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PMG Chapter 341: Kill Yu Tian Xing?

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“That guy…” Everybody was looking at Lin Feng whose sword made from pure Qi was only an inch away from Yu Tian Xing. Lin Feng was incredibly aggressive and unrestrained. At the moment when Yu Qiu and two other cultivators at the Xuan Qi layer arrived and walked towards him, Lin Feng still looked completely unaffected and on top of that, his sword was still moving in for the kill. How audacious!

“I, Yu Qiu, haven’t seen anyone dare to attack one of the grandchildren of the Yu Clan, especially in front of me.” said Yu Qiu sounding extremely evil while staring at Lin Feng’s back, like a venomous snake.

But Lin Feng, as before, seemed indifferent. Yu Qiu facing his back but Lin Feng didn’t turn around at all.

“Now, you have seen.” Said Lin Feng coldly and detached.

“Yes, I have. You are extremely courageous and gifted, you surprised all of us, but today, your life will end here.” Said Yu Qiu in an ice-cold tone. He released a piercing deadly energy which moved towards Lin Feng.

“Yu Tian Xing’s life is still in my hands. You dare say that will take my life, Yu Qiu, are you not afraid that I will kill him?” Replied Lin Feng. He just had to slightly move his sword made from pure Qi more and Yu Tian Xing would be killed in an instant. If Yu Qiu attacked, Lin Feng would still have time to kill Yu Tian Xing, but even in such circumstances, Yu Qiu still dared to act arrogantly and threaten Lin Feng.

“I’m not afraid. If you kill him, your family and friends will all die with you. They will be uprooted until there isn’t even a single descendant left.” Threatened Yu Qiu again sounding extremely cold which made Lin Feng stupefied.

If he killed Yu Tian Xing, Yu Qiu would kill his friends and family, not even a single one would remain.

“What you mean is that if I don’t kill Yu Tian Xing, you will only kill me but if I kill Yu Tian Xing, even my friends and family will die?” Lin Feng’s heart was filled with endless coldness but his voice sounded as calm and serene. Yu Tian Xing was the only one who could see how calm and carefree Lin Feng’s eyes looked.

Yu Tian Xing’s heart was pounding. Lin Feng was way too dangerous. He could end his life at any moment.

“Indeed.” Nodded Yu Qiu.

“Therefore, today, no matter what happens, I will die!” Said Lin Feng.

“You are not as stupid as you seem.” Joked Yu Qiu. On that day, no matter what, he wouldn’t let Lin Feng live, he would never be allowed to leave there alive.

“In other words, today, no matter what, whether I kill Yu Tian Xing or not, I am doomed either way, right?” Yu Qiu was smiling because of the joke he had just made but when he heard Lin Feng’s response, his facial expression drastically changed.

Yu Tian Xing looked terrified.

“Could it be that you want your friends and family to die with you?” Threatened Yu Qiu sounding ice-cold.

“Family?” Lin Feng smiled, he had already left his clan and didn’t care about them at all. Then, he didn’t know where his father, Lin Hai, was. There was only one person for whom Lin Feng was scared, Meng Qing.

Concerning his friends, Lin Feng suddenly talked: “Second Prince, all my friends are students of the Celestial Academy!”

“If anyone dares to attack your friends at the Celestial Academy, I will have no other choice but to personally kill them.” Replied Duan Wu Ya to Lin Feng’s statement, as if he had immediately guessed what Lin Feng meant.

When Yu Qiu and the others heard Duan Wu Ya, they were dumbstruck. Duan Wu Ya was surprisingly helping Lin Feng and would dare to threaten the Yu Clan.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Smiled Lin Feng. Just as Lan Jiao had guessed, Lin Feng had understood why Duan Wu Ya had created such a situation. Duan Wu Ya wanted to kill Yu Tian Xing. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know why Duan Wu Ya was like this, he could understand Duan Wu Ya’s plot.

Since Duan Wu Ya had organized everything, Lin Feng had the guarantee that Duan Wu Ya would definitely protect his friends. Even if he killed Yu Tian Xing, it wouldn’t be that easy to kill Lin Feng.

“Everybody heard it, if I kill Yu Tian Xing, I will die, if I don’t kill Yu Tian Xing, I will die as well. Since I will die either way, I, of course, have to kill Yu Tian Xing. Besides, I will not be the only murderer, Yu Qiu should be considered as my accomplice.” said Lin Feng sounding particularly evil. His words made the people’s hearts vibrate. Lin Feng wanted to kill Yu Tian Xing.

“Uncle!” Shouted Yu Tian Xing. Yu Qiu had put him in a dangerous situation. He knew now that threatening Lin Feng never worked.

“Would you dare!” Deadly energies emerged from Yu Qiu’s body and pierced towards Lin Feng.

“Why not?” Lin Feng smiled in an extremely evil way.

“Yu Tian Xing, whether I kill you or not, your third uncle will kill me, therefore, it’s clear that your third uncle wants you to die, he doesn’t care whether I, Lin Feng, kill you or not, right?” When he finished talking, his sword made of pure Qi slowly started move.

“Don’t…………” When Yu Tian Xing saw that, he begged Lin Feng in a weak voice, he didn’t even have the strength to shout. However, while that weak voice spread through the atmosphere, the light of Lin Feng’s sword slowly vanished, just like Yu Tian Xing’s life.

Lin Feng had killed him.

Lin Feng had finally killed Yu Tian Xing, without showing any mercy.

The crowd was astonished. They were calmly looking at the corpse as it slowly fell. Yu Tian Xing had died.

A young master of the Yu Clan had been killed by Lin Feng in front of everybody.

Yu Tian Xing was supposed to have a brilliant future before him with infinite possibilities, but before he could emerge into greatness, he create enmity with Lin Feng, he had been extremely unlucky.

The most unfortunate was that he wanted to kill Lin Feng, but had failed a few times. In the end, he had lost his life because of it.

Yu Qiu also watched the scene unfold. His heart was violently pounding. Lin Feng had killed Yu Tian Xing.

He had thought that Lin Feng wouldn’t dare, but in fact, Lin Feng had just proved that he was much more audacious than expected, or maybe more precisely, Yu Qiu wasn’t as imposing and domineering as he thought himself to be. How foolish had he been to say that Lin Feng would die no matter what. He had been foolish to say such arrogant and presumptuous words.

No matter what, Lin Feng was going to die, why didn’t he try and prevent him from killing Yu Tian Xing?

Yu Qiu had let Yu Tian Xing die. Lin Feng had brought Yu Tian Xing to a cliff edge and Yu Qiu gave the final push.

Yu Qiu’s heart was pounding violently. Inevitably, what happened on this day would quickly be known to everyone, to the extent that people would also know that Yu Qiu’s foolish words had led to Yu Tian Xing’s death.

Yu Tian Xing was the patriarch’s son, his brother’s son.

An incredible deadly energy spread through the atmosphere and moved towards Lin Feng. Yu Qiu had to tear Lin Feng’s body into thousand pieces, if he didn’t, how would he explain all this to his big brother?

At the same time, Lin Feng turned around and Yu Qiu finally saw Lin Feng’s face.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with an endless coldness. Yu Qiu had threatened to kill him, his family and friends.

They were both staring at each other, with killing intent filling their eyes.

They both wanted to rip each other apart.

“Everybody else, move away!” Said Yu Qiu sounding colder than ever before. Even if all these cultivators were noble and wealthy, at that moment, Yu Qiu only wanted to kill Lin Feng.

None of these young people refused. Their silhouettes started flickering and they all left the pavilion. They had nothing to do with that so they didn’t want to get injured from their battle.

Yue Tian Chen was still smiling. In a flash, he landed far away on the field. Lin Feng was going to die.

Yu Tian Xing had died so Lin Feng would definitely die here.

In a flash, only one person was left in the pavilion, Lin Feng.

“Cut off his hands and feet, don’t kill him too quickly.” Said Yu Qiu while glaring at Lin Feng. His voice was ice-cold. When he finished talking, the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer by his side immediately started moving. They both ran across the bridge towards Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw these two people coming towards him, an incredible quantity of pure Qi started to burn and flash around his body. That pure Qi looked like both light Qi and fire Qi at the same time. It was dazzling and incredible.

Because Lin Feng had been practicing the Cosmos Burning Sun skill, after breaking through to the Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng’s pure Qi had turned into sun-fire pure Qi.

It contained fire Qi which came directly from the blazing sun. The most terrifying part didn’t only lie in the destructive power of the Qi, but also in the fact that it could set people ablaze in an instant.

When the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying pure Qi, the eyes of these two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer flashed, Lin Feng’s skill was extraordinary, he was only at the first Xuan Qi layer but his pure Qi was monstrous to the extent that it scared them.

“Die!” Shouted the two people as they unleashed a perfectly synchronised attack, extremely loud sounds emerged above the bridge. Cracking sounds uninterruptedly spread through the air. Besides, the pavilion in which Lin Feng was slowly being destroyed as if it could collapse on him at any moment.

At the same time, the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had thrown themselves at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled, they wanted to force him into a critical situation?

Lin Feng started walking and heavily stamped onto the ground. In a flash, the bridge was smashed into pieces which made the opponents lose their footing for a second, however, immediately after they continued towards Lin Feng. Nonetheless, Lin Feng used the counterforce created from when he stamped onto the ground and jumped into the air, after which heavy rumbling noises spread through the atmosphere while the pavilion started to break apart. Lin Feng had the seal of the sun on his body. Then, an incredibly scorching hot sword energy started to fill the atmosphere!

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