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PMG Chapter 355: Touching

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Other than the young people, a moment ago, there were also nobles with close ties to the imperial family who were extremely respectful towards Yan Yu Ping Sheng, it was obvious that Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s social status was extraordinary.

“Yan Yu Ping Sheng surprisingly favours the princess.” Thought Lin Feng, otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought Lin Feng here to give her the opportunity to meet him again.

“Lin Feng, I’m leaving, you can head back on your own later.”

At that moment, a very loud voice spread through the atmosphere, and Lin Feng saw a silhouette in the distance, it was Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised and smiled wryly while shaking his head. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was leaving Lin Feng behind in the Imperial Palace.

Duan Xin Ye also looked surprised when she saw Yan Yu Ping Sheng leave. She immediately said: “Lin Feng, what do you think about my painting skill?”

“The painting has much more charm than I do.” Lin Feng smiled. Duan Xin Ye’s portrait was really splendid.

“You’re just being nice!” Whispered Duan Xin Ye while looking shy. She then pulled Lin Feng and said: “Come with me.”

Duan Xin Ye took Lin Feng to a cave, when they arrived near the cave, Lin Feng discovered a place of exceptional charm and beauty, the pieces of furniture were in a picturesque scene, it looked extremely graceful and elegant.

A moment after, Duan Xin Ye brought Lin Feng into a room inside the cave. Inside, there was the sweet fragrance of a young girl, the room looked exactly like a young lady’s sleeping chamber.

“Lin Feng, I live here, I like calmness and tranquillity so I decided to live here. Nobody can bother me when I’m here.” Said Duan Xin Ye in a soft and gentle voice, immediately after, she pointed to some paintings.

When Lin Feng saw these portraits, he was stupefied, the entire wall was covered in portraits, all of them were of the same person: Lin Feng.

When he saw these portraits, Lin Feng felt his heart tremble, if he hadn’t met Meng Qing, then he would have engaged in a relationship with Duan Xin Ye, the beautiful princess, without hesitation.

“Lin Feng, aren’t these portraits better than the one outside?” Duan Xin Ye was looking at Lin Feng with her beautiful and limpid eyes, looking slightly impatient.

“They are all very beautiful.” Replied Lin Feng.

Duan Xin Ye’s eyes twinkled, she then pulled Lin Feng towards the edge of the bed and said: “Lin Feng, sit down, I want you to taste the tea I make.”

“This……..” Lin Feng looked embarrassed. That was Duan Xin Ye’s room, and that bed was the bed in which a princess slept, it even smelt like her, Lin Feng was embarrassed to be pulled onto the bed.

“Lin Feng, are you still embarrassed about such things when you are with me?” Said Duan Xin Ye softly, she then immediately started boiling water for the tea.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and looked at Duan Xin Ye who looked really clumsy, he couldn’t help but smile and shake his head, she was a princess, she probably rarely did such things herself.

Lin Feng looked around him, while looking at all the portraits of him, he was wondering if Duan Xin Ye was thinking about him every day.

“Xin Ye, let me do it.” Said Lin Feng walking towards Duan Xin Ye trying to take the cup that she was holding.

“No need. I can do it.” Said Duan Xin Ye while drawing back her hand. Then, water splashed, Duan Xin Ye screamed and then the cup fell to the ground.

Duan Xin Ye wanted to catch the teacup but Lin Feng grabbed her hand and prevented her from moving, then the sound of the teacup breaking into pieces broke the silence. However, Duan Xin Ye seemed like she hadn’t even heard it, she just lowered her head and looked at the palm of her hand.

“It’s just a teacup, it doesn’t matter.” Pure Qi started undulating in Lin Feng’s hand which was holding onto her hand and started to heal her minor burns. He then opened his hand again.

Duan Xin Ye was looking at the hand leaving hers and she suddenly felt a bit sad yet she smiled warmly and gently.

“Let’s go take a walk.” Said Lin Feng. He found it too strange to stay in Duan Xin Ye’s room.

“Alright.” Said Duan Xin Ye in a soft tone while nodding. Then the two of them left the cave.

“Lin Feng, I would like to ask you a question.”

While leaving the cave, Duan Xin Ye had remained silent for a while and then finally responded.

“What is it?” Asked Lin Feng while looking at Duan Xin Ye’s strange facial expression. He had the impression that Duan Xin Ye was avoiding his eyes.

Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng, her lips shook, she looked nervous but she finally found the courage to ask: “Lin Feng, that beautiful woman who wears white clothes, do you like her?”

Lin Feng was a bit dumbstruck, he wouldn’t have thought Duan Xin Ye would ask him such a question.

“Yes, I do.” Nodded Lin Feng immediately. That ice goddess was always silently standing by his side, she was like his own shadow, without asking for anything in return, everything she did was for him. Even though she was ice-cold, Lin Feng could feel her love, especially during the times when he was hurt or in danger, Meng Qing became so furious that her body started to freeze. She only cared about Lin Feng’s well being, more than her own.

Duan Xin Ye had always known about her, but she couldn’t help it, she looked extremely sad.

They remained silent for some time and arrived near a stream and sat down on a stone.

Duan Xin Ye picked up some small rocks and threw them into the stream which made the water ripple.

“Lin Feng, are you going to marry her?” Asked Duan Xin Ye, without restraining herself, while looking at the water ripples.

“I will.” Replied Lin Feng resolutely and straightforward. He would, of course, marry Meng Qing. They really loved each other so they had to make an official pledge of love.

“She’s really lucky.” Replied Duan Xin Ye in a weak voice.”I also want to be with the one I love and stay with him. I want to watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday with him, I want to watch the water of the streams flow.”

Lin Feng was speechless. He obviously understood that the person she loved was him. All these portraits of him made her intentions clear.

“But I must say it clearly, for the one I love, I can abandon everything, it’s not a problem at all.” Said Duan Xin Ye in a low voice almost as if she was whispering to herself. Immediately after, she turned her head and looked at Lin Feng while smiling in a warm and gentle way.

Some people, If they missed an opportunity, had regrets their entire life. Since this was the current situation, why not seize any possibility and chance?

“Lin Feng, if I abandon my status as a princess, abandon my home, and the status as the first wife, would you accept me?”

Duan Xin Ye’s voice was soft, moving and touching. She had the majestic social status of a princess, she could get married with any extremely wealthy or powerful person and millions of people would fall to her beauty, but because of Lin Feng, she was willing to abandon everything, her social status, her home, and even the title of wife, because Lin Feng said that he would marry Meng Qing.

In other words, Duan Xin Ye was asking to become Lin Feng’s concubine.

Her love for him was so deep, how could he remain calm?

While looking at that beautiful smile, Lin Feng’s lips shook, he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know what he wanted.

“If you don’t like me in that way, I can just stay by your side and become your servant, I would serve the both of you.” Continued Duan Xin Ye with the same magnificent smile on her face, it was extremely touching and moving.

Lin Feng’s lips shook but immediately after, he stretched his hands, put them around Duan Xin Ye’s shoulders and pulled her into his arms, he then embraced her and pulled her head into his chest.

With her beauty, elegance, gentle nature, with such a deep and pure love, Lin Feng couldn’t remain unaffected, it was impossible for him not to be moved, only a cold-blooded animal would remain unaffected by such a pure act of love. The problem was that in Lin Feng’s heart, there was only Meng Qing. A while ago, he had actually already secretly decided that he would marry Meng Qing. If he accepted Duan Xin Ye, what would he be able to give her?

He wouldn’t be able to give her anything but Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Duan Xin Ye wouldn’t ask for anything in return, she just wanted to be near him, even if she became a servant.

When Duan Xin Ye felt Lin Feng’s warm body, she smiled, she looked like a resplendent and magnificent flower. However, even though she was smiling, crystal clear tears started to flow down her cheeks. Love could be magnificent and wonderful, but it could also be subtle, silent and painful.

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