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PMG Chapter 370: Veins of the Earth!

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“That’s….” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. After the nine sword mountains had collapsed, the pure Qi heaven and earth burst out. It was extremely dense, even if Lin Feng wasn’t close, he could still perfectly sense that extremely dense pure Qi

“A vein of pure Qi… It’s a huge well of pure Qi.” Lin Feng was astonished. That pure Qi had been accumulating throughout the years to the extent that it would condense into purity stones, more and more purity stones were appearing and it looked like it formed a purity stone mine. Besides, the nine evil swords were monstrously strong, they had been there for so many years, they were able to bathe in pure Qi all this time, no wonder they were so strong.

What excited Lin Feng was that nobody had ever suspected that in the Nine Dragon Mountain Chain, under these nine sword mountains, there were such precious natural resource, a priceless treasure.

Besides, Lin Feng was the first to find it, thus, he would be able to mine purity stones and extract the pure Qi.

“No… A moment ago, the evil swords caused some many tremors, they terrified and scared away a lot of people. Very quickly, people will come back and find out that this place is a well of pure Qi.” Lin Feng didn’t get too excited, he knew that in such situations, he had to stay clear headed. A well of pure Qi was priceless, besides, it contained a myriad of treasures, if it was found by someone else, they would fight Lin Feng for ownership of it.

Even those who called each other brother amongst the noble clans, they would still fight each other over the Qi vein.

At the Celestial Academy, there were four wells of pure Qi. They had constructed the four cultivation towers above them, it was thus clear how precious and valuable pure Qi was.

“I will not be able to seize that well…” Thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng saw how thick and rich the pure Qi was, it was obviously huge, it would attract many people and lead to a war. Lin Feng didn’t have the power to seize it.

When Lin Feng thought about that, his silhouette flickered and he streaked through the sky towards the well of pure Qi. At the same time, he started using the acute senses from the earth fusion, everything that surrounded him could be clearly sensed by him.

In a flash, Lin Feng arrived at the place where the nine sword mountains were destroyed. Pure Qi was floating above the ground like a mist. Lin Feng released an incredible quantity of sword energy, a sword formed of pure Qi flashed, and started unceasingly absorbing the pure Qi. Lin Feng’s body transformed into a sword and immediately penetrated deep into the Qi well. He opened his Na stone on his ring and stored all the purity stones inside.

Even if he couldn’t absorb all the pure Qi of the well, he could at least pick up the treasures inside, especially since he was the one who discovered it. It contained so many precious treasures. Cultivators would never refuse purity stones, even if they didn’t use them, they could also exchange them for other things, purity stones was the basic currency of a cultivator.

“So many, there isn’t even enough space in my Na stone.”

Very quickly, Lin Feng looked satisfied. That well of pure Qi was shocking. It was filled purity stones, stones of lower quality were numerous but they were mixed with purity stones of average quality as well.

It was so insane that here and there, Lin Feng even found some precious dazzling treasures, purity stones of higher quality.

One purity stone of higher quality was equivalent to ten thousand purity stones of lower quality. It was incomparable.

“I don’t want those of lower quality.” Decided Lin Feng, the space in his Na stone was limited. If he used it all for purity stones of lower quality, he wouldn’t have enough space for purity stones of average quality, besides, he didn’t have to be worried about the well not having enough purity stones of average quality, therefore, Lin Feng had decided to abandon the purity stones of lower quality, that way he would be able to collect the greatest value.

Lin Feng had made a fortune, that place existed for thousands of years and it was the first time that Lin Feng had accumulated such wealth, being rich was a marvelous feeling.

Lin Feng would be able to give these purity stones to his Chi Xie troops to use for their cultivation. It would be extremely beneficial to them. Lin Feng would be able to create a monstrously powerful army.

Lin Feng surpassed many geniuses of his age, he had no social background, no influence, and relied only on himself. Because of that, he was constructing his own sphere of influence, Liu Cang Lan had given him the Chi Xie army precisely for that purpose.

Lin Feng was moving through the vein of the earth at full speed picking up the highest quality purity stones.

“What’s this?” At that moment Lin Feng suddenly discovered a precious treasure, it had nine leaves that were diffusing a bright white light. It was rich with sun Qi and was close to the ground.

“Nine Sun Grass…” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank, indeed, that energy was that of the Nine Sun Grass.

Nine Sun Grass had nine petals which absorbed sun Qi and condensed it. Pure Qi of heaven and earth as well as sun Qi all were extremely beneficial to cultivators, besides, they had to mature for many years and the probability of them reaching maturity was extremely low.

The Nine Sun Grass had been in the middle of these evil swords for so many years, and had absorbed sun Qi and pure Qi, all this made it perfect growing conditions.

“You can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet find what you are looking for when you have stopped searching…” Lin Feng immediately thought this expression was appropriate to describe the situation he was in. He needed Nine Sun Grass and it had suddenly appeared in front of him when he wasn’t looking for it.

His silhouette flickered and he started picking up the Nine Sun Grass which he put inside of his Na stone, to store this grass, Lin Feng separated a special place in the stone.

Lin Feng was acting and reacting, he meticulously searched for more Nine Sun Grass, Lin Feng didn’t know precisely how much pure Qi it contained, but it was a real treasure.

“As expected, there is even more.” Smiled Lin Feng. His smile was resplendent. That place contained so much Nine Sun Grass, there might even be a second place where there is more, and then a third place… Anything is possible.

At that moment, some people appeared from the distance, it was Feng Ting and the others.

When they sensed the extremely dense and rich pure Qi, they stopped and immediately looked delighted.

Surprisingly, there was a well of pure Qi there. They were growing more excited.

There was a vein of the earth, did they need to remain the protectors of a clan? They could become extremely rich and grab a fortune of purity stones.

“So many purity stones.” Said a voice amongst the people. Immediately after, people’s silhouettes started flickering and they rushed towards the well and started picking up purity stones.

At that moment, they didn’t care about anything else, all they could see were purity stones, an endless stream of purity stones.

“Everybody stop!” Shouted the old man furiously next to Feng Ting when he saw all the guards going crazy.

“What are you doing?” said Feng Ting angrily as well but everybody ignored her.

These guards only looked at her and the old man in a cold and detached way, immediately after, they continued stealing purity stones, ignoring them.

“Didn’t you hear Xiu?” Shouted the old man furiously while releasing an ice-cold energy.

“Xiu? If we became guards of your Feng Clan, it’s only because we needed purity stones, now that we have purity stones, why would we need to listen to her? What does she intend to do? But against all expectations, she looks pretty good, wait until we’re done picking up purity stones and then we’ll have some fun together.” Said a strong guard with an evil voice, he was fixedly staring at Feng Ting, especially at her voluptuous chest, the man’s eyes were filled with lust.

When the other guards, who were picking up purity stones, heard him, they all burst into laughter, she was ridiculous.

Feng Ting turned deathly pale. What a bunch of bastards! Besides, the old man’s heart was also pounding but they were both utterly helpless.

“Xiu, let’s pick up purity stones as well.” Said the old man. Feng Ting nodded and they both started picking up purity stones as they could no longer count on the guards.

“Xiu, look, over there.” At that moment, while picking up purity stones, the old man’s pupils shrank, he had seen something on the ground, it was twinkling.

“Nine Sun Grass, it’s Nine Sun Grass.” Feng Ting was astonished, she shivered from head to toe.

“Indeed, it’s Nine Sun Grass, Xiu, grab it quickly.” Said the old man in a quiet voice.

Feng Ting nodded and walked towards the grass, she stretched her little hand towards the Nine Sun Grass but her arm was too short to reach it.


At that moment, a voice suddenly emerged in the atmosphere. Feng Ting hadn’t managed to grab anything but at that moment, the Nine Sun Grass immediately disappeared, at the same time, a silhouette flashed past her.

“Seven.” Said Lin Feng while looking at the Nine Sun Grass in his hand, he was smiling wholeheartedly, he then stored it into his ring.

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