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PMG Chapter 354: The Portrait

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In the Imperial City, people thought that the Yue Clan was the clan with the most mysterious, they handled affairs very discreetly, to the extent that the juniors didn’t even know why their clan was so prestigious, they were just used to hearing it said by others.  Sometimes the elders would talk about how nobody dared to offend the Yue Clan.

In the eastern part of the city, there was a chain of mountains which were covered with bamboo forests, it was a magnificent landscape. Between two of the mountains, there was a bright green field on which there was a palace and a courtyard built, this was the location of the Yue Clan.

At that moment, in the middle of the bamboo forest, two people were playing chess. One of them was middle-aged with dashing eyebrows, starry eyes, and he looked majestic, the other one was an old man with white hair, but he still looked vigorous and energetic.

“Father, Meng He has been having trouble recently.” At that moment, the majestic middle-aged man spoke while making his move.

The white-haired old man didn’t reply and instead was looking at the chessboard, he looked irresolute but after a while, he made his move and said: “Even though some pieces are outside of the game, they can still influence its course.”

The middle-aged man remained silent for a moment while touching various pieces irresolutely without making his move. He then said: “Well, should we allow them to stay outside or should we extinguish the fire!”

When the middle aged man finished talking, he made his move.

“Considering her temperament, it would be better if she didn’t get too infuriated. Have you ever seen the child?” Asked the old man sounding aggrieved.

The middle aged man nodded and replied: “He’s a genius, not much difference between him and Lin Hai. If he works hard, he will become an incredible genius.”

“It’s really an ill-fated relationship.” Sighed the old man. In his mind, there was an image of a fearless young man.

“How’s Tian Chen?” Asked the old man again.

This time, the middle-aged man slightly shook his head and only said one word: “No.”

“Give him some freedom, don’t restrain him too much.” Said the old man while nodding.

“Father, how should we handle it?” Asked the handsome middle-aged man.

The old man remained silent for a moment and then immediately stood up, he gazed into the distance and said: “The event of the decade is quickly approaching, bring Tian Ming back, and if Tian Ming gets angry, speak of the marriage alliance!”

When he finished talking, the old man left, when the middle-aged man heard the old man, a sharp light flashed in his eyes. He then silently nodded, those days, in the Imperial City, the situation was very unstable which was a great opportunity, they needed to bring Tian Ming back to the Imperial City.


In the middle of the peach orchard, Lin Feng was silent, he still couldn’t figure out with whom he had connections with.

“Teacher, you helped me once again.” Said Lin Feng to Yan Yu Sheng Ping, who had helped him a few times.

“It wasn’t me, I was just told to ensure your safety within the territory of the Celestial Academy.” Replied Yan Yu Sheng Ping while shaking his head which stupefied Lin Feng.

“Who asked you?” Asked Lin Feng.

“I should take you somewhere.” Replied Yan Yu Sheng Ping while raising his head. Lin Feng nodded and then only saw Yan Yu Sheng Ping put his zither away, shake his body and immediately jump up into the air.

“How fast!” Lin Feng was stupefied, he then stomped his feet onto the ground, condensed some pure Qi and his body shot into the air like an arrow leaving the bow and rushed towards Yan Yu Sheng Ping, trying to catch up with his speed.

Yan Yu Sheng Ping was leading the way and Lin Feng was following behind, they were rushing through the air together.

People of the Qi layer could jump a hundred meters into the air, while people of the Ling Qi layer could, relying one single jump, travel a thousand meters into the air, and they were even able to stay there for a very short time.
Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, provided that they had enough pure Qi could fly through the air. However, cultivators at the lower layers of the Xuan Qi layer couldn’t fly for long distances, because it required too much pure Qi, especially when moving at high speeds.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng was already able to easily fly through the air, authentically strong cultivators had the power to fly through the skies and destroy mountains, these weren’t lies.

Lin Feng was struggling to catch up to Yan Yu Ping Sheng, as if he was meticulously being tested, forcing him to use his full strength to keep up.

At that moment, under Lin Feng’s feet, the pure Qi was scorching hot, just like an intense fire. He didn’t stop moving forward, and at the same time, sunlight was penetrating into Lin Feng’s body. His entire body was like a burning meteorite. Lin Feng was also extremely quick and closely followed Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Lin Feng was the only person who knew just how exhausting it was to keep up for this long.

Lin Feng also didn’t know how long they flew but finally, at some point, Yan Yu Ping Sheng slowed down and said to Lin Feng: “We’ve arrived, let’s get down.”

When he finished talking, Yan Yu Ping Sheng swooped down to the ground.

Lin Feng looked under his feet, there was a magnificent palace surrounded by a tranquil forest, which made his heartbeat accelerate.

The Imperial Palace, the place where Yan Yu Ping Sheng had brought Lin Feng was the Imperial Palace!

Lin Feng looked at Yan Yu Ping Sheng on the ground and felt exhausted. Flying through the sky was a great feeling but it consumed too much energy, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.

Lin Feng attentively observed the surroundings, it looked like a quiet mountain village. There wasn’t only a magnificent and majestic palace, but there were also rivers, mountains and bamboo forests, just like a microcosm. That place was gorgeous, Lin Feng found the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.


At that moment, Lin Feng was a bit surprised, he could clearly perceive that in some dark places, people were staring at them: these were the guards.

But Lin Feng felt at ease, in the palace, that was absolutely normal.

“Let’s go in.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng as he started walking. Surprisingly, they could freely wander in the manor, there was a stone bridge and many covered corridors, Yan Yu Sheng Ping seemed to be extremely familiar with the palace.

“It seems like teacher’s social status is extraordinary.” Thought Lin Feng while looking at Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s back.

A moment after, Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng arrived in front of a stream and a forest. Finally, there were some people, many people wanted to penetrate into the depths of the forest, however, two females were preventing them from entering. Nobody could get in. These young people had no choice but to leave.

At that moment, they also noticed Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng, they couldn’t help but look nervous.

“Senior Yan Yu, can you take us inside please?” Asked the people walking towards Yan Yu Ping Sheng but he just slightly shook his head and said: “If she’s willing to see you, she will.”

After saying this, Yan Yu Ping Sheng and Lin Feng entered the forest. Everybody was stupefied when they saw that and some people shouted: “Well then why is he allowed inside?”

“Because she desperately wants to see him again.” Replied Yan Yu Ping Sheng indifferently. After that, Lin Feng could clearly sense some cold energy piercing his back.

They entered the forest, Around them were cliffs and precipices, they were as clear as mirrors, there were also many trees and rivers.  Mountains, water, grass, everything was there.

The atmosphere was filled with the sounds of the flowing streams and rivers. A gorgeous and splendid silhouette was standing in front of a precipice, she was painting something. Maybe she was too concentrated but she didn’t notice Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng smiled at Lin Feng and nodded. Immediately after, he turned around and left Lin Feng there. He didn’t have to say anything, Lin Feng already understood.

At the moment when he had seen that it was the Imperial Palace, Lin Feng had already thought about it, in the Imperial Palace, there was only one person who was interested in Lin Feng and who could have asked Yan Yu Ping Sheng to protect Lin Feng. Of course, it was her.

Lin Feng walked normally, slowly approached that lithe and graceful silhouette. When he arrived near her, he clearly saw the image in the painting, which abruptly made his heartbeat accelerate.

“It’s not the same. There is no romantic charm.” said a soft and gentle voice. Immediately after, she raised her long and slender hand, she wanted to erase everything.

“Am I really that handsome!” Interrupted Lin Feng which made her hand stop in the air. She turned her head and saw Lin Feng. Her cheeks turned red in a flash.

However, Lin Feng was staring at the portrait on the wall. Divine, majestic, long fluttering hair, it depicted a free and unrestrained young man, if it wasn’t Lin Feng, who else could it be?

“Lin Feng, how did you get in here?” Asked Duan Xin Ye, she had never thought that Lin Feng would suddenly appear, she was pleasantly surprised.

“Yan Yu Ping Sheng brought me here.” Replied Lin Feng. Yan Yu Ping Sheng had silently brought Lin Feng inside but Lin Feng still didn’t know exactly what the relationship was between Yan Yu Ping Sheng and Duan Xin Ye.

“Oh, no wonder.” Whispered Duan Xin Ye. She knew that Yan Yu Ping Sheng was giving her an opportunity.

“Xin Ye, you and teacher Yan Yu….?” Asked Lin Feng curiously.

“He’s my teacher, he teaches me to play the zither.” Replied Duan Xin Ye which relieved Lin Feng. No wonder Yan Yu Ping Sheng could come and leave as he wished. He was the princess’ music teacher, that was, indeed, an extremely important position.

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