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PMG Chapter 339: To Kill or not to Kill

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Lin Feng looked a bit disappointed and looked at Duan Xin Ye, a secret between them?

Could it be that what happened eighteen years ago was still a secret?

But Lin Feng nodded in agreement and Duan Xin Ye smiled.

“After Yue Meng He’s love left the Imperial City, she stopped all contact with her clan, purified her heart and adopted a minimalist lifestyle. She created the Lovesick Forest and the Lovesick Alcohol, which gives birth to feelings of love in people’s hearts.” At that moment, Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng had already left the bamboo forest. She then continued: “Besides, the one from the Duan Clan gave up and started devoting his life to cultivation. He even gave up his status as the monarch. It is said that these days, his cultivation level is monstrous and incredible. Very few people know how strong he really is.”

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye paused, blinked and continued: “Maybe Yue Meng He knows about it, but since the event that happened eighteen years ago, she rarely shows herself. Zhuge Wu Qing and the unknown genius are also like this as well.”

Lin Feng nodded. Eighteen years was a long time, maybe they had already left Xue Yue and would never come back.

Without even realizing it, the two of them arrived at the lakeside not far from the pavilion. When Duan Wu Ya saw them, he slightly smiled and said: “Xin Ye, Lin Feng, how come you have already finished playing?”

Duan Xin Ye’s face was red and she slightly lowered her head. Lan Jiao looked at Lin Feng at that moment and asked: “When are we going back?”

“Lin Feng and I rarely have the opportunity to meet, why hurry and leave? Lin Feng, let’s go and have a drink.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling but at that moment, Lin Feng was watching something behind Duan Wu Ya. When Duan Wu Ya saw that, a profound and meaningful smile appeared on his face. Immediately after, he slowly moved and let Lin Feng look at what was behind him.

At that moment, in the pavilion on the lake, there were many people. They were all young people and had magnificent clothes. Each and every single one of them looked extraordinary. These people were all noble cultivators and all had extraordinary social statuses.

Besides, Lin Feng noticed one person in particular. At the same time, that young man also noticed Lin Feng.

They both stared at each other. That young man had a deep and profound expression in his eyes. Surprisingly, he looked scared and was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

That young man was Yu Tian Xing.

Besides, by Yu Tian Xing’s side, there was also Yue Tian Chen. Those two were really extremely close friends, it seemed.

The funniest part is that even though they acted together, Lin Feng always came out on top.

All these chatting young men suddenly stopped talking as if they had sensed that something strange was going on. Lin Feng was gradually releasing a deadly Qi which invaded the atmosphere. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

When Lin Feng saw Yu Tian Xing’s facial expression, he immediately understood that the assassins who had tried to kill him before had been sent by Yu Tian Xing and Yue Tian Chen, otherwise, they wouldn’t look so scared when seeing Lin Feng. As expected, Yu Tian Xing was trying to take his revenge.

The air was filled with an oppressive deadly energy, Lin Feng’s killing intent was becoming clearer and clearer.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” Said Yu Tian Xing sounding cold and detached, however, his face still showed that he was scared.

“What are you doing?”

Lin Feng said nothing and walked towards the pavilion. While walking on the long bridge, Lin Feng’s energy was becoming denser and more powerful.

Yu Tian Xing firmly gnashed his teeth and kept fixedly staring at Lin Feng. What monstrous deadly energy.

Under the power of the deadly energy, Yu Tian Xing started shaking from head to toe, he was drenched in cold sweat. At that moment, Lin Feng looked extremely murderous as if he was going to start killing at any moment.

“Lin Feng, my family name is Yu, remember that I am from the Yu Clan.” Said Yu Tian Xing when he saw that Lin Feng was not responding.

When the crowd heard Yu Tian Xing, they were all stupefied. It seemed like Yu Tian Xing was extremely scared of Lin Feng, otherwise, he would have never said something like that.

“I know.” Lin Feng finally replied but his deadly energy didn’t disappear.

Yu Tian Xing was fixed staring at Lin Feng and said: “Since you understand, you probably know that if anything happens to me, the Yu Clan will be furious, besides, we are not just any clan. I hope that you deeply consider these things.”

Yu Tian Xing was explaining everything to Lin Feng almost as if he feared that Lin Feng didn’t know his status and how strong the Yu Clan was.

Yu Tian Xing was scared of Lin Feng, extremely scared. He deeply and bitterly hated Lin Feng since the first time he was attacked by him.

Because of hatred, he had been constantly sending people to kill Lin Feng.

And he was scared because Lin Feng was extremely carefree. Lin Feng could be considered a madman. He didn’t care about any consequences. He had even dared kill Duan Han and caused trouble at Wen Ren Yan and Duan Yu’s wedding ceremony where he dared to kill Wen Ren Yan and Duan Lie. Therefore, Yu Tian Xing was afraid of Lin Feng. If Lin Feng was furious, he would kill him on the spot.

“I know.” Said Lin Feng as coldly as before, looking completely unmoved.

“Since you know, move away.” Said Yu Tian Xing who wanted to leave but didn’t dare because Lin Feng was crossing the bridge, he didn’t want to go anywhere near Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng really wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to leave. He was currently a lamb in a tiger’s den.

“Move away?” Lin Feng smiled coldly. His deadly energy was not growing weaker, on the contrary, it was becoming much more violent.

The deadly energy which was becoming more and more powerful made Yu Tian Xing’s body become rigid. He felt like he was freezing.

“Since you know that my family name is Yu, and you know that the Yu Clan has a lot of influence and power, and since you perfectly understand that if you touch me, the repercussions will be grave, how come you are not moving away?”

Yu Tian Xing sounded like he was threatening Lin Feng. At that moment, the situation was not safe and he was feeling an impending danger. Because he felt such danger, he was threatening Lin Feng and hoping that Lin Feng would open a path of escape.

But Lin Feng was as unmoved as before, he remained absolutely motionless as if nothing would make him leave.

Deadly energy was violently fluctuating in the air.

At that moment, behind Yu Tian Xing, the others were glancing at each other. Just as the rumors said, Lin Feng was insane.

Yue Tian Chen was also staring at Lin Feng and frowning, especially when he noticed that Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye had come together. His heart felt painful. Because of the marriage agreement between the Duan Clan and the Yue Clan, he had always hoped to become Duan Xin Ye’s husband, but Duan Xin Ye wasn’t interested in him at all, however, Lin Feng seemed to be very intimate with her.

Yue Tian Chen was angry, he also wanted Lin Feng to die but Lin Feng was constantly becoming stronger and stronger. Even cultivators at the Xuan Qi layer couldn’t kill him.

What made him extremely scared was that he didn’t ever know what Lin Feng was thinking. He didn’t know when Lin Feng would attack him.

Lin Feng didn’t reply to Yu Tian Xing and remained silent. He was just standing on the bridge without moving, and still releasing his deadly energy which was filling the atmosphere. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Yu Tian Xing and the others also remained silent. In such an open space, the silence was terrifying.

Duan Wu Ya looked indifferent and expressionless. He was calmly watching the scene. It seemed like these things had nothing to do with him.

Besides, Lan Jiao looked at Duan Wu Ya and understood what he was thinking deep in his heart, even though he was expressionless.

At that moment, she had already understood that Lin Feng and Yu Tian Xing were enemies.

Besides, a short time before, Duan Wu Ya had been spending some time with Yu Tian Xing and the others, it seemed like they were also friends.

But Lin Feng had been invited by Duan Wu Ya, and from what was happening at that moment, he also knew that Lin Feng and Yu Tian Xing were enemies, but he had arranged for them meet on purpose. He clearly had something in mind.

Of course, Lan Jiao was convinced that Lin Feng knew this as well. She wasn’t going to get involved in Lin Feng’s business though, she couldn’t anyway.

The oppressive energy floated in the silent atmosphere for a while and finally, Lin Feng’s mouth moved and he said: “Are you a member of the Yu Clan?”

Yu Tian Xing was surprised. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would and such a stupid thing but he still nodded and said: “Indeed, I am a member of the Yu Clan and their blood runs through my veins.”

“Your clan, the Yu Clan, is very powerful and influential, right?” Replied Lin Feng again.

“Indeed.” Nodded Yu Tian Xing.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he continued: “The blood of the Yu Clan is flowing in your veins and the Yu Clan is extremely strong… and you, Yu Tian Xing, want to kill me. So shouldn’t I kill you before you actually manage to kill me?”

“If you kill me, the Yu Clan will never let you off.” When Yu Tian Xing heard Lin Feng, he started shaking.

“When I wasn’t planning to kill you, did you let me off?” Asked Lin Feng in a cold tone. “Since you originally wanted to kill me, since you never let me off, why wouldn’t I kill you if I have the opportunity? Do you think that I can only wait for you to kill me without fighting back?”

The crowd was astonished. Indeed, regardless of whether Lin Feng killed him or not, Yu Tian Xing and the Yu Clan didn’t intend to do let him off. Why should Lin Feng let Yu Tian Xing off then?

No matter what, in such circumstances, there was only one possible decision.

To kill!

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