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PMG Chapter 369: The Evil Sword

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In Xue Yue, those who understood the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain the best was the Xue Yue Clan.

The Yue Clan knew exactly why the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain had its name, it was a blurry part of the history of their clan.

According to the rumors, there were nine ordinary mountains where extremely strong sword cultivators went to practice their sword skills, and these strong cultivators had carved these mountains into nine mountains which were shaped like swords.

But only a core disciple of the Yue Clan would know that these nine swords mountains had that shape because one of their ancestors fought against an extremely strong sword cultivator. It had been a tremendous battle. That extremely strong sword cultivator refused to die and burned his soul strength with an incredible pressure which turned his sword into an evil sword. He then used that evil sword to severely injure the ancestor of the Yue Clan, almost killing them.

In the end, the ancestor of the Yue Clan and another extremely strong cultivator of that time acted together to suppress that evil sword and divide it into nine parts of power, which they named the nine dragons.

They are also the nine sword mountains, from that moment, only the strongest cultivators of the Yue Clan, who lived in a forest about fifty kilometres away from the nine sword mountains, knew the truth.

On the horizon, black clouds were starting to gather. When the old white haired man saw these evil clouds, he heaved a sigh.

He didn’t know exactly when the evil sword was sealed but at that moment, it seemed to be emerging once again and he didn’t know if it was a fortunate or an ominous event.

In Xue Yue, there was surprisingly someone strong enough to break the seal of the evil sword and attract it to him.

Only a genius who had broken through to an incredible level of the sword dimension could have achieved such an incredible feat. The old man was wondering who that person could be. That person had surprisingly broken through to an incredible layer within the sword dimension. It was clear that they were already extremely advanced on their path of sword cultivation. Their natural abilities would also be considered terrifying.

“Fine, why do I need to think so much? The seal has been broken, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.” Thought the old white haired man while looking at the black clouds on the horizon. His sharp facial expression gradually turned into a relaxed expression. He didn’t care, everything that was fated to happen, would happen.

At that moment, the nine mountains were shaking more and more violently. In the air, black clouds covered the sky. Sunlight was obstructed and darkness had invaded the mountain chain. An extremely terrifying and oppressive Qi was covering the earth. Ferocious beasts were crawling on their bellies, even Feng Ting and the others had all fallen onto the ground. Sweat was unceasingly dripping from their foreheads. They had almost collapsed under the pressure.

These people didn’t know what the old man knew. They didn’t know what was happening at all. They just felt like the ground was going to collapse and crumble under their feet. It was too terrifying.

That oppressive sword energy made their entire bodies tremble. They didn’t dare move, fearing that the celestial sword would kill them if they did.

At that moment, Lin Feng also regained consciousness from his flash of enlightenment. He was amazed by the topographical changes that occurred.

He would have never thought that when he regained consciousness from his flash of enlightenment, the sky and the ground would look so terrifying. Everybody, even hundreds of kilometres in the periphery, had the same feeling of dread. Lin Feng could also sense the oppressive Qi, besides, at the top of the mountain, the black clouds seemed to be forming directly above him, so he could sense the oppressive Qi even more intensely and distinctly than everybody else.

“What’s going on?” Thought Lin Feng while a cold sweat dripped from his forehead. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw that the nine mountains were unceasingly shaking and emitting a rumbling noise. These nine sword mountains were all slowly starting to break in half.

At the same time, in the sky above the nine sword mountains, a sword illusion appeared in the middle of the black clouds, it was a dark and evil sword.

“What a terrifying strength. What a powerful and brutal evil energy.” Thought Lin Feng who was astonished. He was just under the black clouds and could distinctly sense the evil energy it contained, wrath, humiliation, hatred and all sorts of evil energy was present, and they were all forming that evil sword.


The mountains seemed to be exploding and the earth was splitting apart. Lin Feng was in a state of shock and violently shaking. The nine mountains in front of him had suddenly exploded and were collapsing. Huge rocks were falling from the sky and creating whistling sounds as they fell to the earth. There were also some stones which were completely destroyed and turned into powder in the air.

A sword, surprisingly, there were swords.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. The rocky surface of the nine sword mountains had exploded and in front of him appeared nine gigantic swords. They were gigantic pitch black swords that looked terrifyingly evil, they were facing the sky but their terrifying evil energy was absolutely shocking.

Not only Lin Feng but everybody else in the region remained frozen in their initial positions.

In Xue Yue, many people knew that there were nine sword mountains in the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, they knew that by observing these mountains, sword cultivators could become stronger. Everybody knew that these mountains were special, they were filled with a sword cultivators’ determination but what nobody knew was that these nine sword mountains surprisingly were nine gigantic swords, and they knew even less that they were terrifying evil swords.

At that moment, a deadly light was emerging from these nine gigantic swords. In the deathly silence of the atmosphere, the nine swords were shaking and emitting whistling sounds, the evil black clouds started rolling through the sky.


The nine evil swords rushed in the air and started to shrink. The energy was condensed into nine normal sized swords, suddenly, Lin Feng felt like his entire body was being oppressed by an incredible sword energy which prevented him from moving, his heart was violently pounding.

Lin Feng had felt that these swords were alive and they were all staring at him.

The dark swords suddenly fell from the sky and fell like meteors towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was terrified when he saw this, what was going on? Why would these swords suddenly attack him?

How could he resist the power of such terrifying swords?

Lin Feng couldn’t defend himself against these swords, they were too quick. They were so fast that it was unbelievable. Lin Feng had a look of hopeless despair on his face, the evil swords were moving towards him at full speed. A rumbling sound emerged in the atmosphere and immediately after, Lin Feng blacked out. At the top of the mountain where he was standing, there was an incredibly deep crater. Lin Feng and the swords had disappeared into the depths of the mountain.

Deep in the darkness, there was no light at all. However, at that moment, Lin Feng felt omniscient, everything was much clearer and more distinct than usual.

“I’m not dead?” Lin Feng was astonished, he reached out his hand and touched the wall, it felt cold.

Lin Feng hadn’t died because he could still feel his body. He was still alive but the nine swords….

At that moment, Lin Feng could sense the nine swords, they had penetrated into his body, it felt like he could make it appear at any moment, as if the evil sword fused into his body.

“How could such a thing happen?” Lin Feng felt like everything was a nightmare.

Wen Ao Xue had told him about the mountain chain which is why Lin Feng had come hoping to make a breakthrough. When Lin Feng sensed that the mountains were influencing him, he did not absorb their energy and instead he studied the sword of the rising sun, the scorching sword as well as the sword of the setting sun. Because he had a breakthrough when practicing his skill, he suddenly had a moment of enlightenment, he fell deeply into his sword dimension, but when he regained consciousness, everything outside was collapsing. The nine sword mountains then exploded and revealed nine evil swords which attacked him and fused with his body. Everything was too insane, Lin Feng felt like it was too insane for it to be reality.

But this was reality.

The evil sword had been confined for a thousand years, it was weakened by a great deal. Over the years it had remained silent and never attempted to break the seal, but then, Lin Feng spent days studying the sword mountains and seemed to have a breakthrough in his sword dimension, that was probably what attracted the evil sword, which then broke the seal and merged with Lin Feng’s body.

“Huh?” At that moment, Lin Feng frowned. He could feel the evil sword was consuming his soul.

Lin Feng Immediately moved the evil sword inside his body preventing it from having any contact with his soul. As expected, the evil sword calmed down after that and remained silent. It was very intriguing.

That evil sword wasn’t an ordinary sword. These nine heavy swords had a life of their own.

“It seems like I should find a place to give these evil swords a try.” Thought Lin Feng but he couldn’t stay in these mountains.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, he absorbed the sword energy and seemed to transform into a sword. He didn’t move towards the sky but instead he moved towards the ground.

A subtle crackling sound was spreading through the atmosphere. Lin Feng had cut into the mountain and travelled through the interior of the mountain.

After a short period of time, Lin Feng finally emerged from the mountain, at that moment, the black evil clouds had already vanished, the terrifying oppressive sword energy had disappeared as well, but the landscape was suddenly lonely and desolate. Lin Feng was astonished, the nine sword mountains had completely disappeared. After the swords disappeared, a terrifying pure Qi invaded the entire area!

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