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PMG Chapter 335: A Speechless Lin Feng!

Final regular chapter of the week.

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Lin Feng entered the bathroom and Yi Xue had already prepared the water. When she saw Lin Feng arrive, she said in a low voice: “Master, do you need me to help undress you and wash you while you bathe?”

While talking, Yi Xue slightly lowered her head and an expression of shyness appeared on her face.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised and scratched his head. A beautiful woman wanted to take off his clothes and wash him? He hadn’t ever had such an offer before.

But Lin Feng shook his head and said: “No need, thank you, you can go back to what you were doing.

“Alright.” Said Yi Xue while nodding. She then left while still looking at the floor and closed the door behind her.

Lin Feng smiled and immediately entered the huge bathtub. In a flash, a cool and refreshing sensation spread through Lin Feng’s body and he couldn’t help but moan.

When using his Cosmos Burning Sun skill, Lin Feng absorbed sunlight which penetrated into his body and then turned into pure fire Qi. Lin Feng clearly sensed the scorching heat of these flames and even started to feel his blood vessels burning.

Last time, he had set the entire Dong Ling Hill on fire which proved how scorching hot his flames were.

Therefore, when Lin Feng entered the cold water, he felt like he had just left hell and arrived in heaven. His body had finally cooled down, his pores opened and he felt extremely comfortable.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and as if he was intoxicated with that refreshing and comfortable feeling, he fell asleep. Lin Feng had surprisingly forgotten that he was in the bath and fell sound asleep. These days, Lin Feng was exhausted and needed to relax.

After some time, Lan Jiao and Yi Xue were outside and suddenly felt a scorching heat against their face. They couldn’t help but be stupefied, they both looked at each other and immediately looked towards the bathroom.

“Yi Xue, is he still in the bath?” Asked Lan Jiao perplexed

“Yes, besides, he was having a cold bath.” Nodded Yi Xue. She didn’t understand what was going on either.

“Go and have a look.” Said Lan Jiao to Yi Xue, who immediately blushed and replied: “I think you should go and see.”

“No way.” Said Lan Jiao while shaking her head. Immediately after, she stopped looking in that direction but the heat was growing more and more intense and violent. Both of them were extremely curious.

What is Lin Feng actually doing?

“Yi Xue, we could go together.” Said Lan Jiao but Yi Xue, as before, shook her head: “I’m not going.”

“If you don’t want to go, I’ll go.” Said Lan Jiao who couldn’t control her curiosity any longer. She was taking triumphant strides as if she was heroically sacrificing herself.

Yi Xue looked at her back with sparkling eyes. She was also very curious.

Lan Jiao passed through the main door and then arrived in front of the bathroom. At that moment, a rich fragrance spread through the air and blew over her face, surprisingly, it contained a burning heat, which stupefied her, besides, from there, she could feel the scorching heat much more distinctly than outside. Even if someone had boiled water, it wouldn’t have ever been that hot, would it?

“Could something have happened?” Thought Lan Jiao and she immediately opened the door and entered the room.

When she arrived in the room, she was stupefied. She only saw Lin Feng topless in the water, sleeping against the edge of the bathtub.

The most shocking thing was that on Lin Feng’s body, there was a sun pattern which seemed like it was alive. It was unceasingly absorbing the sunlight from the atmosphere along with the pure Qi of heaven and earth.

“What kind of skill is this guy practicing!”

Lan Jiao was looking at Lin Feng who was sound asleep. Surprisingly, he was practicing his cultivation while sleeping and his body was facing the great dangers of that scorching heat. Besides, the water in the bathtub was boiling and it had almost entirely evaporated.

Lan Jiao was observing Lin Feng and progressively looking downwards. Suddenly, her pupils became rigid. Because the water was evaporating, Lin Feng’s completely naked body was revealed to her eyes. A moment before, she had been so fascinated by the sun pattern that she hadn’t focused on anything else, until that moment. She suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and just wanted to find a hole to crawl into and hide.

At the same time, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and saw Lan Jiao who was staring at him while he bathed.

“What are you doing?” Asked Lin Feng which made Lan Jiao shiver. She raised her head and looked Lin Feng in the eyes, he was unceasingly blinking out of confusion.


Lan Jiao screamed at the top of her lungs. She immediately turned around and ran towards the exit. She felt like her body was burning with embarrassment, she just wanted to hide away.

What was she doing? She was staring at Lin Feng’s body and the most horrible part was that he had woken up when she was fixedly staring at his naked body. She felt like a pervert, a peeper.

When Lin Feng heard Lan Jiao’s scream, he was dumbfounded. Then, he lowered his head and noticed that the water of the bathtub had evaporated. In a flash, his face turned entirely red as well, he remained completely silent.

The most horrible thing was that Lan Jiao had screamed in such a way that people would think that Lin Feng had done something to her…

“What’s wrong?” Shouted Yi Xue from outside of the bathroom.

“Get in and you will see!” When Lin Feng heard Lan Jiao’s reply, he was stunned. Before he could react, he only saw Yi Xue run into bathroom. After she entered, she then screamed at the top of her lungs and also ran out of the room, leaving Lin Feng, who was still silent.

Why were they screaming and running away? Who was the real victim here?

“What an abominable woman.” Lin Feng gnashed his teeth. Lan Jiao had already seen him, but that hadn’t been enough, she sent Yi Xue in after her. Lin Feng would definitely have his revenge…..

The Cosmos Burning Sun skill was way too violent and brutal. It could even make the water in a bathtub evaporate into nothing.

Concerning the sun pattern which had appeared on his body, Lin Feng had no idea what it was. He was just thinking that his body had become like this because he was practicing the Cosmos Burning Sun skill and it enabled him to radiate his own heat.

As expected, after having a bath, Lin Feng was feeling much better. However, he wasn’t hurrying to leave. Instead, he poured some more cold water and washed himself a second time, that was the only way for him to feel absolutely comfortable before he put on his clean clothes. Immediately after his bath, he walked towards the courtyard.

At that moment, Lan Jiao and Yi Xue were once again in the courtyard.

Yi Xue had her head lowered and was unceasingly twirling her fingers out of anxiety. She didn’t dare raise her head and look at Lin Feng. Her head was lowered but her cheeks and ears were extremely red.

Concerning Lan Jiao, she was calmly standing on the bench made of stone, her eyes were closed, she even ignored Lin Feng which made him gnash his teeth.

Lin Feng was a virgin, in his previous life as well as in that new life. Having been seen naked by Lan Jiao was an abomination, besides, she had even tricked Yi Xue into looking, Lan Jiao was really detestable.

“Don’t you have something to say to me?” Asked Lin Feng coldly.

Lan Jiao opened her eyes and looked at Lin Feng: “What do you want me to say?”

“You could at least apologize.” Said Lin Feng while looking at Lan Jiao who looked extremely arrogant and carefree, she wasn’t shocked at all.

“Why would I apologize?” Said Lan Jiao while frowning. “I just glanced, did you lose something?”

“Besides, haven’t you already seen me naked?”

“…………” Lin Feng was speechless. He then said coldly and detached: “And when did I see you?”

“You don’t want to admit it? On that evening, try and dare say that the illusion didn’t affect you! You also wanted to take my clothes off.” Said Lan Jiao fearlessly while staring at Lin Feng. She then added: “Or maybe what you mean is that you want to see me naked for real, in person, if that’s what you mean, just tell me and I will compensate you. Don’t hesitate and quickly tell me if that’s the case, I will not get offended.” Said Lan Jiao in a seducing tone. Her body was moving nearer and nearer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng could already sense her voluptuous chest pressing against his body which suddenly made his heat become even more intense, he like he was going to burn.

“Say something! If you want to see me naked, I will show you. Do you want to see” said Lan Jiao sounding more and more sensual, she looked extremely alluring. Lin Feng’s mouth was extremely dry, she was truly bewitching.

Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and glanced at Meng Qing’s room. Immediately after, he looked at Lan Jiao with a cruel glance. He then turned around and walked towards Meng Qing’s room.

“You win!” Said Lin Feng. He had no way to win against her. What if he really wanted her to take off her clothes?

“You know it, that’s the most important thing.” Said Lan Jiao while looking at Lin Feng who was walking towards Meng Qing’s room. She sounded like she was proud of her victory. While looking at Lin Feng leaving, she sat down again, she no longer looked proud. Instead, her eyes revealed a lonely girl who felt ridiculous at herself, a wry smile appeared on her face.

In Lin Feng’s heart, there was only Meng Qing.

Yi Xue raised her head and when she saw Lan Jiao’s facial expression, she shivered. Immediately after, she lowered her head again. In Lao Jiao’s eyes, there was no pride at all, there was only sadness.

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