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PMG Chapter 343: The Sound Waves!

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“It’s Lin Feng’s spirit, amazing.”

When the crowd saw the thousand purple snakes in the air, their hearts started pounding. If a cultivator of the same level as Lin Feng was caught by his spirit, they were sure to die.

Yu Qiu was also astonished but he instantly regained his calm and said coldly: “Your spirit? When facing a cultivator of a much higher level, they are of no use.”

When he finished talking, Yu Qiu’s silhouette flickered and he rushed straight towards Lin Feng.


What seemed like an endless amount of purple snakes launched themselves straight towards Yu Qiu. Yu Qiu hadn’t even arrived in front of Lin Feng yet but the purple snakes were already wrapped tightly around him.

“Break!” Shouted Yu Qiu furiously. The pure Qi around his body transformed into a blade and started cutting the snakes as they reached him. At the same time, he joined both of his hands and a monstrously brutal pure Qi emerged. Suddenly, an extremely brutal Qi started to tear apart the snakes which were obstructing Yu Qiu’s way.

Yu Qiu’s body continued to move forward through the snakes, meanwhile the purple snakes which were in a chaotic position were roaring loudly while being torn into pieces.

“When you have a much stronger opponent in front of you, even if your spirit is strong, it will be of no use.” Thought the crowd. The spirit helped a cultivator during a battle, a monstrously strong spirit could make a cultivator quicker and stronger but if the two opponents’ cultivation levels were too different, the spirit wouldn’t be of any use against the stronger opponent. If the level difference was huge, the spirit was absolutely useless.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Yu Qiu’s cultivation levels were quite different. It was extremely hard for cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer to break through each layer. Besides, the difference in strength between the different Xuan Qi layers was immense. Lin Feng could already kill cultivators of the second Xuan Qi layer but cultivators of the third Xuan Qi layer were on a different level than the former. Concerning cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, the difference was already huge in comparison with the second Xuan Qi layer, they could not even be compared.

Lin Feng had just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer and Yu Qiu was a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

Even though the Yu Clan was the weakest of the three great clans, they were not easy to defeat. At least, apart from the two other great clans, no other clan could hold a candle to them.

When Lin Feng saw that his spirit was getting torn apart, he suddenly closed his eyes and penetrated into a world of darkness, it seemed like everything around him was being processed in his mind, as if he was looking down on the world from above.

After having penetrated into the earth fusion dimension, Lin Feng hadn’t needed to enter his world of darkness. He could activate his earth fusion in the blink of an eye and the clarity of the world surrounding him as well as his perceptions were similar to when he was in his world of darkness.

But when he was in his world of darkness, there were still some small differences. There was absolutely no sound in his world of darkness.

Behind Yu Qiu, the purple snakes gathered into a group, but at that moment, there weren’t many of them remaining, instead, one gigantic dragon appeared in their place without a single sound or sign of its presence.

On its colossal and ferocious face, the eyes slowly opened. That gigantic dragon was clearly powerful, at that moment, it didn’t even look like a spirit anymore, it looked like a real ferocious beast, it was terrifying.

When the crowd saw that gigantic and monstrous dragon open its eyes, their hearts started to race. Those eyes were terrifying! It seemed like everything was drowning into those eyes, as if to those eyes, the lives of everybody meant nothing.

The scariest thing was that it gave no presence and was completely silent. However, Yu Qiu, didn’t sense the dragon or any other signs of danger and continued rushing towards Lin Feng.

But at that moment, Yu Qiu suddenly started shaking. Even though he hadn’t realized that the dragon appeared, considering his cultivation level, his senses were extremely acute. It was as if Yu Qiu had sensed a pair of gigantic eyes were staring at his back. He abruptly turned around and the gigantic dragon had already arrived behind him.

“Rooooaaarr……” The gigantic purple dragon roared which caused the atmosphere to shake. The crowd’s hearts were pounding inside their chests.

The gigantic dragon’s mouth was open and its sharp teeth could be seen. It moved its gigantic mouth straight towards Yu Qiu, it was going to swallow him whole. The crowd could already see Yu Qiu being eaten, as if Yu Qiu’s strength meant nothing to the dragon, as if he was already dead.


Yu Qiu released a terrifying quantity of energy which burst out from his body. Then, an endless amount of white lights appeared behind him and spread through the air, they were sharp, brutal and were moving straight towards the gigantic dragon. At the same time, he released an incredible quantity of pure Qi which formed a hurricane that moved towards the white lights.

At that moment, the crowd had the feeling that their ears were painful and an endless quantity of sharp noises were piercing their minds. Immediately after, they could no longer hear, they could only see the white lights moving towards the purple dragon.

These white lights all formed the characters: “sound waves”. The sounds seemed endless as they continued to bombard the atmosphere. Sharp sound waves were making the atmosphere vibrate, after hearing them, the atmosphere would be drowned into a deathly silence. These sound waves were filled with deadly energy and were used for destruction.

“Sound Wave Spirit.” The crowd was covering their ears in an attempt to block the sounds. They could sense that their eardrums were unceasingly shaking. Blood even started to flow from the seven facial apertures of the weaker cultivators, their ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth were bloody. These sound waves were driving the crowd go insane, how terrifying!

The gigantic purple dragon was moving closer and closer to Yu Qiu. At the moment when the white sound waves appeared in front of it, its gigantic mouth swallowed them whole.

The purple dragon was becoming slower and slower. In the end, it stopped and its purple splendour had weakened until the gigantic purple dragon completely vanished without a trace. However, it silently disappeared, covered by the sound waves, there was no space for any other sound.

An extremely sharp sword pressure suddenly appeared behind Yu Qiu, he abruptly turned around and saw a dazzling sword falling down from the sky, it contained a scorching hot Qi.

Yu Qiu opened his mouth and sound waves poured out from his mouth. They merged with the other sound waves and the sword slowly became less and less brilliant. Besides, Lin Feng’s body projected backwards as blood flowed from his mouth.

Finally, Yu Qiu closed his mouth and the sound waves stopped pouring out, but the atmosphere was still filled with ear-piercing sound waves. For a prolonged period of time, the crowd could still feel the pain inside their ears. It was as if they were slowly becoming deaf, they couldn’t hear a single sound. The situation lasted for a while until the sound waves gradually vanished.

“The Sound Wave Spirit of the Yu Clan is very scary.” People’s hearts were pounding. For many of them, it was the first time that they had seen a Xuan Qi layer cultivator from the Yu Clan use a sound wave spirit. Once was enough to astonish them.

That intangible spirit was terrifying, it seemed as if nothing could stop it.

“But Lin Feng made Yu Qiu release his spirit, he’s also monstrously strong.” Thought the crowd while looking at the fearless young man, who had blood running from the corner of his mouth. They were astonished. A moment before, his gigantic purple dragon was terrifying. If it had been them, they would have immediately been swallowed. Besides, Lin Feng had made Yu Qiu use his full strength, even though Lin Feng had lost, it was still a glorious achievement.

But would that monstrously strong genius die here?

Yu Qiu was still staring at Lin Feng and his desire to kill was getting more intense. He was a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer and had to use all of his strength against Lin Feng, that was a humiliation.

Yu Qiu had the impression that he had just lost his prestigious reputation, he had just lost a great deal of face. The Yu Clan hated Lin Feng and Yu Qiu had just been humiliated by Lin Feng, the only way to fix the situation was to kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was also staring at Yu Qiu. No wonder he could attack using the power of his shouts, he had a sound wave spirit. The spirit of the Yu Clan was the sound wave spirit, even though it wasn’t as strong as the sealed doors spirit of the Duan Clan, it was also extremely strong. It was a terrifyingly powerful spirit.

“Lin Feng, remember that you will not be dying alone. I will also kill all the people you love.” Said Yu Qiu sounding like a demon. Immediately after, he opened his mouth and once again released his sound waves.


After speaking, it seemed like Yu Qiu’s sound waves had become as sharp as blades. Besides, it was almost impossible to dodge a sound attack, it immediately crashed into Lin Feng’s eardrums making him groan in pain. With Lin Feng’s cultivation level, it was impossible for him to block such a powerful sound wave attack.

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