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PMG Chapter 344: The Incredible Celestial Book!

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“Brother!” Shouted Duan Xin Ye to Duan Wu Ya when she saw that Lin Feng was in danger. She looked extremely worried.

“Nothing will happen.” Said Duan Wu Ya while staring at the silhouettes fighting in the sky. His eyes were filled with intangible confidence. Nothing could happen to Lin Feng.

Zhuge Wu Qing was back in Xue Yue, if Lin Feng got killed in the Lovesick Forest, it would mean that Duan Wu Ya was blind.

Duan Xin Ye saw that Duan Wu Ya was confident but she was still extremely worried. At that moment, Yu Qiu had only one desire, to kill Lin Feng. Besides, if he had the opportunity, he would immediately kill him. Lin Feng couldn’t defend against Yu Qiu’s attacks so Duan Xin Ye was wondering why Duan Wu Ya was so confident. However, worrying was also of no use, with her low cultivation level, she couldn’t block Yu Qiu, therefore, she had no choice but to wait and see.

Lan Jiao was also fixedly staring at Duan Wu Ya, Duan Wu Ya had invited Lin Feng here, if anything happened to Lin Feng, Duan Wu Ya would be responsible for Lin Feng’s death.

But nobody shared Duan Wu Ya’s confidence, when they saw how badly Yu Qiu was beating Lin Feng, the only thought they had was that that time, it was really the time of Lin Feng’s death.

Yu Qiu was enraged and would not stop before he killed Lin Feng. Lin Feng already couldn’t fight back anymore, after a short moment, Lin Feng would be defeated.

What a pity, Lin Feng was such a monstrous genius but because he had persistently provoked the Yu Clan and Yu Qiu, he was going to die.

The third elder of the Yu Clan fighting against a teenager, in itself, was already unfair but in that world, did fair matter? The weak were the prey of the strong. Strength was the only thing that could change one’s destiny. Killing someone was sometimes only a matter of seconds. Lin Feng was strong, therefore, he had the power to kill Yu Tian Xing. At that moment, Yu Qiu was stronger than Lin Feng therefore, he had come to avenge Yu Tian Xing. It seemed like killing Lin Feng was perfectly justified, being stronger than Lin Feng was enough of a reason.


Even more sound waves bombarded the atmosphere, they were filled with deadly energy. Yu Qiu had already arrived next to Lin Feng and blasted him flying with a sound wave attack.

Lin Feng was shaking from head to toe, he was sent hurtling through the sky again and again. Blood was unceasingly flowing from his mouth.

Lin Feng’s eyes were firmly closed, in his world of darkness, he could sense everything very distinctly but his strength wasn’t sufficient to react in time to block Yu Qiu.

“You are quite resistant.” Joked Yu Qiu. His silhouette flickered and he released a monstrously brutal pure Qi. A white light enveloped Lin Feng’s body and a terrifying punch bombarded the atmosphere rushing towards Lin Feng.

In front of Lin Feng, a sword started to flicker and appear but it instantly vanished when it came into contact with the attack.

Yu Qiu’s fist was bombarding Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s body was instantly blown away again. Blood was gushing from his mouth.

But Lin Feng continued to keep his back straight and his head held high. No matter if he won or lost, no matter if he died or kept living, he would always stand tall.


A monstrous deadly energy appeared in front of Lin Feng, his sword started to manifest in front of him, but his sword wasn’t dazzling anymore, instead, it was a deadly black sword.

That sword was filled with shocking quantities of deadly and battle energy. That sword even seemed like it had a life of its own.

In Lin Feng’s world of darkness, his celestial book was floating in the air, the sword was in suspension above the celestial book.

“Huh?” The crowd was a bit surprised. Even though Lin Feng was repeatedly being bombarded by Yu Qiu’s attacks, he surprisingly still had the strength to condense such a strong sword. It was much stronger than everything he had used until that moment.

Lin Feng looked extremely determined.

Yu Qiu’s eyes revealed his surprise. Lin Feng was his sworn enemy, however, Yu Qiu couldn’t help but really admire such a fearless and determined young man. If he didn’t die, Xue Yue would have another monstrous genius, unfortunately, he was not going to live another day.

“Die!” The sound waves hurtled forward, the white light from the sound waves transformed into horizontal beams which moved straight towards Lin Feng. At the same time, Yu Qiu joined his hands and transformed his pure Qi into a sharp blade. He then threw himself through the air, Yu Qiu’s body, transformed into a bright blade which rushed towards Lin Feng.


The sound waves and the black sword collided. Suddenly, a gigantic and terrifying light appeared from the collision, but Yu Qiu was also about to arrive. The blade crashed into the black sword. The sword started to crack and Yu Qiu’s body was slowly moving closer.

“Die!” Shouted Yu Qiu furiously again. Lin Feng, who was receiving those powerful blows, was shaking violently. He couldn’t feel the weight of his sword anymore as if it had shattered. At the moment when Yu Qiu’s blade made from pure Qi was about to reach him, a purple snake crashed against Lin Feng, which sent him away from the attack. Thanks to the force provided by the purple spirit, Lin Feng was able to retreat backwards and dodge the powerful blade made from pure Qi.

“Cough cough!”

Lin Feng moved back a hundred meters and could no longer hold himself back from coughing vast amounts of blood. The pure Qi under his feet seemed to be growing weaker as if it could crash at any moment, but Lin Feng still continued to stand tall.

“What incredible determination.”

The crowd was looking at Lin Feng in the sky, even though he was injured, he remained proud and unflinching. After Yu Qiu’s monstrous attacks, Lin Feng continued to stand straight and look his opponent in the eye. His toughness and tenacity were a source of inspiration for the others.

Yu Qiu was intensely staring at Lin Feng and said, sounding cold and detached: “We will see you how you intend to stop this one.”

When he finished talking, Yu Qiu started releasing his pure Qi again which moved straight towards Lin Feng like an arrow. The fact that he had to use so much energy against Lin Feng was starting to annoy him.

“Brother, we can’t just stand here!” Shouted Duan Xin Ye when she sensed Yu Qiu’s Qi while looking at Lin Feng’s injuries getting worse and worse with time. She was so afraid that if Yu Qiu attacked again, Lin Feng would be killed under his blade.

She knew that Duan Wu Ya had the strength to prevent Yu Qiu from killing Lin Feng.

Duan Wu Ya’s strength was even more terrifying than what the normal people could imagine.

“Trust me, if there’s a problem, I’ll attack.”

Duan Wu Ya was staring at the two silhouettes in the sky.

What a strong resistance, even with all of this, there were no signs of interrupting the fight.

Was Lin Feng going to become tougher after being so badly beaten and wounded?

But he also had a surprise for Lin Feng, if Lin Feng had enough free time, he would ask Lin Feng to take a larger role in his faction.

Lin Feng was silent, his eyes were closed and he was inside his world of darkness. His celestial book was insanely shaking, its pages looked like flowing waves.

Lin Feng had the sensation that the celestial book was trying to open a new page.

Lin Feng was focusing entirely on his book, nothing else could distract him from the book.

The light was becoming brighter and brighter. The book was also shaking more and more intensely as if a new page was about to open.

Besides, outside, Yu Qiu didn’t seem willing to give Lin Feng any more chances. He was staring at Lin Feng as his powerful energy filled the atmosphere.

“This time, die!” Shouted Yu Qiu sounding ice-cold. He raised his hand and released a brutal Qi. He then threw himself towards Lin Feng again.

This time, Lin Feng was going to be killed on the spot. Yu Qiu wouldn’t give Lin Feng any other opportunities.

When the crowd saw Yu Qiu’s monstrous attack and Lin Feng who wasn’t reacting at all, they just had one thought, Lin Feng was going to die. He had to time to stop Yu Qiu’s attack.

“Lin Feng, die!” Shouted Yu Qiu furiously when he saw that Lin Feng wasn’t reacting at all, but at that moment, a sharp whistling sound spread through the atmosphere, it wasn’t very loud but it was extremely sharp, which surprised Yu Qiu who had the feeling that he had just been pricked by a needle.

“Huh?” Yu Qiu turned around and immediately saw a light which looked like a colourful ribbon and moved straight towards him. That soft and flexible thing seemed like a sharp weapon, like a deadly hidden weapon, besides it was extremely quick.

“What’s going on?” Yu Qiu’s was dumbstruck. He couldn’t take care of Lin Feng at that moment so he changed the trajectory of his hand and aimed at the light that was moving towards him.


Yu Qiu’s body was propelled backwards. The light was spinning in circles like a hurricane.


Another sound which astonished the crowd. They looked behind Yu Qiu and saw that several more lights were emerging from the bamboo forest and moving towards him at the speed of lightning.

Yu Qiu also sensed it and was astonished. He then immediately moved back in the other direction. On both of his sides, there was a ribbon, All he could do was move back.

But Yu Qiu hadn’t even moved much when two more lights appeared from nowhere and immediately moved towards Yu Qiu as well. Yu Qiu was surrounded by these lights which looked like ribbons. Immediately after, he was completely encircled and all these lights were moving towards him.

It seemed like every possible movement were certain death.

“What’s going on? Who’s controlling these ribbons? They are terrifying.” People’s hearts were pounding violently. People who dared caused trouble in the Lovesick Forest were extremely rare at this moment, there were four colourful ribbons being controlled, which had attacked silently, did it mean that four strong cultivators had appeared in the Lovesick Forest?

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