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PMG Chapter 358: Leng Yue’s Blade

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The grim fire lotus was way too terrifying, it had destroyed She Qiong’s flood dragon. She Qiong had lost.

Besides, it wasn’t over yet, the grim fire lotus continued to move forwards, and that small ball of energy as big as Lin Feng’s fist crashed into She Qiong’s fist.

“Crrrr…. Crrrraaack….” Crackling sounds spread in the atmosphere. She Qiong’s pure Qi collided with the black lotus and immediately dispersed. Nothing could stop the black lotus.

“Ahhhhhh…….” A horrible shriek of agony spread through the atmosphere. She Qiong’s body was blown back several hundred meters. His face had turned deathly pale.

She Qiong raised his fist, it was burnt black, his facial muscles were twitching from the extreme pain.

He had been too careless. From the beginning, he had assumed that he would be able to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation with a single punch. He had never thought that Lin Feng was able to injure him. After he noticed the terrifying energy of the black lotus, he didn’t have the time to dodge anymore, and then that black lotus crashed into his fist and burnt his flesh.

When the crowd saw that, they remained silent, especially the noble young men. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had won. They had thought that when She Qiong attacked, he would definitely cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation but reality was completely different.

Lin Feng had released a black lotus which burnt She Qiong’s fist.

“You overestimate yourself, you’re pathetic. Even if you say that I can’t protect the princess, could you?” Joked Lin Feng coldly which made She Qiong feel awkward. His heart was pounding and he was shaking from the intense pain. How excruciatingly  painful! That fire was terrifying. Considering his strength, he wouldn’t be able to recover from the injury naturally, he would definitely need the assistance of pills.

“Xin Ye, you should head back. I will leave first, that’s alright. I will deal with the nobodies that get in my way.” Said Lin Feng turning his head. His voice was soft. Duan Xin Ye remained silent for a second and then immediately nodded: “Well then, be careful.”

“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while walking. He glanced at the crowd with a cold glare. He looked at the rich and noble cultivators, surprisingly, they didn’t dare make eye contact, they were all worthless.

Lin Feng’s strength was so terrifying that it scared them. Even though they all had noble backgrounds, what amazed them the most was still extreme cultivation strength. If someone was strong enough, they could reach the heavens and look down on humanity. A single powerful cultivator could have more power than all the great spheres of influence combined. Would he care about these influential nobles? If they provoked him, he would crush them.

Lin Feng walked through the crowd and nobody stood in his way. If anyone dared to try, they might end up dying after being burnt by the black lotus.

Not only did they not obstruct his path, but those noble young men, who had acted in an aggressive way a moment before, were also slightly backing away, that was the way things were when one was recognised as an extremely strong cultivator.

Lin Feng didn’t even spare these people a glance. He was just calmly and coldly looking ahead. In the direction he was looking, there was She Qiong and Leng Yue.

She Qiong was fixedly staring at Lin Feng with hatred in his eyes. Not only did he not get to show Duan Xin Ye his strength, he wasn’t able to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation, instead he had also been injured by Lin Feng. His face was filled with shame. All of this had happened in front of Duan Xin Ye. She Qiong was enraged and had killing intent in his eyes. He wanted to kill Lin Feng no matter what.

When Lin Feng sensed She Qiong’s wrath, pure Qi started undulating in his hand, and a deadly black fire appeared.

But Lin Feng was, as before, calmly walking forwards. He was releasing a terrifying deadly Qi. He was moving nearer and nearer to She Qiong by the second.

She Qiong was fixedly staring at Lin Feng approaching. At that moment, he had a dilemma, should he stand his ground and fight or should he move out of Lin Feng’s path?

If he fought against Lin Feng, would he be able to survive another black lotus? He had already been injured from briefly encountering the lotus. He already had lost any ideas that he could defeat Lin Feng and no longer thought that he was stronger than Lin Feng. That lotus made from grim fire was way too terrifying. A moment before, the flesh from his entire fist had been burnt black, if that black lotus was aimed at his chest, he would be burnt alive in an instant.

But if he didn’t fight, could he really open a path? In front of everybody, he, the youngest imperial guard officer, would move out of the way because he was scared of facing Lin Feng?

If he really did that, the news would quickly spread throughout the city, which would allow the people from the Imperial Palace to humiliate him and make fun of him.

Lin Feng was getting nearer and nearer. He was only a few meters away from him. She Qiong still hadn’t come up with a decision but while he was still thinking, he heard a voice.

“She Qiong, let Lin Feng pass.” Said Duan Xin Ye. Even though Lin Feng had just won the fight, she still didn’t want them to continue fighting, it wouldn’t be beneficial for Lin Feng, no matter if he won or lost.

When She Qiong heard Duan Xin Ye, he was surprised, he then turned to Lin Feng and said: “Since Xin Ye says, it’s over for today but I will remember this injury, and I will have my revenge.”

After saying that, She Qiong moved out of the way and let Lin Feng pass. He was happy to hear Duan Xin Ye’s words, he didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, he passed by the side of She Qiong, then slightly stopped, he then looked at She Qiong with a mocking smile as if he found him extremely amusing. He didn’t say a word, and continued walking towards the exit.

When She Qiong saw that mocking smile, his mouth twitched and he started shaking. That was the first time that he had ever been so humiliated.

She Qiong had high natural abilities and people who were as outstanding as him were rare. However, because of his background, even cultivators stronger than himself would not humiliate him. He had never been so humiliated.

The woman he loved wanted to be with Lin Feng. She worshiped Lin Feng. He wanted to cripple Lin Feng’s cultivation and in the end, he was injured instead.

What made him the most furious was that Lin Feng could have left from anywhere but he decided to walk towards him, and that was on purpose.

Lin Feng was imposing and domineering, he had obviously done that on purpose.

She Qiong was still filled with fear and had moved out of the way, he even had to endure Lin Feng’s mocking smile, a cold mocking smile.

He had the feeling that everybody was laughing at him and Duan Xin Ye would despise him.

Lin Feng passed next to She Qiong and continued walking forwards without even turning his head to look back. He looked confident, he had the attitude of a winner.

“Lin Feng.” Suddenly shouted She Qiong in an ice-cold tone which made Lin Feng stop. He turned around and saw She Qiong running towards him. She Qiong’s flood dragon roared, his entire body seemed to transform into a flood dragon as he threw himself towards Lin Feng, it opened its mouth and an extremely sharp set of teeth could be seen.

Lin Feng abruptly turned around and raised his hand. His grim fire was already in his hand. Lin Feng, when facing a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer, remained extremely cautious and vigilant, he was fearless but not arrogant.

The black flames moved towards the illusionary flood dragon. Those black flames could burn the world to ashes, so they destroyed the flood dragon. At the same time, Lin Feng sensed an oppressive energy envelop his body.


She Qiong kept moving forwards, from his back a gigantic terrifying dragon appeared. It had extremely sharp claws and razor like teeth, that dragon spirit almost looked like a real dragon as it threw itself at Lin Feng.

She Qiong had decided to fight against Lin Feng and immediately released his spirit.


Lin Feng didn’t flinch and instead moved towards the dragon. When his grim fire collided with the dragon spirit, the flood dragon was surprisingly engulfed in flames.

The two fighters were looking at each other, the power of the dragon and the grim fire were clashing, but at that moment, an incredibly sharp blade energy filled the atmosphere. It was extremely dazzling, without leaving even a second to react, it moved straight towards Lin Feng.

That blade was extremely quick, and was filled with a terrifying blade force. The blade seemed to radiate a multitude of different lights.

That energy blade could adopt many different forms, thousands and thousands of different energies combined to create that energy blade.

Leng Yue had been condensing energy in his blade for a long time and was finally attacking. His blade was earth shattering, recently, the Blademaster entered just like Lin Feng, had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer.

In the past, he had been defeated by Lin Feng, now, he had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, the Blademaster Leng Yue was continuing to grow stronger.

“Dodge!” when Lin Feng saw that blade moving towards him suddenly, the first thought he had was to dodge. The timing of that blade was perfect. It was an attack aiming for vitals.

Leng Yue obviously wanted to kill Lin Feng with that attack!

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