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PMG Chapter 349: The Appointment

Regular chapter #1 for this week.
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“How aggressive!” The crowd was staring at Chu Zhan Peng.

The cultivation tower was a symbol of the Celestial Academy, being able to step into the cultivation tower was an honour, and the top floor was a majestic symbol of the academy.

However, Chu Zhan Peng was an outsider from the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, he came to the Celestial Academy and immediately put the cultivation tower under his feet, and his intention was obvious.

What Chu Zhan Peng meant was that he looked down on the Celestial Academy, he was humiliating its members. They were humiliating every member of the Celestial Academy by disrespecting the glorious symbol of the Celestial Academy. Chu Zhan Peng, was a high-official after all.

That made the members of the Celestial Academy infuriated but when facing one of the eight high-officials, what could they do? Getting angry at him was useless, they couldn’t fight against him.

Luo Xue was also in the air and then stood on the tower. He was monstrously strong, just like Chu Zhan Peng, and they both looked at the members of the Celestial Academy with disdain.

The silhouettes of all the Holy Courtyard students flickered and they all formed a perfect line, they looked down on the students of the Celestial Academy, they all looked extremely arrogant.

“I heard that some geniuses have appeared in the Celestial Academy, besides, two of them have already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer.” Said Chu Zhan Peng from the top of the cultivation tower, his voice was filled with insult and sarcasm.

“The Celestial Academy is becoming more and more influential, today, Luo Xue and I brought some of our fellow students so we could all learn from each other, we want to see how majestic and strong the geniuses of the Celestial Academy really are.” Said Chu Zhan Peng while arrogantly glancing at the crowd.

Chu Zhan Peng had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer and had become one of the eight high-officials for the last two years. He wasn’t lazy either, relying on his natural abilities, he already broke through to the third Xuan Qi layer, whereas the insignificant insects Qiong Bi Luo and Du Bi had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, they wouldn’t be able to compete with him.

Besides, Chu Zhan Peng hadn’t forgotten about Lin Feng either. In fact, he had come to the Celestial Academy for two reasons, one reason was obviously Lin Feng.

He glanced at the students of the Celestial Academy on the ground, his two gigantic legendary roc wings streaked through the sky and he landed on the ground, immediately after he rose back up in the air, before landing back onto the top of the cultivation tower. Now, on his side, a beautiful woman had appeared.

If Lin Feng had been there, he would definitely have recognized her, it was Lin Qian.

Lin Qian was standing on top of the cultivation tower looking down on the crowd. The feeling of power invaded her heart, it seemed like her pride which had been crushed by Lin Feng was restored in an instant.

Even though her natural abilities weren’t as impressive as Lin Feng’s, she didn’t need to be monstrously strong, as long as her lover was strong enough, she would be able to crush Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry Qian Qian, I will do what I promised you.” Said Chu Zhan Peng in a cold tone. If he had an occasion, he would definitely kill Lin Feng.

He could remember back to when he had gone to the Yun Hai Sect, at that time, Lin Feng was still a nobody, a little insect, yet had dared to make him lose face, he should have killed Lin Feng much earlier.

Lin Feng was already much stronger and he was described as a genius by the members of the Celestial Academy. He was even respected and appreciated by the second prince, Duan Wu Ya. However, Chu Zhan Peng wanted to use Lin Feng to feed his ego.

“Why is nobody replying? Is there nobody worthwhile in the Celestial Academy?” Joked Chu Zhan Peng which stupefied the crowd beneath the cultivation tower. They wanted to deny what he had just said but didn’t know what to say.

Actually, they really couldn’t compete with Chu Zhan Peng, after all, he was one of the eight high-officials, if they contradicted him and made him angry, that would be courting death.

But at that moment, some silhouettes appeared in the distance. These silhouettes flickered, they were moving at full speed. Besides, there were also some people moving through the sky. These people were teachers of the Celestial Academy, cultivators at the Xuan Qi layer. They rarely came out but at that moment, these loud and extremely arrogant people from the Holy Courtyard barged into the academy, how could the teachers not respond?

Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue calmly and serenely looked at the silhouettes moving through the sky, they didn’t look affected at all, as if they didn’t even care.

“Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue have barged into the Celestial Academy, what is that supposed to mean?”

At that moment, a teacher from the Celestial Academy came forward and spoke to Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue, who were still standing on the top of the cultivation tower.

“I, Chu Zhan Peng, have heard that some geniuses are in the Celestial Academy, congratulations, I admire you for that. Therefore, today, I have come with some of my fellow disciples of the Holy Courtyard to learn from you and swap some advice. The Celestial Academy is now prestigious and mighty, I hope that you will be generous and allow us to learn from its members.” Said Chu Zhan Peng with a smile yet not a smile on his face. What he meant was obvious, he had come to challenge the students of the Celestial Academy.

“The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and the Celestial Academy are two great academic institutions of the Imperial City, challenges are very normal, I know that you are unlikely to refuse.” added Luo Xue sounding ice-cold.

The teacher from the Celestial Academy frowned, Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue had been famous for a while already and he was wondering how strong they had become, but what he feared the most was that they were already able to sweep away the disciples of the Celestial Academy.

“Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue, what kind of advice do you seek?”

“Since both our Holy Courtyard and your Celestial Academy can exchange a lot, we should, of course, select the same number of students, if you want a group fight, we don’t mind either.” Replied Chu Zhan Peng.

The teacher of the Celestial Academy was a bit surprised. Even though the Celestial Academy was quite strong, they had started from nothing unlike the Holy Courtyard which immediately gathered the best disciples from the greatest sects in the country, it was strong directly from the moment of its creation. The Celestial Academy was obviously weaker than the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, choosing the same number of people for a battle would definitely lead to the defeat of the Celestial Academy. They had no chance of winning.

“If you are afraid that it would end up in the Celestial Academy getting humiliated, we can make it even more simple, you can immediately choose the two strongest and most gifted students of the academy and they can fight against Luo Xue and me.” Joked Chu Zhan Peng.

The members of the Celestial Academy were insulting them in their hearts. Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue were high-officials, who could battle against them? Even Qiong Bi Luo couldn’t rival them, he would definitely lose if he tried.

It seemed like the Celestial Academy had absolutely no chance of winning such a challenge.

“Alright, I will choose two people who will fight against you.” Said the teacher of the Xuan Qi layer of the Celestial Academy. The crowd was dumbstruck, surprisingly, he had agreed.

Chu Zhan Peng was also astonished but still found the situation extremely amusing, weren’t they acting too recklessly by accepting his challenge?

“But not right now.” Added the teacher. He then added: “Soon, there will be the Grand Tournament of the Imperial City, at that moment, you and Luo Xue will participate as well, the students that I have chosen will also participate and you will have a chance to fight against them during the tournament.”

Chu Zhan Peng was surprised, he hadn’t expected his interlocutor to calculate to such a degree, indeed, the Grand Tournament of the Imperial City would start soon and as high-officials, Chu Zhan Peng and Luo Xue were obviously going to participate.

The Grand Tournament would be especially important for geniuses, the Celestial Academy would also pick some students to attend, surprisingly, the teacher had also chosen that day for Chu Zhan Peng’s challenge.

“That’s my condition, otherwise, the Celestial Academy will disregard your challenge.” Explained the teacher from the Celestial Academy.

Chu Zhan Peng’s eyes were flashing with thoughts, he remained silent for a while, then Luo Xue and he glanced at each other, immediately smiled and nodded. Luo Xue and Chu Zhan Peng would have time to prepare themselves and become even stronger during that period, it didn’t seem like there was a down side.

“Alright, I accept.” Nodded Chu Zhan Peng.

“I hope that on the day, the Celestial Academy will not choose two worthless cultivators, otherwise we will be able take advantage of it and the Celestial Academy will become the joke of the Imperial City.” Joked Chu Zhan Peng.

Immediately after, he rolled up his sleeves, a strong wind filled the area, the wings of the legendary roc opened , he then rose into the air and flew away.

“Let’s go!” Said Luo Xue indifferently. He immediately started floating in the air and moved through the sky as if he was taking a gentle stroll, he looked natural and relaxed.

When the people of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue saw these two leave, they then all gradually started to follow. Very quickly, they all disappeared, however, their despicable and detestable behaviour, even after they left, was still making the members of the Celestial Academy suffer.

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