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PMG Chapter 34: The Final Eight Part 2

Second release here for you all. Special thank you goes to Joseph G & Eddy R.  Joseph told me not to tire myself out, he is clearly not supporting your addiction…KILL!!! hehe Special thanks to him for supporting the chapters and looking out for me xoxo

I hope you enjoy this one. I made sure it was a cliffhanger, because I know you all love Cliffhangers. 🙂

“It seems like today is my lucky day.” Said Lin Li while getting onto the battle stage and facing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was completely expressionless. When he saw Lin Li’s resplendent smile, he thought: “Lucky Day, eh?” Lin Li was maybe going to think differently a short instant later.

Lin Feng did seem to be very lucky to most of the clan members watching the annual meeting. During the first round, Lin Qian had helped him to move into the next round. During the second round, the strongest of the group, Lin Yu, had given up and shown him mercy. It had been so easy for him that he did not even have the chance to show his full strength and many believed he had recently broke into the eighth Qi Layer. And even during the third round, he was still extremely lucky, his first fight was against the weakest of all the remaining participants: Lin Li. He would still not have the chance to show his strength.

“Maybe the Sixth Elder had arranged things that way.” Thought Lin Feng.

“You can attack first, okay? Let’s have a good fight” said Lin Li as if he had already won the fight and was selecting his next opponent.

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while nodding.

“Moonlight Feather Agility, Nine Heavy Waves.” Shouted Lin Feng. As Lin Feng arrived right next to Lin Li, Lin Li was still smiling.

The shock waves within the air caused a huge pressure to consume the atmosphere. Terrifying wave upon terrifying wave was vibrating through the air around Lin Feng’s fist. Lin Li’s smile was still on his face but at the same time he looked terrified, he had planned to withstand the attack and then win by showing overwhelming strength but now he was terrified of his opponent. Wasn’t it too late to take his words back?


“You Lose.”

Lin Li’s body flew away. His smile was almost rigid on his face and that looked really embarrassing. One punch, one punch was all it had taken to eliminate him. He no longer believed he was lucky.

“It seems like nobody has put Lin Feng in their eyes. How strong is he?” thought Lin Li.

Only Lin Feng knew how powerful his attacks could become. It seemed like his nine heavy waves were in perfect fusion with the entire universe surrounding them, they even seemed to borrow the power of the atmosphere as it was consumed by the vibrations. His waves gave the impression of being in the middle of a vast and boundless ocean which nobody could escape. There was no choice but to be swallowed by the powerful waves.

The most terrifying thing was that Lin Feng hadn’t received a single injury in any of his fights. Lin Feng’s effortlessly dodged all incoming attacks and dealt with his opponent with a single blow. There was not even a speck of dust on his robes, he was untouchable.

“Piece of trash…..Is this what we call a true genius?” Lin Li didn’t have the least bit of hate or resentment in his eyes. He was staring at Lin Feng with respect and even a hint of remaining fear. He knew that Lin Feng had shown him mercy and was terrified by the outcome if he had not received mercy.

“Lin Feng wins.” Declared the Sixth Elder. The crowd deeply sighed.

“It had to be a trick. Lin Li was at the eighth Qi layer. This must have been something which was previously arranged. He is truly cunning”

“What Qi Layer is Lin Feng even at?”

The entire crowd suddenly had the impression that the piece of trash they were looking at had completely transformed and become something mysterious. He had either become extremely sly and cunning or held the strength of eighth Qi Layer. No matter which it was, he had gained the curiosity and respect of many clan members.

“He took him by surprise with a sneak attack. That piece of trash is the same piece of trash as before. He’s just a coward.” Said Lin Wu in an extremely disdainful tone when he heard all the comments of the crowd.

“That’s right. It must be that way. Lin Feng could only win with a sneak attack because Lin Li was unprepared. Otherwise, how could he have thrown Lin Li from the stage that easily?” said some clan members in support of Lin Wu

They thought that they had understood what had happened from Lin Wu’s words and some people had even started insulting Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng ignored the comments as this was nothing he had not heard previously, however now he would make them all pay. All those who had humiliated him would be punished. A piece of trash? Took him by surprise? Everyone will be disappointed.

Fourth battle: Lin Wu versus Lin Hen.

While looking at them on the battle stage, Lin Feng’s eyes showed curiosity. During the last round, Lin Wu and Lin Hen were in the same group but during the last fight of their group, Lin Hen had refused to fight and surrendered. But this round, Lin Hen and Lin Wu were opponents again, could it be that the Sixth Elder had done this on purpose?

“We have already made it this far, we do not need to fight unnecessary battles with other clan members. Do we even need to fight?” said Lin Wu jokingly while looking at Lin Hen. Lin Hen was just a coward scared to fight, nothing more.

“There is no need.” Replied Lin Hen while shaking his head and smiling.

“Such a coward.”

“He is making the Lin Clan lose face.”

Many people started to insult him. Lin Hen had already qualified before when he gave up so that was excusable, but giving up now was really unforgivable. That was a disgrace to the Lin Clan.

“Coward. If you’re not fighting then get lost! Get down off the battle stage.” Said Lin Wu who was really angry to hear him give up again.

Lin Hen was looking at Lin Wu and suddenly had a strange expression on his face. He didn’t get down off the battle stage, instead, he moved forwards to Lin Wu.

“I will just count down from three to one, if you don’t get off my stage before the time is up, then do not blame me for being merciless.” Said Lin Hen.

Killing intent could be seen on his face. Suddenly a powerful chaotic energy surrounded his body and crashed down onto Lin Wu.

“Three.” Counted Lin Hen.

At that moment, Lin Wu’s entire body was trembling, he looked like he was frozen with fear. Sweat was beading from his forehead and his face could show his fatigue. He was staring at Lin Hen with eyes filled with shock.

“How is that even possible? How did you possibly?!” Lin Wu was going insane: “How can you have the strength of a cultivator who has reached the Ling Qi Layer?!”

Lin Wu wasn’t the only one who was stupefied. Everyone else in the crowd was stupefied. Ling Qi layer. He has just used the power belonging to cultivators of the Ling Qi layer. That quiet and introverted Lin Hen had been hiding his power this whole time. Everyone was shocked at how this young man had hidden such a great power.

Ling Qi layer… apart from Lin Qian, amongst the juniors, it seemed like there was only Lin Hen who had broken through to the Ling Qi layer… and it seemed like Lin Qian was the most outstanding of all the young disciples.

The Sixth Elder was beaming with satisfaction. He had a huge smile on his face. Lin Hen had been secretly cultivating and hiding his abilities. As long as he didn’t show his abilities, it was very difficult for others to tell that he had reached the Ling Qi layer. Which showed how careful he had been to hide his power.

“He is good at hiding his real power.” Lin Ba Dao thought while looking at the Sixth Elder. But suddenly he realized there was still hope.

“You better adapt to the circumstances.” Said Lin Ba Dao looking at the Sixth Elder with a cold smile. Once the annual meeting was over, he would again attempt to become the Head of the Clan. Lin Ba Dao couldn’t understand why the previous head on his deathbed, had passed his power to Lin Hai and not to him. Lin Hai was seldom in the Clan when he was young, he would often travel and hide from the clan his destination. Lin Ba Dao was a pillar of the Clan and had dedicated his life to it.

Becoming the Head of the Clan had always been Lin Ba Dao’s dream and because he continued to fail at his attempts, there was a knot in his heart.

“Two.” Lin Hen’s energy was becoming stronger and stronger. It was oppressing Lin Wu so much that he could hardly breathe. He had never felt such a horrible pressure and he regretted his previous arrogance.

Everybody believed that Lin Wu was at the eighth Qi layer but he had actually broken through to the ninth Qi layer not long before. He had thought that he would amaze everyone at this year’s annual meeting but his dream hadn’t come to reality. He had not been given the chance to show anything exceptional to the audience. Lin Hen was threatening him at that moment and telling him to leave while he still could, otherwise he would have to bear the consequences.

“Before you insult and humiliate other people, you better think twice. I am not willing to fight against you for the sake of the clan. It is not because I am less powerful than you. I despise you and if it were not for the blood we share, I would kill you where you stand” Said Lin Hen. He seemed like a completely different person. The power of the chaotic energy was still increasing and Lin Heng was about to make his final count.


“I give up.” Said Lin Wu who felt that he was about to be crushed by the force of the chaotic energy. Then he turned around and left the battle stage without looking back.

“Lin Hen is so strong!” said the crowd as if they were worshiping him. Breaking through to the Ling Qi layer is the dream of every young Cultivator. Reaching it before the age of twenty gave even more chances to break through to even higher layers later such as the Xuan Qi layer or even the extremely powerful Sky Qi layer.

“Very interesting.”  Said Lin Feng who was laughing. Lin Hen had broken through to the Ling Qi layer… The Sixth Elder had probably voluntarily arranged the battles like he did to promote his own son’s fame. Lin Hen had given up during the second round so he really wanted to see Lin Hen fight Lin Wu during the third round. He was happy that Lin Wu had been taught a lesson in front of such a large crowd. He even surrendered like a coward, which he was calling Lin Hen previously.

“Piece of trash, what gives you the right to laugh at me? You’re the disgrace of the clan.” Lin Wu’s expression was hideous when he saw Lin Feng’s smile. He couldn’t help but shout at him extremely loudly, to the extent that his shout resonated in the entire fighting arena.

When people heard that Lin Wu was shouting at Lin Feng, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Especially Lin Ba Dao who said: “Lin Wu had lost against Lin Hen who had reached the Ling Qi layer so he hadn’t lost face at all, but I wouldn’t have thought that a piece of trash would dare laugh at him. He really shameless, he’s truly a disgrace.”

When Lin Zhen heard these few words, he directly felt much better and said in a cold tone: “That piece of trash is overestimating his capabilities.”

Lin Hai who wasn’t far from them had an extremely cold expression and was repressing the urge to kill them on the spot.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He clearly hadn’t thought that Lin Wu had anything to be angry about, he had just been unlucky to have provoked the wrong person with his arrogance. Why would he then try to bully him?

“What are you looking at, piece of trash? Instead of hiding behind your daddy, wouldn’t you prefer fighting against me?” Lin Wu was so furious that there was no space in his heart to contain his wrath so he used Lin Feng to release all his anger.

“It’s the first time that I see such a ridiculous and laughable person. You just got humiliated because of your own arrogance so you are attempting to bully me. Pathetic.”

Lin Feng shook his head and then moved towards Lin Wu.

“I will just count down from three to one, if you do not leave my sight, then do not blame me for being merciless”

Lin Feng had used almost the same words as Lin Hen. The entire area suddenly turned silent. Only Lin Feng’s voice could be heard.

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