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PMG Chapter 356: Imperial Guard Officer

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Outside of the forest, many people were looking impatient.

“He still hasn’t come out and Yan Yu Ping Sheng left a while ago. How come he’s not getting the hell out of there.” Swore a young man in a low voice. That person was furious. Yan Yu Ping Sheng had said that the princess desperately wanted to see him, it really seemed like that was the case. He was inside, alone with the princess.

“Is there even anyone who knows who he is?” Asked someone. All the young people who were there belonged to the Imperial Palace, they were the children of the imperial ministers or children with noble blood, none of them was a common person.

Besides, for many people, Duan Xin Ye was the woman of their dreams. She had everything, beauty, charm and social status. They had been trying to meet the princess for such a long time but each time they could only wait outside, they couldn’t get inside.

“He definitely doesn’t belong to the Imperial Palace.” Replied someone. The crowd nodded, if he belonged to the Imperial Palace, they would have known about him.

“Since he doesn’t belong to the Imperial Palace, wait until he comes out and we will show him his place.” Said a cold and evil voice. They were all furious. They couldn’t even get inside, Lin Feng was inside and alone with the princess… they were all wondering what was happening, they were enraged.

At that moment, in the distance two silhouettes appeared. When the crowd saw these people, they all calmed down, it was him.

The young man leading the way looked cold, detached and serious, giving people the impression that he was already very mature, behind him was another young man, he looked as sharp as a blade.

“Is the princess here?” Asked the young man leading the way, sounding calm, indifferent and domineering.

“She’s here but ‘Officer She’ shouldn’t go and bother her.” said someone which surprised the young man, he then looked at his interlocutor and said: “What do you mean?”

When that person sensed the young man’s domineering expression, his heart started beating faster. He was surprisingly a bit scared. She Qiong was the youngest officer of the Imperial Guards, how inspiring!

“A guy went in, he’s been in there for a while already. I’m just afraid that you will disturb the princess.” Replied the person again, stupefying She Qiong, his eyes looked ice-cold.

He started walking forwards in the direction of the forest but as before, he wasn’t allowed to enter.

“Let me in.” Said She Qiong in a low voice yet sounding domineering and furious.

When the crowd saw that, smiles appeared on their faces. She Qiong had an extraordinary social status and was extremely talented. He had become the youngest officer in a faction of the Imperial Guards. He was much more outstanding than them, besides, She Qiong also pursued the princess, unfortunately, Duan Xin Ye wasn’t interested in him which upset him.

But all of them were upset by the fact that Lin Feng was inside, alone with the princess, for such a long time. That time, She Qiong was leading the way so they would be able to go inside with him.

“The princess said it, she doesn’t want to be disturbed.” Said the women blocking the way in a cold tone.

“If you don’t let me in, then don’t blame me for barging in.” Said She Qiong sounding furious.

“Try and dare!”

“There is nothing that I, She Qiong, can’t do. Even the second prince His Highness said that I could come here as I wish.” Said She Qiong indifferently.

“She Qiong, you are really audacious.” At that moment, a shout spread through the air. The crowd looked in the direction of the forest and looked embarrassed.

It was Duan Xin Ye, she looked lithe and graceful. Behind Duan Xin Ye was the young man who had been with her all the time, Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was looking at She Qiong, that young man was very strong, from head to toe, he was releasing an oppressive aura.

Besides, he just said that Duan Wu Ya authorized him to come as he wished? Lin Feng was a bit surprised.

“Xin Ye!” Shouted She Qiong looking a bit more tender but immediately after, he looked at Lin Feng in an extremely domineering and aggressive way, his eyes looked ice-cold, he then asked: “Who are you?”

Lin Feng didn’t immediately reply. He slightly turned his head and looked at the young man behind She Qiong. Lin Feng was surprised, it was him.

“His name is Lin Feng.” Said that young man who was also looking at Lin Feng, his facial expression was extremely sharp.

“Lin Feng.” The crowd was a bit surprised. Even though some people had never seen Lin Feng, they had obviously heard his name.

“So it’s you.” Said She Qiong while looking Lin Feng up and down. He then said coldly: “But, you are just an insignificant person, the unimportant Chi Xie Marquis, what gives you the right to be standing at the princess’ side?”

Lin Feng was, as before, not looking at She Qiong. He was still looking at the young man behind him. That young man was the Blademaster, Leng Yue. Surprisingly, he was there, in the Imperial City, behind She Qiong. On that day, the one who had saved Leng Yue in Celestial River was probably from the Imperial City.

But Leng Yue was a disciple of the Hao Yue Sect, what connection did he have with the Imperial City?

“She Qiong, shut up!” Said Duan Xin Ye when she heard She Qiong humiliating Lin Feng, she then added, sounding ice-cold: “I already said it, without my permission, nobody can come and disturb me and you dare to force your way in.”

“Xin Ye, try and understand how I feel in my heart.” Replied She Qiong. Immediately after, he coldly glanced at Lin Feng and said: “Xin Ye, he’s an insignificant Chi Xie Marquis, even though he is not weak and has gained some fame, in the end, he is still just a nobody. How can you allow him to enter and pollute you?”

“Mind your own business, I don’t need your advice.” Shouted Duan Xin Ye furiously, looking enraged.

“Are you just going to hide behind a girl?” Said She Qiong while coldly glancing at Lin Feng, who was remaining silent.

Lin Feng frowned, Lin Feng knew that if Yan Yu Ping Sheng left, trouble would arise. This was the Imperial Palace and all these young men were aristocrats of the court. They all had incredible social statuses and were all in love with Duan Xin Ye. Things were predestined to be difficult.

“What do you want?” Said Lin Feng while walking forward. His voice was extremely sharp. She Qiong and Lin Feng stared at each other.

“My name is She Qiong, I am an officer of the Imperial Guards, Xin Ye is a princess, here, everybody is an aristocrat of the court, children of imperial ministers, or even of noble blood. You are a simple Chi Xie Marquis, don’t you feel ashamed? Besides, what gives you the right to be with the princess, what do you have that we don’t?” Said She Qiong sounding extremely domineering. She Qiong was an officer of the imperial guards and even though he was a bit scared of Duan Wu Ya and acted extremely polite to him, he had always thought that Duan Xin Ye and him were the best possible match, what did Lin Feng think he was doing?

“Is that so?” Lin Feng smiled coldly. “You all have very prestigious social statuses but in the end, none of you can compete with me.”

“Continue.” Said She Qiong coldly.

“If the princess says that she wants to be with you, I will immediately leave.” Said Lin Feng indifferently which stupefied She Qiong. Immediately after, Duan Xin Ye walked towards Lin Feng and held onto his arm. When everybody saw that, they grew even more furious.

Lin Feng was right. In Duan Xin Ye’s heart, there was only Lin Feng, no matter what, they couldn’t compete with him on that front.

“Xin Ye, don’t believe his sweet words, he is just an insignificant person. He just wants to cling to the rich and powerful and will obviously never be able to give you anything.” Said She Qiong while looking at Duan Xin Ye. He then added: “I, She Qiong, will give you everything you want.”

“Really?” Duan Xin Ye was looking She Qiong.

“Of course.” Nodded She Qiong sounding resolute.

“Well, I want you to disappear from my sight. Get lost.” Said Duan Xin Ye sounding ice-cold which made She Qiong astonished. Finally, he looked at Lin Feng, if he couldn’t change Duan Xin Ye’s mind, he would just remove his competition, Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, I will give you one chance, if you take the initiative to leave Duan Xin Ye, I will not pursue you.” Threatened She Qiong.

Lin Feng gradually looked colder and colder, he then said: “Xin Ye told you to get lost, what are you still doing here?”

“You are courting death!” Said She Qiong.

“Really? I don’t think so?” Replied Lin Feng while frowning and holding his head high. These two people were glaring at each other.

“You don’t think so? Lin Feng, let’s see if you can take my punch.” Said She Qiong sounding evil which made the other people secretly smile. It was clear to everyone how powerful She Qiong was, he was a genius at the third Xuan Qi Layer. If he landed a punch on Lin Feng, he would either die or live as a cripple.

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