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PMG Chapter 371: How to Divide?

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“That’s mine.” Said a cold voice. Feng Ting was standing in front of Lin Feng glaring at him furiously.

She had seen some Nine Sun Grass and suddenly Lin Feng grabbed it right in front of her.

“Yours?” Lin Feng smiled and indifferently shook his head. He turned around and prepared to continue his search for purity stones, he had already explored the entire place and had gathered seven stems of Nine Sun Grass.

But Feng Ting didn’t intend to let Lin Feng leave so easily. Her silhouette flickered and she obstructed Lin Feng’s way again. Feng Ting then looked Lin Feng in a cold and detached way and said: “I found it first, give it to me.”

“I was the first to find the vein of the earth.” Said Lin Feng coldly. “I even asked you if we could travel together but you refused, since you refused, why would I give you anything? What gives you the right to even say that it’s yours?” Joked Lin Feng while smiling.

“I say it’s mine, so it’s mine!” Said Feng Ting indifferently. Suddenly, she started releasing a deadly energy which invaded the atmosphere. For Nine Sun Grass, she would even kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and his facial expression became colder and colder, that girl wanted to kill him to steal his treasure?

“Get out of my sight.” Said Lin Feng sounding ice-cold. He suddenly released a terrifying energy which oppressed Feng Ting’s body, she felt like she couldn’t even move under such an intense pressure.

What a terrifying energy! Lin Feng’s Qi was so cold, how scary. Feng Ting felt like she was suffocating, so she instinctively moved backwards.

Feng Ting’s face suddenly turned deathly pale, she wanted to steal the Nine Sun Grass from Lin Feng but it seemed impossible. She couldn’t even stand the pressure from Lin Feng, Lin Feng was much stronger than her.

“I really need the Nine Sun Grass… Can’t you give me some?” Asked Feng Ting adopting a pitiful facial expression while looking at Lin Feng, she was trying to make Lin Feng’s heart melt.

“Alright, you might need the Nine Sun Grass… But does that have anything to do with me?” Joked Lin Feng. Immediately after, he turned around, his silhouette flickered and he moved into the ground again, Nine Sun Grass was a precious treasure, could Lin Feng give it to her because she asked for it? Impossible.

If, on that day, she had accepted to let him join, Lin Feng would have shared everything with her, but since she refused, why would Lin Feng even pay attention to her? She had missed her chance to gain his favour, she wouldn’t have another.

Feng Ting’s eyes were filled with hatred and regret. She hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would be so strong. If she had known that before, she would definitely have accepted his offer to travel together. If such a strong cultivator had joined them, they wouldn’t have needed to be overly cautious when travelling, also her guards wouldn’t have dared to betray her.

“Xiu, it’s my fault.” Said the old man while moving next to Feng Ting, he felt remorseful and uneasy, he was the one who refused Lin Feng’s offer to join their search.

Feng Ting remained silent, she didn’t know what to say or do.

At the same time, in the distance, many silhouette were unceasingly rushing towards that place. There were extremely strong cultivators as well as extremely powerful ferocious beasts.

Cultivators had just seen the sword illusion as well as the black clouds, all of this was very intriguing. They had noticed that the black clouds had finally disappeared so they were rushing over to see what happened.

Concerning the ferocious beasts, their senses were extremely acute, how could they not notice the pure Qi? It couldn’t escape their extremely acute senses.

After a while, a few silhouettes descended from the sky. When they sensed that extremely thick pure Qi, they were stupefied. It was a vein of the earth. Surprisingly, a gigantic vein of the earth appeared there.

More and more extremely strong cultivators sensed the pure Qi and thus rushed over to that place. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with a sharp light, his silhouette flickered and he then moved towards a guard from the Feng Clan at full speed. That guard wasn’t weak, a moment before, he had also gathered a great number of purity stones in the stone of his ring.

“Piss off.” Said the guard while looking at Lin Feng and immediately threw a punch towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled as if he found the situation amusing, sword light illuminated the atmosphere and a horrible shriek spread through the air. The guard was killed and Lin Feng then picked up his ring, he was also the only guard to have a ring with a Na stone.

Lin Feng didn’t stop there at all. His silhouette flickered again and he appeared in front of somebody else. In a flash, Lin Feng broke through the opponent’s defense and punched backwards which created a strong wind around them. With a single movement he had taken another ring, that person only had purity stones of medium quality, if Lin Feng didn’t steal them, someone else would and they would definitely kill the guard.

Very quickly, Lin Feng stole two more rings, after that he went back to the surface. At that moment, on the surface, there was already a great deal of strong cultivators. If Lin Feng continued to steal Na stones, he would become everybody’s target, which would be terrifying.

At that moment, Lin Feng had already picked seven stems of Nine Sun Grass and a great number of purity stones, that was already a great harvest.

“Little boy, you are very audacious. You surprisingly dare be so greedy.

Lin Feng looked at the person who spoke, it was a middle aged man, he smiled but didn’t reply.

Lin Feng didn’t want to become everybody’s target, he had to remain discreet.

“Miss Feng, how come you haven’t taken anything?” Asked the middle aged man sounding indifferent while looking at Feng Ting. Surprisingly, they were acquainted with each other.

Feng Ting’s eyes sparkled, she looked at Lin Feng with a murderous glare which stupefied Lin Feng.

“Mister Li, if I tell you that, apart from purity stones, there is another thing which is extremely precious and valuable but ended up in his hands, if you manage to get it, would you share some with me?” Asked Feng Ting while looking at the middle aged man. Immediately, Lin Feng’s facial expression looked even colder, this girl had pushed her luck.

“Huh?” Mister Li was stupefied when he heard Feng Ting. Immediately after, he looked very interested and said: “If there is enough of the precious treasure, I will share a little with you.”

Feng Ting bit her lip, she of course understood what he meant, it was not a definite answer, but what could she do other than this? The only thing that mattered was that she still had a chance to get some Nine Sun Grass.

“He has a treasure.” Said Feng Ting while pointing at Lin Feng, and then added: “A moment ago, when you still hadn’t arrived, he was not only picking up purity stones but also he gathered Nine Sun Grass, it’s definitely in his ring.”

When Feng Ting finished talking, she felt ice-cold from head to toe. She slightly inclined her head and saw Lin Feng who was coldly glaring at her, which made her slightly shiver.

Besides, the strong cultivators who were around also seemed very interested. Nine Sun grass was indeed a great treasure, it was invaluable.

So there was a great deal of treasures inside Lin Feng’s ring?

Those strong cultivators immediately looked at Lin Feng which made Lin Feng feel an intense pressure.

Lin Feng looked around at the crowd, there were six people and they all had the strength of the Xuan Qi layer.

“Everybody, I am the one who discovered this vein of the earth, so I have obtained some items as compensation, you can split the rest between you six, I will not take anything else.” Said Lin Feng to the crowd, immediately making a compromise, however, nobody rushed to pick up the items.  In such a huge area, there were certainly enough purity stones to divide between them. It was clear to everybody that even stronger cultivators would come later and dividing the well into six, would be impossible.

Those who would come after wouldn’t agree, they would continue to divide it or maybe that some people would get thrown out because they weren’t be able to compete with the newcomers.

“Picking up the best treasures and thinking that you would be able to walk away is a bit naive.” Said Mister Li while smiling in a cold and detached way: “You can leave, but everything you have in your ring is now mine. Purity stones and the Nine Sun Grass, everything is mine and nothing is yours.”

“Indeed, leave the things here and get lost.” Said someone wearing a black chang pao. Lin Feng tried to seize every chance to gain an advantage by using his words, but it wouldn’t work with them, they were selfish and greedy, Lin Feng obviously didn’t want to give anything to them.

“I am the first one to discover the vein of the earth, I didn’t even say that I wanted it, I just picked up a few items, that’s my compensation.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold.

“Telling you to get lost is to give you face, you’re acting recklessly.” Said Mister Li sounding ice-cold, he believed Lin Feng was a weak cultivator, so he was looking down on him.

Lin Feng would never want to share anything with them.

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