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PMG Chapter 334: Burn and Die!

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Lin Feng was slowly approaching the palace where the military students of the Celestial Academy lived.

At that moment, his hair was extremely messy and he had dark stains all over his clothes. He also didn’t smell too good because he was sitting in the intense heat for a long period of time, which was why people were not fond of approaching him in his current state.

But Lin Feng’s eyes were just as resplendent as before and still showed that profound unfathomable expression.

“Lin Feng!” Said a voice which was filled with excitement. Lin Feng raised his head and saw a smiling man coming towards him.

“Is there a problem?”” Asked Lin Feng. He didn’t remember having ever met that man before. He didn’t know him.

“No, I just thought that we could talk about cultivation together. How do you practice cultivation? You are so young yet you are so terrifyingly strong already.” Asked the man while smiling. Lin Feng slightly frowned but he immediately smiled.

“I just close my eyes.” Said Lin Feng while smiling.

“Huh?” That man’s eyes twinkled, he didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant.

“I close my eyes, this is my strategy when I practice cultivation.” Said Lin Feng with the same warm and friendly smile as before.

The man looked like he was lost in thought for a moment but immediately after, he nodded, smiled and said: “Alright.”

When he finished talking, he slowly closed his eyes.

But at the moment when he closed his eyes, a strong whistling sound pierced through his ears. That man, whose eyes were closed, suddenly violently rushed backwards, a monstrous pure Qi was flowing around his body. Such a technique was dazzling to behold.

People who were around started shaking. It was another cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. Since when were there so many cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer? They could be seen everywhere.

“Die!” Said Lin Feng in a low voice. Deadly energy spread through the atmosphere. A sword immediately pierced the pure Qi and penetrated into the opponent’s chest.

The man opened his eyes, he was blankly staring at Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“You… How did you know?” Asked the man with a husky voice. Dark-red blood was unceasingly flowing from his wound.

“You asked me to give you some advice but from the beginning to the end, you were not paying attention and just kept on the same fake smile on your face, don’t you think that it looked incredibly strange?” Said Lin Feng coldly and detached still holding the dagger. If that person had really been one of Lin Feng’s followers, he would have shown some excitement or confusion, he would have at least shown some type of emotion.

Instead, that person had a fake smile and his emotions did not change at all.

“You kill me by relying on something as unimportant as my facial expression?” said that man, who, as before, couldn’t believe it.

“Of course not, your smile looked extremely fake indeed but also, when we were talking, some deadly Qi targeted me from behind, it was very well hidden before that, but they slightly lost focus and released some deadly Qi, that, at least, gave me a reason to kill you.” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. When he finished talking, in a flash, a brutal and oppressive energy appeared around his body.

Lin Feng’s sword slightly moved and scorching hot fire Qi attacked the opponent’s vital organs and blood vessels. At the same time, he abruptly turned around.

A spear which looked like a long dragon was rushing towards him, it was another cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.

Lin Feng was wondering how it was possible that cultivators of the Xuan Qi Layer to keep appearing in groups to trap him. When he had only just broken through to the Ling Qi layer, he also considered cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer as gods. He even almost never had the occasion to meet cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. After breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, he would possibly meet more of them.

“You’re an assassin and you can’t even control your deadly Qi. As an assassin, you are doomed to remain a failure forever.”

Lin Feng abruptly moved back as he critiqued his assassin. It was precisely because of him releasing a small amount of deadly energy that Lin Feng had understood what was going on, otherwise, he wouldn’t have immediately attacked.

If he hadn’t attacked first, the opponent would have been able to attempt their trap. With one cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer attacking from the front while the other was attacking him from the back, the situation could have been fatal for Lin Feng.

But these two cultivators had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer so basically, Lin Feng didn’t really care too much.

When that assassin saw that one attack hadn’t been enough and that he was unable to touch Lin Feng, the spear made of pure Qi vanished, he turned around and started to retreat.

Those who were trained to be assassins weren’t good at fighting face-to-face. If their surprise attacks failed, they would retreat and try again, that was one of the assassin’s rules. If the assassin stayed there and didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng, it would draw the attention of the strong students.

“You want to go?” Said Lin Feng while smiling. Lin Feng took a step and rushed forward. In his hand appeared a sword made from pure Qi which pierced through the atmosphere.

“Stop!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword was releasing a resplendent pure Qi which was moving towards the opponent.

That person could sense the powerful sword Qi moving towards him. His facial expression went rigid, he then turned around and released an extremely strong pure Qi to stop Lin Feng’s sword.

However, the pure Qi collapsed immediately and the pure Qi dispersed into the atmosphere, but that person used the force of Lin Feng’s attack to propel his body further away from Lin Feng.

“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng’s sword rushed towards the assassin and its light was dazzling as the sun.

If others could see Lin Feng’s sword, they would have the impression that they were looking directly into the sun.

That assassin’s facial expression drastically changed. He tried to condense more pure Qi to block the attack but Lin Feng’s dazzling sword instantly reached the assassin, annihilating everything in its path. Once Lin Feng was infuriated, nothing could stop him.


Blood slashed into the atmosphere as the dazzling sword struck the assassin, he had been killed by the sword, but the moment his sword pierced his opponent, the opponent’s body caught fire. The flames violently rose into the sky. In a short moment, that assassin was nothing but ashes in the wind.

Not only did Lin Feng’s attack have the same dazzling light as the sun but it also contained the sun’s scorching heat, it could burn anything.

“What a terrifying sword attack!” Thought the people who had gathered around. Lin Feng was monstrously strong. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer couldn’t even withstand a single one of Lin Feng’s attacks. Even in their dreams, the crowd would have never imagined such a scene.

As far as they were concerned, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were like gods and it was their dream to become one someday, but Lin Feng was shaking their beliefs. One sword attack had been enough to defeat the cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.

In a very short amount of time, two assassins of the Xuan Qi layer tried to kill Lin Feng and both ended up dead.

They didn’t even have an opportunity to fight back. They had just been killed on the spot. For trying to assassinate Lin Feng, they were killed.

When Lin Feng saw the burning corpse, he still looked cold and detached, he was even still releasing a small amount of deadly Qi.

Last time, he had been ambushed by two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer but had been injured severely. He had even taken a few days to recover. It wasn’t long after that two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had appeared again using the same tactic.

Apart from a few people with an incredible social status, Lin Feng had no clue as to who could send so many cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer to kill him.

“Yu Tian Xing!” Whispered Lin Feng with a murderous expression on his face. One of the people who had started everything and helped with the original assassination attempt was Yu Tian Xing. That was enough.

Lin Feng turned and started walking. He entered the residence palace and went back to his living quarters.

When Yi Xue saw Lin Feng, she was surprised. At that moment, Lin Feng looked like he had been having a tough time and he even smelt like smoke.

“Master, I will help and prepare some hot water.” Said Yi Xue while walking towards the bathroom. She was smart and knew what she had to do.

“I don’t need hot water. Cold water is enough for me.” Explained Lin Feng to Yi Xue. It seemed that he really did need a bath.

“Alright.” Said Yi Xue. She didn’t turn around and kept walking towards the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Asked Meng Qing while opening the door and coming in. She couldn’t help but ask when she saw Lin Feng’s appearance.

“Nothing, it happened while I was practicing.” Replied Lin Feng while waving both hands to reassure Meng Qing. He then started walking towards her room.

“Oh, that’s all.” Said Meng Qing. Immediately after, she closed the door in Lin Feng’s face which stupefied Lin Feng and stopped him in his tracks. A wry smile appeared on his face.

He was a bit annoyed. It was clear that Meng Qing was angry with him for some reason. Why was she acting so cold again? Will that ice goddess ever let her heart melt?

“Hmph!” Someone groaned by Lin Feng’s side. It was Lan Jiao, she was sitting on a chair made of stone. She looked proud of herself as if she was gloating at Lin Feng’s misfortune.

Lin Feng looked at Lan Jiao and she immediately avoided his eyes, and looked somewhere else. She didn’t want Lin Feng to meet her eyes.

But immediately after, Lin Feng shook his head and said nothing. He immediately walked towards the bathroom.

That move surprised Lan Jiao who gnashed her teeth and furiously stamped her feet.

She used to be extremely proud and arrogant but since she was following Lin Feng, she kept being bullied and ignored by that shameless bastard!

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