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PMG Chapter 367: Mount Sword

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“Let’s work together, how does that sound?” Said Lin Feng after remaining silent for a moment. He wasn’t familiar with this place, if he could really find some Nine Sun Grass and improve his sword skills, he would definitely spend some more time in the Nine Dragon mountain chain helping with their search.

Such an opportunity was extremely rare.

Feng Ting remained silent and ignored Lin Feng’s question, and then Lin Feng heard the old man next to her say: “No need, sorry, we don’t need each other. It would be best if we go our own ways.”

“Indeed, besides, why would you want to stay with us? Who are you?” Said a guard sounding nervous.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes and released a cold energy which astonished the crowd. They felt like they were going to freeze on the spot. How cold. They all quickly went silent.

“Since that is the case, I will go.” Said Lin Feng while slightly shaking his head. If the young girl had agreed to stay with him, that would have been great for her, if Lin Feng was with her then she wouldn’t be in danger, but she stayed silent.

Lin Feng quickly continued on his way. Feng Ting’s eyes twinkled, how straightforward. Such people were rare to find. Lin Feng had come and asked if she knew where to find Nine Sun Grass and on top of that had asked if he could go with them, besides, he had remained absolutely unperturbed when they rejected his offer.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards and suddenly accelerated rushing deeper into the mountain.


A wolf had noticed that some people had penetrated its territory and let out a low howl while running towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, the light from a sword glowed and the wolf’s head was pierced as it fell onto the ground, it had become a corpse. Besides, Lin Feng’s silhouette immediately vanished from that location.

The wolf wasn’t the only one to end up like that, after that, many ferocious beasts attacked Lin Feng but it was all in vain, they didn’t even manage to slow Lin Feng down. Lin Feng was streaking through the forest just like a meteor as he killed ferocious beasts, he looked majestic.

After a short period of time, Lin Feng came out of the mysterious forest and stopped. In front of him there was a tall mountain peak, it was so high that it looked like it was a pillar that supported the sky.

What amazed Lin Feng the most was that the mountain surprisingly looked like a sword. Its peak looked like the tip of a sword. It looked like it was cutting through the heavens.

“Mount Sword, it was a mountain chain of nine sword-shaped mountains, that was Mount Sword.”

Lin Feng was stupefied, then his silhouette started flickering insanely towards a mountain peak facing the nine sword mountains, from that mountain peak, this angle was the best for observing them. He would be able to differentiate between each mountain.

No wonder Wen Ao Xue told Lin Feng to walk straight into the depths of the Nine Dragon mountain chain and after five kilometres later he would see, and indeed, that was the case. Anyone, when seeing these nine lofty mountains, would have known that they were Mount Sword.

But there were really some wonders created by nature, surprisingly, the earth had created nine lofty mountains which resembled swords that looked like they were cutting through the heavens, how extraordinary! What mighty swords!

Finally, Lin Feng arrived at the foot of the mountain and stood on a gigantic rock on a steep slope. He then calmly looked at the nine sword mountains, he needed to concentrate a great deal to see as far as their summits, so he could see the entire sword.

“How domineering.” Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the summit of the mountains. In front of him, there were the nine gigantic swords, they looked domineering, they could pierce the earth and the sky, it was extremely impressive.

“No, I can’t! Being domineering doesn’t play an important role at all in my sword path. That mountain could really benefit swords which contained a domineering aura, but it’s not appropriate for my sword. I cannot let the sword path in my heart be influenced.”

Lin Feng was thinking deep in his heart. He gradually emerged from his thoughts. Indeed, if a cultivator had just started practicing the sword and randomly absorbed that sword energy and improved it, they would become much stronger. However, Lin Feng’s sword already had its own path. His sword was almost alive and had its own type of energy. He couldn’t carelessly follow any sword path, he wouldn’t necessarily become stronger, on the contrary, it could actually hinder his current path and cause great harm to his future advancements.

What Lin Feng needed was a pure heart that followed a clear path. Because he was able to absorb some of the energy from these mountains, it could influence the sword path in his heart.

At the foot of the mountain, not far from Lin Feng, there was a silhouette brandishing their sword over and over again. It was becoming stronger with each movement, it contained a domineering energy as if it contained the strength of the mountains.

“Exactly as I thought, simply observing the Mount Sword will not make anyone advance, it’s not that simple.” Whispered Lin Feng. Without the slightest doubt, that person’s sword was becoming stronger with each movement and was filled with a domineering energy which was growing stronger as well.  As expected, that cultivator had been learning from the swords of Mount Sword but it contained the Qi of Mount Sword.

But, did he really understand swords?

Maybe practicing that way and studying the sword energy of these mountains could help them be outstanding for a short while but in the end, it was hollow. An authentic sword cultivator didn’t need to study the sword energy of other sword paths, what they needed was to understand their own sword energy and only then could they walk down their own sword path, this was the only way it would benefit their future progress.

“Let’s switch the angles, maybe there will be a difference.” Said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he flew towards the east at full speed, he was constantly flying around and once in a while, he was turning his head and looking at the mountains.

Lin Feng didn’t stop flying higher and higher. The higher he was, the more he realized that these mountains were magnificent. It seemed that no matter where a person went, none could escape from them.

When Lin Feng looked at a sword mountain not far from him, he had the impression that the sword was on his side.

Lin Feng didn’t stop flying higher, in his field of vision, there were now all nine sword mountains, they looked smaller and smaller, but they were still filled with an incredible sword energy.

When Lin Feng stepped on the top of a mountain, Lin Feng was stupefied. At that moment, he was higher than the nine sword mountains. It was incredible. He was looking down at the nine swords.

“How powerful, it almost looks like they’re coming at me.” Thought Lin Feng. All the nine swords seemed like they were moving to kill him.

“A person’s strength can’t exceed the laws of the universe, no matter how strong you are, there is always someone who can surpass you in the end.” Said Lin Feng to himself, looking down at these nine sword mountains.

At the moment when Lin Feng was standing at the foot of the mountain, he was looking up at these mountains and had the impression that they were incredibly domineering, it looked like they were attacking the heavens.

But while standing at the top of another mountain and looking down on these nine mountains, his heart was filled with lofty sentiments.

Maybe everybody that came to study the energy of these mountains had different experiences and different ways to improve their sword path. Lin Feng had first looked up at them and now he was looking down on them.

Every sword cultivator trusts their sword. Cultivators are determined to constantly improve themselves, but to do that, they need an incredible courage and only then could they stand above everyone else, looking down.

Lin Feng didn’t stay looking at the top of Mount Sword for long. A short while after, he went down again. Then he started to repeatedly go up and down the different mountains while observing the nine sword mountains from different angles.

Lin Feng kept doing that for three days. In three days, he had seen the nine sword mountains from every possible angle.

Finally, on the fourth day, Lin Feng came back to the top of that mountain where he could observe them and sat down cross-legged.

Calmly, he sat down on the top of that mountain and closed his eyes. Without making any sounds or any movements, there was only a gentle breeze blowing across Lin Feng’s body at the top of the mountain, it was making Lin Feng’s long hair sway gently.

Lin Feng meditated there for three days.

Lin Feng had observed the nine sword mountains from different angles for three days, and then he meditated for another three days.

On the seventh day, a milky white energy started rising into the air towards the sun. It was floating gently on the horizon.

Full of vigour and vitality, rays of sunlight were shining down onto Lin Feng’s body, it felt warm and relaxing.

“In the past, I watched the sun rise and fall for three days and understood three new sword skills: Sword of the Rising Sun, Scorching Sword, and Sword of the Setting Sun.”

Lin Feng thought: “I have made great progress on the path of cultivation, I learnt the Cosmos Burning Sun skill, a sun skill, except the Scorching Sword which changed after I learn the sun skill, my Sword of the Rising Sun and the Sword of the Setting Sun haven’t changed at all.”

“My Scorching Sword and Sword of the Rising Sun as well as my Sword of the Setting Sun will become my ultimate attacks.” Said Lin Feng.

An extremely sharp sword energy appeared as Lin Feng suddenly moved.

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