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PMG Chapter 373: Wan Shou Men

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After Lin Feng finished sorting his purity stones, his silhouette flickered and appeared in front of the cultivator wearing the black chang pao.

“What are you doing?” Asked the cultivator in the black chang pao while frowning, and then said: “Take some purity stones, you take your things, I take my things, let’s not intervene in each other’s affairs.”

“The others can, you can’t.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached which made the man in the black chang pao frown even more.

“Earlier, you told me to leave my things here and to get lost, well, now I will repeat that back to you, give me your ring and get lost.” Said Lin Feng coldly. A moment before, the one in the black chang pao had supported Mister Li and tried to rob Lin Feng. At that moment, Mister Li was dead but the one in the black chang pao was still there, Lin Feng wouldn’t let him off so easily, he tried to steal from Lin Feng, he had to get his revenge.

“Why didn’t you attack me a moment ago? Why did you wait until now?” Said the one in the black chang pao pulling a long face. Actually, after he had seen that Lin Feng killed Mister Li, he was shocked and had feared that Lin Feng would then kill him for demanding his ring and telling him to get lost, but Lin Feng, acted as if he hadn’t heard it and ignored him until that moment.

“I thought that I should let you pick up some purity stones for me, isn’t it better that way?” Said Lin Feng moving forwards, the one in the black chang pao suddenly started shaking and rushed into the ground.

Lin Feng smiled coldly, his sword diffused a powerful energy which split the ground open and Lin Feng jumped inside.

Lin Feng had just dived into the ground, but immediately, an incredibly brutal punch attacked him by surprise, it was filled with pure Qi and unleashed a cold wind.

Lin Feng stopped in a flash, Lin Feng inclined his body to the side and dodged the attack, immediately a rumbling noise spread through the atmosphere, the punch struck the earth and a huge hole had appeared.

“You might have killed him but that doesn’t mean that you can act wildly.” Said the man in the black chang pao coldly while staring at Lin Feng.

“Is that so?” Said Lin Feng while staring at him as well, he then slowly walked forwards while releasing his sword energy, then he said: “Since you don’t want your life, I will take it.” When Lin Feng finished talking, deadly energy flowed into the atmosphere.

Lin Feng took a step forwards and his sword immediately descended in the direction of his opponent, sword Qi was piercing through the air emitting tearing sounds.

The man in the black chang pao didn’t try to dodge, he joined both his hands and a terrifying black vortex condensed from his hands, it was emitting some a whirling sound in the air, it looked powerful.

The pure Qi sword started to cut through the black vortex emitting ripping sounds and then it suddenly stopped, it was stuck in the vortex unable to move forwards.

“You are way too arrogant! You killed a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, but that doesn’t mean anything, the one who will die here is you.” Said the man in the black chang pao while looking at Lin Feng. The distance between them was extremely short and behind the strong cultivator in the black chang pao appeared many strange black bestial-looking tentacles which then rushed towards Lin Feng to constrict him.

“You’re not the only one who has a spirit.” Said Lin Feng as coldly. Behind him an endless stream of purple tentacles emerged, every tentacle looked like a ferocious beast, it seemed like there was an endless quantity of them, there were at least ten times more purple tentacles than black tentacles, maybe even several times more than that.

In the blink of an eye, the purple tentacles subdued the black tentacles and moved towards the man in the black chang pao to constrict him, the sudden change made his facial expression change drastically, the vortex he had in his hands broke and released an incredible energy as he abruptly retreated backwards.

“How dangerous.” Thought the man in the black chang pao when he saw that the purple tentacles still hadn’t appeared in front of him, there was only the black vortex dispersing. He felt like luck was on his side.

But at that moment, he was startled, immediately after, he saw that there was a subtle glittering light coming from the shadows, which made him frown.

“That looks bad!” An extremely sharp Qi reached his body, it was becoming a critical situation which made his facial expression change once again, he wanted to move back but it was already too late. A black cross emerged, it looked incredibly lethal and then a deep cross mark appeared on his chest, he lowered his head and saw that a bleeding cross shaped wound appeared on his chest, and suddenly, Lin Feng was standing in front of him.

Deadly Cross Shadow, Lin Feng transformed into a shadow and attacked with deadly precision.

“I had told you to leave your ring here.” Said Lin Feng coldly. He then released a deadly Qi which streaked through the air and blasted through the opponent’s body. Immediately after, his ring rose into the air and Lin Feng caught it. The man in the black chang pao slowly collapsed. Another cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had just been killed.

Everything had happened in an extremely short time, at that moment, the four other cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer stopped picking up purity stones and looked at Lin Feng as well as the corpse on the ground.

They had both broken through to the Xuan Qi layer but Lin Feng had killed him like he was butchering a chicken, he had done it in a very relaxed and ruthless manner. That young man was terrifying and everybody was looking at him with both respect and fear in their eyes.

“Don’t worry, I do not attack anyone who isn’t my enemy.” Said Lin Feng when he saw the four other cultivators looking at him with a slight fear in their eyes. Immediately after, he gazed into the distance and only heard the terrifying roars as fire ignited in the atmosphere.

“We should leave and let the others fight.”

“You want to leave like that?” Said someone who was not resigned to leave, they still had time to pick up so much from that well of pure Qi, giving up and leaving was too frustrating.

“If you don’t want to leave, you can stay here.” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. Lin Feng and that person weren’t acquainted, Lin Feng was just warning them, whether they listened to him or not had nothing to do with him.

That person was a bit surprised and gnashed their teeth, unwilling to give up but he still ended up nodding and saying: “Alright, let’s go,”

“Go? None of you will leave.” A voice came from the distance. It was incredibly aggressive and domineering which slightly surprised Lin Feng and the others, they looked into the distance.

There was a fire which was moving nearer to them. Surprisingly, it was a ferocious beast that seemed to be on fire.

That ferocious beast looked extremely majestic, it was gigantic and fire-red, there were also extremely sharp thorns covering its body. The most amazing thing was that on the beasts back, there were two fire-red wings flapping in the air.

“Daemonic fire lion?” When Lin Feng saw that ferocious beast, his pupils shrank. Surprisingly, it was a daemonic fire lion, in the past, he had obtained it from the prisoner’s arena of the Imperial City, however he immediately sold it.

“As expected, the daemonic fire lion was extremely strong, it has surprisingly already become a Xuan level beast.” Thought Lin Feng. The highest level a daemonic fire lion could reach was the Tian level. Back then, Lin Feng was too weak, he only had the strength of the fifth Ling Qi layer, so he was unable to control it, otherwise he wouldn’t have given it up.

Of course, in his hands, the daemonic fire lion wouldn’t have been able to reach the Xuan level that quickly, after all, people of the Wan Shou Men were experts at raising ferocious beasts, they could make them grow stronger very quickly, they were obviously more skilled than Lin Feng.

The master of the daemonic fire lion was a disciple of the Wan Shou Men Sect who obtained it in the auction sale: Kuang Shi. Lin Feng could remember how terrified the arrogant Meng Cong had been of Kuang Shi. Almost two years after, Kuang Shi had also broken through to the Xuan Qi layer.

Apart from Kuang Shi and the daemonic fire lion he was riding, there were other people surrounding Lin Feng and the other four, they were also riding all sorts of ferocious beasts and hiding in the forest, they were just encircling Lin Feng and the others, however, these ferocious beasts seemed much weaker in comparison.

Kuang Shi recognized Lin Feng and said: “What a coincidence, thank you for the daemonic fire lion, but today, since I discovered this vein of the earth, it belongs to the Wan Shou Sect, if you don’t want to burn, give me all the items that are in your ring and I will let you off.”

“Wan Shou Sect.” Lin Feng and the four other cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer around him were astonished, as expected, one of the influential powers of the country had appeared.

“You discovered it? I am the one who discovered it first.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached.

“I don’t care, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you, you either give me your ring and I will let you off or you can choose to die.” Said Kuang Shi in an extremely aggressive way.

“Hmph, how audacious. You’re only one person, and you only have a single ferocious beast, how can you believe that you can compete with us?” Said a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer sounding ice-cold.

“I am alone?” How ridiculous.” Said Kuang Shi sounding cold and detached. He hadn’t even finished talking when his ferocious beast roared, in the dense forest not far away from the Mount Sword, many ferocious beasts and silhouettes appeared, all of them riding ferocious wild beasts.

“That vein of the earth is ours.” Said one of them sounding ice-cold. They had all come to the Nine Dragon Mountain to hunt, they hadn’t thought that they would find a vein of the earth.

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