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PMG Chapter 336: The Sun Skill

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Lin Feng immediately entered into Meng Qing’s room as if he had entered his own room.

If he had knocked at her door, Meng Qing would have pretended that she was sleeping and would have ignored him. Lin Feng had learnt from his mistakes and didn’t knock anymore.

Meng Qing was sitting up and looked at Lin Feng as he entered. There was a strange expression in her beautiful eyes and she said to Lin Feng: “Did you become stronger?”

“Yes.” Nodded Lin Feng while smiling. “I have broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. Soon, I will not need you to protect me anymore.”

When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng, she was stupefied. She suddenly felt a wave of sadness as she looked at Lin Feng and said: “What you mean is that you will no longer need me by your side anymore?!”

“How could that even be possible!” Lin Feng, at that moment, saw the hopelessness disappear from Meng Qing’s face and instead she looked delighted. That girl was finally accepting her emotions a bit more with each day.

Lin Feng walked towards Meng Qing and sat down next to her. He put one of his hands on her back and then shifted it to wrap around her waist, which made Meng Qing shiver. She wanted to move away but she couldn’t because Lin Feng was using force to keep her close to him. He then pulled her into his embrace.

Lin Feng had understood that he couldn’t wait for Meng Qing to take the initiative. He was the only one who could move thing forwards, a little bit at a time. In any case, Meng Qing would never get angry at him.

Lin Feng wouldn’t need a lot more time before he was stronger than Meng Qing, at that moment, Meng Qing wouldn’t be able to watch over him anymore, she would have no choice but to accept it… When Lin Feng thought about that, he felt slightly happier.

“Meng Qing, I will not need you to protect me anymore. However, I will be the one to protect you.”

When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng warm tone, her heartbeat slightly accelerated. A beautiful and sweet smile suddenly appeared on her face but it lasted for only a brief second.

She remained speechless…

After a while, Meng Qing spoke: “Lin Feng, your body has changed, what skill have you learnt? Is it a fire based skill?”

“You could say that, yes. It’s called Cosmos Burning Sun, it’s a skill which used the power of the sun. It enables a cultivator to use the pure Qi of the sun, which is obviously extremely hot.” Explained Lin Feng, without hiding anything from Meng Qing.

“Cosmos Burning Sun!” Meng Qing was a bit surprised and added: “Lin Feng, when you start practicing Cosmos Burning Sun, it is a Di level skill of lower quality, however, when the pure Qi of the sun becomes stronger, the skill level increases as well. It then becomes an authentic sun skill. It’s monstrously powerful. How did you obtain it?”

Lin Feng was surprised, he looked at Meng Qing curiously asked: “Meng Qing, how do you know these things?”

“Because what I practice is a lower moon based skill.” Replied Meng Qing. “Now, your Cosmos Burning Sun skill is a Di level skill of lower quality, it can also be considered as a lower sun skill but after, when your mastery of the skill will improve, it will become an authentic sun skill. In comparison with a lower moon skill, the Cosmos Burning Skill can really ignite the sky and boil the oceans.”

“Sun… Moon… There were also other lower sun and lower moon skills….” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. That sun on his chest wasn’t the real sun, instead, it was just a part of its power…

Meng Qing was only practicing a lower moon skill and yet her ice energy was already monstrously powerful. Besides, that Cosmos Burning Sun was a sun skill. No wonder that it was so scorching hot that it was able to make the water of the bathtub evaporate.

“Meng Qing, since the Cosmos-Burning Sun skill is little sun skill and that what you practice is a little moon skill, well….” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling and he was scratching his head. His lips vibrated, he smiled and said: “Meng Qing, do you want to practice cultivation with me? We could practice together.”

Lin Feng looked shy. Those days, he had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer but the two words “practice together” were making his heart jump, up and down, especially that he had just asked the woman of his dreams, a goddess, to practice with him, Meng Qing. Asking her took all of his courage.

When Meng Qing heard these two words, she looked stupefied. Her heart also started pounding, she was also very nervous.

“Meng Qing, don’t misunderstand me. I just want you to help you get rid of that painful cold. With my sun skill, I should be able to control your lower moon skill.” Said Lin Feng when he saw that Meng Qing was staring at him. He didn’t feel at ease but he was still trying to smile.

When Meng Qing saw Lin Feng’s facial expression, the ice in her heart finally melted and she smiled. Her smile looked like a beautiful lotus flower which appeared on a glacier. Lin Feng was dazzled.

That smile was a way for Meng Qing to express herself, a magnificent and resplendent smile had appeared on her face and it could make an entire glacier melt. It was as if her beauty had penetrated into Lin Feng’s soul.

Lin Feng smiled as well, with his natural charm. Seeing Meng Qing smile, Lin Feng’s smile was profound and meaningful, it came straight from the depths of his heart.

“Lin Feng, give me more time, alright?” Said Meng Qing in a soft voice which made Lin Feng’s face go rigid, his heart was still pounding and he said: “Meng Qing………. Does that mean that you agree?”

Meng Qing was requesting for some more time, which indubitably meant that she was tacitly agreeing.

When Meng Qing saw how enthusiastic Lin Feng was, her eyes twinkled and her face turned red. She didn’t dare look him in the eyes.

But Meng Qing slightly nodded anyway. She had agreed. She was in love with him, how could she refuse…? It’s just that she was a bit scared…………

When Lin Feng saw Meng Qing nod shyly, his heart started pounding once again. He had never even dared to think about practicing together with Meng Qing, he had the impression that it would be like blaspheming against the heavens.

Back then, when Meng Qing appeared before him, she was of the Xuan Qi layer and she was incredibly beautiful, which piqued Lin Feng’s interest. He was a bit puzzled at first but then deep in his heart, his feelings for her started to take up more space in his heart. Now that he had become much more powerful, he was also growing more bold, he wanted Meng Qing, he wanted Meng Qing for himself and he didn’t want to lose her.

Even if she was a Goddess of ice, so what? Lin Feng could make her heart melt, he wanted to protect her forever.

Meng Qing was the one he loved.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that, after having broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, his awareness had also become extremely acute, which was why he used the opportunity to ask Meng Qing to practice with him.

Besides, he had been pleasantly surprised by Meng Qing’s reply, she surprisingly hadn’t refused. Even though Lin Feng knew that Meng Qing liked him, her frozen heart was unable to express her feelings. Lin Feng had the feeling that a curtain was separating them, as if there was an invisible force and a lack of mutual understanding, but at that moment, that force had disappeared and Meng Qing wasn’t hiding her feelings anymore. She had nodded and agreed to practice with him.

That simple nod was a declaration of love.

Lin Feng smiled with glee. He firmly and tightly hugged Meng Qing. When he saw her beautiful face only an inch away from his, he said in a soft voice: “Of course, I can give you some time but for now…..”

Her ice cold lips gradually became warm as they came into contact with Lin Feng’s lips. At that moment, the ice in her heart melted a bit more.

Meng Qing and Lin Feng were in love.

Meng Qing wasn’t hiding her feelings anymore. She put her hands around Lin Feng and embraced him tightly. It wasn’t a delicate kiss, Meng Qing had finally let her feelings burst out.



At that moment, a voice interrupted Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s passionate embrace. Meng Qing’s face was bright red, she looked adorable.

Lin Feng smiled at Meng Qing with a soft and tender look. He caressed her face, but felt annoyed at the interruption.

It was Yi Xue… This really wasn’t the right time to come and disturb him.

“I’m going to see what’s going on.” Said Lin Feng.

“Alright.” Said Meng Qing like an obedient and shy little girl.

Lin Feng left the room and saw Yi Xue, she quickly said: “Master, a man who calls himself Nan Shan is looking for you.”

“Nan Shan.” Lin Feng frowned. What did he want?

Nan Shan represented Duan Wu Ya, if he had come, it meant that the second prince was looking for Lin Feng.

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