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PMG Chapter 340: The Opportunity!

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Yu Tian Xing narrowed his eyes and looked like a venomous snake. “What you mean is that you want to kill me?”

“Indeed, you have no way out, I will kill you today or I am no better than a coward.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached.

“Well, why are you not attacking me then!” Asked Yu. Tian Xing. Lin Feng had been standing there for a while already but he had only been releasing deadly energy and had remained at the end of the bridge, motionless.

“Because I wanted to give you an opportunity.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. “I gave you a chance to talk but unfortunately, all you’ve been doing is threatening me and emphasizing the strength of your clan. Since it’s that way, what else needs to be said?” When Lin Feng finished talking, he started to slowly walk towards Yu Tian Xing.

Lin Feng had given a chance to Yu Tian Xing, a moment before, during that short time, he had been waiting for Yu Tian Xing to apologize and make amends.

The Yu Clan was extremely strong, Lin Feng couldn’t fight against them, therefore, he needed more time, he didn’t want to provoke the Yu Clan this early, it wouldn’t be beneficial to him.

Unfortunately, Yu Tian Xing hadn’t even thought about apologising. He had only been threatening Lin Feng and speaking of how strong the Yu Clan was, but that just infuriated Lin Feng. Even if the Yu Clan was extremely strong, did it mean that Lin Feng would just sit and let Yu Tian Xing kill him?

Could Lin Feng ever wait for the Yu Clan to kill him without fighting back?

When Yu Tian Xing heard Lin Feng, he started shaking. Lin Feng had already given him a chance.

A moment before, regardless of whether Lin Feng wanted to kill Yu Tian Xing or not, the Yu Clan wouldn’t let Lin Feng off anyway, therefore, since Yu Tian Xing wasn’t apologizing nor making peace, Lin Feng had no other choice.

A moment before, Yu Tian Xing did have the idea of apologizing and begging for a pardon, but only a fleeting thought. He wasn’t able to sacrifice his face which is why he resorted to threatening Lin Feng and saying how strong the Yu Clan was. Even though he was scared of Lin Feng, in his subconscious, he was still convinced that Lin Feng would never dare to kill him because he was a member the Yu Clan and as such he has to protect the dignity of the clan.

But at that moment, he could sense that Lin Feng’s deadly energy become more violent, his confidence was starting to break, Lin Feng was someone who would dare to kill him.

He looked at Lin Feng who was slowly moving towards him. Each of Lin Feng’s steps seemed like he was stepping on Yu Tian Xing’s heart, crushing his beliefs.

“Lin Feng.” Yu Tian Xing finally opened his mouth while looking at Lin Feng who was walking towards him and said: “Lin Feng, if you don’t kill me, I can guarantee that from today on, you will never have a problem with the Yu Clan ever again.”

Lin Feng stopped walking, looked at Yu Tian Xing and smiled coldly.

“You are too arrogant, today, I’m the one giving chances, not the other way around. I gave you an opportunity but you let it slip, therefore, it too late already.”

Lin Feng then continued walking towards Yu Tian Xing which made his heart twitch painfully. Lin Feng had given him a chance but he had chosen the wrong path, therefore, there was no more possible compromises.

“Lin Feng, you will never be able to resist the Yu Clan’s fury.” Said Yu Tian Xing, whose was twisting even more violently, as he gnashing his teeth.

Lin Feng just ignored him because it was unnecessary to waste any more words on him. Yu Tian Xing had become Lin Feng’s prey.

When Yu Tian Xing saw Lin Feng approaching, his heart started pounding violently. A deadly energy completely surrounded him.

Lin Feng really wanted to kill Yu Tian Xing.

The others were also dumbstruck. Lin Feng would dare infuriate the Yu Clan and kill Yu Tian Xing?

Yue Tian Chen slightly backed away. This time, he wouldn’t stand by Yu Tian Xing’s side. He was abandoning Yu Tian Xing, who would have to face Lin Feng’s wrath by himself. Yue Tian Chen’s eyes sparkled and he smiled coldly.

Yu Tian Xing and Yue Tian Chen weren’t friends at all, if they were sticking together, it was because they had a common enemy, Lin Feng.

They both hated Lin Feng and both hoped for his death.

But at that moment, Lin Feng wanted to kill Yu Tian Xing, however, Yue Tian Chen didn’t only not try and stop him, but he was also laughing to himself. If Lin Feng killed Yu Tian Xing, the Yu Clan would be enraged.

Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to resist the Yu Clan, if Yu Tian Xing died, nobody would be able to save Lin Feng, not even the second prince.

The Yu Clan would never allow one of their members to be killed without doing anything, therefore, if Lin Feng killed Yu Tian Xing, he was courting death.

Yue Tian Chen was, of course, delighted about that.

When Yu Tian Xing realized that Yue Tian Chen was moving away from him, his heart was invaded by coldness. That bastard, he was abandoning him to be killed by Lin Feng.

At that moment, Yu Tian Xing was deeply saddened to end up alone, Lin Feng wanted to kill him and nobody was helping him. These days, who had the power to stop Lin Feng?

Besides, Yu Tian Xing was fully aware that this exact situation might happen, but he surprisingly thought that the power and influence of the Yu Clan would be enough to make Lin Feng cower.

“Lin Feng, if you still don’t trust my word, I can swear to you that if you let me off, my clan will never raise a hand to you again.” Said Yu Tian Xing, growing extremely nervous. He felt completely powerless at that moment. Lin Feng was only ten steps from him.

He finally realized that he might die today. The smell of death was extremely thick, Yu Tian Xing knew that he might die at anymore moment.

Lin Feng ignored him, as before, the only sound in the atmosphere was that of Lin Feng’s steps, which were resonating deep in Yu Tian Xing’s heart.

At the moment when he was about to die, would Lin Feng really believe a single word he said about compromise?

He had made too many mistakes and never attempted to make peace. Lin Feng wouldn’t give any more chances.

Lin Feng finally stopped walking, he was only seven steps away from Yu Tian Xing. It seemed like everything had happened so fast and he had appeared there in a flash.

At the same time, a dazzling light which looked like sunlight appeared around Lin Feng’s body and it was filled with monstrous killing intent and deadly Qi.

“Clop! Clop!……..” Yu Tian Xing was slowly walking backwards. When he sensed Lin Feng’s Qi, his heart felt like it was frozen.

Lin Feng’s Qi had the power of the Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng had already broken free from the chains of the Ling Qi layer and had reached the Xuan Qi layer. At that moment, Lin Feng was terrifying.

“No wonder… No wonder all those people never came back.” Yu Tian Xing’s heart was brutally and violently pounding. His heart was filled with hatred. Yu Tian Xing had only been able to send cultivators of the first Xuan Qi layer to kill Lin Feng, as the fifth young master of the Yu Clan, he had no authority over cultivators above the first Xuan Qi layer, therefore, he had never been able to successfully kill Lin Feng, he had stupidly put himself in that situation.

A sword made of pure Qi appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. Yu Tian Xing hastily yelled: “You can’t kill me! The Yu Clan will never let you off!”

“You are arrogant and stupid.” Said Lin Feng while shaking his head. While slowly raising his sword made from pure Qi, he said: “Even if I don’t kill you, the Yu Clan will never let me off. Since the Yu Clan will always be my enemy and considering the events today, how could I possibly let you live?”

At that moment, everybody was looking at Lin Feng’s sword made from pure Qi. If that sword moved, Yu Tian Xing would die.

The crowd felt that they were suffocating under the powerful Qi which had invaded the entire atmosphere, they were all only focusing on the sword in Lin Feng’s hand which started to descend.

“Stop!!!!” Shouted an extremely aggressive voice. Deadly energy spread through the air.

That aggressive voice made the atmosphere vibrate and it contained a faint Qi which pierced through Lin Feng’s ear, leaving him slightly dumbstruck for a second.

His sword stopped in the air, right above Yu Tian Xing’s head, and didn’t descend any further.

“Yu Qiu!” Said Lin Feng coldly while turning his head.

That furious voice contained some a faint trace of Qi, it was similar to the attack that interrupted his battle with Hei Mo at the Celestial Academy. That voice belonged to Yu Qiu, the third elder of the Yu Clan.

When Lin Feng and Hei Mo fought each other, Yu Qiu’s voice injured and stunned Lin Feng.

As expected, when Yu Tian Xing saw Yu Qiu at Lin Feng’s back, his eyes suddenly revealed delight. He said roared: “Third Uncle, save me!”

The one who had shouted was indeed Yu Qiu.

He was walking over the bridge and there was two people with him, on his left and right. They were all releasing monstrously strong Qi.

All those three cultivators were at the Xuan Qi layer and all belonged to the Yu Clan.

This time, Lin Feng had run out of luck.

Maybe it would actually be Lin Feng who died today!

Many people were thinking that Lin Feng had already infuriated the Yu Clan.

“Stop?” Said Lin Feng while the crowd was thinking. Lin Feng’s voice was cold, ice-cold.

Besides, at the same time, Lin Feng’s hand continued to move and his sword slightly moved down which made Yu Tian Xing give a horrible shriek as he closed his eyes.

Yu Qiu and the two others were so shocked that they stopped in their tracks.

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