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PMG Chapter 368: Shaking the earth!

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In Lin Feng’s hand appeared a brilliant sword light, he condensed it to create a pure Qi sword.

Lin Feng slowly used the sword in his hand to practice his movements. The sword had slowly risen into the air like the rising sun of a new day, it was filled with vitality.

Lin Feng’s sword abruptly stopped halfway in the air. Lin Feng had stopped his movement and started to frown.

“My Sword of the Rising Sun requires the energy of the rising sun. Even though it is full of vitality, its killing potential is much too weak.” Thought Lin Feng. Immediately after, he condensed another sword and he started the movements again, but it still had the same weakness.

This time, Lin Feng was only practicing his sword skills and wasn’t using deadly energy or battle energy. Combining multiple types of energy could strengthen the explosive power of a sword, but it wouldn’t help Lin Feng break through another layer of the sword dimension. After having reached a certain sword level, it was necessary to understand one’s own true nature, only a pure and unadulterated sword could help a sword cultivator progress on the path of sword cultivation, because each sword contained its own energy.

Lin Feng condensed another sword, and another and so on as if he had forgotten the passage of time. He didn’t even stop to breathe, all he was focused on was his sword.

“It’s slower now, impossible, even though it has the Qi of the rising sun, it’s still too slow, I can’t kill anyone with that.”

“This one is too quick, it doesn’t resemble a rising sun.”

It seemed like there was a flaw and Lin Feng couldn’t find a balance.

At that moment, he suddenly stopped. He didn’t condense another sword and instead he looked at the nine sword mountains in the distance, he seemed pensive and lost in thought.

The nine sword mountains looked very similar, they all had the shape of a sword, but they didn’t look entirely the same, from different angles, Lin Feng got a different impression, especially from above and from the foot of the mountains. When he was looking up at the mountains, Lin Feng had the impression that the swords were piercing the heavens, when he looked at the mountains from above, they looked unstoppable as if they were coming for his life, the same swords gave completely different feelings.

“The same swords, but different feelings.”

Lin Feng was stupefied, his eyes twinkled. He looked at the sun again, it was gradually rising in the sky, it was becoming more and more dazzling as it moved higher into the sky. The sunlight was also becoming more and more powerful.

Another sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand.

Without any hesitation, Lin Feng started his movements again. That sword looked resplendent and very slow, as if it was only meant to be beautiful, it didn’t have any killing potential at all, but without one even realizing it, that sword was becoming more and more dazzling and was filled with the endless power of the rising sun. By the time the sword was halfway up in the air, it was so dazzling that it could rival with the sun.

That sword was neither slow nor quick, it was just like the rising sun, at first it only drew people’s attention because of the beauty and then as it moved higher into the sky, it became more powerful without even realizing, and in the blink of an eye, it had become scorching hot.

The sword of the rising sun was diffusing a bright and incredibly dazzling light across the surrounding area. Everything seemed to disappear into that light, only the sword was remaining.

“Scorching Sword!” Said Lin Feng. The sword of the rising sun turned into the scorching sword. There was absolutely no distinction that could be made between the sword of the rising sun and the scorching sword, the sword of the rising sun naturally turned into the scorching sword.

“Crrrr…. Crrrr….” A subtle crackling sound emerged from the atmosphere and suddenly a hundred metre long dazzling sword light burst into the sky. Everything in the area was unable to escape from that dazzling sword light. It even contained the scorching heat of the sun which invaded the entire area. That Scorching Sword seemed like it had enveloped the entire universe.

“Sword of the Setting Sun!” The scorching sword was still illuminating the area around Lin Feng when suddenly, the sword energy started to change and it lost its radiance, just like the setting sun, it gave the feeling of nostalgia. At the moment when it was the most dazzling, that sword suddenly began to turn into a desolate and sombre sword. These three sword attacks formed a single sword attack, the rising sun would naturally turn into a scorching sun which then became a setting sun, this had been the same since the creation of the universe, it was never going to change.


The ground started to burst and explode. The tip of the mountain had been split into two, there was an extremely deep cut on the top of the mountain, the deep cut looked like it led straight to the depths of the mountain and looked as if it was created by a sword.

“What an unbelievable destructive power!” Lin Feng looked at the dispersing light and sighed. At that moment, Lin Feng was merely studying his sword, he wasn’t using the power of his Cosmos Burning Sun, if he had used it,  the destructive power of his attack would have doubled.

When thinking about that, Lin Feng started using his Cosmos Burning Sun skill and immediately, a powerful sun Qi was released, Lin Feng’s entire body was surrounded by flames as he bathed in the sunlight.

The sun in the sky shone down towards Lin Feng through the valley as if it was reluctant to leave Lin Feng’s side. The sun was actually illuminating Lin Feng, besides, a sun pattern had distinctly appeared on Lin Feng’s body.

When using his Cosmos Burning Sun skill under the sunlight, Lin Feng felt like his entire body was filled with an endless strength and power, as if he gained the power of the sun.

His sword started to move again, it was dazzling as it illuminated the atmosphere, a thunderous rumbling sound spread through the atmosphere and they all originated from the top of the mountain on which Lin Feng was standing.

Lin Feng was in absolute immersion with his sword, while practicing sword cultivation, his heart couldn’t be distracted by anything else, the only thing he had in mind was his sword.

Sword cultivation.

In the distance, at the foot of the mountain, Feng Ting and the others were gazing into the distance. When they looked at the top of the mountain, they were all astonished.

“How strong! I wonder who that prodigy is, he has an extremely advanced knowledge of swords.” Whispered Feng Ting. She could only see the dazzling light of the sword of the rising sun. It was even more dazzling than the real sun above them in the sky. Even though she was very far away, Feng Ting could still sense the destructive power that the sword contained.

The sword cuts in the mountain left her feeling extremely puzzled.

Those who were with Feng Ting were also all staring at the top of the mountain. Each and every single one of them was astonished. They all wished that they would one day be that strong, when such a sword appeared, the earth and the sky looked colourless in comparison. The only reason they were able to look at it for such a long time, was because they were so far away from it, if they had been near it, they probably wouldn’t even be able to keep their eyes open.


Feng Ting and the others almost fell to the ground which stupefied them.

“What’s going on?” Asked Feng Ting in a low voice. Immediately after, thunderous rumbling sounds unceasingly invaded the atmosphere.

The ground beneath their feet was even shaking.

“What’s going on?”

“What is happening?”

Feng Ting and the others didn’t dare to make a move. The ground was unceasingly shaking under their feet, as if the earth was about to crack open.

It was shaking more and more intensely with each passing second.

What was going on? They all had a massive amount of sweat on their foreheads, they had never experienced such a strange phenomenon. The entire ground seemed like it was going to collapse under their feet. They raised their heads and saw that the mountain was also shaking, it was terrifying!

Feng Ting and the ones accompanying her weren’t the only people in the area, there were other people practicing their sword skills. At that moment, they had all stopped and were all astonished, gigantic boulders were falling down the slope of the mountain. It was emitting a rumbling noise which filled the atmosphere, but the most terrifying part was that, in front of them, the nine sword mountains were violently shaking and breaking apart.

The ground continued shaking more intensely throughout the entire area, everyone was panic-stricken and had all stopped whatever they were doing. They were all dumbstruck. Beasts were roaring, neighing and howling and going insane as they ran away from the source of the tremors.

Only Lin Feng was left at the top of the mountain practicing his sword cultivation, he was in full immersion with his sword dimension. The world around him could explode and fall apart, but he would remain focused on his sword. In his heart, there was nothing but his sword.

Lin Feng was in the sword dimension studying his sword, it seemed like he had forgotten about the rest of the world and forgotten the time.

According to rumors, those who could penetrate into the dimension of earth fusion had an incredible understanding and could reach their moments of enlightenment more easily. That rumor wasn’t wrong, Lin Feng was precisely in fusion with the earth and having a moment of enlightenment.

An incredible sword energy emerged and oppressed the atmosphere across several hundred kilometres as it rose into the sky.

That incredible sword energy filled the sky, it was unceasingly growing stronger as the energy spread over a larger area. Several hundred kilometres around the mountain, all the retreating ferocious beasts no longer dared to move an inch and every cultivator had turned deathly pale.

How was such a thing possible? How could such a powerful sword energy appear in Xue Yue?

That sword energy could destroy the heavens.

“KACHA!” It seemed like that sound came from the sky. That sword energy which rose into the sky was growing even more terrifying, the nine mountains started shaking even more and looked as if they were going to collapse.

In the territory of the Yue Clan, an old white haired cultivator, who was practicing his cultivation, abruptly opened his eyes when he sensed that incredible sword energy, his facial expression drastically changed.

“Oh no, this is bad!” He howled furiously and then jumped into the air, smashing a hole through his roof, he then gazed into the distance in the direction of the nine sword mountains.

It seemed like there was a sword in the sky, a sword made completely from energy, sweat started to drip from the old man’s forehead.

The seal was going to break, who was trying to break the seal on the evil sword?

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