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PMG Chapter 366: The Nine Dragon Mountain Chain

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“Yes, after the fight, he left.” Said Lin Feng as if it was absolutely normal. He then turned to Duan Xin Ye.

“Ao Xue and I will go together from here, you should head back.”

“Alright.” Said Duan Xin Ye while nodding in a cute way, but she tightly gripped onto Lin Feng’s hand, she felt reluctant to leave him, she said: “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” Said Lin Feng while smiling in a tender way. Immediately after, their hands slowly separated from each other. Duan Xin Ye then walked back while turning her head now and then, as if she was afraid that Lin Feng would run away and never come back.

Lin Feng had made her a promise but she was still scared to lose him, because she cared so much about him, she was terrified by the idea of losing him.

Lin Feng was smiling the whole time. Only when Duan Xin Ye’s silhouette completely vanished from his view did Lin Feng turn his head around. At that moment, Wen Ao Xue’s facial expression looked ambiguous, he had a smile yet not a smile on his face.

They hadn’t met for a very long time but Lin Feng had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he had become the top student of the Celestial Academy. He was worshiped and revered by many people and he even obtained the princess’ heart, Lin Feng was really enjoying a good life recently.

“Why do we have a carriage?” Asked Lin Feng which made the ambiguous smile disappear from Wen Ao Xue’s face. Lin Feng looked at the carriage, he wasn’t a woman yet Wen Ao Xue had brought a carriage to pick him up.

“Who knows, you might have wanted to elope with the princess, so I brought a carriage.” Said Wen Ao Xue while laughing which made Lin Feng roll his eyes with exasperation. He ignored Wen Ao Xue and climbed onto the carriage.

Wen Ao Xue sat in the front of urged on the horses with the whip as they started trotting slowly.

“Where were you all this time?” Asked Lin Feng as he sat next to Wen Ao Xue on the front of the carriage.

I was at the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, at the peak of Mount Sword.” Said Wen Ao Xue. “There, I closed my eyes for a while and managed to break through to the Xuan Qi layer. I was successful in my training.

“Nine Dragon Mountain Chain… Mount Sword…” Whispered Lin Feng. In the east of the Imperial City, there was a vast mountain range with many ferocious beasts, it was a bit like the Black Wind Mountain, it was an extremely large region and on the other side of the mountain chain was a neighbouring country.

“Lin Feng had also heard that the powerful Yue Clan lived in a forest within that mountain chain. Wen Ao Xue had mentioned the Mount Sword, it was one of the high peaks in that mountain chain.

“Yes, practicing sword skills at Mount Sword is great, I improved so much on my path of sword cultivation, you should also go there when you have time.” Explained Wen Ao Xue. In the Imperial City, strong sword cultivators particularly liked to go to Mount Sword to practice their sword skills, but rumors said that it wasn’t good to go there too often. For a sword cultivator, the best time to go was before breaking through to the next layer or when one was on the verge of understanding something new regarding swords, going there too many times would have the opposite effect and cause one’s path to become harder.

Of course, that was just a rumor.

“Let’s go then.” Said Lin Feng suddenly which shocked Wen Ao Xue.

“What, now?” Asked Wen Ao Xue while glancing at Lin Feng with his beautiful eyes.

“Yes, now.” Said Lin Feng while resolutely nodding his head. Wen Ao Xue was stupefied, he stared at Lin Feng and remained frozen in place, overcome with confusion.

“You’re insane, if I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have told you.” Said Wen Ao Xue upset. Immediately after, the horses were charging forth at full speed, the wheels of the carriage were rolling at incredible speeds across the ground. The carriage was moving towards the east at full speed.

The Imperial City was an incredibly gigantic place. Wen Ao Xue was driving the carriage at full speed through the Imperial City, but they managed to arrive after only a day of travel.

Wen Ao Xue stretched while looking at the gigantic mountain chain filled with ferocious beasts. Wen Ao Xue looked exhausted, not because of training hard but because he had been driving the carriage at full speed for an entire day. He was breathing deeply, he was really exhausted.

Wen Ao Xue saw Lin Feng jump from the carriage and look at the mountain range with twinkling eyes. He looked excited.

It was the first time that Lin Feng had gone to the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, it also had many ferocious beasts just like the Black Wind Mountain but there were still some differences.

In the Black Wind Mountain, the slopes were filled with trees, and their topography also differed because in the Black Wind Mountain, there weren’t many precipices. Besides, the topography of the Nine-Dragon Mountain Chain was extreme, there were huge variations in altitude between the different mountains. However, they both contained terrifying ferocious beasts, therefore the thick Qi from the beasts filled the atmosphere.

Even though it was filled with ferocious beasts, there were many people who journeyed to that mountain. Ferocious beasts were very dangerous and their forests were extremely dangerous places. Hunting and fighting ferocious beasts were a great way to accumulate battle experience, so cultivators would constantly risk their lives by fighting against ferocious beasts. They hardened themselves and strengthened their determination by fighting against ferocious beasts. At the same time, in beast forests, cultivators could also find rare treasures.

Therefore, practicing in a beast forest was extremely dangerous but there were many people who went there anyway.

“Where is Mount Sword?” Asked Lin Feng.

“Go straight for about five kilometres, you will see it.” Explained Wen Ao Xue. Immediately after, he added: “I just came from there, so I won’t be able to accompany you. We will have to part here.” When he finished talking, he immediately turned around and jumped back onto the carriage. Then, he used his long whip to urge the horses on as the sound of the carriage departing filled the air. It wasn’t long until he was gradually disappearing into the distance.

Lin Feng watched Wen Ao Xue leave, what a likable person. He looked strange, feminine and handsome, but he acted natural, unrestrained and unruly.

Wen Ao Xue was also extremely gifted. He was a man of unyielding character but he wasn’t reckless at all, he always stood head and shoulders above others, he wasn’t scared that people wouldn’t know how strong and prestigious he was.

Very quickly, Lin Feng turned around and walked into the mountain range. He intended to practice and improve his level.

After all, in the Imperial City, Lin Feng had a lot of enemies. If he wanted to fight against people like She Qiong and if he wanted to kill Ling Tian, he only had his own strength to rely on. Therefore, when he heard Wen Ao Xue say that this place was ideal to improve a cultivators sword abilities, Lin Feng had immediately decided to come without the slightest degree of hesitation.

Cultivation was something that had no set or defined end and could be practiced without end. Lin Feng was already able to carry out sword fusion, but he hadn’t mastered it yet, he was far from it, besides, there had to be much stronger dimensions than that on the path of the sword, it’s just that Lin Feng hadn’t uncovered them yet.

The sun was shining upon the thick and dense forest, only a few rays of light could pierce through the dense vegetation.

Feng Ting was walking through the forest with the greatest of care. Around her were some guards from her clan to protect her.

“Xiu, we’re already about five kilometres inside the mountain, if we keep moving forwards, we might encounter some extremely strong Ling level beasts. We have to be extremely careful.” Said an old man next to Feng Ting.

“Yes, I know.” Said Feng Ting while nodding. Even though she was scared, she had to continue, her father was sick and she needed to find some Nine Sun Grass.

“Xiu, if you can’t do it, let’s give up. Your father will not blame you. Finding Nine Sun Grass is extremely difficult!” Said the old man while sighing. Nine Sun Grass contained an incredible amount of sun Qi, it contained the incredible vitality of the sun. It only grew in places where pure Qi was extremely dense, only places which were connected to the Qi veins of the earth could grow Nine Sun Grass. That kind of treasure was so precious that even if they found it, there was a good chance that it would get stolen by someone stronger.

Feng Ting slightly shook her head, she would never give up.

“Nine Sun Grass.” Precisely at that moment, Lin Feng was passing nearby and heard these three words which drew his attention. The grass was a Ling level ingredient, it could heal someone’s respiratory system and even strengthen it. It could increase the strength unceasingly. Besides, it was also one of the ingredients of Divine Water pills.

Lin Feng hadn’t forgotten that Yun Xi, who was frozen, needed Nine Sun Grass to keep living.

Lin Feng frowned while looking at Feng Ting and the guards surrounding her. They seemed to take their function of protectors extremely seriously. There were some other people who were looking at that girl in an evil and perverted way, they harboured evil designs, that young girl looked lithe and graceful and had developed curves. She couldn’t sense the looks from those evil people, but with Lin Feng’s acute senses and experience, he easily noticed them.

But Lin Feng was a stranger, would he be able to take care of her?

He made a slight movement and instantly arrived by the girl’s group which surprised the guards, who then stared at him with murderous gazes.

“Who are you?” Asked the old guard who was in front of Feng Ting. He was of course very vigilant, in the Nine Dragon mountain chain, a few extremely strong cultivators killed the weaker ones to steal their precious treasures, It was an extremely common phenomenon, therefore if anybody suddenly appeared before them, they would have to be extremely careful.

“Do you know where to find Nine Sun Grass?” Asked Lin Feng towards the girl.

Feng Ting observed Lin Feng, he looked clean, mysterious and handsome.

“No, I don’t.” Said Feng Ting while shaking her head. She had come hoping to encounter it by luck.

Lin Feng didn’t add anything, he only wanted to know if they had information on the Nine Sun Grass.

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