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PMG Chapter 348: The Holy Courtyard Is Landing!

Regular chapter #3 from last week.
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Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw the black lotus, his eyes were twinkling.

“What a monstrous Qi.” Whispered Lin Feng to himself. The black fire lotus was made completely from condensed pure Qi which took shape from Lin Feng’s imagination, he imagined a lotus flower that could engulf the world.

The black lotus made from grim fire could surround and annihilate anything, it would burn anything it came in contact with.

In Lin Feng’s thoughts, the lotus flower was slowly growing bigger and bigger, but the energy contained in the fire was becoming less dense and concentrated, the denser the energy contained within the lotus, the more terrifying it was.

Lin Feng concentrated again and the energy of the lotus flower slowly regained its original shape and power.

Lin Feng attempted to increase the size a few times with no success. Lin Feng stopped trying to increase the size and power of his lotus flower with his energy. He then stretched out his hand, in an instant a scorching hot fire appeared. In the middle of that fire, there was a monstrous rampaging energy.

It seemed like the fire of a ferocious beast, that was precisely the essence fire that Lin Feng had stolen from Bing Yuan at Celestial River. Ever since he left Celestial River, he didn’t have any opportunities to use it, now, he had condensed his grim fire into a black lotus, so it was worth giving it a try.

The beast essence fire was rampaging in the atmosphere, Lin Feng controlled his black lotus and moved it towards the beast essence fire. The black lotus then slowly started to blossom and at the same time, it gradually enveloped the beast essence fire.

“Absorb!” Said Lin Feng in a low voice with a sharp expression in his eyes. In a flash, the black lotus petals slammed shut and completely absorbed the beast essence fire within. The black light started flickering and increased amounts of deadly energy started pouring out from the lotus, it was growing more and more monstrous as it grew more powerful.

Lin Feng didn’t find the situation strange at all. It was the beast essence fire of a seven-tailed fox, it was initially monstrously powerful. When the black lotus absorbed the beast essence fire, no monstrous fire Qi emerged, there was just a terrifying deadly Qi. It was entirely absorbed without wasting a single drop of its power. That black lotus was monstrous, it seemed like it was the god of all fires and was able to swallow all the fire in the world.

After a while, the black lotus was still getting stronger and stronger. Lin Feng was smiling as he watched this. He raised his head and looked at the sun in the sky and shouted: “Transform!”

After Lin Feng’s shout, the black lotus transformed into a myriad of small black flames which were then absorbed into Lin Feng’s body. The radiant sun flames appeared around Lin Feng’s body. Once the grim fire was absorbed, Lin Feng’s sun Qi had grown even more powerful. The fire within his body was even more scorching and dazzling.

The grim fire could merge with the sun Qi, and after absorbing the grim fire back into his body after it increased in power, the power of his sun Qi also increased.

The sunlight was still shining down on the top of the hill. Lin Feng was sitting there smiling, he was extremely happy with his progress. He nearly died, which caused his celestial book to open itself and the grim fire was revealed. Besides, his grim fire and the flames from his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill could fuse together which enabled him to greatly increase the quality of his skill along with its power.

Lin Feng was lacking when it came to fire. No matter whether it was to concoct pills or fabricate weapons, Lin Feng needed to control an extremely powerful fire to increase his ability.

“What kind of spirit is my celestial spirit? Why do I have such a spirit?” thought Lin Feng. He couldn’t understand, during that cold and rainy night, his spirit had caused him unbearable pain when it awoke, but the reward was gigantic. Each page of the celestial book seemed to grant him with monstrous abilities, warlord’s sword, the grim fire… What would appear on the next page?

Lin Feng didn’t think too much, the path of cultivation was an extremely long and complicated one. If he achieved a certain condition, success would be achieved. Lin Feng obviously knew that thinking on it would get him nowhere.

The burning flames were absorbed into Lin Feng’s body and he stopped cultivating. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared from Dong Ling Hill in an instant.


The news about what happened in the Lovesick Forest hadn’t spread at all as if someone was preventing it from circulating, even a certain somebody from the Yue Clan who had witnessed the events was staying quiet. Who would dare carelessly talk about what had happened between Duan Wu Ya the second prince and the Yu Clan.

The outside world was extremely peaceful, it seemed like just another normal day, but in the Lovesick Forest, there were surprisingly many wealthy and noble young cultivators. As before, how could the elites of Xue Yue not know about the events that happened there? They all understood that the Yu Clan was going to go through some hardships.

Yu Tian Xing was killed by Lin Feng as well as two cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer who belonged to the Yu Clan. Then, Yu Qiu’s cultivation was crippled and immediately after, one of Duan Wu Ya’s guards killed him.

How could all the witnesses remain calm after seeing these events happen in the Lovesick Forest?

But the members of the Celestial Academy didn’t know about it. The disciples of the Celestial Academy were mainly concerned with Qiong Bi Luo.

Qiong Bi Luo had easily defeated Du Bi, his Blue Void spirit was terrifyingly powerful and the majority of the students of the Celestial Academy all considered Qiong Bi Luo as the most dazzling genius of the academy. He was the top ranked disciple of the academy.

However, very few people thought that Lin Feng was the strongest student of the Celestial Academy. They had always thought that if Lin Feng fought against Qiong Bi Luo, he might have a chance, but that was just speculation.

At that moment, on a big public square at the Celestial Academy, many people were surrounding the central cultivation tower and the atmosphere was bustling and lively.

The crowd raised their heads and looked at the top of the cultivation tower with envy. The top of the cultivation tower was the dream of many. Those who practiced at the top of the tower were always worshiped.

Everybody hoped to be able to practice at the top someday.

At that moment, in the distance, some whistling sounds emerged, they had been caused by a strong wind which painfully piercing through people’s eardrums.

The crowd couldn’t help but raise their heads and gaze into the distance. Immediately after, they saw something flying through the atmosphere. The air was being split in two and in the middle was a magnificent white light.

“Huh?” The crowd was stupefied and blankly staring at the sky. Immediately after, a gigantic silhouette appeared in front of them.

A huge wind followed every movement from the silhouette, the wind rushed through the air just like a hurricane, the scene was incredible.

“A ferocious beast, a legendary roc!” The crowd was staring at the huge winged beast… It was a legendary roc.

In the sky above the Celestial Academy, a ferocious beast suddenly appeared, thus, people were a bit surprised.

“It can’t be, that’s a human being.” The crowd was gasping with astonishment and their hearts started pounding.

That gigantic silhouette was moving nearer and nearer. The crowd could see it more clearly at that moment. That gigantic silhouette wasn’t a ferocious beast, surprisingly, it wasn’t a legendary roc, instead, it was a human being!

Actually, that gigantic silhouette and the wings were from a spirit, a legendary roc spirit.

“High-Official Chu Zhan Peng!”

In a flash, the crowd thought of someone, it was a legendary roc spirit so it had to be Chu Zhan Peng the high-official. Of course, nobody knew in the air, behind that legendary roc was an ice cold Qi.

At that moment, the sun was shining down upon people’s bodies but suddenly, the sky became dark and covered with clouds.

“The High-Official Luo Xue!” The crowd was astonished once more. They were absolutely right, there were two people in the sky, High-Official Chu Zhan Peng and High-Official Luo Xue.

Two high-officials were surprisingly moving towards them at full speed.

It seemed like there were many silhouettes that were flickering and coming towards the Celestial Academy in the distance. Besides, these people were all wearing the uniform of the Holy Courtyard, without exception.

“What’s going on?” The crowd was growing more and more anxious. These people were students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, their facial expressions were all extremely sharp and they were releasing an extremely powerful Qi. They were all extraordinarily strong, there wasn’t a single weakling amongst them.

Those people were all charging towards the Celestial Academy at the same time, there was even the two strongest disciples of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue there, they were both high-officials.

“It seems like something incredible is about to happen.” Thought the crowd. At that moment, Chu Zhan Peng had already arrived above them in the sky. The wings of the legendary roc were fluttering in the air. Immediately after, he landed at the top of the cultivation tower. That was the highest point in the Celestial Academy and it was as if Chu Zhan Peng was putting it under his feet.

That astonished all the people in the Celestial Academy!

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