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PMG Chapter 347: The Black Lotus!

Regular chapter #2
Edited by LikyLiky- Seems like everyone is dead…. I’m currently doing DtH but I’ll get this chapter out to you guys before I continue DtH. 24 more to go………
P.S. Someone got in trouble so I got stuck with more work………. =C
Enjoy xoxo

The black flame stayed in Lin Feng’s eyes for a few seconds and then vanished. Lin Feng’s facial expression returned back to normal, he then glanced at the crowd stupefied.

At that moment, everybody was looking at him and Yu Qiu had disappeared.

“What happened?” Asked Lin Feng while narrowing his eyes a little bit. He had distinctly seen four colourful ribbons in the distance and immediately after he was absorbed into the world with the celestial book, after that, he had no idea what had happened.

“Cough!” Lin Feng coughed up some blood. The pure Qi under his feet was getting weaker and weaker to the extent that it was collapsing under his weight. Lin Feng then descended from the sky and landed next to Lan Jiao. He quickly asked: “Where is Yu Qiu?”

“He’s dead.” Replied Lan Jiao surprised. That guy surprisingly didn’t know anything about the moment after Yu Qiu was about to kill him, and he was just focusing on his breakthrough, he was unreal.

“A moment ago, four women appeared and crippled Yu Qiu’s cultivation and announced that the Yu Clan was banned from coming to the Lovesick Forest from now on, then one of the princess’ guards killed Yu Qiu.” said Lan Jiao while glancing at Duan Wu Ya. Lin Feng looked perplexed, Yu Qiu wanted to kill him and in the end, he had ended up dead himself. Lin Feng couldn’t believe it, he knew that if Duan Wu Ya invited him here, nothing bad would happen, but he would have never thought that Yu Qiu was going to die as a result.

Lan Jiao had just mentioned four women who banned the Yu Clan from coming back to the Lovesick Forest which meant that they represented the owner. They couldn’t be Duan Wu Ya’s people, so, why did they save him and cripple Yu Qiu’s cultivation? Could Duan Wu Ya have done something?

“Lin Feng, you’re amazing.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had surprisingly fallen into a cultivation trance when Yu Qiu was about to kill him, he was an exceptional talent. No wonder that he had such terrifying abilities.

Lin Feng looked at Duan Wu Ya and looked confused. There were too many things that he didn’t understand about what had happened.

Why did Duan Wu Ya invite him? Had he voluntarily invited Lin Feng and Yu Tian Xing at the same time hoping that Lin Feng would kill him? But, if he had, what was his purpose?

Besides, how come Yu Qiu appeared at the precise moment when Yu Tian Xing was in danger, when Lin Feng wanted to kill him?

Finally, who were those four women? Why had they saved him and crippled Yu Qiu’s cultivation.

Lin Feng couldn’t clearly see the bigger picture, he was missing something and couldn’t understand why everything happened as it did.

“Lin Feng, this is for you.”

At that moment, Duan Xin Ye was handing a bottle of pills to Lin Feng which stupefied him, he then asked: “What’s this?”

“It’s to heal your wounds.” Replied Duan Xin Ye while smiling, after which Duan Wu Ya narrowed his eyes.

Lin Feng understood how extraordinary these pills were when he noticed Duan Wu Ya’s peculiar facial expression.

“Princess, my wounds are not severe at all. I just need some rest and I’ll be in top condition again.” Said Lin Feng while refusing the pills.

“You called me princess again!” Duan Xin Ye looked disappointed and tried to hide her bitterness, which made Lin Feng smile wryly: “I’m sorry, Xin Ye.”

“Alright, take these, only then will I forgive you.” Said Duan Xin Ye while handing the bottle over to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had no alternative, he smiled wryly and accepted the bottle. Immediately after, he opened it, inside, there were nine yellow pills, there was Qi being released from the pills and it gave off a pleasant fragrance.

Lin Feng took out a pill and swallowed it. After taking it, a pleasant and refreshing Qi spread through his blood vessels, repairing his internal organs and restoring his lost blood. Lin Feng could even sense each and every single cell healing, as if every part of his body was healing at miraculous speed.

“What a powerful pill.” Thought Lin Feng. These pills were extremely precious.

“Xin Ye, one pill is enough to heal my wounds, you can keep the rest.” Said Lin Feng while closing the bottle again, then he handed it back to Duan Xin Ye.

Duan Xin Ye glanced at Lin Feng and grabbed the bottle. Those pills were precious, they were Xuan level pills of medium quality, one was enough to cure all of Lin Feng’s wounds.

Yue Tian Chen, who was next to them, looked at Lin Feng with an ice-cold glare. He could see how friendly Duan Xin Ye was to Lin Feng. Yue Tian Chen’s entire body was filled with killing intent, he deeply despised Lin Feng and wanted him dead. He even hated Yu Qiu for not killing Lin Feng a moment before. If only the four women hadn’t appeared, Lin Feng would be dead.

Lin Feng’s senses were extremely acute, he immediately sensed Yue Tian Chen’s glare. He turned around and coldly looked at Yue Tian Chen. In an instant, Yue Tian Chen lost his composure and started shaking while lowering his head, he didn’t dare to look at Lin Feng in the eyes.

Lin Feng did not hesitate to kill Yu Tian Xing, if Yue Tian Chen provoked him, the same thing would happen to him. Yue Tian Chen hadn’t become crazy.

“Worthless scum.” Said Lin Feng which made Yue Tian Chen’s heart leap, his face even turned red.

In the past, that worthless scum was extremely arrogant because he was a member of the Yue Clan, so he looked down on Lin Feng as if he was an insect to be crushed. However, Lin Feng was now humiliating him and calling him scum in front of everybody. Yue Tian Chen didn’t even dare to contradict Lin Feng. Lin Feng only had to glance at him and he would freeze in terror. He didn’t even dare to look in the direction of Lin Feng any longer. Right now, standing before Lin Feng, he didn’t even dare to raise his head.

This was the sad reality.

“Xin Ye, Your Highness, I have other matters to attend, so I will take my leave.” Said Lin Feng while turning to Duan Xin Ye and Duan Wu Ya.

Duan Xin Ye started to open her mouth, she wanted to say something but didn’t know what excuse she could use to make him stay. Duan Wu Ya slightly smiled and nodded: “Alright, no problem, you can leave. I hope that we will have the occasion to drink some more next time.”

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while slightly nodding, then, he immediately turned around and moved towards the exit of the Lovesick Forest. Lan Jiao was also closely following behind him.

“Contrary to what people might think, you are a very merciful person.”

Lan Jiao arrived next to Lin Feng and glanced at Lin Feng with a strange expression.

“Was I merciful to you?” Said Lin Feng which made Lan Jiao surprised, was he merciful to her?


At the Dong Ling Hill, the fire was finally extinguished and everything was burnt black, not even a single blade of grass could grow there anymore. It was completely desolate and no one would venture there anymore. Nobody wanted to visit a place that looked like it was devastated by battle.

However, at that moment, a clean and handsome young man arrived at the top of the hill. He then sat under the scorching sun as sunlight started moving towards his body and turning into brilliant flames that radiated from his body, the flames were hypnotizing.

The young man at the top of the hill was obviously Lin Feng. The sunshine at the top of the hill was perfect to practice his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and started to cultivate his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill. The sunlight was shining onto his body and unceasingly penetrating his flesh. A short moment later, it seemed like Lin Feng was the centre of a majestic fire.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng entered into his world of darkness, he had many ideas. In the middle of his world of darkness, his celestial book was also floating in the air, the black flame inside the book was undulating.

Lin Feng focused his entire attention on the black fire and calmly studied it. Each and every single thought he had was about the grim fire.

A deadly Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s body, it looked dark, evil and ice-cold, as if it had come from the depths of hell.

At the same time, a black flame appeared on Lin Feng’s body, the fire which was initially burning on his body surprisingly turned into a black fire, a grim and deadly black fire.

The scariest part was that black flames were unceasingly appearing. Lin Feng’s body was almost entirely covered with black flames. After a while, the radiant flames had entirely transformed into black flames. At that moment, in the middle of those rampaging black flames, Lin Feng looked like a demonic deity, he looked absolutely terrifying.

“This is a new dimension, as expected, the flames from the sun and my grim fire can merge to create something new.” Thought Lin Feng who was still a bit surprised. He could already make pure Qi into flames and with the knowledge he had acquired from using grim fire, he was now able to transform Qi into grim fire. However, the black flames which were burning around Lin Feng’s body didn’t look as overwhelming as it did in the book, it didn’t seem as impressive as the image.

Lin Feng’s thoughts were extremely quick, the black flames around his body condensed into several tiny flames shaped as petals which then hovered in front of him, an endless quantity of flames started to emerge from his body which was then turned into more tiny black flames, which gathered in front of Lin Feng.

A black lotus which was the size of a hand, hovered in front of Lin Feng. That black lotus was a grim black lotus, it contained grim fire. All the pure Qi which was surrounding Lin Feng’s body turned into black flames which merged with the lotus flower….

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