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PMG Chapter 342: Dazzling Sword!

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The people raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng in the air. The light around his body was so dazzling that they were unable to see him clearly.

“How terrifying!” Thought the people in the crowd while their hearts were pounding. Lin Feng’s sword was as bright as the sun, it was dazzling and felt like it could ignite the atmosphere.

Besides, the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who were moving towards Lin Feng raised their heads and saw that Lin Feng was already high above them. Their hearts started to shake, that light made them unable to keep their eyes open, it was too bright!

“Scorching Sword!” Said Lin Feng. Immediately after, Lin Feng’s sword contained the scorching brightness of the sun, which amazed the crowd.

It was scorching hot, dazzling and violent….. Nobody could look at that sword.

In the past, Lin Feng had been observing the sun and created three sword skills, the Sword of the Rising Sun, which contained the power of the sunrise. Then, there was his Scorching Sword which had the brilliance of the scorching midday sun and finally, there was his Sword of the Setting Sun which had the pallid brilliance of a sunset.

Besides, these days, Lin Feng had learnt the Cosmos Burning Sun skill which helped him manifest the power of the sun to a much higher degree. At that moment, his sword was so dazzling because of his Cosmos Burning Sun skill and his Scorching Sword skill, he had also released his sword energy, the result was an incredibly dazzling sword.

“Scorching Sword…” People’s hearts were pounding. Immediately after, they closed their eyes, Lin Feng’s sword was too dazzling, they were unable to look directly at the sword. In their minds, Lin Feng’s words were resonating.

Lin Feng was monstrously terrifying, they didn’t dare look directly at him or his sword.

The two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, who were rushing towards Lin Feng, started shaking violently. They slightly narrowed their eyes but they still couldn’t look directly at Lin Feng’s sword.

However, they could distinctly sense that Lin Feng’s Scorching Sword was descending towards them.

An incredible sense of danger spread through their hearts. They both stopped moving towards Lin Feng and an incredible pure Qi was unleashed to block the sword.

However, that pure Qi was immediately destroyed when it collided with Lin Feng’s Scorching Sword, only emitting small cracking noises as it destroyed the pure Qi.

In the air, Lin Feng’s Scorching Sword’s glow had enveloped the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and Lin Feng. The crowd was already unable to see the three silhouettes clearly anymore. There was only a radiant glow which looked incredibly beautiful.

At that moment, a deathly silence filled the atmosphere. The brilliance of the sun which was surrounding Lin Feng’s sword vanished and what was hidden by the glow became visible again to the crowd, however, there was only one person left, Lin Feng!

The two other cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were nowhere to be seen. Apart from Lin Feng, there was nobody else in sight. Some flames were still burning in the air and the dazzling brilliance of the sun was emanating from the flames.

“They died!”

The crowd was astonished. After Lin Feng’s Scorching Sword skill had vanished, all traces of the two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had vanished with it. They had been surrounded by that blinding sword light and simply vanished without trace.

The two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer had been killed by Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng’s strength is really monstrous.”

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was terrifying. Those people were members of the Yu Clan and had both broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, even though they had underestimated Lin Feng, it was still incredible that they hadn’t even been able to withstand his sword.

Besides, if it had been somebody else at the same level as them, they wouldn’t have been able to resist the power of the Scorching Sword either. They would have inevitably died as well.

These few noble and wealthy young men were realizing that the carefree young man, who had come to the Imperial City not long ago, had now become extremely strong. He had become so monstrously strong that if anybody provoked him, he didn’t hesitate to kill them.

Yu Tian Xing, a direct descendant of the Yu Clan, had died.

Then, two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer from the Yu Clan had just been killed in an instant.

The crowd weren’t the only people who were astonished, Yu Qiu was feeling the same and he was blankly staring at Lin Feng.

A moment before, these two cultivators were at the second Xuan Qi layer. They were directly under his control, even Yu Tian Xing had no authority over them. Yu Qiu thought that by relying on these two people, he would easily be able to get rid of Lin Feng, he had thought that it would be a simple task but in the end, the reality was not as simple as that, he had sent two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer to kill Lin Feng and they died inside that Scorching Sword light. Yu Qiu hadn’t even had a single opportunity to intervene and save them.

“That boy has to die!”

Yu Qiu narrowed his eyes, his deadly energy was getting stronger and stronger. Lin Feng already posed a threat to him and his clan.

Lin Feng’s natural abilities were monstrous and beyond human. In the past, at the Celestial Academy, Yu Qiu had assisted Hei Mo when he fought with Lin Feng but at that time, it hadn’t been easy for Lin Feng to defeat Hei Mo. Back then, Lin Feng had only just broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer which, in Yu Qiu’s eyes, was nothing, he used to consider Lin Feng as a tiny little insect, but at that moment, not much time had passed and Lin Feng was already able to kill the two strong cultivators who were always by his side.

If he didn’t kill Lin Feng, in a few years, he would become even more terrifying.

Lin Feng stepped on his sword made from pure Qi. He was standing in the air and looking down at Yu Qiu, he then said, sounding cold and detached: “Don’t you want to cut off my hands and feet? Why are you not coming to attack me?”

When Lin Feng finished talking, the crowd’s hearts were violently twitching. Lin Feng was, as rumoured, extremely fearless. He was standing in the air, fearlessly facing Yu Qiu, battle energy was burning around his body and he was inviting Yu Qiu to come and fight.

The crowd was just realizing that, from the beginning to the end, Lin Feng had never been afraid of Yu Qiu. Only, the Yu Clan were so arrogant to believe that Lin Feng would be scared of them and wouldn’t dare act against them, which is why they kept threatening Lin Feng. Yu Qiu, when he understood that Yu Tian Xing’s life was in Lin Feng’s hands, had kept threatening Lin Feng which had led to Yu Tian Xing’s death.

Yu Qiu’s facial muscles were completely rigid, he was dumbstruck. Lin Feng was surprisingly challenging him.

Even though, amongst his group of friends, he was one of the weakest, he had still broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. That meant that when walking through the Imperial City, the people who could defeat him were very rare and those who could were very powerful and influential people.

But at that moment, Lin Feng was surprisingly challenging him while looking down at him from the sky.

Yu Qiu felt humiliated. It was an extreme humiliation.

“You want to die.” Said Yu Qiu sounding ice-cold. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng and said: “Today, you killed one of the descendants from my clan, I already told you, your friends and family will all die, even if the second prince can protect them for a while, he will not be there to protect them forever. As long as the Yu Clan exists, it will become the worst nightmare for anyone who is close to you.”

Lin Feng was looking down at Yu Qiu and replied: “After the words you have just spoken, when I, Lin Feng, leave here today, to the Yu Clan, I will become the greatest danger and I will not stop until it is thoroughly removed from this world.”

“Do you think that you will have the opportunity to escape alive?”

An incredible deadly Qi emerged from Yu Qiu’s body and transformed into a white light which flickered through the air. At that moment, Yu Qiu was standing on something which looked like a mountain.

When Lin Feng sensed the deadly Qi, he also released some deadly Qi as well as some battle energy which started to burn around his body.

Lin Feng was only focusing on the battle, he had to give it his full attention. He was also slightly scared, which was good as long as it didn’t create a hindrance, otherwise, it would be pointless for fear to exist. Lin Feng wasn’t like Yu Tian Xing!

Lin Feng didn’t want to rely on other people to protect him. He only wanted to rely on himself, but in order to save other people, he had to have the power to save himself first.

The crowd found Lin Feng extremely inspiring, he had an incredible determination, he would rather die than surrender, even if he wasn’t as strong as his adversary, he would never give up.

Yu Tian Xing’s arrogance and pride was superficial, Lin Feng had bravery engraved on his bones.

“It’s useless!”

Yu Qiu smiled in an ice-cold way and stamped onto the ground. At that moment, he rose into the air at incredible speed. His pure Qi transformed into a magnificent stream towards Lin Feng.

“Pierce!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword pierced through the atmosphere. Yu Qiu was way too quick, and Lin Feng immediately released the energy condensed in his sword.


The entire atmosphere vibrated and an powerful strength crashed against Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like the entire power of his sword was under an incredible pressure.

Lin Feng’s body was blown backwards at an incredible speed. No matter if it was strength or speed, Lin Feng couldn’t compete with a cultivator at the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Three Xuan Qi layers of difference was huge.

Whistling sounds filled the air and a huge purple lake appeared in the sky above Lin Feng, it then wrapped itself around Lin Feng’s body and caught him as he was flying through the air. In an instant, a myriad of purple snakes emerged from his hand, at that moment, it seemed like an endless quantity of purple snakes were emerging from Lin Feng’ hand and spreading through the atmosphere.

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