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PMG Chapter 361: She Qiong’s Enlightenment

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After having broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng’s purple spirit had also changed, it looked even more real than before, it looked like a real ferocious beast.

After appearing, the spirit opened its gigantic mouth and stared at the people with its gigantic eyes. It looked bestial and terrifying.


At that moment, the dragon had constricted Leng Yue’s body and was staring at him with its ferocious eyes. Leng Yue felt a chill run through his body. He then shouted furiously and released a fierce blade energy which emitted a whistling sound as it sliced through the air. Leng Yue’s body was just like a huge blade, slicing the purple dragon.

“You still want to live?” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold, he started rushing towards Leng Yue who was constricted by the purple dragon. In Lin Feng’s hand, there was still a black lotus.

“Get away!” Shouted Leng Yue furiously when he saw Lin Feng’s black lotus. He knew how terrifying that black lotus was, if landed on his body, he would burn to death.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t stopping at all. Initially, he didn’t feel like killing Leng Yue but Leng Yue tried to kill him so of course, Lin Feng wasn’t going to show any mercy.

Lin Feng raised his hand and was moving nearer to Leng Yue.

“Leng Yue is dead.” Thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng’s black lotus. These two both tried to kill Lin Feng but in the end Leng Yue would be killed by Lin Feng.

“Die.” Said Lin Feng evilly.

“Would you dare?” At the moment when Lin Feng was about to kill Leng Yue, an extremely loud voice spread through the air. Then, an incredible blade energy filled the atmosphere and surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng had the feeling that he was inside a sea of blades. Behind him was another cultivator at the Xuan Qi layer, with a blade spirit.

The terrifying blade energy was unleashed in an instant, Lin Feng jumped through the air and at the same time, the light from a blade attack streaked through the sky and cut through the position where Lin Feng was just standing.

“Die!” Another blade light streaked through the air and sliced through the purple spirit which was constricting Leng Yue’s body. In a flash, the purple dragon roared and immediately after transformed into a countless number of purple snakes, which moved to Lin Feng’s side.

Lin Feng was standing in the air surrounded by a sea of purple snakes and looked down, the man with the blade was walking towards him, he raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. His blade energy had invaded the entire atmosphere.

“We’ve already met.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached.

“Indeed, we’ve met.” Said that person while staring at Lin Feng in the sky, he sounded as cold and detached as he looked at Lin Feng.

That person was precisely the person who had appeared in Celestial River to save Leng Yue. He had even attacked Lin Feng with his blade before leaving. Lin Feng didn’t know what status he had to bring Leng Yue to the Imperial Palace.

“Officer, he has tricked you.” Said that person while looking at She Qiong. She Qiong was astonished, tricked by Lin Feng?

“What do you mean?” Asked She Qiong while narrowing his eyes.

“When he uses his fire black lotus, he puts all of his Qi into it, when he used his black lotus a moment ago, his Qi would have been completely used up and he should only have recovered a fraction of his Qi in such a short period. Right now, the black lotus is just for show, it’s a bluff, nothing more.”

That man was looking at She Qiong and said slowly: “Officer, he wouldn’t be able to defeat you, therefore, he didn’t want to fight against you either. He just put enough pressure on you so that you wouldn’t fight.”

After hearing that, She Qiong frowned and glared at Lin Feng.

“Impossible…. Impossible….” She Qiong’s face turned deathly pale. He didn’t feel excited at all after hearing that, it was the opposite, he couldn’t stop shaking his head. Had he really been tricked by Lin Feng?

Lin Feng clearly didn’t have the strength to fight against him, but relying on his confidence and persuasion, he had managed to scare She Qiong away and crush his pride. How could She Qiong ever look people in the eyes again?

But when thinking about it twice, maybe the man’s words were true. Lin Feng only had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer, using such a monstrous black lotus definitely had side effects. Besides, Lin Feng must have been trying to scare him and impress everyone, Lin Feng hadn’t revealed his true colours until now.

“Is that so?” Shouted She Qiong towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at She Qiong as if he wanted to laugh, as if the situation was amusing. Indeed, the man was right, he required the entirety of the pure Qi within his body to transform his sun Qi into grim fire and then condense the grim fire into a black lotus, a moment before, he had already used his black lotus once and it used an incredible amount of pure Qi. Even though he had taken a pill and recovered from his injuries, his pure Qi hadn’t returned to normal in such a short space of time.

Concerning the black lotus in his hand at that moment, it was really was just for show, it was basically impossible for him to create a real black lotus right after unleashing one.

Lin Feng walked towards the man while narrowing his eyes. That the man’s strength was weaker than that of She Qiong but he had much more experience, which was obvious considering his age. Besides, he had been watching them since the beginning.

She Qiong paid attention to Lin Feng’s facial expression and his heart started pounding. The man was right, Lin Feng had clearly consumed too much of his Qi, he couldn’t condense a black lotus that would unleash its full power. He couldn’t fight against She Qiong, but even when you consider all of this, Lin Feng only used his confidence and persuasion to scare She Qiong away from fighting, he had scared him and made him move out of the way.

She Qiong looked pale and wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

As far as he was concerned, all of this was becoming more humiliating for him the longer it continued.

“Officer, you are extremely young and have already broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, you have extremely high natural abilities. Since you want to achieve great things in your life, you must harden yourself and be as determined as ever. You can never allow yourself to stay down, you must welcome difficulty and break free from your mental chains that hold you back. You must have willpower, you need to be determined and tough. All officers must gain experience, it’s only way for them to reach the heavens. After all, there is always someone stronger than you.” Said the man slowly while looking at She Qiong.

She Qiong’s soul was shaking as if he had just gained enlightenment. He finally understood what the man was telling him. Even though he continued to be knocked down by Lin Feng, he needed to view it as a challenge and get back up, it was a way for him to gain experience and strengthen his determination.

Lin Feng was also looking at the man. That person used a blade, he was a middle-aged man and had already broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer. He didn’t have very high natural abilities but his heart was like a blade, silent and determined.

“Thank you for your guidance.” Said She Qiong in a polite tone. His eyes weren’t filled with hatred anymore at all, instead his eyes were sparkling with enlightenment. In fact, everything in his life seemed to be happening for a reason. He had extremely high natural abilities and a powerful background. On the path of cultivation, he had never experienced extreme difficulties, even the battles required for him to break through to the next cultivation layer were planned, those people didn’t fight with him to the death and made sure not to harm him, when you look at it from that aspect, Leng Yue was stronger than She Qiong.

Leng Yue had gone through many difficulties and fought in a number of battles to the death. That’s how he was able to break through to the Xuan Qi layer in such a short time.

Therefore, because of these factors, She Qiong had run away when faced with the threat of death. He was proud, arrogant, but he still lacked experience, real battle experience. Lin Feng only needed to release a slight pressure to scare him away, She Qiong was still very far from being able to achieve something like that.

“Young master, when you’re mature, wherever you go, you will be able to adapt.” Said the man to She Qiong. This time, he wasn’t calling him officer anymore, just, young master.

“From today, I, She Qiong, am leaving my function as an officer in the imperial guard.” Said She Qiong calmly. He used to be arrogant because of his station as an officer but what was the point if it was just the title they feared and not him. Could he fight against Lin Feng that way?

She Qiong turned around and looked at Lin Feng: “What has started today is not over, we will meet again.”

When he finished talking, She Qiong started walking away, he was surprisingly leaving. He didn’t pay attention to Lin Feng and the others and he didn’t even spare a glance at Duan Xin Ye. After what had just happened, he could no longer pursue her affection anyway, he wasn’t able to protect her.

Many people were astonished when they saw him leave, then, the man also said: “We’re leaving too.”

“Alright.” Said Leng Yue while nodding. He glanced at Lin Feng but then Lin Feng said in an ice-cold tone: “Leaving? I said it already, nobody will save you today.”

“Huh?” the crowd was stupefied. They raised their head and looked at Lin Feng, was he really planning to kill Leng Yue?

Was he even still able to kill Leng Yue?

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