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PMG Chapter 365: Fellow Students

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When Duan Xin Ye saw that Lin Feng was releasing a cold energy, she held Lin Feng’s hand even tighter and smiled to him in a gentle way. She looked at Lin Feng and said: “In our world, many people will try and crush another person’s pride by killing the people associated with them. They are extremely talented, monstrously strong, and think that they are at the top of the food chain, for them, the lives of a few normal people do not mean much.

Duan Xin Ye perfectly knew that Lin Feng was carefree, sometimes aggressive and cold, he showed no mercy to those he killed, but in his heart, he still had compassion, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so angry that a few soldiers had lost their lives. On the continent, there were many people who were kind-hearted, honest and exceptionally gifted, they didn’t like killing people, however, once they experienced the coldness and cruelty of the world, these honest and kind-hearted young people had no choice but to take up the sword to kill.

Lin Feng had also gone through a similar conflict in his heart. Heaven and earth were cruel, they treat all creatures as straw dogs, even Liu Cang had these feelings.

“But the most important thing is that your heart doesn’t change, if your heart stays the same, my heart will forever be yours.” Said Duan Xin Ye with a sweet smile on her face, as if she was trying to calm Lin Feng down.

When Lin Feng saw Duan Xin Ye’s smile, he smiled softly. Actually, as a princess, Duan Xin Ye was constantly witnessing people using plots and machinations against each other.

But Duan Xin Ye’s smile was pure and soft because she didn’t allow anything to pollute her heart.

Lin Feng stretched his other hand and gently caressed her face which made her blush. She had the feeling that her body was on fire, and she slowly lowered her head.

“I will always stick to my principles.” Said Lin Feng slowly as if he was declaring his intention. No matter how cold he was or how many people he killed, he always stuck to his principles.

“Lin Feng, my brother’s friends are extremely gifted, they all have extremely important backgrounds, Ling Tian and that young woman must be extraordinary people if they were able to draw my brother’s attention. You have to be careful.” Said Duan Xin Ye while raising her head. People who could come to Wu Ya’s mountain were all exceptional individuals.

“I understand.” Nodded Lin Feng. He wanted to kill Ling Tian but it didn’t mean that he was going to act carelessly. Ling Tian and that girl rode a Xuan level ferocious beast, they were arrogant and proud, their strength had to be incredible as well, besides, they could curry favour from Duan Wu Ya which proved to Lin Feng even more that they were not ordinary people.

In order to kill them, Lin Feng still needed to become stronger.

Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng continued to chat as they walked for a long time, without even realizing it, they had already left the Imperial Palace.

Around the Imperial Palace, there was a long river and a beautiful forest. In the middle, there was a large road, the people entering and leaving were very few, at the moment when Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were leaving the Imperial Palace, they only saw a few silhouettes and there was also a motionless carriage, as it had been waiting for someone.

The few people present were all amazed when they saw Duan Xin Ye, they all looked at her in an extremely respectful way and everyone bowed to her. They were also looking at Lin Feng with eyes filled with curiosity. Duan Xin Ye didn’t care about them wondering who Lin Feng was.

But when Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye arrived next to the carriage, it was still motionless. There was only one person leaning against the side, they could see that person’s back, he was carrying a sword. He looked sluggish and had his eyes closed.

“You two are really slow.” Suddenly said a lazy sounding voice.

He slightly moved and then turned around. That young man looked at Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng, he had beautiful feminine eyes and was smiling indifferently.

“Wen Ao Xue.” Lin Feng was stupefied. But immediately after, the surprise disappeared from his face and he also smiled: “Long time no see.”

Wen Ao Xue smiled as well and immediately after, he stood perfectly straight and released an extremely sharp energy which suddenly invaded the entire atmosphere, Lin Feng was surprised, then the young man with his feminine beauty, started moving towards Lin Feng with a strange expression on his face.

Lin Feng was stupefied, then Lin Feng’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light as well and he moved to intercept Wen Ao Xue.

“Sword!” Whispered Wen Ao Xue. He raised his finger which became as sharp as a sword as it started absorbing sword energy, it looked swift and fierce.

“Sun!” Said Lin Feng, at the same time, he also stretched his finger out towards Wen Ao Xue, his finger contained his sword Qi as well as his scorching sun Qi.

“Crrr, crrrr….”

The terrifying energies were clashing in the air, Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue’s fingers collided and a cyclone of power burst out.

Lin Feng’s body was projected back two steps. While Wen Ao Xue was still standing in the same place, looking at Lin Feng.

“Xuan Qi layer.” Smiled Lin Feng. They hadn’t met for a while and it seemed like Wen Ao Xue had also broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, but Lin Feng wasn’t surprised, it was actually very normal. At the time when he joined the Celestial Academy, Wen Ao Xue’s cultivation level was already higher than Lin Feng’s, even when they joined the war, Wen Ao Xue’s cultivation level remained higher than that of Lin Feng.

In such a short time, Lin Feng had learnt the basics of alchemy and had learnt many skills such as the surplus souls technique and on top of that he broke through to the Xuan Qi layer. Wen Ao Xue had high natural abilities so it was normal for him to eventually break through to the Xuan Qi layer.

Lin Feng could understand things better than most people because of his surplus souls and his earth fusion, because of this he was stronger than most people, however, Lin Feng couldn’t be described as an incredible and unparalleled genius yet. Wen Ao Xue, She Qiong and even Leng Yue all were geniuses in their own right, they weren’t any less gifted than Lin Feng.

Of course, this was just in reference to cultivation abilities, in terms of fighting capacity and combat effectiveness, Lin Feng was much more advanced than most people.

He had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer but was able to kill cultivators at the second Xuan Qi layer.

“Indeed, I am at the Xuan Qi layer but I just came back and heard that you are now the top ranked disciple of the Celestial Academy, that doesn’t make me feel relieved but it doesn’t matter, why did you give me face a moment ago?” Smiled Wen Ao Xue.

A moment before, when both of them had displayed their respective strengths, he had already lost in power but Lin Feng didn’t use all of his strength. The scorching hot energy disappeared at the very last second, before it collided with Wen Ao Xue’s finger, then Lin Feng had meticulously moved backwards, all of this was to protect Wen Ao Xue’s face.

“Were you waiting for me here?” Asked Lin Feng while smiling. He was curious, why was Wen Ao Xue waiting there? They hadn’t seen each other for a while and surprisingly, Wen Ao Xue was there, with a carriage, it really seemed like he was waiting for Lin Feng.

“Indeed, I was waiting for you.” Said Wen Ao Xue while nodding which surprised Lin Feng. How could Wen Ao Xue know that Lin Feng was in the Imperial Palace, and on top of that why was he waiting for him?

“Teacher told me to come here to wait for you. If Xin Ye is with you, nobody would cause you trouble in the Imperial Palace but outside of it, you can rely on me to stop people causing trouble for you.” Explained Wen Ao Xue while smiling at Lin Feng when he saw that he looked perplexed.

“Teacher?” Lin Feng looked startled, Duan Xin Ye and Wen Ao Xue seemed to be really close.

“Lin Feng, Ao Xue is my fellow student.” Said Duan Xin Ye to Lin Feng while smiling which surprised Lin Feng. He had finally understood, that’s how it was. Wen Ao Xue and Duan Xin Ye were fellow students, Lin Feng obviously knew who their teacher was: Yan Yu Ping Sheng.

“But, this time our teacher made a mistake, many people caused trouble for Lin Feng when he was in the Imperial Palace.” Said Duan Xin Ye while smiling wryly. Yan Yu Ping Sheng had planned everything to the last detail but there were certain aspects which were overlooked.

“Caused trouble? Xin Ye, even though you were with him, some people dared to attack Lin Feng?” Asked Wen Ao Xue with his beautiful eyes filled with confusion.

“Lin Feng came across She Qiong.” Said Duan Xin Ye.

“She Qiong?” Wen Ao Xue’s pupils shrank, no wonder. If Lin Feng had encountered She Qiong, it would go badly because he was madly in love with Duan Xin Ye.  She Qiong wouldn’t care about giving face to anybody.

“She Qiong didn’t cause too much trouble for Lin Feng did he?” Asked Wen Ao Xue puzzled. Considering She Qiong’s temperament, he wouldn’t let Lin Feng off.

Duan Xin Ye shook her head and smiled, then she heard Lin Feng say slowly: “We fought, nothing came of it.”

“You fought?” Asked Wen Ao Xue calmly while frowning. Lin Feng had said it in a very relaxed manner but She Qiong was incredibly strong, surprisingly, Lin Feng was saying that the two of them fought each other.

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