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PMG Chapter 359: Who Will Save You?

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In the past, Leng Yue was extremely arrogant and was considered as the most gifted disciple of the Hao Yue Sect. Even though he was only the second best disciple in the sect, everybody thought that it was only a matter of time before he would rise to the top.

Leng Yue was independent in mind and action. No matter where he went, only his blade would accompany him. His blade was worshiped and revered by others. Many beautiful women had openly declared their love for him.

However, everything changed after he went to Celestial River and met Lin Feng. His pride had been destroyed by Lin Feng and his prestige now belonged to Lin Feng. If he hadn’t been saved at the last minute, he would have been killed by Lin Feng, therefore, Leng Yue deeply and bitterly hated Lin Feng.

Since Celestial River, Leng Yue had been suffering everyday and practicing cultivation. He had constantly improved himself and worked to become stronger every day. That was how he had reached his current level at using his blade. With one blade, he could condense all the energies from a thousand blades, his energy blade had reached perfection.

“Roaaarrr….” A terrible roar spread through the air, the flood dragon rushed forwards with She Qiong to use this opportunity to attack Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still under the pressure from the energy blade, he didn’t have any time to waste.

“How shameless!” Shouted Duan Xin Ye to She Qiong and Leng Yue who were suddenly fighting together against Lin Feng, how sly and cruel!

Leng Yue was also surprised, She Qiong was the youngest imperial guard officer and he surprisingly stooped to such methods to fight against Lin Feng, besides he had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer which was two more layers than Lin Feng, how shameless!

These noble young men were also stupefied, it seemed like She Qiong was determined to kill Lin Feng. A moment before, the humiliation had been too great, he couldn’t bear it, he needed to kill Lin Feng.


At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart was limpid as water. He was so calm that it was scary. The grim fire in his hand was facing the flood dragon, he couldn’t use it to fight against Leng Yue, but Lin Feng knew that he had to be extremely precise with his actions, if he made even a single mistake, it would become very dangerous.

Lin Feng’s thoughts suddenly became extremely calm and tranquil. Everything surrounding him was extremely clear and distinct, the wind, their movements, the blade, everything was clear to him.

Lin Feng slightly moved and created several afterimages with his movement.

Lin Feng just made an extremely faint move, but his grim fire was still facing the flood dragon.

A light flashed one of Lin Feng’s afterimages was sliced in two. That blade had nearly reached Lin Feng, but it was dodged by a hair, Lin Feng could perfectly sense how powerful that blade was.


“How quick.”

When the crowd saw how quickly Lin Feng dodged Leng Yue’s blade, they were astonished. It was so close that it almost brushed Lin Feng’s skin, but at that moment, his silhouette flickered and an afterimage appeared when he dodged the attack, how incredible, how splendid!

Leng Yue was also dumbstruck. Lin Feng, even though he was still facing She Qiong, had managed to dodge his energy blade. As expected, Lin Feng was becoming stronger and stronger.

But Leng Yue’s desire to kill only increased, he raised his blade horizontally.

“You want to die.” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. In his calm eyes appeared a dazzling light. He stamped onto the ground and a rumbling sound emerged. A crack appeared on the ground and cracks quickly started to spread in all directions.

At the same time, Lin Feng jumped forwards, the flood dragon was crushed, knocking She Qiong a few steps back while Lin Feng’s body had spun around in the air and his black lotus was now moving straight towards Leng Yue. His black lotus collided with the blade and in flash, black flames engulfed the beautiful blade. The grim fire continued to rampage and engulf the blade. The flames quickly started to spread up the blade and instantly engulfed Leng Yue’s arm.



Two sounds emerged in the atmosphere at the same time. The first sound was Leng Yue’s agonising shriek, he immediately dropped his blade. On his body, a pure Qi started to fluctuate and rushed to seal his arm which was engulfed in black flames. However, as before, the black flames continued to rampage and spread further up Leng Yue’s arm. His entire arm had turned completely black, it was incredibly shocking.

The fire of the black lotus was extremely powerful. Even though Leng Yue’s blade level was extremely high, he was still extremely far from being a match for She Qiong who had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. She Qiong’s attack was destroyed and his fist was burnt by the black fire, but this time, Leng Yue’s entire arm had been swallowed by the flames. His arm was destroyed, it was just hanging loose from his shoulder, he couldn’t even feel his arm anymore. It could even fall off and turn to ashes and Leng Yue wouldn’t even realize.

The second sound was She Qiong’s attack crashing into Lin Feng’s body which sent him rolling backwards. Lin Feng had turned around to attack Leng Yue, She Qiong took advantage of Lin Feng’s weakened position to attack again and his flood dragon bombarded Lin Feng’s body sending him flying, Lin Feng groaned and blood started flowing from his mouth.

“Lin Feng is monstrously strong.” Thought people in the crowd. Even though Lin Feng had just been injured from the exchange, surprisingly, when facing two strong cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, he wasn’t even flinching, especially in front of She Qiong who was at the third Xuan Qi layer.

In such circumstances, Lin Feng had destroyed She Qiong’s attack, forcing him back and used the opportunity to incinerate Leng Yue’s arm, it was amazing.

Those black flames were terrifying, they seemed like they could burn anything. Leng Yue who was at the first Xuan Qi layer didn’t even stand a chance. The crowd had personally watched Leng Yue’s arm burn, besides, if he hadn’t released his pure Qi and isolated his arm from the rest of his body, his entire body would have been consumed by the flames.

At that moment, Leng Yue was shaking in agony.

He lowered his head with his face flushed in pain. He looked at his black burnt arm with a cold stare.

“Ahhhhhh……” Leng Yue raised his hand which turned into a blade and he immediately cut off his burnt arm. The burnt arm immediately fell onto the ground, the crowd was shocked, that move sent shivers down their spines.

Leng Yue had cut off the arm which was engulfed by the flames.

“How brutal.”

In order to cut off his own arm, it required a great amount of consideration as he would never be able to use that arm again.

“Lin Feng.” Said Duan Xin Ye running towards Lin Feng’s side. When she saw that Lin Feng was deathly pale, she was extremely worried.

“I’m alright.” Lin Feng shook his head but his weak Qi betrayed him, even though he could rely on his black lotus to fight against She Qiong, his grim fire was what covered for his lack of strength. Of course, one of She Qiong’s punches had gravely injured him.

Duan Xin Ye took out a bottle, it was the same bottle as last time, it contained Xuan level pills of medium quality. Duan Xin Ye poured them out and immediately tried to shove them all into Lin Feng’s mouth.

Lin Feng looked at Duan Xin Ye whose face was covered with worry, he slightly shook his head and said: “Xin Ye, with that kind of pill, one is enough.”

Lin Feng then took one pill and just like last time, the feeling was pleasant and refreshing, Qi was revolving around his body and his injuries were healing quickly. His Qi seemed return to normal as well.

The grim fire was extremely useful. If Lin Feng wanted to make the black lotus stronger, he just had to allow the grim fire to absorb all of his pure sun Qi and transform it into grim fire. In other words, that terrifying black lotus could contain the entirety of his pure Qi. A moment before, if Lin Feng wasn’t in great danger, he could have put all of his Qi into the black lotus without needing to protect his body.

“Take them.” Said Duan Xin Ye while giving the bottle to Lin Feng. Duan Xin Ye looked extremely worried. Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded. He then accepted the bottle of pills.

When She Qiong saw how close the two of them were, he pulled a long face. He obviously knew what was in that bottle, Xuan level pills of medium quality. Divine Healing pills… And Duan Xin Ye had given them to Lin Feng because she was worried about him being hurt.

When Lin Feng sensed the evil energy being released from She Qiong, he pulled Duan Xin Ye behind him and raised his head, he then coldly looked at Leng Yue and She Qiong.

Lin Feng looked like he wanted to make a joke, then said while sounding cold and detached: “I took your punch, after that, you didn’t dare to fight against me and instead attacked me when my back was turned, the youngest imperial guard officer is so incredible, so amazing, just wow!”

When She Qiong heard Lin Feng, a hideous expression appeared on his face. A moment before, he had actually used a surprise attack against Lin Feng, Leng Yue even helped him.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Leng Yue with killing intent.

“Blademaster, this time, who will save you?”

When he finished talking, Lin Feng started walking towards Leng Yue.

Leng Yue, who only had one arm left, started shaking brutally. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, this time, Lin Feng was going to kill him.

Even if Lin Feng didn’t plan on killing him a moment before, it was also because Leng Yue hadn’t tried to kill him. Lin Feng was furious. Lin Feng wanted to kill Leng Yue!

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