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PMG Chapter 35: To The Death! : Lin Feng Vs Lin Qian

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Everyone watching felt confused by Lin Feng’s actions, Lin Hen had already broken through to the Ling Qi layer so it was normal for him to threaten Lin Wu.

But Lin Feng was doing the same now and was telling Lin Wu to get out of his sight. The previous shame and humiliation had already made Lin Wu enraged. He had been humiliated by Lin Hen and hadn’t felt anger but the fact that that piece of trash dared to humiliate him was unbearable. He felt like a knife was stabbing his heart and his anger could be seen on his bright red face.

“Do you want to die?” Lin Wu was releasing clear killing intent and his gaze was like a wild beast.

At that moment an extremely strong force surrounded Lin Wu and came crashing down onto him, even though it wasn’t as strong as Lin Hen’s chaotic energy, Lin Wu once again felt fear fill his heart. He had once again been surrounded by an oppressive force that was crushing down onto his whole body.

“Three.” Lin Feng started the countdown in a low voice. The power of the force which was crushing Lin Wu’s body was growing stronger and stronger over time. Lin Wu was almost suffocating from the energy filling the atmosphere. All his feelings, wrath, shame, resentment suddenly all vanished. The only feeling he had left was fear and self preservation.

He was at the ninth Qi layer and the piece of trash which was facing him was using energy strong enough to suppress him. Was he also Ling Qi Layer?

Everybody was confused, they only saw that Lin Wu was suddenly panicked and gasping for breath. Lin Feng was walking slowly and calmly towards Lin Wu which gave everyone the impression that time had stopped. Even if the crowd could sense the Qi contained within the force which was released by Lin Feng, it was in perfect harmony with the elements.

Lin Feng looked like a completely different person in the eyes of the Lin Clan members. Lin Feng seemed to be in perfect balance with the elements and forces between heaven and earth.

“Two.” Said Lin Feng while taking another step forward. Even if he wasn’t shouting, his words felt like a hammer stroking Lin Wu’s chest. Lin Wu’s heart was pounding. He could only think of ways to flee this current situation.  However he could barely move.

The force had become much stronger than the initial pressure. Lin Wu was still feeling extremely oppressed and at the same time was trying to escape backwards. It didn’t even look like a battle was happening. It looked ridiculous, his confidence had disappeared even though Lin Feng had only taken two steps forward.

“What’s going on? Lin Wu is trying to escape?” whispered members who were watching the events.

“I really think that Lin Feng has unlocked his hidden talent, can he really be called trash anymore? It’s almost as if he has unsheathed a sword and is cutting down the pride of anyone who was trying to obstruct his way.”

“There is one last word left.” Said Lin Feng while smiling at Lin Wu but it seemed like Lin Feng was making fun of Lin Wu. Lin Wu, was a true coward in every sense of the word, when faced with the pressure stronger than his own, he never even attempted to fight.

Lin Wu had a spear in his hand which fell down onto the ground. He looked very weak and fragile. Lin Hen hadn’t needed to humiliate him that much, he knew himself that his strength wasn’t sufficient to fight back against the Ling Qi Layer. Lin Feng’s force though had completely destroyed his self confidence and humiliated him much worse than Lin Hen. He had the feeling that he was never truly strong and the strength he had was just a fantasy created by his arrogance when bullying the weak. That kind of humiliation was truly scary and would take root deep inside the subconscious, making any advancements in the path of cultivation much more difficult.

“I give up.” Said Lin Wu while biting his lips. He seemed to gain a small insight into the world. He used to regard himself as infallible, he believed he was extremely powerful and because of that he was extremely arrogant. He couldn’t bear thinking about how he used to be.

“Give up?” said Lin Feng while smiling. “I said to get out of my sight. Since I can still see you, I will give you one last chance to get out of my sight by crawling on your belly like the worm you are.”

He was humiliating him over and over again. Could the anger that he felt be satisfied with only words?

If Lin Wu had been able to defeat Lin Feng, Lin Feng would have been humiliated and endlessly bullied. Lin Wu would have never let him off so easily… but when Lin Wu found out that he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng then he would just give up, were these words really enough? What about the horrible things he had said before? Could they be forgotten that easily?

It was obviously impossible. Lin Feng wasn’t a sage, he was just an ordinary young man, an ordinary young man with feelings such as hate, love, courage and revenge.

“I give up. Isn’t it enough? You really want me to crawl away?” Lin Wu was furious and had started yelling again.

“Is giving up enough to make us even? You call me a piece of trash, the disgrace of the Lin Clan… how should I punish you for your insults. Do you think it’s enough? You got humiliated by him and then take it out on me. Do you think it’s enough?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. “Now you realize that you cannot compete with me and only say a few words and you think it’s enough. Are you looking to die today?”

Lin Wu was extremely scared.

“It seems like time has come.” Lin Feng had a smile on his face. “I will give you one last chance. If you do not get out of my sight, you will bear the consequences of your actions.”

While saying this, Lin Feng kept moving forwards. Lin Wu groaned and immediately laid down on the ground. He looked extremely ashamed and weak.

Lin Feng had an aura which was filled with killing intent which left Lin Wu extremely frightened. Regardless of his feelings of shame and resentment, Lin Feng’s killing intent scared him back to reality. He has never felt such a murderous intent before, it was truly terrifying.

“I’ll get out of your sight.” Said Lin Wu while forcing a smile. His smile was filled with regret and shame. He crawled on the ground away from Lin Feng.

“Piece of trash. Disgrace of the Clan.”

“That piece of trash is the same piece of trash as before.”

While crawling on the ground, Lin Wu remembered all the horrible names and insults he had given Lin Feng. He knew that he was acting like a fool. He was at the ninth Qi layer, he was an outstanding disciple and one of the clans future stars, why had he ended up being so petty?

Everybody in the crowd was looking at Lin Wu crawling on the ground. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They only thought that Lin Feng was insane, suddenly demanding Lin Wu to crawl on the ground and get out of his sight. They wouldn’t have thought that he had meant it or that Lin Wu would actually do it.

“Lin Wu.” Said Lin Zhen. He was shaking. How did such an event come to pass? His son should have the same prideful expression on his face that he always had, he should be the pride of the Clan, a true genius who is just a little weaker than Lin Qian… but in such a short time, Lin Wu had been humiliated twice, to the extent that the second time, he was crawling on the ground like a worm.

“Bastard.” Lin Zhen was furious. He wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot.


Lin Hai lazily sighed when he saw that Lin Zhen was furious. It seemed like the entire space was growing colder, ready to punish Lin Zhen for any actions he made.

“Calm down.” Lin Ba Dao had noticed that Lin Zhen was furious and apathetically added: “Don’t worry, that piece of trash will not be arrogant for much longer.”

Lin Zhen was still as furious as before. He stared at Lin Hai and then sat down. He knew that he could not do as he pleased as long as Lin Hai was there.

“Lin Feng wins.” Said the Sixth Elder while staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wasn’t like the great majority of the junior members of the Lin Clan. He hadn’t inherited a fire or ice spirit, instead he had inherited a small snake spirit. But that small snake spirit wasn’t like a normal beast spirit. Nobody knew what use it had, it didn’t seem to be that strong or powerful. Because they could not sense its power and did not know the uses of such a spirit, it was deemed a trash spirit. That is why Lin Feng was called a piece of trash by everyone. He was regarded as a disgrace.

Lin Feng also practiced at an extremely slow pace on the path of cultivation which made him even more infamous within the clan. Everybody despised him. But that piece of trash had defeated Lin Yan and had made Lin Wu, who considered himself above ordinary members of the clan, crawl on the ground like a worm. Was he still the piece of trash he used to be? Was his spirit really useless?

“When the father is a dragon, the son can never be a snake.” Thought the Sixth Elder. He then said “Have a rest for half an hour and then we’ll continue with the upcoming battles.”

“Elder, we four are not tired, we don’t need to rest. Let’s continue now, please.” Said Lin Qian in a nonchalant way. Even if she was extremely arrogant towards the other members of the Lin Clan, she was slightly more polite recently. Elders of the Lin Clan didn’t mind her being arrogant but Chu Zhan Peng did not like her arrogance, she was being taught to not be arrogant to those who are stronger than her.

“My sister is right, let’s continue now.” Added Lin Hong. Both brother and sister had reached the semifinals. This day was a wonderful one for Lin Ba Dao and his standing within the clan. This would make his attempt to become clan head go very smoothly.

The Sixth Elder looked at Lin Feng: “What is your opinion?”

Regarding his son, Lin Hen, he already knew his opinion. Which only left Lin Feng.

“No problem, we can continue.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. Until that moment, he hadn’t really used his power anyway.

“If you’re all alright with it, then let’s continue right now.” Declared the Sixth Elder. “The semifinals will be as such: Lin Feng versus Lin Hong and Lin Qian versus Lin Hen. Lin Feng and Lin Hong, you can start first.”

“The Sixth Elder unexpectedly made Lin Hen fight against Lin Qian. He must really expect a lot from him.”

“Lin Hen is at the same level as Lin Qian, they have both broken through to the Ling Qi layer. Lin Hong is also extremely strong but couldn’t compete with them. As far as Lin Feng is concerned, it’s also impossible for him to defeat Lin Hen. Only Lin Qian could compete with him. The Sixth Elder probably thinks like that and that’s why he arranged the battles that way. The way the battles are arranged is not important anyway, what is important is strength.”

Everybody was making all sorts of comments on the matchups. But at that time, Lin Ba Dao stood up and said in a clear loud voice: “Sixth Elder, would you allow me to say a few words?”

“Alright.” Said the Sixth Elder while nodding.

“These four juniors are at the highest ranks of this year’s annual meeting, they represent the new generation of our Lin Clan and its future prospects. I think that forfeiting should be declared invalid. Only fighting until one of them can no longer continue, they should fight like true warriors of the Lin Clan until the end. That way, they will be forced to fully exploit their potential and perhaps even gain insight towards their path of cultivation.” Said Lin Ba Dao with assurance while looking at Lin Hai every once in a while as if he was trying to provoke him.

“How cruel. It seems like he really wants Lin Hong to cripple Lin Feng.” Said some members of the crowd. They had all understood Lin Ba Dao’s thoughts. They could tell that he had nothing but cruel intentions.

“Clan Head, what do you think about my proposal?” Lin Ba Dao asked Lin Hai who had the feeling that Lin Ba Dao was constantly positioning his knife behind Lin Hai’s back with the words “Clan Head”. He was smiling at Lin Hai. If Lin Hai didn’t accept, Lin Feng would lose face. If he did accept and Lin Feng lost, that would ruin the reputation of his family. Lin Ba Dao had seized this opportunity to destroy his competition.

OhDine if you are reading this. The actual chapter name is Chapter 35: The Final Eight Part 3A6, and I have just played an incredibly evil prank on all the readers 🙂 hehe xoxox

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