The crowd who was on the ground could feel the terrifying blade energy on their skin, it was extremely brutal.

“Seems like the battle is going to be extraordinary.”

Everybody in the crowd looked impatient to watch the battle. Qiong Bi Luo was arrogant and confident in his abilities, Du Bi was swift, fierce and extremely aggressive, that battle was definitely going to be a battle to the death.

In the frame of that unavoidable confrontation, people wanted to see who was going to become the first ranked disciple of the academy.

Who would end up in the top position, Qiong Bi Luo or Du Bi?

“Du Bi, after this, you will not be the best disciple of the academy anymore.” Said Qiong Bi Luo  while looking at Du Bi’s blade. As before, he was full of confidence.

“Whether this will happen or not doesn’t depend on your big mouth. Today, if you defeat me, you will become the first in the ranking, of course, I wouldn’t get ahead of yourself.” Said Du Bi in an extremely aggressive tone. He had been the first ranked in the academy for such a long time, losing the top position would be a humiliation.

“Not only will I defeat you today but I will also defeat Wen Ao Xue, Du Gu Shang and Lin Feng. I will fight against all of them and I let everyone know who the best student of the academy is!”

“No need to waste time. Last time, Du Gu Shang fought against Lin Feng and couldn’t withstand a single blow. Du Gu Shang cannot compete with us. Wen Ao Xue isn’t weak but he is still at the ninth Ling Qi layer, he has not grown stronger and is still weaker than us. The only one who represents a real threat for us is Lin Feng, but yesterday I went out to have a battle against him. He was the first person to resist my blade. He is not far from us in strength but he can only resist a single strike, that’s all. If you can defeat me, you don’t need to defeat anyone else in the academy.” Said Du Bi arrogantly and egocentrically. In his eyes, amongst the three others, none of them could hold a torch to the two on stage. Even though Lin Feng was quite skilled, with the strength Bu Di saw, Lin Feng still couldn’t compete with them.

When the crowd heard Du Bi, they were stupefied. Indeed, before Lin Feng left for Yangzhou City, he had defeated Du Gu Shang in one move. Even though much time had passed, Du Gu Shang still couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

Besides, amongst these people, Lin Feng was the only person who Du Bi held in esteem. However, he still thought that Lin Feng could only resist a single blade attack.

Only one blade, the second would kill him.

If Qiong Bi Luo defeated Du Bi, he could defeat everybody else. He didn’t need to fight anymore. He could immediately become the top disciple of the Celestial Academy and enjoy all of the glory it entitled.

“It’s better this way, I won’t need to waste my time.” Said Qiong Bi Luo in an ice-cold way and then added: “Du Bi, let’s fight!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Shouted Du Bi furiously, as if he had turned into a madman. His blade twinkled in the air and an endless amount of blade energy emerged.

A gigantic blade spirit appeared behind Du Bi who was in fusion with his blade. Blade force and Qi invaded and bombarded the atmosphere, moving straight towards Qiong Bi Luo. However, Qiong Bi Luo wasn’t moving at all!

“What a terrifying strength.” Thought people in the crowd as their hearts started shaking. It wasn’t surprising that Du Bi had been the top ranked disciple of the academy for such a long time. His reputation was well deserved.

“Even if you use stronger blade energy, so what?” Said Qiong Bi Luo while smiling coldly. His Blue Void Spirit appeared as random raindrops.

These raindrops slowly started to envelop Qiong Bi Luo’s entire body. It was a cloudless and sunny day but not around Qiong Bi Luo’s body, it seemed like rain was pouring around him, but it did not reach the ground.

The blade energy was approaching the raindrops, but when they collided the blade energy disappeared. All the raindrops suddenly looked like a rippling lake.

“How can he do that? Qiong Bi Luo’s spirit is so complex!”

The people watching felt their hearts slightly twitch for a second. Qiong Bi Luo hadn’t moved, the blade energy penetrated into the raindrops and disappeared.

“Just a coincidence, that’s all.” Said Du Bi while smiling coldly. In the air, he slowly raised his arm and condensed all his blade energy and his blade spirit’s power into his arm. At that moment, Du Bi transformed into a gigantic blade, a gigantic deadly blade.

He started walking swiftly through the air, whistling noises were spreading through the atmosphere. Du Bi was just like a blade that was flying towards Qiong Bi Luo. At the same time, his arm slashed down with the illusion of a gigantic blade, lacerating the atmosphere.

“Blue Void Raindrops!” Said Qiong Bi Luo quickly. Raindrops suddenly started emerging from his spirit and invaded the atmosphere as if it had started to rain.

The gigantic blade crashed against the rain. The blade felt a surge of resistant force inside the rain, the blade could only slowly move forwards. That endless Blue Void Rain seemed to provide amazing protection.

At the same time, Qiong Bi Luo started running forwards and shouted coldly: “Blue Void Underworld!”

In a flash, a blue void with raindrops fell down from the sky and immediately appeared in the air above Du Bi and then shrouded his body in rain.

Du Bi’s body appeared could be seen surrounded by raindrops.

He looked astonished. Du Bi transformed into a blade which whistled through the air, however, when it collided with the curtain of rain, his body started shaking violently.

He was prisoner inside the Blue Void raindrops as if it was a cage.

“Rain of the Underworld! Die!” Shouted Qiong Bi Luo coldly. When he said the word “Die”, the raindrops suddenly started to change. These raindrops weren’t rain anymore, they had turned into razor-sharp blades.

“Cut!” Shouted Du Bi furiously. His body started shining with an infinite and dazzling light. A bright blade light filled the atmosphere around him, so people couldn’t see clearly what was happening inside.

But in a flash, Du Bi’s silhouette appeared again. He was still standing in the sky, but blood was unceasingly flowing from wounds all over his body. He was covered with blood from head to toe.

“How terrifying!” People in the crowd were shaking. That Blue Void spirit was extremely powerful. Du Bi couldn’t compete with it.

Qiong Bi Luo was the best disciple of the Celestial Academy.

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