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PMG Chapter 338: Eighteen Years Ago!

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“Xin Ye, let’s go outside have a walk.” Said Lin Feng when he saw the chaos that happened to the chessboard.

Duan Wu Ya had invited him to come but it seemed like it was only because of Duan Xin Ye. It didn’t seem to have anything to do with the ancient cauldron but Lan Jiao and Duan Wu Ya were together, Lin Feng was afraid that Lan Jiao would lose her temper.

After all, in Celestial River, Duan Wu Ya had killed Aunt Yun who  was very close to Lan Jiao.

“Alright.” Nodded Duan Xin Ye. Immediately after, she stood up and joined Lin Feng on a walk through the bamboo forest.

Deep in the forest, there was a brook which was softly emitting the sound of running water, there was also a small bridge which crossed it, the scenery was enchanting.

Duan Xin Ye raised her head and looked at a bird that was resting on the emerald green bamboo. She suddenly looked pensive and said in a soft voice: “I wish I could one day have a house here with the one I love. It would be so wonderful.”

Lin Feng was surprised and immediately smiled wryly. The situation was awkward for Lin Feng, he then said: “The one who created the Lovesick Forest probably had the same thought which is why they created such a beautiful place.”

“Yes, she was very stupid, she stopped all contact with her clan because of the lover she chose.” Nodded Duan Xin Ye.

When Lin Feng heard Duan Xin Ye heard Lin Feng, he became very curious. He couldn’t help but ask: “Who’s the owner of the Lovesick Forest?”

Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said: “The person who used to be called the most beautiful woman in the entire country, Yue Meng He.”

“The most beautiful woman of Xue Yue?” Lin Feng was surprised. Duan Xin Ye was extremely beautiful and had an extremely high social status but she had never gained the title of “most beautiful woman in the country”. However, that Yue Meng He had been considered as such, Lin Feng was curious to see such a beauty.

“Yue Meng He!” Whispered Lin Feng and immediately after, he looked at Duan Xin Ye and said: “Her family name is Yue!”

Duan Xin Ye slightly nodded and said: “You immediately guessed it. Indeed, she belongs to the Yue Clan. Besides, in the past, she was considered to be the most gifted disciple of the Yue Clan, to the extent that was even considered as the strongest woman in the entire country of Xue Yue. Even amongst men, rare were those who could compete with her.”

Lin Feng was becoming more and more curious. Lin Feng was really wondering what such a woman could be like, amazingly, she was the most beautiful woman and the strongest woman of the country and on top of that, there were extremely few men who could defeat her.

“But it’s weird though, since she has such high natural abilities, why did the Yue Clan reject her? They should have put her at the core of the clan, why did they stop contact?” Asked Lin Feng who didn’t understand. The Yue Clan wanted to compete with the Imperial Clan and the Yu Clan, having an extremely gifted disciple would have only been an advantage, why would they stop talking to her?

“That happened eighteen years ago. At that time, the situation was still the same as now, the Duan Clan, the Yue Clan and the Yu Clan were all extremely strong but my Duan Clan, and the Yue Clan were slightly stronger than the Yu Clan because of our special spirits. As far as strength was concerned, no matter if we’re talking about today or before, the Yu Clan cannot rival the Duan Clan or the Yue Clan, they were and are much weaker. In terms of wealth, the Yue Clan isn’t as wealthy as the Duan Clan and the Yu Clan. Amongst the three biggest clans, the strongest and the wealthiest is the Duan Clan which is how the power balance was created. Besides, the Yue Clan is second strongest clan in the country.”

Duan Xin Ye was speaking slowly and continued: “In Xue Yue, four prodigious junior cultivators appeared. One of them belonged to the Duan Clan and one to the Yue Clan, who have the extremely strong blood spirits. Then, there was one who came from a clan of sword cultivators, the Zhuge Clan. They transfer their sword skills from generation to generation. So the third prodigy was from that clan and is called Zhuge Wu Qing. Then, the fourth person didn’t belong to an influential clan. Instead, that person was absolutely unknown in the past. Nobody knows exactly where he came from. Actually, I only know that just like you, his family name was Lin. He suddenly rose as a prodigy in the Imperial City and possessed a dual spirit.”

“The four prodigies of eighteen years ago had a much more terrifying power and strength than the eight high officials of today and were extremely famous. Amongst these four people, there were three young men and a young girl. That young girl was precisely the most beautiful woman in Xue Yue, Yue Meng He. Lin Feng, imagine, being considered as the most beautiful woman of the entire country and as the strongest and most gifted woman as well, she was the best disciple of the Yue Clan, she was a genius. That woman made the three men’s hearts shake.”

It seemed like Lin Feng understood what had happened.

“The three incredibly strong prodigies fell in love with that woman.” whispered Duan Xin Ye as if she was imagining the story. Every time she heard the story, she was very moved. She couldn’t help but sigh. There was more to know about the story of that heroic woman though.

“But Yue Meng He didn’t choose the strongest of them, the one from the Imperial Clan. She didn’t choose Wu Qing the sword master either. Instead, she fell in love with the unknown young man. You can imagine how the Yue Clan reacted when they found out that Yue Meng He and that unknown prodigy were together. She had a lot of pressure from her clan.

Lin Feng lightly nodded. She had chosen neither the strongest cultivator nor the monstrous sword cultivator Zhuge Wu Qing, instead, she had fallen in love with a prodigious young man who had no social background. That was a calamity for her clan as one could well imagine.

“Besides, in the beginning, the Imperial Clan and the Yue Clan had an agreement. They wanted one of their boys and one of their girls to marry. The prodigy of the Duan Clan had a marriage agreement with Yue Meng He. Besides, the prodigy of the Duan Clan was an extremely aggressive and arrogant person.” Said Duan Xin Ye while shaking her head which startled Lin Feng. However, he was slowly understanding why Yue Meng He and her clan had stopped talking.

“After that, there was a huge pressure on her shoulders, the couple decided to elope and leave the country. Zhuge Wu Qing’s heart was broken into a thousand pieces. He just kept practicing sword cultivation. Besides, he didn’t put Yue Meng He and her lover in a difficult situation, even though his passion for her reached the heavens.”

“But Yue Meng He and the prodigious young man didn’t manage to hide. The people of the Imperial Clan and of the Yue Clan found them. Besides, at that time, Yue Meng He was wakened for some reason. When the prodigious young man saw that they would never succeed in escaping, he decided to send Yue Meng He back to the Yue Clan and fought against the prodigy of the Duan Clan in a decisive battle. In the end, the cultivator from my clan won the battle, he sealed the young prodigy’s spirit and expelled him from the Imperial City.

“Of course, I’ve heard this story many times. My mother used to tell me these stories. I was born shortly after that battle. Besides, my parents don’t allow me to tell anyone else about that story. You have to keep it a secret, Lin Feng, it’s a secret between us.” Said Duan XinYe.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked disappointed. Duan Xin Ye and he hadn’t witnessed the events eighteen years before but they were still profoundly moved by that story. They had no choice but to rely on their imagination to have an idea of what it must have been like.

They had fought because of a beautiful woman. In the end, the unknown young man had left with his soul sealed. Maybe deep in his heart, he had never given up on getting her back.

But even if he didn’t want to give up, what could he do? He had been able to leave alive, that was already amazing!

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