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PMG Chapter 360: Frightening Persuasion

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Leng Yue slightly moved back. He looked at Lin Feng, even though he looked cold, he also looked a bit scared.

In the past, he was unable to defeat Lin Feng. Now, both of them had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, while Leng Yue also had the advantage of his blade spirit and an advanced understanding of blades. Amongst the cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, he could be considered as a relatively strong individual, however, when facing Lin Feng, he didn’t have even a slither of confidence.

At that moment, he was unable to compete with Lin Feng. He didn’t look glorious at all before Lin Feng. He had even lost one of his arms.

“Huh?” She Qiong frowned. He only looked at Leng Yue who was moving backwards in She Qiong’s direction. As expected, Leng Yue expected She Qiong to protect him.

She Qiong was intensely staring at Leng Yue. That guy was under his wing, in the future, he would become a useful subordinate.

She Qiong knew how talented and determined Leng Yue was. He had an extremely advanced knowledge of blades, and he would definitely become stronger, otherwise, they wouldn’t have searched for him and brought him back to the Imperial City.

Therefore, She Qiong hoped that Leng Yue would stay alive. She Qiong would need a few strong and loyal subordinates on the path of cultivation.

Even though he had immediately been able to become an officer, he still wasn’t strong enough, he wasn’t authentically strong, he only managed to impress people by working hard to progress.

She Qiong moved in front of Leng Yue while staring at Lin Feng.

“He’s one of my men, you cannot kill him.” Said She Qiong while still staring at Lin Feng.

“So what? Are you saying that I can’t kill your men?” Said Lin Feng sounding amused. How ridiculous. She Qiong was really the laughingstock of the world.

Pure Qi started to surge forth from Lin Feng, rampaging flames started to soar around his body, and in Lin Feng’s hand, black flames started to burn, it looked incredible.

She Qiong was fixedly staring at that black fire, he couldn’t help but feel a bit scared. He was wondering how Lin Feng managed to condense such a powerful fire. It was perfectly clear to him that Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer but that terrifying fire could possibly kill him, even though he had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer.

He obviously knew that Lin Feng’s grim fire was terrifying. Lin Feng had also practiced the Cosmos-Burning Sun and could absorb the fire essence of the seven-tail fox, which transformed into pure sun Qi, after that, he spent time studying to understand how to use the grim fire, thanks to the work he had done,  he had been able to transform all of his sun Qi into the deadly grim fire, how couldn’t it become overwhelmingly strong?

Even though Lin Feng had just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, he could already absorb the Xuan beast fire essence, which allowed him to boost his strength significantly, from absorbing the beast fire , he was already much stronger than any normal cultivator who would have broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer.

When She Qiong saw that Lin Feng was still steadily walking towards him, his eyes flashed.

The atmosphere was invaded by a deathly silence, only Lin Feng’s steps could be heard.

Leng Yue was hiding behind She Qiong, so She Qiong had to bear the incredible pressure.

“Clack, clack, clack.”

Just like before, Lin Feng was silently walking, he remained absolutely silent. In the air, it seemed like there was only his oppressive Qi and the black fire burning in his hand.

A strange deadly energy emerged from Lin Feng’s body and enveloped She Qiong and Leng Yue’s bodies which made She Qiong shiver.

“Should I move out of the way or not?”

She Qiong hadn’t thought that things would escalate to this so quickly, he was confronted with the same decision yet again. Lin Feng was giving him the same choice once again.

It was clear to She Qiong that Lin Feng wasn’t going to be as careless as a moment before. If he didn’t move out of the way, it would be extremely unfavourable for him, but if he did, Lin Feng would kill Leng Yue.

Actually, a moment before, after She Qiong moved out of the way for Lin Feng, he attacked him from behind because he couldn’t stand the pressure of living with his humiliation. He felt like everybody was making fun of him and looking at him. They had both attacked by surprise yet Leng Yue’s arm was swallowed by the black flames and he had to cut it off himself, that was the price to be paid for offending Lin Feng.

“Don’t think that I would not dare to kill you where you stand, I killed Duan Tian Lang’s son as he watched. Even though killing you might have unfavourable consequences, if you continue to push me, I, Lin Feng, will kill you without hesitation and deal with the consequences after you’re dead.”

At the moment when She Qiong was still hesitating, Lin Feng spoke. He felt a sense of fear rising in his heart, he was terrified. For a very short moment, he had stopped being scared, but those words had brought the terror back. She Qiong hated himself. He wanted to shout furiously but he was unable to emit any sound. All he could feel was the contradiction between what he wanted to do and what his body was doing.

Ten steps, nine steps, Lin Feng was getting nearer and nearer to She Qiong. Lin Feng just had to make a slight jump and he would arrive directly in front of She Qiong.

“Get lost!” Said Lin Feng domineering voice. Immediately after, She Qiong’s heart started to race and he moved back.

In front of everybody, She Qiong was moving backwards.

Seven steps separated Lin Feng from She Qiong. Lin Feng raised his hand and the grim fire was flickering in front of She Qiong’s eyes. The black lotus was slowly becoming clearer in his vision.


She Qiong took a deep breath, he was trembling with fear, he then quickly moved aside. He was unable to stand the pressure for a moment longer. He could only see Lin Feng’s calm and tranquil expression. She Qiong was scared, he couldn’t endure it.

That shocked the crowd once again. She Qiong had moved out of Lin Feng’s way a second time. From that moment on, She Qiong’s cultivation would never be the same again, his heart would be haunted because of these events. Lin Feng would become the demon in his nightmares. Lin Feng had crushed his confidence, he might never be able to recover from the trauma.

Lin Feng and Leng Yue were facing each other once again. She Qiong wasn’t standing in the way. Lin Feng was releasing a cold energy which enveloped Leng Yue’s body and shocked him. Leng Yue was staring at Lin Feng with hatred in his eyes. He hated Lin Feng with all his soul.

“I already said it, today, nobody will save you.” An incredible purple spirit emerged from Lin Feng’s body and rushed towards Leng Yue, he wasn’t using his black lotus to attack.


Leng Yue immediately retreated as Lin Feng attacked him, his purple spirit was extremely fast and in the blink of an eye it had already arrived at Leng Yue’s body, it then transformed into a gigantic purple dragon which wrapped around Leng Yue.

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