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PMG Chapter 362: Burnt to Death!

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Leng Yue started shaking, the man was also looking at Lin Feng.

“You consumed so much of your Qi already that it’s impossible for you to condense another full strength black lotus, you want to keep us here but have you thought clearly about the consequences?”

The man was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Even though Leng Yue was in a critical position, the man on the other hand, had broken through to the second Xuan Qi layer and it wouldn’t be easy for Lin Feng to defeat him.

“I admit that I used up most of my Qi, I wouldn’t be able to condense another powerful black lotus like a moment ago but I still have the power to kill Leng Yue. Last time, you managed to stop me by attacking me with your blade, past mistakes cannot be repeated.” Said Lin Feng while staring at his interlocutor. Lin Feng slowly raised his which contained his black lotus and said: “Would you… bet your life on it?”

” Would you… bet your life on it?”

That question echoed through the silence of the atmosphere. The crowd looked at Lin Feng, he had confessed that he had used up the majority of his Qi, but then told his interlocutor that he would kill Leng Yue anyway. He then dared to ask the man if he was willing to bet his life on the power of the black lotus, if he didn’t intervene, Leng Yue would die, if he tried to stop Lin Feng, then the black lotus would be used against him.

The man was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Would he gamble with his life at stake? For instance, if Lin Feng was bluffing, then the man would have the opportunity to kill Lin Feng in his weakened state, but if Lin Feng’s black lotus was still powerful enough to kill him, then the gamble would cost him his life.

“I admit that you are incredibly gifted, I am thinking that we should put the past behind us and build a bridge of friendship. I could send you to a place where you will have incredible privileges, if you went there, nobody in Xue Yue would dare to bully you ever again.” When the crowd heard the man, they were all stupefied, he wanted to send Lin Feng to such an incredible place? The crowd obviously understood what it meant and where that place was. It was a special place filled with countless incredible geniuses.

But Lin Feng didn’t feel that the proposition was interesting, nobody would dare to bully him again?

If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, She Qiong and Leng Yue were also intending to go to that place. If Lin Feng was weaker, then She Qiong would still be able to bully him, however, if he was strong enough, would he need to rely on any external help to protect himself? Who would dare provoke him.

As before, everything was always reliant on personal strength. The weak would inevitably be bullied by the strong, no matter where they were or what their status may be, whereas the strong could oppress and control the weak.

Lin Feng was unrestrained, natural and carefree. He wanted to soar into the heavens and do whatever he wanted, then nobody would dare to humiliate him.

But he also perfectly understood that the world was cruel, the only way to achieve what he wanted was to become incredibly strong, becoming stronger step by step until he reached the heavens. He longed to soar into the heavens more than anything else, he longed to be able to fly beyond the clouds and look down on the world from above.

Just like an incredible hero, he wanted to be able to kill his enemies with a wave of his hand, that way, nobody would ever dare to bully him, if anybody dared, they would die.

Those days, Lin Feng’s strength was extremely far from soaring into the heavens, but at least he could already prevent a great number of people from humiliating him.

In Celestial River, Leng Yue had been extremely arrogant and tried to kill him, and now, in the Imperial City, Leng Yue once again made an attempt to kill him, if Lin Feng didn’t kill Leng Yue, his heart would never be peaceful. He had to kill Leng Yue so he could rest easy.

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” Replied Lin Feng. He then summoned the purple dragon spirit again, and an incredible purple energy appeared around him, he looked like a ferocious beast.

Lin Feng’s refusal astonished the man. Lin Feng wasn’t interested… It was the third time that he had ever heard of someone refusing to go to the holy land for cultivators. Eighteen years ago, two other people also refused an invitation, one was the genius Zhuge Wu Qing but the man didn’t know name of the other person, all he knew was that cultivator had a dual spirit.

Back then, the man was still young, he hadn’t even broken through to the Xuan Qi layer at the time, and wasn’t able to go to that place.

Ever since he had access to that holy land, nobody had ever refused an invitation. Everybody wanted to get the chance to go there more than anything… Yet Lin Feng just refused.

Not only did Lin Feng only take a second to decide, but he also started to focus on Leng Yue again while ignoring the man.

Lin Feng moved forward, his body was surrounded by his purple spirit, he raised his hand which contained the black lotus and walked towards Leng Yue.

Leng Yue was shaking, he thought that he had managed to escape by the skin of his teeth, but in the end, Lin Feng was still going to kill him.

Leng Yue looked at the man as he was Leng Yue’s last hope, he only hoped that the man would be able to defeat Lin Feng.

The man had told Leng Yue that he was going to become an legendary cultivator in the future, how could his legend end here? He couldn’t die!

“Lin Feng, are you sure? Do you know what you just refused? Besides, do you know whom you are trying to kill?” Threatened the man while fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

“I don’t know, all I know is that I will kill anyone who tries to kill me.” Replied Lin Feng indifferently.

“Do you know the name of the Snow Dragon Guards, the protectors of Xue Yue?” Shouted the man furiously when he saw that Lin Feng was refusing his offer, the man had shouted aggressively and loud enough to frighten anyone, including Lin Feng.

“Snow Dragon Guards?” Lin Feng was astonished, he had never heard of them. He only knew that Liu Cang Lan was the only person protecting Xue Yue for the last decade and in the end, he was sentenced to death for it, in Lin Feng’s eyes, the Snow Dragon Guards were nothing but a joke.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that the Snow Dragon Guards were also the most mysterious of all the armies. They were amongst the strongest soldiers in the entire country. The people who were able to become an officer of the Snow Dragon Guards was revered and respected.

“Leng Yue is already set to join the Snow Dragon Guards in the future, if you kill him, you’d kill a recruit of the Snow Dragon Guards.” Continued the man when he saw that Lin Feng stopped.

Lin Feng had stopped in the air and was looking at him. His eyes sparkled and his lips moved as he then said: “What do the Snow Dragon Guards have to do with me?”

Then, Lin Feng’s purple spirit burst through the air and in a flash, it was already tightly wrapped around Leng Yue, that move had shocked everybody.

What did the Snow Dragon Guards have to do with Lin Feng?

The purple dragon roared, deadly Qi filled the air and the crowd saw spirit start to move. Leng Yue’s body was still tied by the purple dragon which lifted him into the air, he was completely unable to move. Lin Feng raised hand which was surrounded by black flames and attacked Leng Yue with all his cruelty.


A gut wrenching scream of agony exploded in every direction and painfully pierced into everybody’s ears.  Black flames had engulfed Leng Yue’s body which burned every inch of his flesh.

The purple spirit was still in the air, it was still tying Leng Yue’s body but at that moment, there was nothing remaining but ash. Leng Yue was burnt alive, the only thing left of him was the gut wrenching scream which was still echoing through the atmosphere.

Lin Feng was standing there with his grim fire surrounding his hand, he looked cold and emotionless. Of course he didn’t even feel a tinge of pity.

He turned around and looked at the man once again. The man was also staring at him coldly.

“I already said, today, nobody will save him, you saved him once, I wouldn’t let it happen twice.” Said Lin Feng while looking at the man: “I have already killed him, do you still want something?”

“Do you still want something?”

Lin Feng asked the man because he was trying to stop him from killing Leng Yue, but he still killed him, so what did the man want by staying?

At that moment, in Lin Feng’s hand, there was still a black lotus but it wasn’t as black in colour anymore, it didn’t look as powerful as a moment before anymore.

The man’s facial expression changed a few times, Lin Feng was asking him what he wanted, what could he do?

He had attached a great deal of importance to Leng Yue for a long time, he had event brought him to the Imperial Palace, Leng Yue was destined to become a Snow Dragon Guard. However, Lin Feng hadn’t shown the tiniest shred of mercy and burnt Leng Yue alive. The Snow Dragon Guards, the protectors of Xue Yue, what did they have to do with Lin Feng?

The protectors of Xue Yue were under the control of the Duan Clan, that’s all. Lin Feng wasn’t a fool, he wasn’t going to become a servant of Xue Yue or for the Imperial Clan.

“You will regret what you did today.” Said the man while staring at Lin Feng for a while. He had killed a future member of the Snow Dragon Guards, besides, he even offended She Qiong, Lin Feng would definitely have to pay the price for his actions.

“If you want to fight, I will fight, if you don’t want to fight, scram already!” Said Lin Feng who ignored the man’s superfluous words. Lin Feng had heard the same idle threats from everyone he crossed, they always said that he would regret his actions, but in the end they were just words, he never felt the slightest regret as he was always acting in harmony with his principles.

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